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, , the rational - /OperatingSystem of (real) (). (ism).

Yes, (rational) (secular morality of productivity; adding/producing value) is the (objective) answer! , but what kind of business?
(rational) morality of free market capitalism - (real) principled entrepreneurialism at its best! That (kind of) (real) business! ?
of the (real) / (i.e. and ),
the (rational) profit motive (, self-interest & classical liberalism).

Its (all about) ( of) the business competitive world out there! Augmented (economic) collectivism individualism. OK?
The principles of
(how to get really successful in) business; how to really cooperate -to increase the chances of success in (ones own) life!
Changing ones own economic life for the better, in the
(practical) reality!
Capital creation & accumulation for a better living,


(-, - rational) morality
of (false real) capitalism/ist/producer//achiever (of competitive values)

Objectively understanding & consistently applying the rational(moral)ity
for (the purpose of) honestly achieving/winning competitive advantage in (doing) (free market) business

The real business mind, the real constructive/innovative/creative mind, the real competitive/competent/practical mind - of the real creator/investor
(The good/free market/appropriate/beautiful/practical/ business model for the 21 century, for flourishing/efficient/successful/healthy/sustainable/earned living on Earth)

( ? , status quo-, , , a?)


Businesses, jobs, profits, growth, productivity, prosperity: (we, the entrepreneurs do ) create (success)!


Definition of capitalism:
Capitalism is an economic system
by private (or corporate) ownership of capital goods,
by investments that are determined by private decision,
and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.
Modern Capitalism is essentially mass production for the needs of the masses.

Ludwig von Mises: The market economy is the social system
of the division of labor under private ownership of the means of production.
Everybody acts on his own behalf;
but everybody's actions aim at the satisfaction of other people's needs as well as at the satisfaction of his own.
Everybody in acting serves his fellow citizens. Everybody, on the other hand, is served by his fellow citizens.
Everybody is both a means and an end in himself, an ultimate end for himself
and a means to other people in their endeavors to attain their own ends.



RR: , (, making of wealth/money),

( ) .. & ;

( ) , ,
wrongly believe it could/should be done);

says Ayn Rand - Men cannot produce self-defense as an economic activity, without the prior condition that defense is guaranteed.

Men can produce food without a prior guarantee of food, but they cannot produce the guarantee of rights without the prior guarantee of rights.

One letter gave the example that the victim of some crime could purchase the services of a defense corp to right the injury. What if he cannot?

The guarantee of rights is the precondition to rational existence, precondition to wealth/business. Where rights are not guaranteed, existence qua man is impossible.

The ability to purchase something is not a guarantee of rights and does not fulfill the necessary condition for rational existence.

, freedom is the most important precondition to business, prosperity & civilization of society;

having wealth, freedom,

(, , , , ),

//corrupted ///group/

can, are able, at their whim & will, (/ ) / , to be destroyed!


Ayn Rand was right when she said that

moral government - a limited, checked, and constitutional republic, based on objective ethical principles and whose only function is to guarantee individual rights - is necessary, is a necessity.


Harvey Mackay: A mediocre person tells. A good person explains. A superior person demonstrates. A great person inspires others to see for themselves."


Erin: , the key (creative, leading, bold) ( , , !) (/ ),

knows (much, much more) the -,

his life/profit/measurement of success or death//measurement of failure game;

based on his self-interest & desire/motivation to create & achieve values/purposes/goals (joy, satisfaction & fulfillment)
[ //possible , the real / the answer to the question:
/project be really in my rational self-interest or not? To be or not (to be). , lovely ,
really the most important question-, that ought to come with the most important really answer, that is every ! Yes, it is!]

& // ( ) (.. , , / - , , - & /woman).
, Jos, the real , on the free market,
the profit & loss objectively (the degree of) (his) () success or failure, ! Absolutely. Truly.
In a free society,
the real , can adapt, can be flexibly innovative and productive/practical in fact can in (great) richness survive - to produce real (great) profit!
Others fail. Give (a)way. Its the (process of) creative destruction of the free
(invisible hand of the) market. The old things fade away, die, give way to the innovate things, that are done in a better & more efficent way!
Its only the natural (way); the nessesary way; the objective & rational way.





RR: [& the EU organization of ],
, , (completely) , lovely Josephine,

() let go,
( ) [, , , ],

( ) & useful- (.. ) -
, , according to their own real of (practical) abilities!

( ) , objectively,

[the public; and especially the -] [& accordingly of P&P&P];

profit, passion into profitability,

is a very, very good thing, private profiting through public funding

is absofreakinlutely of debts,

absofreakinlutely dishonest ,
& [i.e. the marching saints] very much corrupt &
.. absofuckinlutely group, group of the redistributers, controllers, managers
public funds & polit ,
in the name of the pubic good(ness)]!
All we really need is (applying the rational principles of) capaitalism,
of real capitalism!
the (moral, political &) economic the ppl
are (really) the smallest possible!


Andrew Carnegie (Carnegie Hall; USA steel maker): We all live in the richest and freest country in the world, where no man is limited except by his own mental attitude and his own desires.


Franz Oppenheimer (distinguished between the political means and the economic means of organizing society):
political involves the forcible redistribution of wealth; wealth,

however, is only created by those involved in the economic means of organization,
which consists of peaceful
production, trade and exchange (of values).

[ (, EU and the world), lovely Josephine,
sooooo many big (wo)man-, sooooo many different /interests/,
essentially a (EU, BG) (, projects)!
(wo)man-, lovely Josephine,
the huge - (-) !
lvovely Josephine,
( ) (real) !
the status quo, the of , of !
That is not real capitalism!
Real capitalism
, lovely Josephine,
is rewarding/punishing ones one actions (achieving) () - ? 
OK? Get it?]



Adam Smith [,1776]: Every individual necessarily labours to render the annual revenue of the society as great as he can. He generally, indeed, neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it. By preferring the support of domestic to that of foreign industry, he intends only his own security; and by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, he intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention. Nor is it always the worse for the society that it was no part of it. By pursuing his own interest [i.e. self-interest] he frequently promotes that of the society [i.e. the social good] more effectually than when he really intends to promote it. I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good. It is an affectation, indeed, not very common among merchants, and very few words need be employed in dissuading them from it.

" , , . , .

[, Adam, Smith, you are absolutely right, the invisible hand of
the free/open market the selfish
into social good/interest;
the more you produce/earn money/capital for yourself, the better also for all the other peple, in the society that you live in!]


Thomas Paine [The Rights of Man,1792]: Great part of that order which reigns among mankind is not the effect of government. It has its origin in the principles of society and the natural constitution of man. It existed prior to government, and would exist if the formality of government was abolished. The mutual dependence and reciprocal interest which man has upon man, and all the parts of civilised community upon each other, create that great chain of connection which holds it together. The landholder, the farmer, the manufacturer, the merchant, the tradesman, and every occupation, prospers by the aid which each receives from the other, and from the whole. Common interest regulates their concerns, and forms their law; and the laws which common usage ordains, have a greater influence than the laws of government. In fine, society performs for itself almost everything which is ascribed to government.




ER: To remember: (/ ) force/aggression/violence destroys values/wealth/progress & prosperity/peace, , humans want, satisfy, joy & desire,

along his way of goals/purposes.


: (negative - ..) ?

(rational - ..) ,

! (, wrongly negative the majority ppl )!

(Yes, , selfishness e life sustaining; - all ppl; its a natural & norm/Standard for the rational characters/ppl!)





No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

(So Shines a Good Deed in a Naughty World)


by Franklin P. Adams (1881-1960)


There was a man in our town who had King Midas touch;

He gave away his millions to the colleges and such;

And people cried: The hypocrite! He ought to understand

The ones who really need him are the children of this land!

