The (real) (living) god of (the) Machine

[Every rational me and every rational you! , , !]

/, the god of (my)self!

, lovely Josephine, (my)Self!
, 1
       , 2!
Im the real ruler
, lovely Josephine,
of my own life(time), in my own !
And so should you, lovely Josephine,
if (real)
irrational & unhappy woman!
Thats the (future of) postmodern (wo)man -
real road to real (individual & social)
freedom, independence,
& prosperity
flourishing living]!


Its I, god
(and so you can be, too. , really in numbers) -
(real) god,
that is
(really) (consistently & persistently) (firmly & fully)
standing up/by for my own
(.. real) values and acting on the objective (.. real) principles.
My (own) smart/rational/UNcompromising self-ish stuff.
{ , , lovely Jos, there is no such stuff as Supernatural god; , and no after-life! ?}

The most important thing to me is me! Really!
The most important thing in lifeis me! Really!

At 50, I celebrate, lovely Jos,
self & objectively sing myself! My (own) (real) (flourishing) life/living.
(real) (electric) god of (the really healthily happy) (living) me [my own mind].
How about you, lovely Jos? Have you really chosen to be(come) a god?
You can, if (really) rational. You can do it, too accordingly!

25 (, a sometimes mid 40s), lovely Josephine,
a (wo)man great, interesting & able/smart/,
2*25 [ ], lovely Jos,
really clear:
these ( the 20s) are really true ()!
Yes, 50- , lovely Josephine,
really rational, irrational;
[in his thoughts, actions & (mis)achieved values]
really happy, UNhappy; winner,
, ; , !
really enjoys life, really !

[ Look at me and () (learn,) think & (objectively teach &) know thyself, lovely Jos!
Thats a real must
(do). (be able to) (healthily) live in the positive .
Thats the real positive/right way to the god of you, lovely ( & ) . To be & completely happy i.e.
enjoy (like a god!) life now and
to rationally (like a god!) think - to rationally plan (and self-happen) your future .
Life matters! Happiness, too! Achieve (and as long as possible keep) these two
like a god, lovely Jos! Like me. Like I really do.
I really, really do love (true) joy - as you well know, lovely Jos!]


A (real) () of the 21 century , ( the majority)
does not like & does not allow
really (delusionally) , (the really) (in his lifetime)!

A () () ( & i.e. and ) (hu)man of 50 -
(truly) great (and important) / age (my) . Of (the career life) !

The big Five-0
50 years of
(my) (awesome) being

[Robsanworld; R(ich)world; R(house)road of really rational -achiever! Oh, those (absolutely) (shinning) ( ) stars!]
An appreciating (earning) asset

Because I (really) can.
And I can fully (self-)charge me. Really.

Because I can.
Because Im never, lovely Jos,
along with the tide;
real .
Because Im my own Captain.
And Im not a cold bitch,
I really, really [love to] enjoy (my) living. I just love having good time! Really!
Im a
(happily living) (), that has self-earned that (huge & beautiful) (runa)way!

Because I can. Really! I can
objectively think and rationally achieve.
Because I really
know myself; and the answers - the real ones.
Because I (for) sure know where I've been & what Ive been doing!

And how about you, lovely Jos? Can you? Do you? Really?
Have you achived
(the of) your 50-th year?
How youve really been, in terms of the IHS [productivity ] so far?
Good, a? Really or just pretending?


[Life is an absolutely beautiful & joyful thing, when you are able to make it such!
Life is
(all about; meant to be) for (the) (joyful, happy, healthy) living. Existence. Positive stuff.
But you gotta
/must make/earn your own living, by yourself as best as you really can;
to the best
/flourishing of your abilities & with (productively earning and deserving your own) .
, in fact, , in a free () society.
confused/irrational/disordered (and too ) world, Jos,
I still
(really) live my (own) life practically -
and every
can see my objective capabilities & (really successful) achievements! Because I can. Really.

