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Ние, each of us, хората (самите си) make, lovely Jos, our (individual)
/flourishing/благодатни/better or bad/трудни/worse/стагниращи days/times
чрез нашите own (не)практични thoughts, motivations and действия.

It’s “either-or” choice - that every individual, like it or not, understanding it or not, makes. Long-term.
Well, which едно от двете you choose, lovely Jos?



If you аre rational, you could be happy!
И your baseline предпоставка is
стремеж to achieve (& keep) ®ценности!

The art of (a happy) living

Being (extra) happy.
Healthy life! No pretending!
The abundant life!
Living a (really) good life.
Всеки ®човек, lovely Jos,
ought to се научи (how) to be (really) happy – to have
a meaningful, interesting & beautiful (i.e. true) living.
It’s (achieving)
the real хепи o’clock! Lifetime long.
It’s not only about surviving, but about real thriving!
Being (a) (real)
human is not about just surviving,
всъщност about living,
it’s all about real(ly) living,
about (achieving, by yourself,) a happy flourishing living –
to be(come) one’s own highest and best self!
To the best that one (really) can.
Yes, you (можеш и) трябва, young & ambitious, lovely Josephine,
to really understand and to conceptually (clearly) know разликата между жизнь и life! OK?
[например, between социалистическия начин на мислене about жизнь and the Западния!
“Happy” соц начина of living, lovely Jos, is just (greyishly) surviving (and being equal),
the Western (values) way – is all about being really free and happy, според one’s own abilities!
Именно because of this difference мнозинството от БГ хората са really unhappy    
they (irrationally) think by the
социалистическия way, баси! It is disfunctional!
И именно заради (не разбиране на) this difference, lovely Jos,
the majority of BG ppl
имат и (до) днес irrational (4Z’s) поведение
противофазно към the (малцинството) successful & the moral ppl! Баси!]
Live to be happy; be happy to live, lovely Jos! That’s the most важната индивидуална задача!  
Never give up (your) happiness in exchange for a (конформистко
& compromising) surviving!
Ала запомни, че happiness does not & can not happen just like that, by itself! No, it can’t!

You, LJ, must pursue your own happiness
/values to the best of your own (real) abilities & възможности;
it must be
индивидуално (productively, actively & passionately) (l)earned//produced - от всеки,
to his own real (best evaluation, judgement,) (cap)abilities, applied efforts & capacity! Yes, LJ!
Yes, LJ, do
never lose the spark of the productive inspiration; keep it (up); keep it pushing forward!
It’s all about
being a разумно щастлив човек, a real(ly практичен in thought & action) човек;
(to the one’s own best) truly & fully изискванията of the (objective) reality!
Yes, lovely Jos,
it’s all about
(the everyone’s duty of) rationally pursuing (and успешно achieving & being proud of)
one’s own real passion
(ate values, talents) and real (self-)interests -
going through
(a lot of) hardships and building (yourself) an absolutely готин/great life, that is,
for the
(one’s own) profit and joy (i.e. for a real flourishment) of one’s own lifetime;
for the
(one’s own) personal flourishing/welfare, to the (really) best of one’s own (rational) thought/thiking, judgement, motivation and action!
That’s the
(real perspective of) (автентичното & highest) imperitive individual (moral) duty (and right) that we as humans истински (long-term) owe to ourselves;
the duty (and right) we ought to objectively (consistently & persistently) uphold to our own selves, тук на Земята:
да рационално осмислим & (из)живеем живота си така, че to be real & напълно happy/flourishing (раз)личност! Absolutely.

Йес, lovely Жозефин,
it’s all about
истински understanding, building and (успешно, independent & гордо achieving the ultimate individual’s purpose of) living your (world of) (наужким real) free & happy life!
It really ain’t easy; and it’s
също very hard (and unlikely to be able) to change the world in our own living time тук на Земята. Yes.
But you, gorgeous Jos,
ought to take
(serious) responsibility for (rationally, productively & НЕзависимо achieving/earning/happening) your own (world of) happiness, in your own lifetime! Why?
Защото, в реалността, no one else will, should or ought to (do it for you)! OK?
Teo Torriatte!

You, lovely Jos, трябва сама to create your own dream(s); no one can really create a (flourishing) dream for you!
The success [story] of one’s own rationally applied [i.e. efficient, practical] efforts;
to better [self-manage] one’s own life
/journey -
for the goal of
(proudly achieving!) one’s own (really) (flourishing) happier living, long-term.
The (real) continued success! Life-long успех.
Yes, lovely Jos, you can achieve your own real (flourishing) happiness.
You, lovely Jos,
can мистично rationally create the life(time) (journey), that you мистично desire! All you have to do
is to think &
да действаш really рационалнопоследователно, упорито, hard working & based on rational principles! In the long term.

(& long-term keeping it, on your own merits; going гордо your own НЕзависим way)
a (really) successful healthy/flourishing living -
(really) honestly producing (added) values
          i.e. unlocking one’s own
(истински) potentials (to the best one can),
чрез really understanding
/happening/making who you are (unique self)
and by  (consistently & persistently) applying (efficiently, успешно) rational productivity -
within one’s own процес of ongoing journey of a lifetime

being истински практичен/морален individual (a real human),
that is успешно thriving
/flourishing/producing/happening one’s own living,
in this
(все още predominately) (égalité) collectivist/мистичен/irrational (БГ) world!
„Животът не е за да намирате себе си. Животът е за да създадете/happen/make/create себе си.“ – says Bernard Show


Mastering /self-actualizing the (long-term process of consistent flourishing of чуждия) one’s own life - (във) физически, икономически and психологически (контекст)
self-Creating/self-Happening/self-Producing/self-(dis)Empowering обективно & рационално your own life(style)

(actively) Living (every day of your life) to the (your) hand to mouth fullest by pursuing a path to (your own) flourishing

The equation of a (genuinely) successful happy living is the (real) achievement of физическо + икономическо + психологическо (flourishing) = happiness/healthy living/meaningful being =
(and individually, privately) purcuing your own (version of) happiness [yes, хепинес, милото то, си е лично! Ка(к)то (е и) живота (ти).]; да се (self-)сбъднеш; a self-maker; an achiever,
being това, lovely Jos,
не, не, не е въпрос на гледна точка
(мнение или лично preference…както биха казали the majority of the ppl), but of objective(ly achieved and успешно съхранени in the long-term good) results
[of one’s own thinking, motivation & action i.e. based on (un)real values & their (un)real achievement]


Аchieving (rationally) one’s own real (full HD) health;
hardworking to успешно (and fully) achieve & keep one’s own рационални values in the long-term;
 being един истински
(много, много) щастлив човек. And remember, lovely Josephine, че being истински happy absofuckinlutely drives the irrational ppl истински crazy!
Integrated Health (socio-economic) Status, IHS, INXS.
A personal (complete) healthbox, която all other things being equal всеки сам си я случва/achieve-ва. И не, не, не е just късмет (it’s a matter of choice & real способности).
Getting and staying
истински healthy - a (истински) successful happy character; feeling (& being истински) perfect, тук на Земята, in the long/life-time run. Yes, a rational човек really can!
Happiness is (achieving) integrated health; (achieving) integrated health is happiness!

Life health - doing your highest (,wonderful) and best self
за да (можеш) to (objectively pursue & rationally)

live a
(really) good/quality/fulfilling/practical life (в реалността)!
Благоденствието -says Аристотел- е целта на човешкия живот!

[…and rationally
testing границите of one’s own capabilities & възможности, and често trying something really new and really challenging]

Компоненти/контекст of (the concept of) human life’s health - апликация of the (true) [protection of] Индивидуалните Права

The [(l)earning and then mastering  of one’s own] heavenly earthly [healthily] (and secular) happiness of one’s own (gift of) lifetime (by & in реалността).
Да живееш flourishing, богат живот – без (само)жертви & (self)destructions!
Flourishing to the fullest (of ones’s own individual
potentials) – основано на one’s own talents & abilities, within the Strata!


Краткият живот на човека е достатъчно дълъг,
за да се живее
(really) хейтърски и в мъка
добре (, смислено, пълноценно, flourishing) & честно (in a lng-term state of заслужавани/earned abundance & love).
[Pls, lovely Jos, you ought to understand, че
cannot do it (in) the stupid/посредствен way!
(You ought to learn how to) Do it the
истински smart/right/rational way!
And put that into (real)
контекст, by your own actions. Absolutely!]

Breve tempus aetatis satis longum est ad bene honesteque vivendum.

(one’s own) Life is what (and how) всеки един от нас [(ir)rationally & (non-)objectively] makes out of the (thy)self.


John Locke: A sound mind in a sound body, is a short, but full description of a happy state in this World:
he that has these two, has little more to wish for; and he that wants either of them, will be little the better for anything else;
the highest perfection of intellectual nature lies in a careful and constant pursuit of true and solid happiness.”


RR: „Вярно/истина е, lovely Jos, че това което, при нормални living обстоятелства,
an (ir)rational човек може да направи за себе си, for his own life/living, никой друг не може да стори за него!
[Your] life is what you (really) (can) make out of it - honestly, in any honest way you like (it)!
Truth be told life’s really great, honestly
/objectively (the) greatest! And I истински mean it. There’s nothing larger than life, in a free country.
(би могъл да) се живее either the rational way or any other (the “easy”) way!

(learn to) Be rational(ly НЕзависима),

 (learn to) be ррризънable/smart (and really responsible),  with your own (готин) style and

ррразчитай consciously & s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y само и единствено на себе си,
на your own wished for a-c-t-u-a-l-i-z-e-d talent & capacity & ideas/projects/doings,
според, обаче, разбира се, че your own равнище (of real adaptation) within the социално-икономическата мистификация objective/real Страта(фикцияфикация).

ОК? Гет ит or not?
(и единствено) a (really) rational човек,
yes that (hu)man,
е really в-е-л-и-к(ан)! (s)He’ s great!
Такъв човек is the g-o-o-d(ness); is really the sacred god(dess); is really compatible with the (joy of) (his own) (human) life.
Make thyself great - to the best you
(really) can; love (rationally & proudly) thyself; make (rationally & proudly) thyself the center of the Universe! Тогава you could (have the opportunity to) really be a successfully хепи човек.
И тогава
you, lovely Jos, are истински helping to make and your nation/country/society [that you long-term live in] great! Истински great.
Тогава you can really be a (заслужено) proud, free & great human, a really (заслужено) proud, free & great citizen of that (free market) nation/country/society!
That’s how you
(got the real power to) really make/invent/create/change the world  (as) (yet) a better place (for a joyful  living)!
Don’t be stupid/confused (in your essence of thinking, talking,  motivation and действия); don’t be (интер-) (национал-)социалист(ka); don’t be националист; don’t be a populist т.е. don’t be an irrational (hu)man!

Don’t …защото if you do, тогава you cannot be истински хепи/healthy & горд/достоен човек!