When Andrew Croesus built a home for children who were sick,

The people said they rather thought he did it as a trick,

And writers said: He thinks about the drooping girls and boys,

But what about conditions with the men whom he employs?


There was a man in our town who said that he would share

His profits with his laborers, for that was only fair,

And people said: Oh, isnt he the shrewd and foxy gent?

It cost him next to nothing for that free advertisement!


There was a man in our town who had the perfect plan

To do away with poverty and other ills of man,

But he feared the public jeering, and the folks who would defame him,

So, he never told the plan he had, and I can hardly blame him.

M. , ( ), .




[ ..] .


[ /, waiting, not to speak up ..]



, , - !

, !

, !


inconsistency & ( choices, ) does not bother you,
( & philosophy, the love of truth/wisdom/objectivity) (& this book) , , ;
you are [most probably] /irrationalist, relativist (supporter of values)!



Of (morality of) producers of values!
The real engine of business [commerce].
thinking. Running a business.
Of (
) the capitalism,
of the truly & fully
( ) capitalism!
VS the absolute IMmorality of
(irrational )
inter--ism ]

Of the (free) market-driven !
of the real (moral system of) capitalism,
of the truly efficient (
honest) productivity!
[ value of capitalism
is just the opposite of the evil (M-L) socialist
of the radical left!]
(The principles of) CAPITALISM -
really  the IRs &
can bring
wealth to the individual,
to a nation/.
The system of free people & free markets
.. the inverse of the social(ist) culture,
that wants to kill [the freedom of]
, is only based
private property,
, ,
the wise --()!
Efficent productivity = good economics,
unefficent productivity = bad economics.
free market (prices)
of real risk-taking culture!
in the long-term
, lovely Josephine, and

the free market!
, lovely Josephine,
always fails!
Have a look at
, , , ,
89, 89, (?),
, , Latin America, etc.
(ized) ,
fication of economics,
based onto a softer version of Marxism!

I love free market
capitalism, lovely Josephine,
because it is
a good thing. It produces wealth!
Its the (real) practicality of (real) economics:
the objective laws of
(real) !

The reality of (the morality of) business!
Of the (
) genuine economics:
the economics, based onto the free market!
[i.e. as descrived by the economics of John Locke, Frederic Bastiat,
Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman,

& as absolutely opposed to

& John Keynes.]

The free market, in principle, lovely Josephine,
much, much more (many times) smarter than
any (group of) (Academia) intellectual(s),
any (group of)
(smartest) (),
any (group of)
(& ),
any (group of the smartest) individual(s)!
Yes, absolutely!


The 3 main (objective) principles of the free (& common) market/trade/lifestyle/commerce:
/rational/real self-interest1, 2 & 3.
The (3) basic [objective] principles of the universal (forward) motion
progress, profit and prosperity. Based on the reality (of human nature).
, lovely Josephine,
of non-
mind; of non-class consciousness; of non-;
of () rational practicality & (earned) ;
of the
investors , , , of the coercive altruism
[talanted; creative] (, motivation & action).
[In order to to satisfy & to hold their customers interests.
Its all about the (objective) reality that everything in a free world, lovely Jos,
comes down to ratings rewarded by the customers to the (private)
The real [ his own self-interest1],
based on real
2 (his own) real choice3 [, based on public private property].
Yes, lovely Josephine,
its all about
(the method of) [rational; voluntary; benevolent]
, motivation, prioritization and action [P&P&P //]
the (the method of) [; -; ]
, motivation, prioritization and action [D&D&D //]

! coersiveness! Yes, free of (government) coercion!

Of (real) business efficiency!
Its all about (real) practicality
i.e. being (the more) efficient
[-] economic player!
And mind(ing) your own business! OK, lovely Jos?
, !
its called capitalism corporatism].


Says law: It is production that opens demands for products.

Products are always bought ultimately with products.

[Supply constitutes demand. Demand/payment comes from supply/production. Supply is demand, demand is supply.]
{What you produce (supply) is what you have to trade in the marketplace (demand).}


Ludwig von Mises: To make profits (.. to successfully/healthily , to live) is invariably the aim sought by any [.. (ir)rational] action.
[ making real (rational) profit, on the real/free market, real (rational) (added) value creation
, fundamentally moral & practical action/virtue -..]

[,, , , & ////////Ϡ & all the //redistributionists
the profit/ is theft//evil/devil and
all private property must be abolished and
all wealth
( inherited ) must be redistributed (by the / of the politicians & ) & given to everyone (according to his needs and steeply graduated income tax scale) -
promise, an irrational/non-objective , /// ( , the parallel reality/world)!
(stuff) must be free - education, , etc. , , - !]

Hans Merkle (the most influential German businessman for two decades): Too extended periods of unrestrained growth spoil both managers and workers,
distort a sense of proportion, erase distinctions, and weaken the sense for the essential, for the necessary, for the possible.
They obscure the peril that threatens every society and every economy which prevails too easily without having to prove itself.
If the wind changes and storms threaten, the hour of ultimate testing has come; then we will learn who can read the weather map and who is able to navigate against the wind.

[, , in the long run , in a really free market) society, perfectly -! - no , no () .]


RR: , lovely Jos,
Im really fed up,
(i.e. ordinary) , ppl,
the media)
, ,
(doing) business! !

[] (majority of) , lovely Josephine,
, in fact, ( doing activity, , , )
, () 20-30 000 ,
, , lovely Jos,
() [ contradicting //concepts] (and to me , too!)
(investment, investor, , a doer) () ; , too! ! !
() -
ppl [ , , pll of resentment],
, lovely Jos,
(angry, full of anxiety) ppl, lovely Jos,
are far, far away from (understanding &
acting on) the rational morality,
much - (of doing business)!
Those are the emotionally (& intellectually) UNstable [] ppl,
cannot in the long run () really !
And really full of fear & feeling insecure (for their own future)!
Its a psyche stuff!
Yes, all

The free enterprise, lovely Josephine,
[free of Governments intervention(ism)!]
is the only locomotion of an economy,
is the only real mechanism/machine -
of (
achieving) !
China, Russia, N.Korea, Venezuela
are anti free market mechanisms!
Such constructs, lovely Jos,
fail (collapse) in the long-term!]

Dont let the Government (, ) - -
to be(come) the Master instead of being the servant (of the ppl)!

the beauty of) of , lovely Josephine,
in - free market
(free trade);
, based on the (NON-compromising protection of the) IR:
liberty &
private property! Absolutely!
And yes, lovely Josephine,
() 1 (& earns2 his profit) from the (free) market!



Of the real Heroes & the real Champions!
Of ( ) the real (great) hero:
a real (wo)man (the one and only true god)
[the mortal god; , , , lovely Josephine, (immortal) !]
that rationally
() the (objective) principles of reality in life!
, lovely Jos, of the (principle of) & self-reliance!
Of the [
reward of] highly integrated (efficient; practical) use of ones own mind!
Of the hard (
) business owners, CAPITALISTS!
1 & doer2 (that really respects the IRs)!
Of the absolutely true kings -of
efficency & wealth
i.e. of creating (& keep on going) prosperity & progress!
vs () poor standards of living]
YES, !

free marketeer: the (real) value creator, the producer.
(independent) business value innovator & creator!
Its about
(the great power of) true wealth! Economic power.
Its all about the (
honestly) earned ( ) wealth!