Its all fundamentally based on living by the (real, right) standard
(my) real (and rational i.e. moral & practical) values/principles, positive motivation/incensement and practical action,
and not rewarding the irrational
/bitch/ behavior;
(- / , like a (neo-) (-)social drug addict does) () !]


{and if you want me to be your friend/, well,
then you need
(to understand, accept & share & reverberate/synchronize, ) my (rational) morality/values/principles/philosophy
and practice it honestly, to the best of your abilities and !
Never lie, lovely Jos,
and achieve all things in a /productive way and learn how to recognize all the lies told by the irrational individuals.
types of ( telling) - telling barefaced , packing truths with non-truths and telling these as -, telling the truth out of !
types of . Lovely Jpsephine,
logically / inconsistent/incoherent, when dissected by a mind, thats persistently using objective principles to them lies!}


The god of machine: ,
my vision
/ in this book/, (set of) (), CANNOT reach/ ( ) (of today)! !
I dont really care. I couldnt care less! Neither should you; dont care, but for the young (<37) and the () (wanna learn how to be) rational ppl. Because you know who god really is, lovely Jos. ?
The god is me; could, of course, be you, too; is only
(the & the consistently acting) human; can & ought to be perfect/productive (in his IHS terms - to the best (s)he can), , on Earth.
God save
s the (rational/productive hard working) individual! Really.
Long live the real king of the
& - as it should & could be. And ought to! !


Eleanor Roosevelt: You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.

[i.e. a rational human (> 33-35 years of age) should be the center of his own world/life/universe; 
nobody else can be (is, should be, ought to be) the center of his own self/world/universe/life! 
 should be and is, is, is the real center of his own life/world!
You, and only you, no matter that there are 7 billion ppl on Earth, are the main character of your own life/world!
Yes, its all about the 
 rationally &  self-centered (really hard working) (really productive!)  (hu)man-achiever! Each according to his own real/actualized abilities & Yes.]



RR: - ,

really rational should, could and ought to [ he chooses (honest i.e. real) ,] his own
persistent consistency
, (and applied in & to) (the right context of) the reality.

to practice of :
living productively & blissfully in the present,
rationally & do real (capital) savings/accumulation long term (the age after 55-60),

(honest & ) , according to your needs , & /effective/efficient , which

healthily happy life,
within the frame of increasing
/ ( never in a decreasing / -!), in real term, (purchasing power parity).


[We Can Work It Out]:

Think of what you're saying

You can get it wrong and still you think that it's alright

Think of what I'm saying,

We can work it out and get it straight, or say good night

We can work it out,

We can work it out


Life is very short, and there's no time

For fussing and fighting, my friend

I have always thought that it's a crime,

So I will ask you once again

Try to see it my way,

Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong

While you see it your way

There's a chance that we may fall apart before too long

We can work it out,

We can work it out


(Its lovely, if you Aristotelian & doing- ):

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence



RR: , Lovely Josephine, ,
I take (it) all (with my mind, hands & senses), all mine - for my own enjoyment & my own 2Us!
And you too do it, I know,
Ive thought/told/proven to you so. And youre proving it to yourself, every night and every day.

Oh, this beautiful and wonderful life, that I/you/we live!

I live my life the (, rational) way that I choose; Im (totally & fully) satisfied/happy.
I know
, I know lovely, I lovely know,
that Im your
value, that Im your beloved (rational & ) thing. And youre -




The rational moral compassing (of mine) following the objective principles.


(of life, freedom and all the rest), lovely Josephine,
the philosophy as described in this book,

the choices, Ive made by (consistently & persistently) rationally following (my) core/fundamental/essential
(ly defined) principles [i.e. the stuff that have really made me what I am today],

have (made me who I am & have) brought me

to where I am today [ of] choices, lovely Jos,
have been so far guided by my [rational] mind,
and they
have so far made my [happy] living!
Yes, I have [in the long-term &
really produced
according (objectively high, very much high by world standards i.e. very, very much - very, very much po- west-/)
, to the best my own (rational & objective; smart) abilities, consistency and !
Thats right!
Yes, , honestly achieved; being an earner!