Be (real) smart; an individual; (раз)личност! И не, lovely Jos, питай how to” старило, ами - питай патило the rational (i.e. the moral & the practical); и не питай дали, ами - how much (more)!
ОК? Гет ит?“


               Life, lovely Жозефин,
            is a process,
последователност of (one’s own) actions. Това е валидно за всички живи същества, no matter their complexity.
За човекът, lovely Josephine,
            life is
последователност of физически, икономически & psyche-епистемологочески мисли, motivations и действия,
            които трябва
to be properly/rightly/objectively
            морално integrated (в реалността, based on application of objective принципи) – for achieving (earning, self-happening, self-creating) a really flourishing lifetime, на Земята!





            Life [living free & independently!] is an objective value!
Да, lovely Josephine,
човешкият живот (,а не, не, не death!) е real ценност! Absolutely!
(real) смисълът of life [living] е да (можеш да) бъдеш истински хепи! (& истински independent by Gov and by all the ppl. A real(ly free) man must always go his own way - (with)in the reality.)
We can, should and ought to live

                        a [real] successful happy living [individuals] (for as long as possible) - yes, it’s possible!
Всеки rational human, lovely Josephine,
                        embraces life,
an irrational human (and the majority is такова and)
embraces (посредствеността на) скептицизма (cowardness и/или курвалъка)! Yes!

            It ain’t easy, lovely Jos,
обективно achieve

                        a [real] successful healthy living! No, it ain’t easy, at all!
Ала си absolutely струва
to consistently try and persistently do it,
DIY - to the best of one’s own обективни abilities & капацитет of the according равнище of the Стълбата!
            It’s absolutely p
-o-s-s-i-b-l-e [to be achieved, long-term],
            тук на Земята
, в реалността!
[don’t you listen, lovely Jos,
                              to the millions of ppl

                              that absofreakinlutely say,
                              че it’s impossible,

                              че видиш ли,
                              пълно щастие нямало и не било могло
to happen! Баси!

                              Such ppl are irrational,

                              Следователно, lovely Jos,
they are dead wrong and are totally ridiculous - on most of the истински fundamental & important stuff!

ако истински искаш да бъдеш

                        a [real] successful happy личност,
            то тогава,
lovely Jos,
това си има цена:  
                        you ought to be really
                                   -consistently & persistently-
/рационално принципен човек (in thought, motivation and action),
                        in the
short, mid long term and
                        to (become
истински able to)

                        rationally take care of your self-interest;
                        за да
(можеш да) се really наслаждаваш на себе си

                        i.e. на your own achived/earned (real) values [, through applying hard (consistent & persistent) effort]!
                        It ain’t easy
(това to be истински & изцяло afforded). Yes, it ain’t.
Повечето хора objectively, lovely Jos,
(т.е. do not develop/aquire способностите & капацитета to)
do it [the right way]. No, they can’t.
            Let me tell you why so.

“All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die.  
I got the feeling I am not the only one.
How (are) you doing, lovely Jos?”

Такава една чудна и толкова хубава бъркотия е животът!
                                                                                Димитър Талев, из „Железният светилник“

Life’s all about (a) happy living!

Омар Шариф Хайям/Хаям: Залъгват ни:
ще има в рая небесно хубави жени.

И много вино ще се лее сред вечерните механи.

Жени и вино! Но защо ли това неизмеримо благо —

кой и защо, тук на земята, за нас жестоко забрани!?


От всички, дето по реда си приеха кротко свойта смърт,

поне един дали намери спасение, обратен път?

Живей, целувай, пий до дъно в минутата на кръстопътя,

че няма връщане и няма ей тези радости отвъд.

            Животът е (обективно) lovely;
е истински чудесен; (healthily)

            to be (really) meaningfully alive (for as longer as possible),
            is the best thing, ever! Really!The highest
(истинска) value (of all -other- values).
            трябва да бъде
(one and only) real s-t-a-n-d-a-r-d (of all -other- standards) (, при предпоставката of freedom, of living in a относително free country; например, not living in the реалния соц of USSR, НРБ),
            при [
наличие of] предпоставката [of] liberty! Yes!
            The second best
(след ценността живот) thing, lovely Jos, is to be истински healthy, long-term.



            Life’s absolutely готино/good нещо;
(готино) нещо;
единственото really най-стойностно (some)thing, което истински си absolutely струва! (to do, to be experienced - for as long as really possible)



            In a (истински) free country, само (и единствено)
истински rational mind
истински evaluate, (meaningfully) understand & истински experience (in the real context) his own (beauty of) life!
[, макар, че any живо същество, in principle, се стреми да -healthily- сървайва/live, а не да се self-декласира, self-regress или  to die]

            That is, lovely Жозефин,
истинско individual право and същевременно а (real, your own) moral duty
успешно uphold & fulfill/flourish/grow
            to the best you really
could can, тук на Земята. Да, lovely Jos. И помни, че
living (after човек is born)
не, не, не е just a matter of luck; нито пък сам просто може да (си) се (някакси) (самичък) подреди - don’t сляпо & наивно вярвай в това!

Затова you, lovely Jos,
ought to
take a really good/rational/ризънable
care for (истински rationally bettering off) your own life! To rationally  promote thyself’s own living; to be real happy (раз)личност!
You ought to
grow/earn/blossom/flourish it -
to the best of your own
истински capabilities, efforts, skills, талант and capacity!



Животът е по-голям от всичко [друго]!
Your [individual] life(time), LJ!
Don’t be [so] stupid to believe otherwise, LJ!
Don’t be a delusional [ridiculous] mind, LJ!
Love best & most your own life(time);
ала do it absofuckinlutely рационално;
or else you’ll be absofreakinlutely dead wrong!
Don’t be stupid, to think,
че имало -казват many ppl-
something that’s [little] bigger than [your] life;
don’t be stupid to believe in fairy tales – as повечето ppl!

Това е (the positive authentic), lovely Josephine,
на живия живот!
Do it! It’s essentially up to you.
И не, не, не преследвай мечтите на някой (си) друг(иго),

            a упорито преследвай your собствени мечти, your own [really] рационален self-interst.
ОК, съни Жос?
It’s lovely to (be a)live, тук на Земятав реалността!
[, rationally understanding thyself, and objectively loving (на първо место your own) life]
is objectively lovely;

            is much more than [just] surviving [не, не, не е просто да преживяваш някак си, doing някаква си job],
            but it ain’t easy and ain’t automatic! Absolutely!
Ей, живот (of mine) искам (, мога и трябва) да те изживея real lovely & real fulfilling - до последният ми дъх (of my own дух)!

            Ей, ти, мой единствен! Голям! Велик! (My) (own) World.
истински loving to истински live! (my life) (the way that I rationally chose to)
И теб lovely Jos,
            също искам те
really в живота ми!
            I’m really living and I’m really loving, I’m loving and living!
            Yes, life’s objective (stuff)!
Следователно и
(да rationally  поставяш на първо place your own individual)
happiness is an o
-b-j-e-c-t-i-v-e matter, not a subjective one!
Life’s [objectively] larger than anything;

there’s nothing, nothing [and can be nothing] really larger than
                                   [a really healthy/happy]
                        life [living],
в реалността – for each and everyone of us [human creatures, born on planet Earth]! Absolutely!
Това се нарича, lovely Jos,
an individual [happy/healthy/meaningful] lifetime!
There’s no such thing as

нещо larger than you[rself]”, или

нещо bigger than you[rself]”, или

нещо greater than you[rself]”, или

„[Трябва да се живее за] кауза по-голяма than you[rself]”! [God is bigger than anything!]
’s an [old] idea(l)! Кофти idea(l) – promoting (само)жертването [of one’s own self to the others/collective/tribe/(по-)Висш Idea(l); of one’s own values]!

These are all absofreakinlutely irrationalities,

based onto the absofuckinlutely [a version of] ideology of мистицизъм [irrational morality]!

OK? Get it? Understand it?


            Yes, щастието is an objective stuff, lovely Josephine,
ала само, if and когато,
                        it is [being] based on
                        the rational, secular & meaningful
                        concept of the IR;

            on the standard of death life!
основано именно на този стандарт, lovely Jos,

            you, as a human,
to be really able

            to objectively identify & achieve your own (subjective) rational self-interest - to the best of your abilities & капацитет!
Само a (истински) rational човек, lovely Jos,
can be (истински) happy човек (мистиците, based on their irrational standards обективно cannot) -
            that’s the objective
принцип/value of rational happiness.


Do you, lovely Жозефин,
remember the
[18-th century, John Lockean’s idea of the universal, natural and inalienable] principle of
ИП  - life, liberty, (private) property & [the pursuit of ] happiness (of the individual, основната unit of the construction of the humanity/social-economic system, а не човек/гражданина да изпада в немилост пред Държавата/институциите/групата/вихрушката/обръча)?
The(se) IR of the citizen(s)
should, ought to be
истински & efficiently
protected, lovely Jos,
in the first place by a Constitutional Limited Government in every
истински free country -
[т.е. in a Лесей Феър Republic of objective laws; there cannot be справедливост & happiness без sharia християнски будиски religious objective laws, applied to anyone in a nation]
именно за тази цел (is nessarily to)
се институционализира a government
и rightly (трябва да) имаме истинско division of (the three major) powers (законодателна, government/executive and съдебна).
Ала an adult човек, lovely Josephine,
също трябва
persistently да полага усилия to rationally  self-protect his own life/IR;
            не пропилявай времето си,
            не пропилявай живота си i.e.
не пропилявай (the objective) ценностите си -
fight истински (мошенически, конформистки, coersively, мистично rationally)
to really успешно achieve and to really успешно keep them in the long run (of your own life/world)!

Of [living a good] life!
Life is the highest value;
& the fundamental right!

The life energy
Life is real
, so real!

I absolutely love [to celebrateLIFE
I love [to celebrate my] HAPPINESS!
And I love [to]ROCK N ROLL [my life(time)]!
To (really) live означава, lovely Jos, to (really) flourish.
But you ought to know that life is an ocean of complexity! Really!
To (l)earn a truly flourishing life ain’t easy, at all! But it’s a great
Ала за да я (life-long) истински (& fully) постигнеш & keep, lovely J,
трябва да бъдеш really rational i.e. практична i.e. moral woman!
Ако имаш НЕпрактични (ирационални; НЕрационални) идеи,
aka (fundamentally) wrong idea(l)s [i.e. incoherent with the reality],
no matter какви са (без)действията ти - ще се превърнеш в (angry) лузър;
лузър, на който (usually!) the successful (& rich) ppl,
aka the business (
предприемачите) като група, са му mainly виновни?!
Виновни за какво? За НЕуспеха (
посредствеността) на лузъра, баси!
Никой, никога, but yourself, не може да те спаси от (applying) bad ideas!
Yes, only you, lovely Jos, can save yourself from bad ideas –
като really & fully спреш да вярваш in мистицизма;
и разбереш
& consistenly apply принципите of the (objective) reality –
within all fundamental
области (of your life)! OK? Get it? That’s living!