(represents) [the idea(l) of] individualism!
- (& absolutely strong) DESIRE of free market
the highest (absolutely noble!) goal, the great Polar star
, lovely Josephine,
is to long-term be
(& stay, on annual basis) successful: profitable & prosperous!
- (& absolutely strong) of free market
absofuckinlutely ( ) , lovely Josephine,
rationally) the corporatist ,
the (safety Heaven of the) SJWs: 1, liars2 3!
, lovely Jos, ,
theres ONLY (free) market (profit & prosperity)!
The essence of] , lovely Josephine,
really (honestly) !
The more in a nation//world, lovely Jos,
the (much, much)
better the nation//world in terms of
the higher of all the ppl! Thats really social! OK?
So, tell me, lovely Josephine, do you really
understand all that stuff above?}


of the (real) productivity!
The most
productive (& wealthy) ppl.
The really
greatest producers, ever!
money makers, lovely Josephine,
really improve ppls lives! Absolutely!
The profit (
prosperity) makers,
capital growers. The real
poverty killers.
The (
wealth standard is) really good stuff!

OF] (REAL) !


The capitalist in (rational) action is the real entrepreneur!
All real , free marketeers, lovely Josephine,
(Government) to get out of all businesses!
[ , , (& EU) (ized) !]
, () , lovely Josephine,
, of the ppl.
[ , , (& ), !]
private , . as it was in , lovely Josephine,
() , (; inefficent)!
( ) private entrepreneurs, lovely Josephine, can really advance
the standard (& the quality) of living to all the people in a nation//world!
The individualistic entrepreneurial transformation of the world for the better!
practical transformation of (good & true) ideas into the life of all people.
[ context, of a rational doer
, lovely Jos, to honestly be(come) capitalist! ?
! ,
. - Kim Robinson,1952
. - ]
The absolutely great productiveness (the challenge of making profit) of individualism!
[vs the absofreakinlutely failure of the (centralization & fication of) collectivism]

Of the entrepreneur the greatest of the nation/region/world!
the greatest hero of any nation/region & any time frame!
& spirit in any nation/region & time.
- a nation/region, lovely Josephine,
() () ,
(real) wealth is being (honestly) produced,
- the people of a nation/region live!
So, lovely
Josephine, let us salute, let us celebrate , !
the heroic) , really ()!
he absolutely (true) (intelligent!) brilliance, lovely Josephine,
the (practical mind of) (the real) ! Yes, its all about the practicality (of the mind)!
on sheer (economic) abilities of his own talent & (practically applied) efforts!
achiever! A value adder. A (honest) doer, risk-taker. A producer. A creator of values, of wealth!
The entrepreneur, the capitalist, the independent business owner. .
{ Of the
hating & the resenting the absolutely (true) (intelligent!) brilliance:
( ), lovely Jos, ();
( class) .. -, -,
, , a?!
Yes, lovely Josephine, of the (hardcore) ,
( ) () , lovely Josephine,
(; and forever will be)
1 2!
in a socialist ,
, !
, ,
, !}

Of the heroism of the world (of the reality)!

, lovely Jos, free [& efficient] ,
is coercive [& inefficient] !
, lovely Jos
ephine, real wealth,
, !
[Do remember the pre-89: - , - !]

the root of economic innovation & productivity!
(achieving & sustaining of) the real of () !
Real prosperity, lovely Jos, real economic growth, adding value,
generating profit (& investment of profit)!

Mises: In order to be rich, it is not sufficient to have once saved and accumulated capital.
It is necessary (oh, yes, lovely Josephine,)
to invest it again and again in those lines in which it best fills the wants of the consumers.
The market process is a daily repeated plebiscite, and it ejects inevitably from the ranks of
profitable people those who do not employ their property according to the orders given by the public.
[ , , , lovely Josephine,
realism [ 1989 ],
[Corporate] responsibility, ()
the confused : & !
the SSocial Standard, (istic) !

/company ( ) , lovely Jos, :
to (honestly) profit, to make profit! , , it is really good at what it does i.e.
to make profits, based on the companys (abilities of)


, free market economics,
really (real) economics,
, , the irrational () ]
, lovely Josephine,
! Yes, really!
, () the fact,
huge () ppl ( ) such type of !


..  the greatest power in economics!
- () .
The proud (with his success) capitalist!


( of the real) (of practicality)! Yes, (s)he is!
Business(wo)man. Capitalist. An (honest & ) achiever. . A rational earner.
(mind of an efficent) producer of values. An innovator. A wealth-creator. A value-adder.

, lovely Josephine,
chooses &) , to be (efficiently) produced.
A (private!) producer! (private) !
Capitalist. A (wo)man, that (privately) (not coercively, but voluntary) .
, private production, is the process of value creation!
, by productive ppl, really ; voluntary (real money)!
, lovely Josephine, for a capitalist,
the (consistent & persistent) successful
( ).]
free) ! OK?
lovely Josephine,

all of the (BG) (real) free market/true ,
( ) (rational & objective)
moral support1 & (, ) knowledge2
, practice, values/principles & the motivation (economic) (doing business).
, lovely Jos,
to provide the fundament(al)s of absolutely -
, (only!) 1 and act on, lovely Jos, OBJECTIVE 2
(can in reality) ( ) improve the lives (only) the (honest &) productive (wo)men!
all the [ main principles of the] free market!
the real (free market, , , & /ized) economics. , lovely Jos, (real) .
, this , lovely Jos,
a tribute (and respect) to
the irrepressible () spirit of the [practical mind of the] (real, , , , of the polit) entrepreneur/undertaker/developer!

Yes. Because he really, really deserves it. Absolutely!
, the practicality of the (real) entrepreneurs mind, lovely Jos,

is the most essential stuff in the economics; in the economic growth [of prosperity]!

Thats the good spirit! Really!
God goodness, lovely Josephine,
a minority of the () ppl [ 100 000],
practical greatly efficent 1 (& practice2),
willing to really work consistently & persistently,
willing to really work
1, 2 & mentally3,
high(est of) living standards1!
And many of them do live a really quality2 life, ! Yes!

Thank God goodness,
real (honest) , capitalists (not to be mistaken with the dishonest corporatists-)!


[Adam Smiths Wealth of nations, lovely Jos, is a must read (or listen to it)!]


, lovely Josephine, is all about the individual rights and the (private) free markets! Think about that.

, lovely Jos,
doing (really) (
private!) business,
] absofuckinlutely

to [honestly] compete (on the (real) free market)
for the purpose
to (really) (maximize on) profit [i.e. the process of value creation & building ones own high (earned) self-esteem]!


(oh, those, absofreakinlutely morally confused leftists!) , . says
And he is absolutely right!
, all versions of , lovely Jos, the (most able) value creative [profiting] ppl,
coersive taxation1 & absofreakinlutely coersive redistribution2! ! [ hardcore !]
1 & redistributive2 () , lovely Jos, ( )
of wealth, the Stata! absofreakinlutely MORAL (, polit & economic) !
[ (effective) , in BG after 89, ( , until by Constitution , )
above 51-55% .. of an average BG (wo)man 51-55 !]


Profit [value creation; genuine wealth; an economic virtue], lovely Josephine,
is the (objective) m
-e-a-s-u-r-e of economic success!
take care for ones own health; to be healthy, to economically ( successfully) survive!
[ system of] [ & of]
oh, that [absofreakinlutely
bad idea of] [non-voluntary & absofuckinlutely high level of] taxation,
well, lovely Josephine,
taxation is not, not, not a hallmark
of humanity,
of civilized
! No, it is not! Absolutely not!
hallmark, lovely Josephine,
of civilized
of honest, & high (earned) self-esteem,
is a society based exclusively
persuation over force,
on the free market [; contractual] coop efforts!

Yes, its all about (rationally applying the private) property right
the (
bad idea of the coerciveness of the) public(good)ness!





Yes, its all about (personal, private) productivity & ambition i.e. interest!



