The Book
„Ръководство за потребителя“

[of the objectively complex & the rationally integrated (small letter!) truth;
the truth as it is, as a matter of fact - of
The reality as it is
днес, ала и as it could & ought to be утре.]

Normalized ръководство,
[of the temple/church of truth]
Средната version
[of the whole truth] &
the (really) детайлно & long ръководство
[of nothing else, but the absolutely whole, обективна, absolutely naked & детайлна truth]


Действителността is always as it is. Такава каквато е. An absolute. A is A.
The truth
не е въпрос на гледна точка or an opinion,
е always (контекстуално) only една (единствена; there’s no such thing as my truth, your truth, their truth). Гола. Такава каквато е. An absolute. A is A.
An absolute, НЕрелативистично се разкрива само when an objective & rational reasoning (ризънabilities) се consistently прилага.
Да, истината е (само) една - за всички ppl,
no matter if they understand it or not
! И must be always put into the right context, by using the right methodology.
The absolute
истината относно конструкта на a free & отворено society
и стремеж of the individual към хепи living (основано absolutely на private собственост & rational self-interest)
няма absolutely нищо общо с (the мажоритарната ppl’s concept of) (values & principles of)
the Lord, the Pope, the King
и/или the Regulatory-Democratic State.
Голата истина е really красива!

The falsehood is never само една, and doesn’t come alone - every day and every night.
Заблудите са много; really многобройни и всякакви. Of any form, color and shape. Релативистични, ми(с)тични - религиозни и/или секуларни. Just irrationalities.
All falsehoods
(because non-truths, irrationalities) са, in fact, (за разлика от the truth/reality/honesty) unstable & unsustainable in the longer run.

The untrue/bad is the irrational и има много общо с утопизма, принудата, силоващината, Inquisition approach, (self-)sacrifice, aggressiveness и жаждата за власт;
много малко общо с реалността.
the true/good is the rational
(ly смисленото by an individual; the rationally смислените set of ideas & методи, прилагани in the long run, истински & consistently, into the reality of практиката); is the objective;
is а мистицизъм-free mind/съзнание/mentality/morality.

Истината really has everything to do with
(one and only)(обективна) reality: real life, real free(dom), real property & the (natural) стремеж (на човек) към (his) real(ly rational achievement of)(INXS of) хепинес/flourishing/prosperity/wellbeing,
разбира се, че всекиму (,no matter one’s own sex, color, race, етнос или занятье)(absolutely) според (as an objective function & равнище of)
his own real
(практични & ризънable) способности & капацитет within the социално-икономическата Страта (and идейно-политическия compass) of a (истински) free society. Точка. No more.
Truth be told
, в реалността, в едно НЕсвободно общество,
there’s really no
(and cannot ever be) such thing as fair goddess/angels, there’s only the great spirit of freedom & НЕзависимост (and the rational prosperity that comes with this spirit) -
на индивидуално (free individual), а следователно и на социално (free Contracting/communication b/n the ppl) равнище!
Докато an individual не (бъде ризънable to i.e. lack -enough- rationality to) recognize, не (personally) identify, не (лично) understand & не (самостоятелно) смисли
(one and only objective & rational) truth/reality (in all of its фундаментални & различни contexts) & кой, кой, кои really е (s)he,
дотогава, за бога, братя и сестри, Omg, oh, wild, wild fair goddess/angels,
дотогава този individual ще бъде заблуден [i.e. ще бъде -тъпо или токсично- irrational in some/all of his principles/values of thinking, motivation and action] и accordingly НЕсвободен & зависим i.e. НЕsacred!

Когато in a nation/region има a majority of НЕsacred ppl,
то тогава цялото общество as a whole unit е НЕхепи/НЕhealthy; макар, че в него, of course, че има really a small number of really sacred (successfully хепи) ppl!
All right
, lovely (& sunny т.е. luvly) Josephine? OK?
Now, let me
истински rock you; rock you in(to) the 21 century, lovely Жозефин - ведно с the BG flag lights!

You, lovely Jos, could (and should, and ought to) be истинска queen. Yes, sunny. Yes - with a lot of (objective & rational) brains and efficiently applied efforts, in the long run.
Now, lovely Jos,
let’s go to the
(right) theoretical/philosophical context, преди to learn to be истински practical (apply the right philosophy to the events of the world т.е. to self-construct истински successful, rich & happy life).
And I (really) mean it.

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