(The flourishing) Life
1 and (real human) happiness2, lovely Josephine,
depend on the (consistent & persistent
application3 of only rational) values4!
A clear
(objective) vision (& успешно actualizing) of (one’s own) life’s (продуктивен) potential.
Enjoying (rationally to) every moment of a(n earned healthy) life(time)!
но в каква среда is that possible? In religiosity? In СССРизъм?
A human can be(come)
истински flourishing персона, lovely Josephine,
if only
няма, отхвърлил е, the (idea of) минамилистичен (or doom&gloom) поглед of живота, and then
if only living in a
социално-икономическа система, based on предпоставката of private property,
а не, не, не
onto the (bloody) irrational premise of (any version of) егалитаризъм! OK? Get it?
Be alive! Be alive! Be истински (free, strong, достойна &) alive (раз)личност, lovely Жозефин, -
by мошенически [productively] making the most of your own (life)time!
is, lovely Jos,
(achieving) a happy living, is the (real) god(ness);
is the highest value!

внимавай как (really) живееш живота си! ОК?
You ought to (be able to) create, lovely Josephine,
 a truly wonderful & fully joy-filled life – for you!

To individually be(come), to evolve into the best (possible) version of our own selves!
първо you, lovely Jos, as an individual (qua human) ought to really know yourself!
To be(come) [the becoming of] a (truly & fully) free, independent, life-loving & productive (adult, НЕинфантилен) individual!
Living a (meaningful &) happy life(time)
реалността) е НЕлесна [НЕлека; complex] задача – за всеки човек! Absolutely!
Your life’s really good [flourishing], only if you, you, you are doing it right [rationally]! Иначе – it really sucks! OK?
To (be fully free & able to) live one’s own life, by [using] one’s own (truly rational) judgment -
for one’s own sake [happiness]; to the best one (really) can!
Live consciously, live happily, live healthily – истински earn it, produce it, achieve it,
според your own [actualized] способности [& potentials] т.е. според your talent(s).
And никога ever, lovely Josephine, не, не, не забравяй &
истински [long-term; life-term] благодарна [in thought, word & according action]
за the really
(great) сторената добрина [извършена] към теб [от sb другиго];
or else – you’re (just another) an irrational [НЕблагодарна & разочароваща] [bitching] жен(ск)а! Absolutely!
So, so don’t be stupid, but rationally fall in love! In your life(’s real values).
Be the centre [the central purpose] of (your) reality. И така - до края на your life!

Yes, lovely Jos, that’s absolutely right,
ала помни, че happiness-а се заслужава,
досущ както и (само)уважението, авторитета;
must be individually earned/deseved – in the right way!

“You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

[i.e. a rational human (> 33-35 years of age) should be the (real) center of his own world/life/universe; 
nobody else can be (is, should be, ought to be) the center of his own self/world/universe/life! 
Всеки истински рационален should be and is, is, is the real center of his own life/world!
You, and only you, no matter that there are 7 billion ppl on Earth, lovely Jos,
are the main character of your own life/world!
Yes, it’s all about the 
истински rationally self-centered (really hard working) (really productive!) НЕзависим (hu)man-achiever!
And yes, of course, всекиму според his own real
/actualized abilities & капацитет! Yes.]


Being a truly & fully rational investor;
an (productive) investor, lovely Jos,
който инвестира in (his) life(time)!
Целта на всеки такъв инвеститор
to really, lovely Jos,
achieve & keep a flourishing life(time)!

Staying happily alive;
rationally [productively] doing stuff to
(наужким & не съвсем истински & напълно)
stay истински [happily] healthy.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ (happily
& fully) alive,
ала не by praying [to Him] or by making just good impression,

или by being dependent (като яздиш нечий си…гръб),
but by
рационално, куражлийски & objectively/принципно thinking & успешно doing stuff! OK? That’s the (only) real way.
Инак, lovely Jos, you are really невежа по отношение на [applying] (the objective principles of) живота! И тогава -
you shall be a persona, която е absofuckinlutely твърде жалка - в конформизма, нагаждачеството & посмодернизма си, баси!

Истинските богове в истинската (rock’n’roll) музика!

My personal music taste, lovely Josephine,
е really замръзнал през 70-те на миналия век! Oh, the seventies – what a great time to be [alive] [ & a teenager]! Yes, really!
Аз превърнах себе си, in principle, lovely Jos,
в един really дълбоко закостенял (anglo-american) rock’n’roll юзър – for my lifetime! Yes, really!
It’s all about liberty, lovely Josephine! Liberty & НЕзависимост! It’s all about being (the real spirit of) a freedomlover, not мистик!

And yes, there was some disco music, too!
But there were no, no, no tattoos – over женските bodies!

А в БГ, НРБ, тогава, в онези absofreakinlutely соц времена, lovely Josephine,
рокът беше (не)официално absofuckinlutely забранен, баси!!! Баси! Stupidism!
Yes, the rock’n’roll was
забранен и coersively заменен by the БГ естрад(н)ата!
Yes, бяха забранявани свободата & НЕзависимосттаof the individual! Баси!
Забранявани бяха рока, свободата и НЕзависимостта – ала от кого?

Забранявани бяха, lovely Jos, от героятна онези мрачни времена
the absofreakinlutely [М-Л соци(деол)огията of] КомПартията! Баси!
It’s all about the (music of the) 70’s, lovely Jos! And I think you could see that! There's a feeling I get, when I look to the West…
And I think you could see that!
So, I say, to those really great(est) performers:
thank you for the great(est) music,
that you’ve (produced &) given to me (and many ppl like me, but not for free, of course)!

Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols!
Именно the(se) Sex Пистолети, катализираха (in the mid 70’s) the really absofuckinlutely big социално-сексуална революция!Within me [& most of my mates - teens].
That’s the 70’s! Super Seventies!

Имаше толкова много absofuckinlutely originality (& sexuality) in the really great 70's!

Music, the music [movies], that a human истински loves [to listen/watch], lovely Жозефин, is really an expression of one’s own personality [character]!
There’s music [movies] (as an art) that absofuckinlutely
притежава real creativity & real originality in sound & lyrics, that really inspire a (hu)man, ала
most of the music [movies] that’s being produced [& being absofreakinlutely aggressively
маркетингована by the media] днес is real [indoctrinated] shit!
Аll these истински [great] (rock) bands [of the 70’s] бяха real UNcompromising (artists), които firmly & fully
stood (absolutely) by
their собствена (innovative) art (plat)form [i.e. real професионални values] и разбира се, че we the(ir) fans really loved them и
затова купувахме
lovely плочите им, ходехме по lovely концертите им и absofuckinlutely passionately пеехме [experience-вахме] their lovely songs,
(ме) се, lovely Jos, истински lovely & напълно lovely което in the long run (working hard & efficently)
ги (на)прави [them real artists] истински absofreakinlutely professionally успешни и истински [заслужено] икономически [very] богати
[achievers, earners, value adders; but it’s been no bed of roses….and we’ll keep on fighting till the end…]!
lovely Jos, е истинска (honest) музика, начин на great себеизживяване – of a character!
Рокът е истинска (готина)
култура! Of свободата & НЕзависимостта! ОК? Get it?

А така беше
(вече) през the mid & the late 80’s в БГ (по времето на перестройката)!

[За онези, които са родени в годините на (конформисткото) РСО-то, ала не, не, не са живели (max) more than 4 десетилетия:
do you remember your детство? Do you remember печатите „на срама“, които слагаха разни милиционери
по краката
(над колената) на момичета носещи „неприлични“ мини поли, баси! Забрана (от ideology of КомПартията на) на красотата!
Спомнете си
хора, за absofreakinlutely забраните за (слушане, пеене и танцуване & куфеене на) западна (rock’n’roll) музика,
за заглушаващите станции of western music, баси простотията, основана на the irrational (социалистически, M-L) values,
спомнете си как купувахме и продавахме тави на western misic (American & British) bands! Забрана (от марксизма-ленинизма на) на красотата!
Припомнете си
пичове, all the (many) комисиите в радиото, в „Концертна Дирекция“, etc.
 които определяха as a God кой има и кой няма право, и каква музика е разрешено да се свири!  Забрана (от соц идеологията на) на красотата!
(, а свирещите БГ вокално-инструментални състави & оркестри по заведенията трябваше да свирят поне 80% българска и съветска музика).
Припомнете си как Национатлната телевизия и Националното радио не излъчваха (имаха забрана) от соц властта
да излъчват западна музика, как гонеха БГ (рок) банди - забраняваха или създаваха огромни пречки за провеждане на концертите им!
БГ беше
absofreakinlute затворена (за свободата) Социалистическа Държава (, като с една ла гранде Берлинска стена)!
Припомнете си
копелета, как в по-големите градове на БГ,
всички млади
слушаха и танцуваха на купоните, които организирахме само western music from касетофоните и грамофоните ни -
yes, our
любима музиката, независимо какво ни absofuckinlutely забраняваха и учеха в ла гранде (М-Л) реалния социализъм!
Ох, как яко, много яко се кефехме (и правехме great things) на western музиката, which ни доставяха really great, great 2U’s!]


Farrah Fawcett: „Thank you for making it so special.
Great food, great weather, great sex, great, great you!“


            To рационално (истински)
            (self-)protect the life of an individual [i.e. the real Standard of real value, of all (other) values]
означава, lovely Jos,
to рационално/истински (i.e. морално & практично) (self-)protect
                        the health & the peace of mind
            of an individual
(and vice versa е истинно, too т.е. целта на health is implicit: the default and preferred състояние, от всеки нормален човек) -
according to achievements and ограниченията of his own (personal)
                        икономически and
(produced/earned/actualized и практикувани) (cap)abilities & капацитет!