, lovely Josephine,
( , an enterprize) (that generates & challenging --- & projects)
really inspiring , (usually )
(very) ,
[a risk taker, a risk manager/handler/estimatr/evaluator/facilitator;
real , facing the uncertainty of the future, with vivid & passionate imagination & self-confident (survival) skills;
value creator with a great human spirit,
that is, , only concerned with getting (his) things done, successfully i.e. efficiently!]




Its all about (to be self-based on) the right Standard.
Stay (keep yourself) on
the right platform, all life-long!
Of the right perspective of (real) life, of (real) living!
The great(est) power of (
acting on rational) self-interest!
, lovely Josephine,
! Absolutely!
the IR.]

The (rational) self-interest:
the Polar star of human nature & productivity (
Of the greedy & selfish human
desires: , lovely Jos,
(evolutionary) . We run on it.
Of the greedy & selfish (system of) capitalism:
its natural;
it is absolutely based on the human
(evolutionary) nature!
All humans are inherently motivated by self-interest (
Its the benevolent human nature. Yes, it is. No mysticism!
[And yes, (-) , - (-)! !
has an incentive to maximize his lot (in life)! Thats right. Yes!
(BG) , lovely Josephine,
, .
? to live comfortably.
() () .
, lovely Josephine,
( ),
, , ,
, , ,
() ()!
lovely Josephine, ! OK?

We all want to be(come) -, -.
desires! When rationally controlled
by ones own 
mind, ()  productive !
 of the 1, of the economics2, of the mind3!
! . . Yes, true.
, to do better than others.
- (angry -),
, lovely Josephine,
FORCED (re)distribution of the ppls earned wealth!
"" , ?!
, , evil !]
Yes, its all about the (benevolent) human nature!
[Yes, its all about, lovely Josephine,
the benevolent evolutionary force/nature of
the rationally motivated greed,
the absofreakinlutely /-, lovely Jos,
of the FORCED
(37% - 100%) redistributionism
all the (soft-hard) , !
Yes, there are
the rational and the irrational !]

  (, based on the standards of value):
, ;
, ;
, .
Well, lovely Jos,) - (objectively)   .


the great , lovely Josephine,
of any
economic (action of) efficency! motor.
the individuals pursuit, lovely Josephine,
of ones own rational
self-interest - to achieve happiness,
(rationally) judging & chosing his own actions!
And yes,
, lovely Jos, is to really rationally live your life:
greatly & passionately enjoy it! Absolutely! Yes!
live it! Really! Live it ! ? Get that?
[And yes, lovely Jos, the burden of proof is upon you! Really!]

There is no odor so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted.  It is human, it is divine, carrion.
If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good,
I should run for my life, as from that dry and parching wind of the African deserts called the simoom,
which fills the mouth and nose and ears and eyes with dust till you are suffocated,
for fear that I should get some of his good done to me 
some of its virus mingled with my blood. 
No  in this case I would rather suffer evil the natural way.
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Lying is absofuckinlutely bad - for the rational self! Its misachieving.
Honesty is the (one and) only (truly) right policy (do you understand it?)
for the (life-long
achieving the individuals) rational self(-interest)!
Yes, a rational person, lovely Jos, can have
honesty that is self-interested! OK?
I truly love
honesty, lovely Jos, that is truly self-interested in the rational way!
Doing the best (
& the most), lovely Jos, that can do for his own self
that is
the absolutely noblest of all the ppls motivations! !
, lovely Josephine,
healthily, happily;
to flourish!
Yes, the rational self-interest (rationally motivated greed),
(, but not only, ), lovely Josephine,
() of the (efficient) productivity! OK? Get it?
, , () of the IRs! OK? Get it?
[Yes, its all about
the benevolent evolutionary force/nature of
the rationally motivated greed,
the absofreakinlutely /-, lovely Jos,
of the FORCED
(37%-100%) redistributionism
all the (soft-hard) !]

The (rational) self-interest perspective of an individual(s whole life)!
[based on rationally applying the moral objective
Ones own (
) (achieved results in) life, lovely Jos,
is the
choices that this individual has made so far!]

able pursuit of ones own self-interest!
Use your rationality to be (pro)
To be a rational self-interested
not a
a psycho!
a mystic -
religious or (istic)!
[Yes, lovely Jos,
(morality of) capitalism is all about self-interest,
about the truly rational self-interest perspective!
Not, not about the
evil (morality of) !]
, , it is absolutely based on
of (protecting) the IRs! OK?
[ , , by a God!]

[You should & must keep that concept, lovely Jos,
at the (very) top of your mind! OK?
Pursuing ones individual good, in ones own way, lovely Josephine,
(the absolute ) ,
the individual interest is really pursuit within of the IR!
(-) ! () !
Yes, the world runs on ppl, purcuing their (egoistic) self-interests!
Yes, its about the profit motive! Yes, it is the benevolent human nature!
Yes, it is all about,
( ) !
,, in the reality, owes you a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!
/earn () , lovely Josephine,
real ( version of putschism),
() (the betterness of) ! Absolutely!
, 21- absofreakinlutely preach-, lovely Josephine,
(in the first place) , collectivist,
absofuckinlutely , altruist, irrationalist! Beware! Be aware!
to work in the first place for the common good, lovely Jos,
impossible; is self-denial; is self-; is death(ly)! Yes, really!
Oh, that absofuckinlutely (
morality of) , collectivism, égalité!
So, dont be, lovely Josephine, an absofuckinlutely (), resenter!]

Living rationally, lovely Jos,
in a free way [in a free
is all about
fear of competition [ real free markets] & self-interest!
Its all about the (
beauty of the) rational self-interest [vs the (ugliness of) ], stupid!
a, lovely Jos,
the self-interest with (of the do-gooders)! ?]

of the () ppl, lovely Jos, ,
their own abilities (above)
to what they really are! They wanna do stuff, that

they cannot ably (really) accomplish/afford! !]


( & )
, lovely Josephine,

- , -

& ( applying long-term - is serving)
rational (business, capital, private, ) (long-term) (pursuit of)

[interest, lovely Jos,
is really about passionately
focused attention; , Ive interest in you, lovely Jos! . And I focus my attention on you.]
{ , in fact, lovely Josephine,
the entrepreneurs good will/spirit;
human, lovely Jos,
to pursue his real self-interest
to the best of his own abilities, capacity, skills/talent, ,
this ought to be done in a
, forceful moral & practical/just .. rational way!
he irrational, the mindless, the dishonest
y, lovely Josephine,
can never be in (concern with)
self-sacriface self-interest & security,
to deal with reality one needs (his own animalistic )
(in a can-do attitude/mindset/behavior)
to increase
(& ) his own
economic (i.e. capital - capital is never -objectively & rationally- spelled with a K, e.g. wrong idea is Kapital, Das Kapital, Kapitalism)
& psyche (i.e. intellectual & emotional) loss, / )
For the aim of [experiencing of] ones own personal
pain & sufferning 2Us (flourishing, joyful) living!


The really entrepreneur, lovely Jos,
a practical doer, an achiever,
successful achiever,
(, independently) [the success; the achievement],
(acquiring & (-) )
real ,
skills, ambition, priorities,

[cost-benefits ], (, , )
productive/innovative effort, actualized talent(s) and long-term consistency ( !),
in the face of uncertainty & risk!
[to lose/destroy capital, , ;
most of the businesses fail completely in the first 7+-2 years, many stagnate;
very, very few of the
businesses are long-term
for more than 10-15, 20+ years, immensely & 2Us / ]
Rational risk, lovely Josephine,
is the real
reward mechanism of (free market, full, , pure, unregulated, real)
[ , lovely Jos, must be able to accept & /,
hes not ready to do business,
hes not ready to become rich/wealthy,
his mind is not ready
/ !]
Irrational risk is the real failure mechanism of capitalism.