I have, lovely Josephine,
been a hard & efficient working man,
to achieve what Ive achieved;

and its truly & fully 2Us to me what Ive done so far in my lifetime for myselfs happiness (and for the many other ppls).
flourishing of mine!
And Ive been truly & fully enjoying myself;

Ive been having great time!

And I dont wanna stop, at all! Long live the real rocknroll! And all that stuff!

Thats me
(shirt) & my cake

( my generation - that were teens in the 70s),
, 50.
Oh, those (notorious age of) 50s! My 50s. .

Half a century [and its the beginning of the second half of (my) lovely (golden) autumn years]!


I :


Ive been living (my) (happy) life. For half a century.
Oh, I love living
(my) (happy) life! I love chosing life; its worth it! Choose life, lovely Jos, , , the (irrationality of) , a drug-like mentality!

Oh, I really love it here - on Earth, in the reality! I love living that life that I truly want! It aint easy (a thing to do), but I do it, because I (really) can (rationally to mange it). Really.

Ive always ( , , & )
been a really shining on you (radical) crazy diamond.
I live
/experience my real life the way that I really want; resonating coherently with (my) real [ ] idea(l)s.

, lovely Jos,

(very, very much ) ; being the great 1989!

right has my (birth) timing been!
right timing by (doing) my rational choices, decisions & actions!
, lovely Jos, (sweet) !

My life has been really full; full of joy, of 2Us. I love it! Absolutely!
(with my usual modesty & ) successfully, , consistently & healthily happy /earn- , in terms of (high) IHS;
, () ;

really my own , , , on Earth - for half a century.

I am (I love being) very happy ,

Ive always been (, but Ive never been and I aint happy at all about the BG/EU Government, the & the public ). .
Happy birthday to me
, today. Happy birthday existence! Happy birthday (my) lovable life! Happy birthday (my) world! I love being happy! OK, lovely (lovable) Jos?

It is very cold outside, today is a cold winter day, but its a lovely day,

I love to celebrate (life), again;

Ive many causes to celebrate -

my beautiful aliveness, good health, (the achieved & long-term ) intellectual, and material prosperity/stability/safety, rocking around the clock; all in, all integrated in : the healthily happy myself. life is for the - , joyfully /experience-, in fulfillment, in rational pleasure & satisfaction (life, as the highest possible -moral- value, , top value, the objective Standard of all other / values): within the frame of their reasoning capacities, values, understandings, practicality and principles/values of actions. And in (the) reality, here on (the planet of) ( , the time being; tomorrow can be on another planet, too - we the rational humans can/could/should/ought to other planets, too)!

is very rational action,
, lovely Jos,

to choose ()

voluntary ( ) your own (doing project of) ,
, lovely Jos, if and objectively ! () (/equity- really , debts & deficits)

Ive done this a few times in my life! Yes!
Im in a process of
( searching &) doing it, now.

A few years later and Ive already done it.
[ all other different groups of people were not supporting,

but agaist me & my own decision/choice!
, logically - wrong/non-objective values/principles/morality, wrong self-interest & duty,
because of having wrong mentality
. .]
Its my own tipping point, in my life that I rationally choose to be.
Oh, that age of 50; I welcome thyself in the Club of 50s!


Anyhow, what should I ( positively) focus on; to do what, ?

How do I really want to concentrate from now on; to do how?
To change,

to ( ) do
(challenging) change, [, , every 7 (+- 2) years]

, so far, has been missing in my life, in middle/long time-space perspective;
Ive been experiencing

a wonderful/perfect/excellent (sense of)
lifetime (being, all the time firmly & consistently connected with the principles of reality).
An awesome time!
Ive always
(self-)injected a completely new (positive) into (challenging)
(every 7 (+- 2) years; a voluntary game changer of my own life),
- -
objectively (by my own choice)
my life(time).
( after 55-60 - this is a natural/objective & universal game changer //)


of a real (business owner/investor/producer), of a real .
[ , lovely Jos, very, very much my worlds !
The beginning of - of a real , of a real , an earner!]