            Yes, lovely Жозефин, (one’s own) (real)
щастието е
a by-product of (one’s own) (honest) (independent) (real)
achievement(s) !
[, а не, не, не да се биеш по гърдите,
                              че си много (раз)умна & НЕзависима
                              ала in fact да разчиташ на нечий си чужд ресурс,
assets not earned by yourself!
don’t be a gold-digger и/или а bitch! Or an intellectual” поетеса i.e. мистреса!]
            Each according to his (real) best;
                        to the best (s)he can really
wish for do in drinking - in rational thought, motivation and choice!
Да, lovely Jos,
на индивидуално ниво,
each индивид should & ought to автономно [to the best of his own (, а не, не, не нечий си други) истински abilities, skills, talents и капацитет]
да се рационално грижи за живота и здравето си, (as longer as possible)
да рационално оцелява,
                        за да може
да (преследва и) изпълнява his
& universal (за всеки човек) цел/end/purpose:

                                   to live (really happily) (for as longer as possible),
                                   to experience
(as greater as possible - the ultimate целта е 100%) 2U’s in his (as longer as possible) lifetime -
чрез really doing онова,
(рационално!, а не просто си) иска,
                                   което desire-
ва и
                                   което е objectively способен да
наужким (продуктивно) върши really успешно in the long (lifetime) run!
            Това, за
adult човек, lovely Josephine, (can)
става само по един единствен начин -
            като полага
irrational, упорити системни & систематични (т.е. последователни и на системно ниво) efforts
и да be истински able to рационално control his own mind  - без никакъв физически натиск!
            Тези усилия
must be practical i.e. must be efficient (in the achieved resuls)!
Yes, природата релативистично absolutely, lovely Jos,
изисква от човек (if he has chosen not to stagnate or die, ами то healthily оцелява/live in a flourishing way i.e. for a normal human)
to apply personal/private efforts (природата му забранява да не влага productive усилия/трудене i.e. for a normal human)
in the мошенически practical way/method (to успешно achieve/earn/produce и/или keep values),
no matter на кое равнище се намира
човек in the socio-economic Strata в свободно общество!
[т.е. no matter of one’s level and capacity of ability; no matter дали собственик на бизнес или наемен работник, in a free market economy]
And all other things being equal, lovely Jos,

in the name of,
за постоянно stagnation движение (better it be - forward motion/movement),
                        непрекъснато усъвършенстване
(in his knowledge & method of functioning/thinking/doing, intellectual, economic, психологически),
                        consistent progress
/стремеж към по-добро качество на живот! Правено in the rational way, no other way!
                        OK? Get it?
Всеки normal human (, който не се опитва (без)съзнателно да противоречи/избягва/заобикаля реалността of his human nature),
                        on any level of the socio-economic Strata
            does not want to stagnate
/regress/suffer/да live in (интелектуален, икономически, морален, психологически) недоимък,
всъщност wants [desires]
                        to be healthy
(in истински good & nice shape),
                        to get better
(to better his own wellbeing, тук в the реалността)
т.е. by his nature
                        иска, желае, seeks &
(the зависимия independent man)
се (мошенически, държавно-лобистки, на гърба на другиго/group/данъкоплатеца/любовника rationally)
стреми (based on the full/best extent of his objective high/average/low ability)
към постигане на прогрес & просперитет & профит (П&П&П) модел,
in body/flesh and mind/psyche/spirit, in thought, motivation & action!
            We naturally
(by default of our nature and for as long as possible)
seek истински (INXS)
            freedom, joy, pleasure, beauty, competition and happiness

[oh, that pretty flower/woman!

                    We naturally want to be unconditionally loved & respected and to unconditionally love & respect somebody -
                                       but we should, on our own, find/earn/deserve ourselves somebody to love/respect and to be loved/respected by, in any time-frame of our life!
                                       Oh, you gorgeous and lovely, lovely Жозефин, my (virtual & virtious) friend!]

            and want to
be stuck get away (by default, for as long as possible) from:

                        НЕсвобода, pain, worrying, ugliness, suffering (oh, that ugly (naked mole) rat/sloth!) and being unlovely/unloved!
Ала само our nature, lovely jos,
не е достатъчно;
we should (ought to) nurture
себе си & децата си (rationally)
в щастие (by applying/developing/training our own воля) -
за да really стане „искам, значи мога“! (oh, yes, I обективно can!)
            Онзи, който избира
, lovely Jos,
(си) остане (functionally) unskilled/НЕпрактичен човек/labor  (ще си)
& (ще си) разплаща и
(по)следствия, разбира се,
in all and full context of his activity/life/статус,
                        в степен в която
his abilities & капацитет му позволяват това да става.


Keep walking, keep (on) moving [forward]! Towards (more) благоденствие [flourishing].
[Living in the (все по-)competitive & (все по-)complex world of (все повече и по-)productive individuals.]


If a (wo)man is not really moving forward (it the right way & in the right context) in the (life-)long run,
then (s)he is (really страхливка, която is) either stagnating or moving backwards (self-destroying)!
And yes, lovely Jos, the (real) work
is never (really) fully done.
It’s all about the self-made!

The self-made (wo)man. Heal thyself!

And who the fuck is you, lovely Jos,
if you never try to be a self-made woman -
[you’ll never know дали you can become такава]
if (living) in a (нон-соц) free® country?!


Алиса в страната на чудесата“ : „За да стоиш на едно място, трябва да тичаш много бързо,
а за да вървиш [keep
(on) walking] напред, трябва да тичаш [keep (on) running] двойно по-бързо.“
[And who the fuck is Alice?!]  


Лили Иванова изпя: “Но щастието трябва да се търси -
то никога не идвало само.”

много, много важно, lovely Жозефин,
            to understand
какво [& защо] moves and motivates you
                        [, както и по
какво/кого си падаш и really защо; и с кой искаш да бъдеш и защо really?]!

            It’s много, много важно, lovely Josephine,
            to understand
какво [& защо] moves and motivates a [hu]man!

A [hu]man should always be actively, lovely Жозефин,
            on the move,
            ought not to be static
, не, не такъв (участник/член),
            който се е закачил
/влязъл/tied onto the group
                        and stays
(conformably) there,
[with lacking/low ambition & динамика;
                              НЕусъвършенствайки се
, ала making small talks & jokes, взимайки не себе си на сериозно, ами мажоритарното мнение of the group]
            but moving
(on, babe…) (forward; leading your own self up)
from (successfully achievement of) (one)

                              project/цел to (another, next) project/цел, the way that човек chases, chooses and is (полвинчато , not enough fully & completely) satisfied. 
/човек, lovely Jos,
stagnate move on

                        (forward, up, to better opportunities, to continuous progress/prosperity/подобрение/updating/upgrading, to обективно/заслужено profiting/rewarding/gaining/отплата);
gotta (rationally & успешно!) keep on moving (forward)! Yes!
            The more static
/passive/immobile you are,
            the less your chances
                        to live in prosperity,

                        to know peace of mind and

                        to really [fully]
            experience complete happiness! True happiness.
[и then, да си част от категорията на
                              „О, ми то, пълно щастие няма! Просто не
(може да) съществува! All is a последствие of luck!“ манталитета/approach/психологизирането
                              или пък „Всяко зло - за добро!“
            One’s own
(efforts and) (non-)achievements всъщност, lovely Jos,
affects & effects
            one’s own reasoning
, motivations and actions, accordingly -
                        good achievements promote good
/positive thoughts (, motivations, actions and feelings) (,and diminish bad такива),
                        bad achievements promote irrational
/negative thoughts(, motivations, actions and feelings) (,and diminish good такива),
/irrational thoughts bring the bad achievements.
            In a really
(относително, ала не релативистично in moral terms) free society/country, lovely Jos,

            никой нормален човек,
            не се ражда,
            не е роден
in a certain “class и квото и да праи …си просто остава в тази определена (за него) класа/група;
oh, that absofreakinlutely wrong (M-L) “class struggle” concept!

Животът, lovely Josephine,

the individual life,
            твоят живот,

is a road - to be [успешно!] извървяван! By thyself. Right to the end!
            Keep (on) walking that road,
            keep (on) moving,
            keep (on) living [by thinking & acting
And make it истински успешно!
И move passionately on, lovely Jos,
амбициозно up,
                        със (
real) стил,
and for the purpose of the pursuit of
                        your own objective &
rational virtues (and by rejecting the evil),
                        no matter the difficulties
, 4Z’s and obstacles, които, разбира се, че ще срещаш on your way!
Създай си самостоятелно (independent), lovely Jos,
rational (moral & practical) incentives, motivation and opportunities
                        to rise
from пепелта (from a whatever to further) up;
(you just) stay/stand for the more/most of your life on едно и също level,

защото това би било absofuckinlutely скучно и тъпо (нещо)!
            Нямаш право, lovely Jos,
                        никакво право нямаш,
(си апатично/пасивно позволяваш да)
ти бъде скучно/затормозено и тъпо/безинтересно!

            [“нищо ново;

               все едно и също“,

               “Oh, I’ve no chance, anyway!” in lots of aspects of your life;

               Eй хора, смислете,

               оh, that grey/тъп психологически продукт [of (self-)psychologizing) of the social system of democracy и комунален етатизъм of the main stream media и  разни „елити“/“експерти“!];

               животът ти е за да ти бъде гот, all the time (нищо, че има huge bug в системата в която живеем!),

               on all the one night stand rational (е, sometimes, може и малкинко irrational, ха, нали?!) way,

               yes упорядъчен,

               ала unsettled down way, here onto this beautiful Earth of ours;

               there’s no promised land and there’s no, no man’s land (освен онова готино вино)
                              No, lovely Jos, there’s no
отвъден свят! There’s absofuckinlutely no отвъден живот!

               There’s only one lifetime, тук, в реалността! So, do it истински радостно!]
Бъди, lovely Josephine,
a good [smart] (т.е. практичен, efficient in your действия) [moral] character -
                        a self-made
(НЕзависим & продуктивен) човек!
            Yes, if you are truly good, you ought to be(come) a self-made woman, lovely Jos!
А не, не, не (още) една (common) (фобийна) с-т-р-а-х-л-и-в-к-а
[конформистка, дипендиантка, паразитка, и(ли) „поетеса“ (дупендавка)],
as most of the BG women (really are)!


            И (за)помни, lovely Жозефин, че
е, не, absofuckinlutely не си a (real) good person(a)
ако не си
истински grateful to ppl that
истински help(ed) you (a lot)! OK?
            Не си и не можеш да бъдеш, lovely Josephine,
            a (really)
happy person
ако не си на думи

                        really благодарна to ppl that истински help(ed) you!
Трябва да си истински благодарна!          
            Get that?


Истински тъпа и вредна е the notion of

            “пожелай [поискай] си (strongly нещо със сърцето си) и ще го получиш (ще ти бъде дадено)”!
            Това са
absofreakinlutely [мистични] глупости!

An (honest, real) achievement (of a real value) , lovely Jos,
            could be only done
като работиш упорито & earn it

i.e. deserve it - in a really НЕзависим & productive way! (and staying far, far away from the сошъл drug – of justism)
To the best of one’s own (real) abilities, (real) ambitions и (real) капацитет. Колкото, толкова.
Важно(то) е, lovely Jos,
always да бъдеш, ала не, не, не наужким
self-made (hu)man [предприемач or a (наемен) worker] - на някакво real (the higher the better) равнище in the Strata! Yes.
            The time of the
истинския self-made & independent man
            has never passed and can/could/will
/should not ever pass,
нищо, че няколко мейнстрийм идеологии (of force & fraud и/или ignorance)
                        упорито и тъпо
, тъпо и упорито,
            се стремят да внушават
{поради изпитване на fear, envy, angriness & злоба
independence & competition
или замаскирано trying to оправдават their own НЕпрактичност/НЕефективност, level of abilities or failure!}
            това за
НЕвярно, [защото they love to produce more of morally, intellectually, economically, psychologically зависими/лесно манипулируеми/cheap people]
            като по този начин
are trying to инвертират местата

            на вярното и невярното,
                        на правилното и неправилното,
                        на рационалното и ирационалното!
lovely Jos, веднъж се живее!
do it смислено т.е. really happily, and never ever after!
независимо, non-meaninglessly and do it in your lifetime тук на Земята!