, lovely Jos,
-capital profit gain, equity/assets increase, cost-effective resource management-

is the Standard
of all true
/objective/ market business(wo)men!
(, , in the private sector;
/ ,
/market/non-loser .)
! says the great Mr. ,
& !






, based property,
(the moral) ,
the (one &) only , lovely Jos,
(achieving) good of prosperity!
In a free society, a society of the law, lovely Jos,
a society rationally implementing
the moral Law,
[ b/n economic !]
in any business (or ),
(-) -
paternalism, protectionism,
welfarism i.e. (dishonest) favouritism!]
his own real abilities!
, , lovely Josephine,
(making) ( )
-in size & quality- achieved !
, lovely Josephine,
/perspective (of the world) is, ,
THE SOURCE of - coerciveness1, dishonesty2 & corruption3!
The people must be FREE TO ACT, lovely Josephine,
for the sake of their own (non-coercive) INTEREST
i.e. for the sake of their own rational
Now then, let me tell you that, and please do remember,
absolutely, absolutely
, , ( ) , lovely Josephine,
the free market (capitalist) and Corporatism. !
Its either-or. , , ( ) ! Get that?
Capitalism, - Corporatism, real (free market) !
real ,
via exact the IRs, based onto , , , the Legal plundering! ?
THE TRUE NATURE, lovely Jos, of the (free) marketplace, of the free market (economy) principle!
the (concept of) ! ?
Any hard(est) or soft(er) is based onto the SSocial ideology, SSocial SStandard! Get it?
All version of the
(BG, EU) corporatists, lovely Jos, are (dishonestwizards - enemies of freedom & the (objective) truth!



[ ( of) the human species, lovely Jos, really !
honest lovely Jos,    coop  for doing productive efforts!
(more).   ( a good lifeSelf-interest.
And for ever. Shall be!
, of ppl in a nation//world are AFRAID
to (try to)
compete , just labour(ers).]


The (real) goodness of [the concept of] (true) competition!
[ , makes the customer to have more (free) choice!
Yes, in a free market economy, (centralized), lovely Jos,
( ) (, ) , is truly sacred,
rewards () really
all ! Absolutely!
Everyday (life) competition, lovely Josephine, is a real part of the DNA of the producers.
All of
the (especially ; efficiently) productive people, lovely Jos,
, the valid/real competition ( legal plundering) is a healthy stuff!
This is (having) the right perspective in the economic matters! OK? Get it?]
(the customer) , lovely Jos,

Being life-time (un)competitive (personality)!

- ,
lovely Josephine,
property ( the means of production),
do/can not intervene (regulate)
the (free market) economics (of the activities of ppl) i.e.
, , lovely Josephine,
is completely SEPARATED
[.. (the main premise of) Marxism,
the private property abolished, ,
100% the capital !]
free market competition, lovely Josephine,
to the customers ,
they really ()!
, irrationally, lovely Jos,
, , ! Absolutely!

Thats really beautiful, goodness, (
that exchange (in the face of competition) between -trader ,
which is
, lovely Jos, mutual respect for the rights of each other:
of the producers-traders-
& of the customers- buyers-consumers!
Insentives (of the producers) to produce, motivations (of the customers) to buy &
mutual respect for each others
rights: of the voluntary exchange of values! Real beauty!
(-)(-), lovely Josephine,
the (heavily centralized) public ownership of the means of the production,
absofreakinlutely () e ;
there are really no insentives1 for producers to produce the (quality) goods,
producers are lacking real knowedge2 to produce the (quality) goods &
all the (versions of)
, because of , lovely Jos,
absofuckinlutely fail to recognize & to respect the IR3! Thats stupidity, ugliness, thoughtlessness!]

Free (real)
(real) really !
real (free market) , real ,
i.e. excellence;
, , excellence!]
[, ,
preach-, lovely Jos, (free market) competition is the root of evil;
weve got to and to put it into the trash can, ?!]

[for profit, for
, for & for commercial gain based on ones own ()]


The (very) successful , lovely Josephine,
, is really
very (,very much) good at
managing his own
(rationally consistent .. morally objective/sound & practical/cost-effective!)
business interest, in the long run!
[the public sector is not good & useful at all, when objectively measured by the same Standard; the public sector is the non-productive (, D&D) sector]
, lovely Josephine,
economic activity, (should, ought to)
/merit -
, & ,
honest/ ,
/ :
honestly competing (should be without !
Get & keep the State
out of economics, , , .. !),
- , ( )
, , higher real ! ( , , shortage of capital , , )
free economic market, (i.e. free .. left alone! Ppl, leave the markets alone!),
in a very well managed (excellent, profitable) way,
( / , )
the public interest - bringing economic progress & prosperity, ( , ) for the people, too!
(.. the Adam Smiths invisible hand of the free market economy)

{, , /(self-)/(self-), ()! , , ;
( ) ( , -),
its not a matter of biology, copy-paste ( , accept-) / /()!}
, [in the long run],
, lovely Jos,
(, /)
being (objectively, very much)
successfully actualized,
absolutely &
builds up his own (magnificient)
sense of
(high) self-esteem, (high) , these stuff
experiencing (passionate) pleasure, (great)
& (great) enjoyment in his own (sacrificial healthy & moral) life
i.e. his
(proud and beautifully) actualizing (great & successfully applied)
vision for his
(now & future) life -
the absolutely great feeling of
high positive emotions and like-no-other
of achieving/keeping a (high & great; objective) value,
rationally achieving
/earning/deserving & experiencing the !
What an absolutely beautiful
(vision & experience of) sense of life!


The [evolutionary] drive [within us, humans] for competition.

[And yes, sometimes, lovely Josephine, competition gets out of hand!]

, , lovely Josephine,
hardwired [by our nature] to compete with all other ,
as well as between each other.
, by our nature, lovely Jos,
a success, a , , a failure,
a winner, a a loser ()!
Its all about our own (individual) ()!

Yes, lovely Jos, some ppl are (far) more competitive than others! 

And the sky is (not) the limit, lovely Jos [your mind is the true limit]!

/, lovely Josphine,
the essential moral (organizing) principle
to reward the (individual) (great) winners, , , ,
is a real good /,
great ppl are always the objective norm:
or i.e. .. greyish (wo)man]
the right (, moral) principle!
, lovely Josephine,
on the right , , principles!
It is (landmark of) a free (capitalistic) //organization!
is full of (great) majority of happy ppl,
/, capitalistic model
-, - bigger ppl.



, lovely Josephine, healthy stuff it gives ( ) ! Think about that.
K, lovely Jos, greatly the profit/growth (of capital);
is the real
of (human) expansion & (economic) growth;
is giving choice to the individual;
is producing
(i.e. the real . We are all trading between each other, lovely Jos). Think about that.
In a (semi-)free market
, lovely Jos,
in a (semi-)free country,
theres (tons of) competition everywhere in many
(sorry to say that , , all) fields of human activities! Yes. And thats really good! Yes, absolutely!
And this could be much, much better,
real competition!
, in healthcare, in education, in public transport, in () , in (BG) , etc. OK?

