The gorgeous, but absofreakinlutely an irrational!
Agnetha Ė the absofuckinlutely incredible butt!
Of the really great 70ís!
The (greatest & the sexiest) icon in ABBA!

Agnetha Faltskog
Living in (constant) fear, фобия & параноя!
Oh, that stuff! Oh, that anxiety mind!
That brings to a (wo)man, lovely Josephine,
an emotional & intellectual instability! OK?
[And if that human is a woman, lovely Jos, 
then that stuff absolutely terribly hurts her
she absofreakinlutely wants to cling to a man! For security!
And no matter the quantity & quality of oneís own wealth!
Donít be stupid, lovely Jos, to be a dependent woman!
Donít be stupid, lovely Jos, to be dependent on a man-lover!]
[Are you, lovely Josephine,
a (really rational)
happy person today?
not really?
Are you a dependent
Are you а женски мистик?
Do remember, lovely Jos,
that it all starts with morality,
it all starts with (your) values!
The rational values, lovely Jos,
are absolutes,
i.e. are real,
i.e. are absolute truths!
А мистичните Ąценностиď са UNreal, virtual;
and cause absofuckinlutely problems, troubles!

Agnetha Faltskog