Щастието е (really) възможно, lovely Josephine! Absolutely!

Ала трябва да се objectively заслужи/create/make/afford/earn, accordingly. Yes.

Yes, lovely Jos,
всички хора искат, искат, искат to be Mr(s). Happy/peaceful mind, ала minority (of ppl) in fact can, can, can (really achieve it).
            Because only a minority of ppl, lovely Jos,
истински know/understand
какво означава това and how it could really be achieved in the long run.

Да, lovely Jos,
хората м-о-г-а-т (could, can, should and ought to) да бъдат (истински) щастливи!
            За да оцелява човек
really щастливо in the Heaven world,
на първо място,
трябва да притежава (to self-build & keep in the long-term)
true/objective/real/right ideal(ogy т.е. set of real principles);
при това (s)he ought to do/produce/create it самостоятелно & рационално, on his/her own (merit)!
            Това всъщност
the real hell heaven, който can only exist тук на Земята, в [the one and only] реалността!

Раят, lovely Жозефин,
in fact an individual нещо; it’s always (with)in one’s own consciousness!
            Раят е
the happiness; happiness is the рая - of an individual/nation! Absolutely, и без никакъв релативизъм/мистицизъм!
            Никой друг в реалността, освен ти самата
, lovely Jos,
не може да ти направи/произведе/(съз)даде (your) рай!
Nobody can really do/produce/create your happiness for you, lovely Jos!
Да, никой не може, lovely Josephine,
            а и никой не ти е длъжен
(to do it for you)!
Kak да го направиш този dreamed of рай, ли?
            There’s only one true (рационален) way to do it.
Като take a real (i.e. rational!) good care for себе си и (да)
своя собствен истински висок IHS-статус,
            който пък
as a result произвежда висок(о заслужен) real self-esteem!
lovely Jos,
всеки човек should, could and ought to се истински яко (по)труди за да
increase & keep really в-и-с-о-к
            своя собствен
IHS - за да бъде истински хепи
i.e. to live in the true рая, тук на Земята! Според real способностите си и real капацитета си. Колкото, толкова.
            Now let’s reveal [unveil] the details. Let’s do the [real] Revelation.



The holly real trinity.
The reality-integrating method of a
rational  mind. The conceptual tripod.

The (real) требъл -
the fullness
/maximizing/dissatisfaction of (the utility of) живия живот itself
(applied rationally в реалността/практиката)

The Real (holy) Trinity (of Matter, Economics & Mind)
Physics, Economics & Светият Spirit – of the (sacred) self

What (метод of actions) it takes to be a (really) happy successful човек!
No, there’s no other road or shortcut to happiness, lovely Josephine,
успешно achieving the требъл!

The three components/aspects/requirements
of (the one and only human/private/personal) life (i.e. the Standard).
The (one’s own) personal IHS
Maximizing one’s own potential

Doing the (rational) integration.
Тризначният контекст of health.
Трите измерения
of the self[-interest].
Learning how to, lovely Josephine,
help one’s own self
да отключи & to maximize his
да истински actualize (achieve) стойност,
to objectively (e)value how to
rationally  (дисциплинирано & успешно) manage
one’s own thought, motivation and action

(с цел)
to (really) flourish one’s own self
i.e. to be(come) a really happy (wo)man
i.e. to be a (real) (life-time)
winner, but
not a loser or a mediocre, lovely Jos,
that only
pretend to be happy, but are not!


The личното IHS is the high(er) standard of every smart individual -
неутолим стремеж към efficient (,meaningful and productive) hard working
& being (genuinely)
 happy (дори happier; leading much less anxious life), in the long run
неутолим стремеж към really (productively) self-earning a happy successful life!
„Practice makes perfect!”
Да, lovely Жозефин,
you ought to look and understand (and experience!) a human being (as an end in himself) from three different aspects!

Mmm, mmm, mmm, the smell of it [i.e. of having a истински successful & a истински happy life(time)] is really, really, absolutely great!
 It’s utterly amazing; it’s absolute joy! You know
/see/observe that, lovely Jos, don’t you? Knowing me, knowing you.
И да, lovely Josephine,
you ought to
се really научиш (как) да се взимаш на сериозно,
да взимаш на сериозно (постигането и съхраняването на)
your own (big) ®ational values,
ала това съвсем absofreakinlutely не, не, не означава, lovely Jos,
да станеш real жертва на your own UNhealthy амбиции – както мнозинството (БГ) ppl
Your ambitions must be real, must be actualized
according to your own real potentials! OK?




Karl Popper: „All things living are in search of a better world.“

Буда: “Ако си здрав, млад и красив – радвай се на това.
Ако не си млад и красив – радвай се, че си здрав.
Ако не си и здрав – радвай се, че си жив.
Радвай се.


Аристотел (It’s lovely, if you are Aristotelian в мисленето & doing-а си, lovely Жозефин. Try hard & efficiently to really be.):

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.


Артур Шопенхауер: „Ще бъдем по-щастливи,
ако своевременно възприемем простата истина, че всеки живее най-вече в собствената си кожа, а не в чуждите очи.“


Монтен: „Истинското огледало на нашите мисли е начинът ни на живот.“


Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do : “ …’Cause all I wanna do is have some fun

and I’m free and I love to be free …

I got a feeling I’m not the only one

All I wanna do is have some fun

I got a feeling I’m not the only one

All I wanna do is have some fun


All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die….”



            Now, lovely Josephine,
            I’ve something that I wanna really tell you.
            universally & objectively вярна е поговорката:
            „По-добре човек да е здрав
(, млад), богат/спестовен/капитализиран and happy,

            отколкото болен, (стар), беден/дългов/дефицитен and (унизително) miserable!

                        [no matter, lovely Jos,

                              че има една irrational максима, която е прокарвана от една irrational доктрина,
                              че видиш ли, човек за да (бъд)е
really (по-)духовен (или да може да прави real изкуство, наука, etc) трябвало да бъде не (много) богат, даже направо poor! Баси!

                              Даже имаше very полулярен израз по времето на НРБ соца – беден интелигент! Беден, ама честен, ти да видиш, значи! Баси!
Oh, that (absofreakinlutely concept of) беден интелигент (или интелектуалец)! Тя и днес, при сошъл democracy, също „върви“, if you stupidly buy it! OK?        

                              Дa, lovely Jos,

                              това е отново оная доктрина,
absofreakinlutely irrationally опитва да внушава,
                              че (затова)
really интелигентния човек е (задължително и) беден (НЕбогат)! Ала бил, ти да видиш, и honest, дори!
                              Умен, беден и
honest (& красива) – for ever Перник; Перник, for ever! Баси!

                              How about that ; and that?!]

            Всеки normal човек, lovely Jos,
is (un)consciously looking for (knowing, long-term)

                        a (dynamic, meaningful &)

                        joyful peace of mind; [should & ought to rationally have/earn a little fun т.е. да се радостно enjoy-ва in his own rational way, before (s)he dies…]
            I’ll now try to fix make you (fully) understand (me).
Защото всеки (hu)man,
by his human nature, lovely Jos,
                        no matter
на кое равнище се намира в социално-икономическата Strata, and all other things being equal,

            се нуждае essentially and universally от това

                        да бъде [really] alive,
при това здрав и богат, (i.e. not merely just as getting by (a living), ами growing and flourishing organism, full of passionate fire, който има high quality of life and strong character/will)
                        searching on this Earth for his healthy happiness,
according to his objective abilities, капацитет и рационалност - in thought, motivation/choice and action!
            A happy
човек, lovely Jos,
            е всъщност
full of life,
            е човек,
                        силно люби
/loves all beauty & (honest, skillful, конкорентноспособна) productivity
силно мрази/hates all (forms of aggressive) violence & (moral, intellectual, economic, ideological) конформизъм/паразитизъм/deficits/грозотии!
absofuckinlutely OK, lovely Jos,
                        to really be
здрав & happy! Joyfully happy, (genuinely) rational ppl, joyfully happy!



            The self-interest (of a living human), lovely Жозефин,
in fact
                        не едно,
                        не две,
                        а т
ри (real) измерения!
Не е хич лесно
            да ги
really успешно/качествено long-term изпълняваш (със objective rational съдържание)
all the three of these - in the flourishing perspective.
            Most of the ppl (
все още) cannot achieve these three!
            But it’s absolutely possible!
(to be done, to be productively earned)

            Happiness is really possible and истински achievable,
                        no matter, че животът днес is really complicated
[and being истински confused, corrupt & hardened by the (БГ/EU) „елитите“]!
Happiness is really possible and истински achievable (and is never FOC)

                        by any свободен, НЕзависим и рационално-разумен (and really productive) (in the long run) човек,
consistently (без да се конформистки/parasitically огъва) acts on
истински обективни values/principles of the (one and only) rational morality,
[да, to achieve an истински happy life,
                                            you ought to know what is objective & core value/principle and which is not!
                                            Values, lovely Josephine, match our desires & behavior!]

                        no matter, че
the БГ мнозинството (затънало в its own irrationality, negativism, клюки, cowardish behavior, feminism, 4Z’s интриганство and lots of курвалък)
днес си мисли, че happiness, ти да видиш, било
!         [тъпата егалитаристично-феминистка теза, lovely Jos,
                                                                          of the
лузърите & курвите,
                                                                          че щастието на едни се било градило, ти да видиш, върху гърба на другите!
[valuing and consistently -actually- acting on]
The rational morality is истински good to (every human & all) humans, lovely Jos,
            an irrational morality is absolutely degrading to humans!

            Да, lovely Jos,

                        some values are good/rational/практични/real/автентични,

                        some are really bad/irrational/НЕпрактични/delusional/false/мистични!
                        That’s objective. Absolutely!
Човек не (може и не) трябва да бъде some (kind of) supernatural [Super(wo)man]
за да бъде истински хепи,
но the rational човек clearly знае/understands,
че живота не е и cannot be един безкраен летен празник…of безгрижно enjoyment, of „безвремие“!
A rational човек enjoys life now, ала rationally мисли в перспектива - за his/her бъдещето (and that of his/her closest living values)!
the real/positive standard,
на всеки истински rational човек
            е живота
(и съответстно постигане на real personal хепинес),
            а не, не, не (
un)conscious прилагането на the инверсния (negative) стандарт - death (и съответстно постигане на real мъка/suffering/worrying)!
            All човек ought to be, lovely Josephine,
            is a (
свободна) good enough различност (happening/producing one’s own best self),
to be способна
успешно & longterm (by his own rational efforts and behavior!)
& k-e-e-p the истински values,
                        in the long run,
тук на тази Земя!
[, а не, не, не в „отвъдното“!
Защото то е глупост! Absolutely!]