(global & free market competition, but not ) , lovely Josephine
[i.e. lack of government regulation,
, -, - /oppression/suppression,
the depressive - of:
and its - & - of fair redistribution irrational ppl!
The only fair redistribution is only done by the markets, by the free markets i.e. by free trade! OK, lovely Josephine?]

of natural allocation/(re)distribution of (all) limited ;
is a peaceful dynamic activity
/trade/ /,
always & ////
, which can (practically, consistently)
create more (innovative) value (in terms of Q&Q) in the longer run (.. conflict//antagonistic clash//forceful activity),
/ (.. is countable to & responsible for the)
the customers
/consumers (, , , , as , )
, the most efficient (of shaping reality and innovating/doing/achieving goals/values),
Omg, oh, Lord, the (really) cheapest/best [possible] price (the most cost-effective & the most cost-efficient price)
of a product/service with the best possible quality,
within a specific price-segment
( , higher price-segment),
in a free (market) society, based on free trade & voluntary between the individuals
.. feeds and drives innovation;
[and makes/drives prices go really down up - the cheaper & the better prices;
competition, , you cannot get cheaper prices in the longer run, absolutely ! . It's in Adam Smith & , read & Ludwig von Mises.
True economics, objective principles of economics.
, free market economics, logical & , , objectively to be learned & underst by the huge majority of (BG) ppl.
the results/achievements of the huge majority of the (BG) ppl / today: , poor]
in a () free society, lovely Jos, in any human activity;
( & , ) (in relatively unregulated/free marketplaces)
, make- producers to really become -,
yes of course, richer (, all the consumers get cheaper prices , on the regulated free market) -
many more variety/choices/diversity for all the consumers!
[, the persistent & the real /
politisized , of the well-connected state-cartel /!),
, drive prices/costs down, down, down, /,
(at the same time, omg!) up, up, up, in every domain
.. , the same, as if,
.. ,
/decrease, , /,
Q&Q of , - ,
pro ( - , -)]
value of ,
( Governments regulations/discriminations; of Regulatory -, which limits the (easy) market entry and the (real) competition)
, , ( badness/irrationality the negative effects Gov regulations/controlls)
monopoly & organized (--) /,
{.. cornering buyers/, coersive , unionized force & fraud! Inter-(-) the ultimate coercive monopoly - for all activities, -- dictated - / force & fraud- all the ppl in a / & and the (National) security (the class) ! - total control & regulation, of all the activities of the ppl, living in all of the different brands of (, delusional, totalitarian/authoritarian) (of the ///Brotherhood); of , , , , , etc.!}
diversity of cheaper goods/services,

in the middle/long run,
in a free market!
In a free
( )
system/ (of the voluntary Contract & Competition i.e. voluntary consent),
on anything,
[ // help
e.g. , , regulations, controls, interference!]
to corner the free market ,
(vitally) / ! No one!
, lovely Josephine, the real central planning & regulation /free market competition -
peaceful prosperity and (absolutely) no monopolies!
of the free market, lovely Jos,
/INeffectual/IMpractical/low productivity company

[ the collectivism/: (inter-) (-) of the Social State]
.. /
{ , , the practical, , the innovative, , the creative,
private , can, is able to produce & offer the ppl v-a-l-u-e for exchange of some of their money}
.. , yes, the free market, lovely Jos, ,
in economic terms,

( self-regulate & self-control)
keeping itself in in the middle and long run! . . . .
The objective principle of the free market is
(very rational and very simple):
when you
(r free spirit) succeed
you get
/reap the benefits/reward,
if you fail - you bear the cost
/punishment! Each according to his own ability/practicality (and that has been inherited by the of his relatives, if any).
, ,
(doesnt kneel of the State power i.e. public ),
( , )
free market competition!
(amongst the companies/ppl),
in a real free market,
by the free market itself - self-coordination!
his coordination
(of economic activities)
(hugely) decentralized (throughout) all (localities) over the world (, a could be -one day- and on other planets)
the ( ) ( )
, morality/culture and practicality/innovation/
of the
(many, very many) ppl. (of nations/regions, as applied in local/regional (ir)rational & (non-)objective laws)
In a free
(market) society (.. decentralized system of free choices & voluntary decision-makings)
, lovely Josephine,
( wish for, passionately to want, )
, , (cannot ) in the long run /activity
, rationally applying its own abilities, skills, innovations and capacity yes, lovely Jos,
all activities are naturally demonopolized
(are based) essentially on the (innovative & )
(and the special knowledge of circumstances of the fleeting moment not known to others - says -
a little reflection will show that there is beyond question a body of very important but unorganized knowledge
which cannot be called scientific in the sense of knowledge of general rules: the () knowledge of the particular circumstances of time and place
(the - - ideas of) the individuals- ( & , ready to produce -on their risk- their ideas).

On [playing] the good game [the profit-lost game] of the (value-adders, value creators).
: , - ... .

, lovely Josephine, productive creators (of profits, values, wealth), , risk-takers.
they are really based on objective principles (of the reality)
() , long-term, lifetime! Real , ppl. () Shining ppl all over.
[Producers] ( smart ppl, that)
(to produce value/profit; to benefit)
in the private sector [on the free market],
create jobs;
jobs produce the money
/income/capital for the ppl working those jobs,
makes them able to () self-sustain themselves/their lives (vs poor)!
, real , , lovely Jos,
only by [& within] the private (, , aka the public) sector;
( coercively ) destroys the wealth/prosperity/capital/growth i.e. the value creation!
The ( ) Government cannot jobs; it only creates [within the public sector]!


in the long term) (independent, real) , lovely Josephine,
to manage private business [on the free market & long-term],
to hire people
(i.e. to create jobs),
to really produce
/add value & profit (i.e. to generate real wealth, through the SIP mechanism),
absolutely [the most]
practical, responsible & virtuous thing to do, to be really done, (vs praying to whoever or whatever, which is practically incoherent thing/doing)
by anybody, on any of the o- !
(vs , , public servant worker),
as a lifestyle,
for as long as possible,
very, very hard (career, 24/7 , very long hours thinking & doing)
work ( , seldomly 2 99,8% , all over the World!).
& useful work i.e. objectively valuable ( ) work!
Competition (consistent and efficient working)
for/to power & money/capital/wealth
is vital & essential (, trade) & ( , )! Yes.
(free market economics, politics & ideas, & fraud-),
based on
, , , , , , , politics, ,
(the most basic, important and objective principle in the real economics, the)


On the (real) free market ( - redistribution by the Gov ),
of all products, lovely Josephine,
just ,
absolutely freely ,
being allocated to their most highly valued uses!
(all the limited) is being .
of profit & loss
, lovely Jos,
lowest possible prices for the best possible products & longer
of the limited .

, , () !

 () [, lovely Josephine,
 the real    (, EU) - 
 the world,   the huge majority of the (BG) ppl):
(  absofreakinlutely   
 Fuck the free market!   [()!
[()!  [()!  [()()!
[()!  [()!  [()] !, !
(Viva la communism!)-   absofreakinlutely -!
la grande , ;
it cannot really (rationally) comprehend,
/Government cannot ever (efficently)
the demand-supply equation, the free market (competition) can!

supply & demand
( -/rarer/scarcer the product & the more people want it,
the more producers/supplyers will be able to charge for it, to make higher profit & vice versa)

the one and only,

[ , , , , NO, , , NO,
, , , , ,
civilized, , , voluntary (non-coersive), very much & ]
(of the free market economy, in a free society),
(practically) & ,
( ---cost- cost-)

(in the right, the best adequate, for the individual, way)
all (the further (necessity of) improvement of the )
all (non-, non-, non--)
(as big ) (, a , all ).
K, lovely Jos,
on the free market [theres no, no, no other rational -true; practical; moral- ],
the best
[and price ;
on the free market-a, lovely Jos,
only on the
non-objective (-)///democracy,
prices are socially objective! ! Really, think about that! Thank you, Adam Smith]!
, lovely Jos,
the morality of success

supplying demand

being practical,

to achieve ones values & priorities in coherence with the reality and in the face of alternatives,
achieve real
satisfaction & real enjoyment
achieved (and consistently & persistently of)
capital gains (i.e. real growing, real flourishing i.e. real profiting)!
, Jos? ( ) , a?
in reality
/ :
private (sector) !
[vs the monopsonistic/ group//,
- wrong/IMpossible/incoherent,
(centralized) , lovely Jos,
ideological ,
e of the () // /collectivists;
( ) - /
, lovely Jos,
absofreakinlutely , ----------- ,
, & ///, as a long term ]
A private
( the -corrupt in their essence- public/social//)
absolutely (must) follow the supply & demand principle - it is absolutely essential existence/survival!