Franz Oppenheimer (distinguished between the political means and the economic means of organizing society):
The political involves the forcible redistribution of wealth; wealth,

however, is only created by those involved in the economic means of organization,
which consists of peaceful
production, trade and exchange (of values).
[ (, EU and the world), lovely Josephine,
sooooo many big (wo)man-, sooooo many different /interests/,
essentially a (EU, BG) (, projects)!
(wo)man-, lovely Josephine,
the huge - (-) !
lvovely Josephine,
( ) (real) !
the status quo, the of , of !
That is not real capitalism!
Real capitalism
, lovely ,
is rewarding/punishing ones one actions (achieving) () - ? 
OK? Get it?]


, lovely Josephine,
these days my 50,
( , )
my own ,

& ( ),
in the world (around & within me), lovely Jos,
& ,
(of) great (real) value [to me] -
[values], , ,

lovely Josephine,
... , ( ), ?!

I wanna, wanna, wanna
free up most of my time
for myself and
for communicating with / , irrational in their actions
new (and, , (much) younger) rational !
From this moment of my life onwards, lovely Jos,
I want to d-e-c-r-e-a-s-e [
(not less than) sevenfold to tenfold]
my time,
Ive been spending [actively focusing] on my business,
(i.e. on my personal economics, earning i.e. my own corporate activities, which I started in the summer of 89!)
[I only focus -my
own power- on , lovely Jos, I do want & I can control]
( 10%-20%, period of 3-5 ,)
my annual (sacred)
productivity//flourishing! (, and I can, yes I , that wish of mine, I have rationally & very successfully/efficiently/productively worked long term for this)
? Get that, lovely Jos?

Must have tried more

Than a thousand faces

But not one was aware

Of the fire that burned


In my heart, in my mind, in my soul!

Yeah, and a road of my own!



(- ) 10-15 , lovely Josephine,

(, especially ) - & !

Its my new project. Its (now) .

I (would) love to further continue my (real) (much bigger & much more intensified) [pleasure of]

intellectual journey [in the reality] for the rest of my lifetime!

And to (, now)
( lovely 40s)
(having more free time vs making/saving/investing more money; my voluntary choice, my choice at the margin)
(, from now on,)
more of my
the successful & productive /economic
(in Q&Q terms)! Yes.

Oh, yes, lovely Josephine,

Ive always prioritized (the experiencing of) my (different kind of) pleasures!
And you ought to prioritize your pleasures, according to time:

To further continue surviving,

making [achieving] my highest & best self,

for experiencing life in full (, economic & mental) , earned self-esteem, joy / ( , since my birth, since my very first day, ),
but, this time, in a (more) different way.

You must understand, lovely Josephine,
absolute value (, 50)!
, value to be paid! value to be achieved, must be earned (& kept) long-term!
() ,
()(saved) money [assets]!
value! Absolutely!
OK? Get that?


( / , , merits/ of material wealth!), lovely Josephine,
[ ; the possibility of happening of / ?!]
- () 2-3 ;
very much !

, ( short, average and long term achievements; , /),
my actively productive adults period [of 89 ] 89

, ,

trade- ! ( & projects)
lovely Josephine,

Ive really had, after 1989,

, ,

, (semi) ,
(exchange/trade- my product, produced by me, for other peoples products - money)


, lovely Josephine,

(yes, lovely Jos, 1989, Ive never had) boss;
I do business [Ive always wanted, lovely Jos, ! 1989 (very ) ! I can never be !],

, -
and in the same time , lovely Jos,
joy & pleasure, thats how I made my name!
? ?