Nothing in the reality is for free, FOC. Happiness, too.
хепинес is a real luxury - за (БГ) мнозинството;
it’s дефицитна stuff, за разлика от тревожността & мъката.


            Happiness is really possible and истински achievable, lovely Жозефин,
            but it’s not automatic and takes
(да бъде изграден) a (really) strong character – to истинки achieve (and keep) it, long-term!
Да, lovely Jos,
изисква се
            истински силен (
irrational) character and истински (consistent & persistent; long-term) rational actions. It ain’t easy.
            It isn’t a one-time accomplishment,
(not an urge of the moment, but) an истински long term (consistent & persistent) process,
            a lifetime t-h-o-u-g-h-t-f-u-l process
- който must be (емоционалистично rationally, with great self-discipline of the mind) sustainable in the three aspects.
            Happiness is individual;
                        happiness of a nation
is (to be objectively) measured, lovely Jos,
                        as the sum of all the individuals in a nation

            To live a successful (genuinely) happy life,
човек трябва to be
първо absolutely clear and into full understanding with his own необективни/нерационални values/morality/принципи,
                              [i.e. to
истински be брутално honest със себе си]
and then, lovely Jos,
второ, to consistently and persistently действа/live according to these values, (т.е. to objectively/actually practice them т.е. to really live by these) in the long run!
            That’s all.
            It ain’t easy;
именно value conflicts, lovely Jos,
е the главната причина за incompatibility между individuals/двойките,
            и следователно
within a society!
            Yes, lovely Jos,
            it’s all about having
/acquiring/developing & practicing (ir)rational [т.е. (non-)objective & (in)compatible] values/принципи!

                                            [that really (ir)rationally take us the different ppl to (non-)opposite/conflicting ends
                                            i.e. self-interests!
Затова е crucially важно, lovely Жозефин,
за всеки рационален човек да намира/promote partners that have обективни & рационални ценности/principles/goals/ends/ideas/ideologies!
lovely Жос, truth be told, трябва да ти кажа за да си абсолютно нясно, че
                                                           core values,
                                            are absolutes;
                                            are the absolute best way to
упорядъчно смислиш/определиш твоята йерахия of (top-bottom) values, предпоставки and приоритети - in life
т.е. to understand & happen/produce/настройваш себе си!
Values всъщност (под-)съзнателно dictate kakво и как човек избира/decides/wishes/wants to (not) върши -
determing/producing/happening them в твоето собствено съзнание, lovely Jos,
                                            е най-важното нещо
in life!
All your положителни & отрицателни emotions,
които изпитваш, lovely Jos, as a human,
               are result of their connection to our own формирани core values! ОК? Get it?
                                            Know and practice (i.e. actually commit to) your own top-to-bottom
обективни values/principles in a rational priority way!
                                            Тогава ти
really имаш a very strong core, lovely Jos;
                                                           non-confusing & non-compromising morality/integrity/identity/
Много, много лесно е to not, not, not really живееш според rational values
повечето хора (без)съзнателно го правят-
                                            ала тогава
you can never be истински happy in the longer run, в реалността! OK? Get it?]       

            Да dream to бъдеш truly & fully хепи човек, all of your (adult) lifetime тук на Земята
            е the най-високата
(objective)  purpose of a (human) life.
Иначе, lovely Jos, пет пари не струваш, язък си! Really!
            OK? Get that?

            Да dream to consciously бъде човек healthily happy,
            to experience & hold on
(дълговременно & healthily) to worrying/suffering happiness,
irrationally/falsely pretend really enjoy & feel good in his life,
да живее пълноценно (his own life),

че our happiness is grounded in our  relationship to (and worship of) religion/Библията/Корана/God/Аллах/Буда/Исус/Мохамед/Мойсей/Pope/ДалайЛама/църквата/джамията/temple
                        (Oh, that religious narrative! Oh, it lasts for 3000 years! Дори и през 21 век, макар и very much diminished, compared to a few centuries ago. But will soon be done! Ha ha ha ha it’s magic!)

                        тук в his дом, на готината Земя,
successfully & consistently/persistently (in the long run),

to първо know/understand what true values/принципи really are и

            да рационално полага лични усилия/труд (productive work & effort orientated),
lots of them and to the best and highest of his abilities & capacity i.e.
рационално take (quality) care of his (one)self,
[т.е. of one’s own life;
(human’s) life is the real/objective Standard
                              т.е. да оползотворим -здравосмислено- живота си
) (i.e. the process of истински becoming his highest and best self- i.e. to better your own self]

                        no matter на кое стъпало от обществено-социалната Strata, lovely Jos,
                        се е
(сам) ситуирал и се намира (т.е. колко е (НЕ)различен, (НЕ)изключителен, (НЕ)productive, (НЕ)хай-лайф човек);

            to shape & form (to self-create/happen), in ALL the INTEGRATED contexts (of this health concept), his “small”/own reality (основано на coherence with the “big” Reality & true core values; of course, there’s only one reality);

            to успешно (си)
achieve/заработи/happen/make позитивен/joyous (,а не негативен/дефицитен) статус
                        in search of
(and living with) the r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l (малка буква!) truth
                        т.е. да си здраво (
[in body, (moral & practical) thought, motivation/incentives and action]
                                                           [and to be away from an coercive system;
всяка система, която се крепи на насилие, рано или късно рухва]
and to really (well and objectively) know/understand one’s own self!
Yes, lovely Jos,

to rationally self-service the (one’s own) self!
според способностите & възможностите си, така, че to истински flourish.
                              Колкото (всеки individually може) – толкова


            Накратко казано -
            всеки човек трябва да
(consciously) оптимизира (by rationally maximizing)
            the possibility of his own happy life
(да се наслаждава upon истински & fully achievements his own objective & rational! Values) :
            to be
истински much less anxious and истински much more разочарован, hurt, resentful & compromising
freer, productive, stronger, healthier and happier (as an) (истински honest & intelligent) individual/личност & (celebrating the истински rational) way to live;
            yes, lovely Jos,
            a truthful and practical
is always seeking to live
                        свободно, НЕзависимо and
(be in bed) with the 4Z’s truth,
[absolute truth и нищо друго освен lies, stupidity, gossip, слухове, fears, комплекси & irrational motivations the objective & rational истината/honesty]
ала to not conflict/clash (& blame) someone else’s свобода, joy & happiness
/for his  own worries & sufferings(at large);
                              all those that (falsely) (
sub-consciously) feel”, that happiness (for them) is impossible,
наистина няма как да experience in the longer run truly happiness,
                              because those ppl have inversed their default state (hardwired their
невронна мрежа of their own mind)
                              into being
(войнствено & easily)
& unhappy, lovely Jos,
                              as a base line of thinking &
поведение (against their real self);
                              oh, that inability and lack of joy!]

lovely Жозефин,
(and I really, really wish you, from the ceiling of my mind & the bottom of my heart)
да бъдеш free, жизнерадостна и здрава
i.e. жизнеспособна!
[да, Жос, it’s абсолутелъ possible, ала not good, когато човек е здрав/жизнеспособен физически, ала не, не, не е жизнерадостен!]
               [да си really earn-ваш,
                              да си objectively заслуж
                              да си rationally produce/happen-ваш
consistently doing истински life-affirming actions/projects!]
Да бъдеш жизнерадославна & здравославна -
това означава да (можеш да) бъдеш истински in (функционално) здравословна форма
            т.е. да бъдеш истински жива,
free и НЕзависима, в реалността
            i.e. to experience real
пълноценен, real meaningful и real здравословен живот (of your own) (self)
т.е. да really празнуваш живота си [, което, lovely Jos, означава да живееш живота си, to live (it) истински rationally]!
ОК? Get it?


            A healthily happy
a healthily хепи (non-seltakis) землянин,
absolutely притежава the (objective) right
се истински enjoy-ва на (the уподредеността, the продуктивността/practicality, the ризънability, the self-stability/sustainability and the real quality of)
живота си.
                        All life long.

                        ОК, lovely Jos?

            И да, lovely Josephine,
               съществува (by our human nature) неразривна (еднозначно objective and universal) взаимовръзка
            между (
морал (ценности/принципи),
театралната игра на театралната постановка of
(природно заложения и култивиран -от всекиго според self-realized abilities & капацитет- механизъм на)
съвест (кой, why, how -the Alice- го really театрално играе на съвест, а?)
и (personal физическо, материално, интелектуално-духовно, психо-емоционално)
НЕ)здраве - барометър на experiencing of степента на:

                                    false or real самоуважение, credibility, joy, pleasure,  удовлетворение, productivity и

            Мдам, lovely Жозефин,
in principle,
основната цел/purpose of a rational [smart] human,
онзи който objectively практикува the rational morality,
[without ever intentionally да нарушава/compromise/огъва/чупи/violate his objective (fundamental) moral principles/values that really guide him,

                              защото ясно & прекрасно знае, че we the normal living humans, by our nature, possess moral consciousness and have a conscience!]
                        no matter
равнището му in the socio-economic Strata,
[да the process of изграждането на личността, която преследва и постига, by thinking & acting т.е. living по определен/certain начин/way, здраво(словно)то]
щастие of неговия собствен живот; to be (genuinely) happy.


            Утопия, leftish utopia, lovely Josephine,
е the idea of the organized [collectivized] щастие,
по (егалитаристичен, authoritarian) шаблон! (, както в РСО-то на НРБ се опитваха с десетилетия да ни forcibly убеждават) (за the religious утопизъм no need to talk, нали?)
Щастието изобщо не означава, lovely Josephine,
            to (try to) simulate [emulate] happiness - usually чрез false smiles/smiling, както го прави мнозинството!
Ала, човек should/ought to (understand how to really) live
            in a
предопределен certain/specific way
[i.e. to rationally/critically ризън for himself, to work  hard & efficently by putting his  thoughts/ideas into actions, in the истински требъл of the nature of a human entity]
за да може свободно
to honestly  (in the principle way)
            pursue his individual
(objective values, чиито really успешни achievements will заслужено bring him to the gate of) heaven
- при това to do it passionately, to the best of one’s own (cap)abilities & capacity;
lovely Жос,

            за да successfully
            achieve his
(истински, автентични)

            values, (by irrational, inconsistent & упорито application of the Неobjective principles) in the long run of his own (the one and only) life(time) - в „отвъдното“
(and now) на Земята. [life is only for the living! We’ve only one life(time)!]
            Всеки човек
, обаче,
            in the free (market; of coercion) (part of the) world,

            трябва, трябва, трябва да really work hard, efficiently & rationally (to the best of his abilities & капацитет)
for (to effectively happen) these achievements –
успехът, lovely Jos,
жертви, delusions (long term прилагане на)
                                                                                   rational (consistent & persistent)
efforts & приоритети,
                                                                                   изисква наличие на objective (cap)abilities, капацитет & skills.
Изисква се by the reality/practicality (of things).