objective & application
these 3 main principles
of self-sacrifice self-interest1,
of centralized planning /free 2
of social-democratic burocratic redistribution supply & demand3,
in a /communist free market society,
[creative destruction i.e. the old product, in time, is being /non-forcibly removed away, replaced by the new and the better ]

[applying, / , abstract and objective principles, through the scientific method;
(-)socialism//materialism or nationalism!]
(into / concrete rational/useful applications),
/ objective/natural -
more interesting,
more profitable
-/prosperous and yet
more challenging
/ !
That, lovely Jos, is the invisible []
hand[/process] of the [voluntary products exchange/trade] free market!
[economy/society, based on the self-interest of the individuals & the objective supply and the objective demand principle of competing individuals/companies, producing & trading values!
Only profit (self-interest) can truly/objectively propel economic value,
/mystically!] (Wealth of Nations)


of the invisible hand of the free market!

Acting honestly on (ones own) self-interest, , lovely Josephine,
The INVISIBLE hand (of the PRIVATE
producers) - to productivity!

, , lovely Josephine,
the great on morality (, law), politics & economics!

[ , lovely Josephine, is the best introductory book in economics!
Its is based on the
Frédéric Bastiats GREAT idea of the broken window fallacy!

( ) ( )
( ) of the regulated free/unregulated economic actions of the individuals
a (objectively fair & efficient) means to an end;
[ redistribution of economic & wealth,
according to
& & //
the best rational & objective projects, in space-time ]
free market, lovely Jos, a
() means to an end,
a () moral institution!
[, humans essentially, , moral creatures all our choices, , ought to be evaluated & judged, , in moral terms;
, ! ?
(growth rate of) technology (the IT technology companies are really the freest in free market terms they really succeed in innovation/creation)
(growth rate of) production (and exchange of products) ,
based on the 3 main
(objective) principles of the free (common) market,
adding more time/quantity & better quality /!
of innovation & creation of value,
produced and offered/sold onto the free market;
[ the wrong/unsustainable/very narrow /// forceful economic theory of labour,
based on the objectively rational Adam Smithss & Carl Mengers economic theory of marginal value]
(of innovation & creation of value)
successful (in real terms of economic & capital growth, on the real/free market)[, the success in any (business) activity is -and can be- objectively measured only at the free marketplace!],

objectively /joy ( making profit/positive equity, /wealth; &),

if failed - objectively /suffer.
[ /negative equity, losses, negative ; &; filure must be made possible and localized/individualized,
, ,

dishonest /regulation ,
& - providing QE/:
(-) -organized process of , devaluation of his purchasing power. !]
Yes, lovely Josephine, rewards & penalties; , , , , all over the world!
thinks & acts subjectively
is (generating) losses/negative equity/debt/deficit
worst case scenario -
unsustainable rate of losses, destruction// ,
earning rewards: (growth of) profits, equity/capital/wealth (achieved by those being objective in thinking & acting/trading/investing/doing).
Nobody, lovely Josephine,
can (in reality) afford to
act subjectively [irrationally], for a long period of time or with (almost) all of his wealth!
To be

successful, efficient, honest, open/transparent/clear/ & independent,
(in the long run) (in the face of the uncertainty of the future & / of risk taking & managing)
real ought to act ( , most of the time, in most of the places)
objectively// ,
by rational standards
of value [life];
really ( )
, / ( ),
ought to act (longterm) & consistently,
objective standards/principles (of value/morality), that govern / (of life/reality).

All the (growth of) economic wealth is produced in the private sector;
, lovely Jos,
extracts ()
wealth from the private economy generates public (& ) into the economy!]
wealth creation, lovely Jos,
is really the product of the mind
(s ideas, effectiveness, efficiency, practicality, , ambition, passion and risk handling)
& the (strong and long-term consistency of the) character of an individual [].
How about
( )?
( ()/mentality! , utopia fiction / !),
truly (and is effortfully ambitious; not easily giving up),
/, - () ;
( young, <35-37.) (absolutely), lovely Jos,
(, , , self-made) , in the private sector,
(all the way up, to progress & prosperity, to being (great) ) (usually)
from the bottom of the social(-economic) .
Progress and moving
(constantly, consistently & persistently) forward (to prosperity, & )
by the () nature,
no matter
/ladder (and no matter space-time domain ).
( / ) (to not move forward to progress) - [],
if middle or long term applied,
, lovely Jos, ( or if applied in the social context - one nation/region).



In the beginning, there was Menger,
Carl Menger!
[It was this book that reformulated,
and really rescued, economic science.
It kicked off the Marginalist Revolution,
which corrected theoretical errors of the old classical school.]



These three principles (self-interest, competition, supply-demand)
the three fundaments that they define
(science, technology and production), lovely Josephine,
are the real basis for the (Homo Sapiens) moral existence of our (earning a) living
i.e. the (rational) justification,
that we should
, ought to (and we humans are able),
voluntary & freely,
(//interventionalism ) (all the free ppl),
be able to exchange all the products
(of our work & property) i.e. (the real / cultute of producing and)

exchanging (coersively & ; in any shape & form we individually might like, through any media/commodity of exchange we individually might like)
value for value,
storing and consuming these
values (in any coersive shape & form we individually might like)
(healthily & ) enjoy our values/life i.e.
( //corruption/ rationaly)
/produce, exchange and enjoy (our own) values, in (our own) life(time), here on Earth. What a beauty, what a flourishing life!
the (main) objective principles/fundaments/values
of (inter-) (national-), (social-), , , -
real k.
the capitalism, lovely Josephine,
is the
(real/sacred goddess of) free market
( socialism, , & total control & regulation of prices, banking and wages);
free production/productivity,

free sales ( free trade - i.e. voluntary exchange of values, for mutual benefit);
the free market economics
, lovley Jos,
// / ////,
by the democratic ( of -, , main fraim media & intellectuals & ),
of course - ;
market economics, lovely Josephine,
the Ltd (in fuctions) Governmnet/ - protection of the IR,
, ,
(corrupt) ,
(-, -)
regulator, controller & policeman


20- the evil idea(l)s, the bloody ,
walls, .

of 1984 in BG ( )!
the Absofreakinlutely New "Happy" [Soc] Life, !
the (culture of) ; !
the evilness: !
( of) the evil (-) idea(l)!
{ , , ? ! !
A ? ! These all are gone! ! !
1, 2 3
, lovely Jos, , !
-- !
the absofreakinlutely (), lovely Jos,
the absofuckinlutely ,
[absolute , the red version of ,
any ], !
, UK, France, etc? !
(the hard version of) , lovely Josephine,

really ,
much, much more & ! ? Get it?
! Absolutely!
, NEVER again the absofuckinlutely () WALL! ?
, , , ,
lovely Jos,
the absolutely evil 1944-1989
absofuckinlutely a dump , based onto !
Its an evil method of reasoning i.e. irrational () !
So, beware! Be aware! Rationally aware! OK? forever :}

Oh, that
evil (red version of ) - !
Oh, that () : of greyness!
The end of (collective) abuse & i.e. !
The end of totalitarian & centralized economics of :
everyday of ordinary BG (wo)men ! .
-- ,
the great engine of (freedom &) productivity!