Well, ,

, very much , , , , lovely Jos,
//, , , with certainty , & spiritual
( productive and consistent efforts)

& ( , , )
, ,



I have always a teenager (in the 70s),
known, as a part of my common-sense motivation & western-European influence
(that has built/given me & long-term power:
music, Melody Maker, reading a lot of English/American fiction books,
, a general & global view/ of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness!)
what I really want
in my life and how to successfully achieve it; most of the people do not!
I have experienced many kinds of challenging
(personal and social) ,
baby boomers (special/very much different generation; baby boom lifestyle).

at the core of my
( ) , 薠
most of the people wish to be - but are not (really)!
I have never lowered my standards, of value! (P&P creation, production, productivity, ableness vs the 4Zs irrationality behavior, objectively leading to D&D)
I have never lowered my (high & rational) expectations, for myself and for my life;
Ive always ( 1984, throughout my last 25 productive years, evolutionary)
increased ( )
my rational standards, objective method of thinking, expectations,
[a, very //effect & method my
(based on rational & objective values/principles/ideas/ideals, wishful thinking & ( / ) thinking)
.. the moral & practical thinking -]
as well as my (high capital creation &) wealth/profit accumulation!
[ of my working/business period, as a rational acting adult;
objective practical , in the long run, compared to other people]

In short,

I happened so that I was luckily born at the right place in the right time and my 30s,
, ( , benefits , , smart & practical)
I started
(try to) be , in the private sector;
Ever since 1989, lovely Jos,

Im leading my life in the way,

that I have always ( ) imagined -
young adult,
(self-motivated & passionate, (IT) )
electronics engineer,
[ apply scientific principles to solve , to innovate, create, make, invet !
Everything man made & , Lovely Josephine, ; usually of an engineer!]
to later become a businessman, , a rich one!



or (wilfully, voluntary)

a business, lovely Josephine,
is not, not, not living moment to moment - for a serious, ambitious, able, rational
/ human;
very, very much important decision to make in life -

to rise above the crowd/huge majority/normal/ labor/herd/
.. above (being a part of the ) the () ;
sometimes (doing)
, lovely Jos, can be the most important - the biggest thing that matters in life;
its importance,
for a (truly) rational man,
can be
really compared,

I love you; Ill marry you; Ill (long-term) live with you
to someone [or compared with becoming a (good)
OK? Get it?



Let it grow, let it grow,

let it blossom,
let it

(based on consistency, persistency & discipline of the mind & actions)
& steadily, step by step)
grow with productive flourishing, let it rock,

The process of growing & actualizing
of ones own
, wealth & self-respect

you ought to (learn how to really) get to know thyself!
Know thyself, to grow thyself!
And after that the ppl, lovely Jos,
() to long-term buy the product(s) that you offer them!
And then you should not, not, not destroy,
(,but keep in the long run), lovely Jos,
the accumulated growth/wealth!
Thats how
, lovely Jos,
(healthily) earns & keeps his growing, long-term!
Thats the [growth of] venture capitalist!

, lovely Josephine,
[, after that really magnificient year,]
Ive always been [
my free will],
(), , & in action,
a true ,
() [and of] my highest & best self !


RR: , 33-39 ,

have/possess ( of) (their) potentiality to grow, accomplish & blossom;

& /the guts & the passion & the (, ) character successfully & consistently actualize-, in their life.

oo (mid) 40- , get used to their life, ; (socially, morally) conform to it.

& rationality, if , do not really age (they can improve with aging, but always based on objective values). Look at me, Jos!
Just look at me! Im just dying for a (real) (healthily happy) living! OK? Get it?

Hans Merkle (the most influential German businessman for two decades): Too extended periods of unrestrained growth spoil both managers and workers,
distort a sense of proportion, erase distinctions, and weaken the sense for the essential, for the necessary, for the possible.
They obscure the peril that threatens every society and every economy which prevails too easily without having to prove itself.
If the wind changes and storms threaten, the hour of ultimate testing has come; then we will learn who can read the weather map and who is able to navigate against the wind.
[Yes, productivity & growth are essential, are crucially fundamental!
, lovely Jos, , ! . .]


: , , !


() !
my own boss!
the (real) god! Of my life, way of living, of my growth, of my own real failure blossoming, of my (own) rocking.
Yes, lovely Jos, ,
, , not . Not we. Not , as the essential thing; not . . The I. The self.
my own

of life, of man, of of /revolution and of wishful (that I actualize on daily basis).
love ( , my ) denim [Levis] [jeans]; and I like seeing [younger] () [dressed in] in [short] denim jeans skirts!