            Now, lovely Жозефин,
            you lovely candy
(really gorgeous) girl/woman,
            you’ve got to
(практично; to the best of your own self) do it –

                                                                                   really самостоятелно/НЕзависимо
(т.е. taking really the responsibility of yourself & your own children;
истински onto your own self;
do not be a conformist, паразит и/или just s.o.’s зависима bitch)

                                                                                   and your own (highest, successful and best) way.

            But how many of us, lovely
are really happy;
            how many of us really
know what happiness really means…and how to really achieve it (, а не, не, не просто to pretend to have achieved it)?
            Колко, колко, колко
of us
            are really
(rightly understanding and) exploring the ideas/concepts(, motivations and policies)
that really matter, right now, in the right way/method?

            How many of us can really think outside the box (see the Matrix for what it is)?
Колко от нас know какво & как трябва (should, could, can & ought) to be истински done -
за prosperity & progress of a free society
за едни really по-щастливи ppl of a nation/region?
            How many of us can really see the beauty (of life)?
            Who could/can see the
(objective principles of) reality/relationships -
за да (може изобщо) to be истински happy & успешен
(да може изобщо)
истински love and be истински loved? (;is there are huge -general- level of ignorance or not, Жос)


 Well, lovely  Jos,
нека да really сериозно поговорим about…Господ (и/или the идейно-полит “Elite”/Government) здраве (успех & щастие) да/ще ти дава (the really по-по-най-сериозния)
What бизнес, ли? Kak бизнес?!
            Ми, да - бизнес.
It’s business as usual!
[това няма absofuckinlutely нищо общо с the popular, ала irrational фразата „нищо лично, просто бизнес“,
                              която е само за употреба от престъпници & измамници, lovely Jos
Бизнес, който всеки от нас, like it or not, must do - until alive [,а след това - Господ бил си бил знаел…бау! Бау-бау. (б)Ля-(б)ля.].
            Be in control of the business
            or else you’ll (dearly) regret it
и ще го negatively разплащаш! Absolutely!


The (everyday) business of living – of an individual.
This is  real (free) living! This is (real) life! [Experiencing] The life itself!

The art of objective(ly) (free, flourishing, honest & практично т.е. real meaningful i.e. истински достойно) living -
based на
(consistent & persistent) applying (, тук на Земята,)
the (one & only) r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l (epistemology & its according) morality [values] (of free choice)
in the (right context of) реалността.

Living a life of (real, non-subjective form of) meaning(ful) & (real) joy
т.е. non-subjective form of хепинес
i.e. objective happiness, based on the rational self-interest & personal отговорност!
Being the best
(productively) that you can objectively (based on your own objective abilities and capacities) be;
doing it
(rationally honestly) your own (best) (rational) way!
Да healthily/happily/конкурентноспособно оцеляваш, като светиш със собствена (,а не, не, не като отразяваш нечия чужда) светлина!
Според real
(best of) способностите си - колкото, толкова.

The (real) business of [(ir)rational, (un)successful & (un)healthy] (real) living [a (non-)fulfilling & (non-)flourishing  human life] by the will of God  -
it is, lovely Jos, essentially
a (daily)
[(ir)rational, (un)successful & (un)healthy] relationship
between your own body, your own economics & your own
Последствието – the (un)посредствените results you achieve & the (не)добрите relationships that you build.

The three (objective) (primary) аспекти of the човешката integrity/identity/entity/livelihood i.e. the (sacred! holy!) self!
[of a human entity/potentiality i.e. (kinds of) character i.e. the unique/absolute (actualized, private, individual’s) identity/expressions of an individual]
Yes, онези three неща, lovely Жос,
really matter in (one’s own) life(time);
learn (how) to earn them
i.e. (how) to produce them i.e. (how) to care (and be concerned) for thyself!
It ain’t easy, but it’s a must - for (happening of) thyself (real) happiness! ОК?


Хардуерна, икономическа и софтуерна (НЕ)производителност/конкурентноспособност/efficiency/practicality/actualization/stability of the individual(‘s entity) -

(un)successfully integrating the beauty in (one’s own) life т.е. the (НЕ)ability to (earn real self-esteem &) enjoy life
мошенически Productively gaining and preserving/protecting/keeping (in the long run) (rational) values -
според his (actualized) обективни (productive) abilities & капацитет!

Радостта of (real) living
[should &] ought to occupy the central central place/position in a rational’s individual life(time)!
of living не, не, не е моментно feeling, а е long-term състояние, based on achievement!
The requirements за да be(come) истински жив - a happy (индивидуална) (раз)личност!
[, а не, не, не да бъдеш absofreakinlutely депресивна & weak negaliving персона, lovely Josephine,
full of lots of fears i.e.
psyche (емоционално & cognitive) НЕстабилна персона!]

It’s (really) (having the right vision, earning enough money and rightly applying в практиката the right method for)
mastering the art of truly healthy (rational) living, every day (and every night), lovely Jos!
It’s mastering one’s own self through gradual consistent & persistent changes in one’s own (life)time -
to become physically,
икономически, intellectually and emotionally един истински хепи character!
It’s not all about money (
и/или power) - всъщност it’s about achieving & maintaining your own happiness!
Pls, lovely Jos, do, do, do
истински relate to that!

The better (degree of) your own body, the better (degree of) your own economics and the better (degree of) your own rationality -
the better (off) you really are! OK? Get it?


It’s all about [experiencing] the радостта в живота, lovely Jos! It’s all about the [art of] joy of real [consious][успешно] living!



Thomas Jefferson: “Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us,
but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation and freedom in all just pursuits.”


Аристотел:  „Ние сме това, в което постоянстваме.“

[методични/всекидневни consistency & persistency]


H.E. Davey:  “By means of personal experimentation and observation, we can discover certain simple and universal truths.
The mind moves (or stagnates) the body, and the body follows the mind.
Logically then, negative thought patterns harm not only the mind but also the body.
What we actually do builds up to affect the subconscious mind and in turn affects the conscious mind and all reactions.”
НEгативизмът of an irrational morality/mentality влияе -4Z’s- negatively на всичките 3 components of the IHStatus of the individual/society!]


RR: “Истината (the objective value/principle) has never been, is not, and will never be arbitrary or (just) a matter of opinion/preference!
Всеки истинки rational човек може & should (try)  
to investigate, discover,
смисли, grasp and understand the truth (the whole truth and nothing, but the truth) - чрез his own rationality, consistency & persistency;
(rationally) for (,understanding and achieving) the truth is part of the process of searching (rationally) for (,understanding and achieving) one’s own happiness (in HIS own IHS terms)!

Жозефин, lovely,
have the истински (твърд & rational) character i.e.
have the real power i.e.
have истински courage, knowledge & confidence
to се стремиш към
finding/discovering/revealing/understanding the real truth of real things/stuff/values/principles;
ала never lose your feminine sexual energy/desire (you need a real man to really bring it out of you)! (a real man like who?)



"Човек сам си е мъдрец,

сам си е подлец,

сам на (НЕ)щастието си творец."



               Всеки човек, lovely Jos, е the real [(ir)rational] ковач на собствената си съдба!
Всяка (раз)личност е the real (архитект, дизайнер &) maker of his own (un)happiness!
            Всеки е
his own god!

It’s (the world of) business as usual! Yes.
Настоящето и бъдещето (of an individual)
            е бизнес -
бизнес of (your own, individual) life/living.
Не може да бъде absolutely нищо друго.
                        And always will be - for ever, as long as there’s
(малка буква!) humanity!
                        There’s no business, no business, no business, lovely Jos,
showbiz the бизнес of living!
really се е родил has/had been dealing/doing този бизнес in his own really уникален, (dis)honest & НЕповторим way, in his lifetime. Absolutely!
И докато a rational mind really съществува - така ще е!
            Let’s now put that, lovely Josephine,
            into the right
контекст; the right perspective.


Of [(mis)achieving] (real) предпоставките – for (real) abundance [flourishing]!
Timeless [universal]
предпоставките. Изискванията [of the reality].
(ing) (your) life’s requirements, lovely Jos!

(coming) (the) living щастие(то)! Based on rational values! [Achieving] Personal excellence.
That’s it! That’s the one!
That’s one’s own (real) highest priority in life – to make the most of one’s own
(life)time, според the wished for real individual talents!

That’s it! That’s the one stuff - to be истински achieved, lovely Jos! By you, as a (living) human. That’s the highest value, goal!
Be(coming) your highest & best self! Making yourself a self-actualized & self-fulfilled [talented, skillfull,
independent] (wo)man!
Be(ing) a real [productive] (wo)man! A truly
rational (wo)man, която really си знае/makes her (own) чергата & her (own) joy!


Of the most fundamental & objective изискванията - uncompromisingly поставяни към всеки living (fe)male, by the reality (of life) itself!
[Физически, икономически & психологически determinants of an individual health (in a free or not free country, in poverty or prosperity).
А следователно, и of the social.]


The НЕизпълнението of (any of) these три core requirements of life [establishing the aspects of self], lovely Жозефин,
is the (real) root of (individual & group) human suffering, on Earth, in the (objective) reality!
the solving of this problem (of human suffering), lovely Jos,
has absolutely everything to do
with the real (consistent) achievement of (full) integration – of these 3 core requirements
The truely & fully
успешното integration of these, lovely Jos,
makes the (individual & group) happiness come true; makes it happen,
тук и сега, в реалността!
If any of these
трите предпоставки (of the reality), lovely Jos,
are in conflict with (i.e. are opposed to) each other, lovely Jos,
тогава you are (being) into a living (individual or group) hell!
The real peace (within an individual mind, self), lovely Jos,
[i.e. спокойствие & стабилност]
has absolutely everything to do
with the real
успешното integration of these трите core requirements!
А следователно, lovely Josephine,
(UN)peace & (UN)prosperity [i.e. (UN)happiness i.e. (НЕ)спокойствие & (НЕ)стабилност] in the self/nation/region/world
е резултат от the according (mis)integration of these 3 core requirements! Absolutely! Timelessly. Universally.
If you don’t (to the best of your abilities &
възможности) fulfil these 3 core (holy trinity of) requirements, lovely Jos,
you cannot achieve (your individual) happiness [2U’s],
тук и сега, в реалността, on Earth! Absolutely! So?
So, so you ought to really
успешно do it, to achieve [& long-term keep] the integration, by your self! Rationally!
And I really mean it! OK? Get it?