- of the end (- )
// after 1944! ( ?)

THE END OF ! , () !
OF THE [] , OF THE , ?!

, , ( )
the (Great)
, , , () !
, , , !
! !
Lets [all] together (collectively) do, do, do 
lets [all] do the class jihad!   
the great (idea of) !
, ! Viva, viva, viva
(; ) !
, ,
, !
! ,


, 1899 .

- . ( ) Д!
absofreakinlutely : 1944-1989!

The ominous ()

the absofreakinlutely ѣ - of 100% no freedom!
ѣ () ideal , lovely Josephine, to go out of existence!
! !

ѣ, () ѣ
too much ()ѣ ! !

ѣ when ended !
(.1 - ) !
the absofreakinlutely ѣ (of M-L collectivism)
ѣ , ( )
The absofreakinlutely () ѣ - ѣ! !
ѣ, absolutely ѣ !
ѣ of , ()!
when the IR absofreakinlutely () :
by the absofuckinlutely (premise &) of the M-L!
of the () 1,
of () [free market] economics1!
ѣ of (ppl of) ,
2 ( 1) wall!
, based on the () [100% socialized] publicness, !
{ the ѣ , in the 80s,
, a into ѣ modern leftish ?!)
absolutely (for a rational mind) & , lovely Josephine,
the confused ( ) --,
(), , ,
were looking for excuse irrational (immoral) of !
the great irrational fundamental of M-L,
all the (
wise of) that
the ( ѣ ) (1987) :
- , - !
?! What an ( M-L) irrationaliity! Marxism-Leninism.
, lovely Jos,
to be allowed !?
total !?!
A , lovely Josephine,
must exist ѣ, omfg,
& be sure of egalite!
-, oh, ! ! Stupidism.}

The dream of [] !
The absofreakinlutely () !
(based on absofuckinlutely collective ownership of the means of production)
No individual [political & economic] freedom means no free markets;
no free markets no (IHS) flourishing i.e. no 2Us fulfilment!
All over the world, you can observe
, lovely Josephine,
the (individual)
& //world!
(polit &) economic (private property), lovely Jos,
real ! Yes!
- (polit&) economic ,
in the //world! OK?
! Like it or not - its a principle.
- main to abolish private property
is absofreakinlutely () , ! Yes, absolutely!
really productivity, wealth creation & -
INcoherent with the reality & human nature!


The END of the total(itarian) ;
of the absofrekinlutely , !
The repressive & regressive
, !
The really () !
Bad The Absolute Legal Plunder!
, cowards!
[especially .. - ]
the world of absolute conformism, parasitism,
& huge inefficiency!
world of --!

Getting out of the (real) ( collectivistic, ) Hell
(, & ) coercing & abusing the ppl!

The Eastern [] Block wall of , of -
of the () abolishment of property!
The absofreakinlutely (
evil) world, lovely Josephine,
of the private property , !
The total -fication of the (economy of) the nation! !

Of (the bad) economic idea!
(1989) !
- ,
lovely Josephine, ,
( )
all its creditors!
, ,
only 1997!

() !

THEN ΅1989!
, lovely Josephine!
& )
( ) !

the beginning of the American Dream - for the nations within (former communist) !
, lovely Jos,
() , to obey it !
Welcome to (the goodness of) freedom, to the end of (the evilness of) non-freedom!
Welcome to the (really
radical) change! paying the price: , () really .
Welcome, lovely Jos, to the monument of () ; of freedom, and of to prosper!

1989. - really o great (, )
of ; and in the world]
{ ? -- and the whole world; the beginning of the long-term process of !}

[vs the //Bolshevik in mentality, //Bolshevik , absolutely in the consequences 1984;
absofreakinlutely true of the ! Theres no such thing as , - that is really sacred, useful!]

, , lovely Josephine,
the big moral, intellectual and
(-) of ( 4-5 ) / & !
of the beginning of & -
(of & ) of the real !

The year of the beginning of the ( )
of the
( ) Inter-- (i.e. the 1984) /culture/
(, politics & economics, too)!

The wrong mentality/morality
, lovely Josephine,
that the (mind's of) majority of the () older (BG, East Block) ppl,
within the heads of - the () Intelligentsia;
it aint easy completely ( ) /
the (1984) -/-! Absolutely!
, , ;
, ()! (.1- of) 71!
[ 1944 inter-- ( terrorism of) ,
23 1947 .
- , -
(7000) private & ( ) ,
27 50
! - , lovely Josephine,
the absofreakinlutely abolishment of the private ! Oh, that collectivized property!
Oh, that absofreakinlutely (collectivization; forceful of private property) in the
, ( )
(almost) all the BG ppl i.e.
( the
private property & the spirit of ) !
1989, lovely Josephine,
in fact [ absofreakinlutely too (& mostly égalité i.e. corrupt) ] !
total (wrong premise of) the private !
, absolutely & hope for most of the BG ppl!
, lovely Jos, on 10-th of November 1989 .
lovely Jos, (proud) ! ?
successfully a happy (flourishing) man; !


, lovely Josephine,
of the (drug of) (total) ideology,
of the
in fact absofuckinlutely
method of] of our BG ppl - ppl,
1989 above 33-35 years old (and most of which )!
, much -, lovely Jos,
[] () ; - [of KGB]!

, lovely , ,
it will take a few generations after 1989
to really put most of the things right
[and yes, its gonna be real hard],
because of absofreakinlutely () ,
because of the absofreakinlutely bad stuff
(of /), lovely Jos,
a by the1984 (statist; resentment) (of & entitlement mentality)!
, (to put most of the things right) , but the ppl (l)earn-! ?

The Soviet Communist One World Order (égalité dream) of the Totalitarian Project in the 20-th century!
[aka ; Soviets; & ]
many (polit) ( & the world) a true (absolutely blooody) (égalité & fraternité) irrationality!

The [Eastern] of the 20-th century - the client () states of the Soviet Union!
[ with + all the ]

the very, very much big & bloody absofreakinlutely UNsustainable [& ] [D&D&D] ,
lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely wrong ! And very, very much bloody!
Yes, lovely Jos,
happy () is really an absofreakinlutely irrationality [, 2 in 1: stupidity & evilness];
happy is absolutely UNcompatible with the human nature i.e. is really bad idea(l), bad stuff;
(polit) absofreakinlutely () ! Yes, really!
The quality [& standard] of life the Eastern [] Block ( ), lovely Josephine,
after the II world war, for all the many
of the 20-th century,
was absofuckinlutely much less, when compared to that of the ppl in the Western nations!
(of the individual) within ;
bewtween the East & West [in Europe] was absofreakinlutely !
Oh, those (many) decades, in 20-th century,
of absofreakinlutely [
--] !
Its the absofreakinlutely HORRIBLE () ,
wise ( ) and its !

And then came the mid 80s! That was the beginning of the (huge social) change!

(1991-7), () ! (1989)
, , , !

(, , ) of --a,
, all the Commi , - (mystical) -?!
There has never ever been in the world history, lovely Jos, Commi ! can never be!

pro /authoritarian , lovely Jos, /collapse absofuckinlutely !

, ? the radical collectivism (of 20-th century)!
(-, -;
the hard corporatism) in political & economic .


a ( ) - !
Yes, lovely Josephine,
of the ( ) ! Absolutely!

, lovely Jos, 30 freedom from () !

The hard-line version of [radical leftish], lovely Jos,
( ideological ) ( they will)
, & put behind walls & bars) ppl!

() (, ) [] !
()! all much, much more ppl!
, lovely Josephine, ! , ! Yes!
, lovely Josephine,
( )-
really ()
his own thought, motivation & action! according results!