The SJW manifesto!

The ()o-
absofreakinlutely idea [culture, , drug, mentality] of

Im an independent woman,
with a strong spirit, but

Im an independent womyn,
I dont really need a man,

Oh, man, let me tell you,
stuff, which
is not at all contradictory,
is not at all weird,
is truly moral!

to this morality!
, ?
? ?!

I am a (great) woman.

I am an independent woman, but

Im an independent womyn! Yes, I am!
And I dont need a man to take care of me! I earn my stuff [in my life] by myself!

I dont need a man [Im an independent ()],
but if I get pregnant, I demand that the government make sure that the man I had sex with supports the child that he has no legal rights to.
I dont need a man
[Im an independent ()],
but if I a divorce one, I demand that the government give me a portion of his salary for the rest of his life.
I dont need a man
[Im an independent ()],
but if my ex husband or ex lover cant supply enough money for my children and I, then I demand that the tax payers support us.
I dont need a man
[Im an independent ()],
but I demand that standards be lowered and incentives be provided so that I can compete with men in any field I like.
I dont need a man
[Im an independent ()],
but I demand that I have free childcare and healthcare for
[me and] my children.
I dont need a man
[Im an independent ()],
but I demand to get paid just as much as a man, even if I am an objectively worse employee.
I dont need a man
[Im an independent ()],
but I demand
[2-3 years of][paid by ] maternity leave from my employer.
I dont need a man
[Im an independent ()],
but I demand that anywhere I go be a safe space where my delicate sensibilities won
t be offended by hearing something that I dont like!
(These delicate sensibilities of mine must be protected by any means necessary social pressure, university speech codes, hate speech laws, or even the threat of violence from manginas!)

I dont need a man,
but I demand the protection of men in the military, law enforcement, fire department, and of civilian men in general.
And I demand that I gain entry into any of the previously mentioned occupations with much lower physical standards.
I dont need a man,
but I demand that any accusation I make against men be accepted unconditionally by the authorities.
I dont need a man,
but I demand entry into all male-only spaces and further demand that the men there must change to accommodate me and my desires.
I dont need a man,
but I demand medical research and popular concern be focused on my problems despite men dying sooner than women do.
I dont need a man,
but I demand free birth control, and I will call it a war on women if someone objects to having to pay for my
reproductive choices.
I dont need a man,
I just demand that

men BE FORCED to provide all of the services that they traditionally have in the past,
but this time
free of charge
and with societys contempt instead of accolades.

Yes, , ; promoting punishment instead of reward!
, ,
(the -- moral principle of)( of)(BG) !


() by [egalitarian] law e [no matter her ] activities

WE CAN DO IT, TOO (like men do it)!
All we need is to unite our (collective) to change () !

says . Oh, that
(collectively united) , SJW!

Why is it that
feminists claim to need so little and yet demand so much?
feminists ever thought to consider that they may be disliked
because they encourage women
to be weak, rather than encouraging them
to be strong?

You see,
men and women have worked together for countless millennia to survive in the harsh world together
[as a pair].
Men have done their part,
they have died by the millions in wars,
they have slaved their lives away in grueling jobs, and by their labor, by their blood and sweat and tears,
they have built
this modern world where life doesnt have to be as cheap as it once was!
Modern western civilization
is a place of prosperity,
where women no longer die by droves in childbirth,
where natural predators do not prowl the woods in search of human prey, and
where we do not need to live in constant fear of a rival tribe invading and enslaving or exterminating us.
Yes, it is
a great world that western men have built!
But despite all of our comforts, luxuries, and protections
men still serve as the backbone of our society.
Men still work incredibly hard to maintain what we have and to even build a brighter future.
They are still needed to provide for women and children, to protect us from criminals and hostile nations.

feminists have largely succeeded in creating
a society where the labor of men is divorced from those hard working men getting credit for it!

Men are now
forced by law
to support women,
regardless of how they may be treated by them,
and women in turn no longer view men as powerful protectors and supporters,
but rather as slaves to be forced into service and tossed away when they fail to amuse.
Oh, but
the fruits of an abandoned mans labor is not abandoned,
the discarded male can continue to work to support the woman who no longer wants anything to do with him.
Is it any wonder
why women dont seem to have respect for men anymore,
when everything that men have traditionally provided,
and continue to provide,
is supplied by government force instead?
Is it any wonder
why women,
who have evolved to respect strength and power,
look not to men but instead to the government as their provider and protector?

But even with the government
forcing men to provide for women
in so many ways and with so little thanks for it,
there are still consequences for the women and children
who are told that they only need the benevolent hand of government instead of a real father or husband.
We have whole generations of children
growing up without men in their lives
the latest research says that one in every three children does not have a father living at home.
The terrible consequences of this are readily observable.
We have women becoming increasingly bitter and
despite receiving all that they demand and more,
spoiled children
who throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat.
We have men
who feel increasingly bitter and alienated,
finding it more and more difficult to support a society
that not only fails to recognize their vital contributions,
but blames them for all its problems, real or imagined.
I really dont believe
that the misandry that dominates our society
can last that much longer in the scheme of things.
It is a sickness
that infects western society and one from which we will either recoveror die.
To devalue half of our population,
to exploit them,
manipulate them, can only be sustained for so long!

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Why is it that feminists say they need so little and yet demand so much?




Be rational, lovely Josephine; be really an independent woman; earn your own self-esteem, honestly!
Nobody else, but yourself, can really earn your own self-worth!
[Most of the , , live in pretence of that!]

Dont be stupid, lovely Josephine!
Dont be a (boring) square!
Dont be a woman,
needs a man
(and all the rest) her!
Thats irrational
(emotionalism); thats ! Absolutely!
Be independent, be strong all the way, lifetime!
Always take care of your own self!
really , , on his own abilities & !
Dont you have an (absofreakinlutely irrational)
entitlement mentality of a coersive SJW!
, lovely Josephine, no one owes you anything!
Or else youll have to [, & psyche] negatively (), your dependency!
By [experiencing] fear and emotion [, make you a weak , that is full of uncertainty, instability & feeling insecure],
by a negaliving, especially after your (entrance into the) special age,
[experiencing] & (self-)
i.e. to be in a state of real anxiety / real ,
lovely Josephine,
all of the
[experiencing of] (d)anger is masked by the absofreakinlutely pretence that all is [being ] well!