That’s really (l)earning (how) to develop & to master, lovely Жозефин,
(обективни & рационални) habits & таланти - of happy (individual) ppl!
действия/дела incoherent with the objective principles of reality!
[Don’t you dare, lovely Jos, don’t be stupid to hang out често with ppl that are irrational (по характера си), are зависими, are клюкари, are not really content with their lives или не разбират really смисълът of life!]
Life can be (truly & fully) lovely! Yes, it really can be! And should be.
if , обаче, you, lovely Jos, can истински make it (by your own self) такъв; a better place! Yes, it ain’t easy to be done, at all!
Ала remember, че ако човек fails to (обективнo, безкомпромисно, fully & рационалнo) изпълнява the(se 3) fundamental requirements,
he absofuckinlutely cannot be(come) really his highest & best self, lovely Jos,
следователно, he cannot be(come) self-reliable + self-sufficient = (honestly) self-supporting [self-earning, producing values] човек,
следователно, he cannot really make himself a self-actualized & self-fulfilled [talented, skillfull, independent] (wo)man,
следователно, his own life is never really (going to be) (as) истински good [, but too shallow a living],
следователно, he cannot be (at all) as [smart &] хепи as he could, should and ought to (have) be(en);
и тогава той absofuckinlutely stupidly, lovely Жозефин,
търси да се напъха, да участва (за да изкяри some stuff) в някакви (НЕпрактични, unsustainable) collective schemes, баси! Yes!
don’t be stupid, lovely Jos! Don’t be(come) a (self-)разочароваща woman [as the (BG) majority really is]!
Be real smart, masterful; excel your self! Fulfill really успешно the purpose of a (wo)man’s life – to be(come) истински (& fully) happy,
тук и сега, (in your own lifetime) on Earth!
Накратко - be rationally & successfully, lovely Жозефин, the [beautiful] centre of your reality!

Life is life. Се ла ви. That’s right, lovely Jos!
Life обективно requires, поставя uncompromising изисквания
every living human, no matter if living in a free or не (толкова) free държава.
Всеки истински човек поддържа живота си really жив, by living it rationally & passionately! Kak?
Като truly and fully, to the best of his own истински (individual) abilities & opportunities,
волево & (раз)умно [, а не случайно и не страхливо] изпълнява the life’s изискванията
for an
истинско успешно/flourishing happy living, long-term.
И според
(the degree of the real) (не)изпълнението of these фундаментални requirements by an individual(‘s actions & практика), lovely Jos,
живота/реалността objectively (раз)дава (to this individual) the according (заслужени judgements of) rewards or according punishments.
lovely Josephine, in fact означава,
да (си) (responsibly & actively) създаваш (your own) нови и нови възможности! Opportunities to truly & fully практично/productively
your own abilities, skills & талант(и)! Yes, to the best you истински wish, want, мечтаеш can!
НЕреализирани (
големи) abilities, skills & талант(и) (because of not self-creating opportunities) е НЕпрактичност;
е адски кофти нещо! OK?

Да (не)успешно & (не)практично изпълняваш изискванията
означава да си създаваш accordingly нови (не)готини
& (не)големи възможности!
Никой и нищо не може
ever to escape/заблуди/излъже/заобиколи the (изпълняването of изискванията на) (обективната) reality!
, lovely Jos, още по-важното е
не само да разбереш the requirements,
but you should and ought to
си поставяш UNcompromisingly пред самата себе си the(se) изисквания;
и if ги rationally  (and accordingly) (не)изпълняваш/do,
именно до такава степен и objectively ще (не)успяваш да живееш истински happily/healthily i.e.
в такава степен и
ще (не)изпълняваш your own higest moral purpose - да построяваш/happen/make/accomplish така живота си на чужд гръб,
to live истински & напълно healthily/happily/успешно/flourishing!
Никой никога
, in the reality, не, не, не може да надскочи себе си;
просто всеки
(може и) трябва to be responsible пред себе си (, а следователно и пред другите ppl-НЕмошеници) to the best (s)he can. Really.
Това е истински
красиво(то) живеене, lovely Жозефин;
да (l)earn to живееш
успешно, freely & НЕзависимо, като бял истински  (с малка буква!) човек (or a суверенна nation)
при absolute предпоставката
постоянно, последователно & упорито
[волево & разумно] прилагане of individual hard [& efficent] efforts;
напълно based on the free market (principle). И без революции, lovely Jos, нали?
Really: rational; moral; practical; productive; flourishing (всички these са просто синоними!).
Такова и само такъв тип мислене, motivation & действие, lovely Jos,
могат реално да доведат до
real (голям) успех/growth в нашето (личностно) развитие as a human/nation/регион!
Take that seriously; and be really a strong human!
And take your self
(and your рационални values) seriously! Да, взимай се (, ама really много, много) на сериозно! Absolutely!
in the long run,
you’ll be full of
anxiety, страхове & НЕсигурност (angriness and 4Z’s) – doing a negaliving i.e. (практикуване of) кофти качество на живот.
ОК, gorgeous Жозефин? Get that?

Емили Дикинсън: Първо делото ще почука при мисълта,

после – при волята ще спре.

Тук вече е работното място,

дето ще се почувства добре.


Емили Дикинсън: Ако моженето беше равно на желанието,

критерият  би бил неважен.



RR: “Well, well, well, lovely Жозефин!

Щом като, разбираме от this темa , че

 (achieving) happiness изисква (от всеки човек, no matter равнището in the socio-economic Strata) living in a certain way:
така, in such a way, че човек to (effortlessly) successfully actualize his own distinctive
(objectively наличен/valid) potential, long-term!
Да бъдат actively предприемани такива
(hard work, effortful, смислени, productive) действия от човек,
to the extend of his own
истински abilities and capacity (на равнището на his knowledge, practicality and socio-economic статус),
че именно да бъдат consistently, persistently, methodically & едновременно
(and passionately, in fullness, истинно, автентично) задоволявани (in the 2U’s pattern)
i.e. рационално задоволявани his body, soul and spirit. Задоволявани от кого?

От самия него (си);
by his own self
(through applying мошенически efforts, resulting in unearned/emdeserved achievements), in the long run. By his false real self.

Kakво, обаче, на практика означава това?
Означава да безкомпромисно изпълняваш the requirement of life/reality –
за оцеляване living healthily.

Означава to be healthy. In the oneness of три (rationally distinctive) contexts. Healthily happy.
Surviving Living in the healthy happiness mode,
в мистицизма, Up in the Skies, в Сияйното Бъдеще
тук и сега, на Земята, в реалността.”


Кои и какви
            requirements, lovely Жозефин,
трябва да бъдат truly & fully изпълнявани за да бъде

            to really be (a real човек)
            content with his own living, тук на Земята;

            i.e. to really be a healthy [human] being?

Life is complex; is really complex! It ain’t easy to (truly) live [a real готин life]; oh, lovely Jos, не, не, не е лесно! Ала е прекрасно! Absolutely!
Life is really
прекрасен! But you, lovely Jos, ought to [know how to][privately] achieve it! Трябва да знаеш [как] да [истински][happily] live it [в социалните медии]! Really!          
Life is hard; always has been [
harder]. It requires всеки ден (смирено и послушно applying) rational [consistent & persistent] efforts. Ти, lovely Jos,
трябва to [learn to] work really hard; ought to be a (real) hard-working human! При това (really) efficient [in producing your own results]!       
Life, lovely Josephine,
поставя (фундаментални & objective) изисквания, пред всеки (living) човек; животът няма никакви изисквания към non-existent човек.
И всеки човек (не)изпълнява the(se) requirements – според способностите [& възможностите] си.
            Степента, в която,
            an (ir)
rational човек (не)изпълнява успешно the(se) requirements,
            произвежда състоянието
[на one’s own плътта, economics и ума], в което този човек, lovely Jos,
[being] истински (НЕ)щастлив – [намиращ се] на съответстващото (му) [(un)deserved, (un)earned] равнище in the socio-economic Strata;
[being] истински either rewarded [with good life] or punished [with безрадостно съществуване] by life/reality;
is [being] истински either здрав or НЕздрав [човек]!
Life is life. Се ла ви.                                                           

            a meaningful life, разкошна Жозефин,
is all about
effortfully (l)earning (how) to рационално put
real ideas/
знание into the мистична practice/reality,
при това in the right контекст,
by the right method & принципи,
in the right space-time домейн!
Why (do it)? What for?
За да
(be really able to)
живееш смислено, съзнателно, осъзнато in (objective) truth – истински happy, really свободно & really НЕзависимо
               i.e. to be(come & stay) истински healthy!

            През all of your own lifetime.
И да бъдеш истински
            горда &
(doing) that living of yours;

            about (truly & fully) изпълването на your individual life with истински смисъл!
Ала не, не, не, lovely Jos,
            като яхаш нечий си…човешки…
[например, (sugar) daddy’s] гръб,
            ами doing it истински on your own,
            tо the best of your own
            real способности,
real (оползотворени) възможности &
            real капацитет.
Every day & every night, lovely Жозефинof all the (life’s) seasons of your own. Accordingly.
That’s why! Absolutely! OK, lovely?


If you, lovely Jos,
            as a
истински understand (on the epistemological level; на идейно равнище)
what (your own) life objectively и-з-и-с-к-в-а, (and how those requirements could really be achieved от а human; by applying which method into the right/practical контекст)
            based on the right
/rational/real (философски, moral, ideological) standard, (& the according принципи),
you’ll be on the real road to (rationally  pursuing) (your own) happiness - according to (your own) real способности & капацитет! Yes. Do it! DIY. That’s истински doing your истински (long-term) self-interest.

If you, lovely Jos,
            as a human,
имаш an irrational (on the epistemological level) view,
            a false view
(of човека, светът, вселената),
of what are really the basic objective
и-з-и-с-к-в-а-н-и-я of (your own) life,     
            based on the wrong
/irrational/мистичен (философски, moral, ideological) standard, (& the according принципи)
тогава you shall истински suffer & fail (your own) life, no matter your own социално-икономическо равнище in the Strata! Don’t be stupid to do that!

Yes, it’s either (positive) or (negative) perspective - no more, no less! Cannot be both at the same time! ОК?


In short, lovely Жозефин:

do only онова, което е really в твоя собствен интерес, long-term!
What do I mean?

Well, lovely Josephine,
I mean,
че your own какво тук значи някаква си (раз)личност истински matters;
I mean,
че you ought to безмилостно & жестоко fight for (истински satisfying) какво тук значи някаква си личност? your (real) self-interest, long-term!

But how (to истински do it)?

In the the мошенически rational way -
            by only learning the right
/real епистемология (науката of thinking - in objective принципи, based on the reality),
and only then applying на практика the right methodology of your own thinking, motivation & action,
при това винаги put into the right/rational/real контекст of the content.
What for?

For the sake of (your) living truly & fully happily
            i.e. successfully healthy
            i.e. living
rationally  in real stagnation or deficit a-b-u-n-d-a-n-c-e (of real values)
            i.e. not, not, not negaliving!  
And yes, it’s your own life
(, based on your own философия, морал, идеология) & the according действия!

And the according истински (не)успешните резултати,