() of life, liberty, property and my own happiness!

I am a real man , , () - or to some group, no matter how big or small!

( very)

self-organized (leader),

passionate &
[I mostly, in the first place, compare myself to myself and then only I try to objectively compare myself to others, thats my individual moral & intellectual authority]

very, very much hard [efficiently] working ;
[very high ambitions, very high goals; very actively acting/doing, practical/efficient man planning/acting consciously, in the long run,
, ,
to the best of my own abilities & - and rationally to achieve them]

non- & non-parasite (.. ) ,
( searching for and achieving of his own healthily happiness)
, my own skills, abilities/capacity,
working only in the private sector ( abolishing .1 the Constitution71),
(openness, , ),
/, /independent/ (vs /emulated) ,
() addicted to (maximizing the rate of accumulating and organizing new)
(Ive come to know/understand/practice the absolute and great value of sustainable self-knowledge!), (more and more)
learning, understanding, innovations
(in thought & actions) -
all these
(consistently and persistently) done for the purpose of achieving & keeping rewards/values, lovely Jos,
(be able to) /earn/gain (my own)
security, certainty & (real) self-esteem;
[I really love achieving, increasing and keeping them values/rewards,
and by doing so to be able to increase/gain, consciously & sub-consciously, my certainty and self-esteem, in the long-term process of my life!]

(independent in thought and action)

( honestly / , I honestly care for them , , added/ joy & support-)
[I like people, a community of rational (and compassionate .. !) (on objective principles; , structured into a rational construction, my first philosophical/business book, back in 1994), lovely Jos,
expressions/moralities/mentalities/values of (the bad) - (collections of) relativists,
absolutely skeptical, lazy, boring, passive, unmotivated, indifferent, , - & scornful (; , ; , ) people;

problem creators]

boys & girls, lovely Jos, that really want & passionately/ambitiously try to be their best!
in his lifespan should (try very hard, by productive efforts, to) be his best, to grow, blossom & flourish!

really () /identify/justify (rationally) love (yes, love!) !
[.. I hold on tightly to my values/principles, my ideas/awareness, my business, my passions, my ambitions, my aspirations, my ambition, my dareness
.. my energy/character/personality/essence]
Knowing/(objective)knowledge/understanding (the truth, the principles)
has always mattered a lot to me and Ive, for , known my desires/wants & passions my knowledge & abilities/capacities
, lovely Josephine, make- vision very clear,
( , ,
achieve- /; what price I have to pay, high or low is the opportunity cost, at the margin)

to successfully grow and consistently/constantly ,
to (re)set/define & (re)
(actively, , & consciously) , & directions, all through the years be able

to really flourish to the fullest!
I am good (global & radical) thinker, an excell organizer/systemizer and / & efficient; productive doer [an achiever],
[ just talk & wait too much, /wish-,
do much less, out of timing or never do what they talk; very, very slow learners & not good/rational thinkers]

I can, I am able, Ive understood/learned ()

how-to (honestly, ) /
i.e. efficiently
i.e. successfully

sell my projects & products,
at the right time, in the right place, for the right price
{ , non-poor people & - [ my biz /;
its a world status/category
/, a global / human, no matter of race, geography, nationality or culture;
I like (to consume & enjoy, if I can afford it) & //things,
e.g. , (! Just , cause (fe)males are, usually, not , not for sale?! , think.), (IT) , , restaurants ( , , humans), buildings, , relationships ],
I can sell them all right and
(UNcommonly well, in cost-beneficial terms!)
for the millions (very much , objectively , 2 ).
( ), lovely Josephine,
of economic (redistributed) (syn)energy,
(, , vision/project, efforts of) [of ] (fe)males really do it;
, , evil thing/principle/morality,
which produces,
, & (money, economic) destruction,
/supporting (the egalitarian model/society of)
low self-esteem & deepening
/increasing (economic)
UNequality & stagflation!
(, a model, & , , , , / , lovely Jos,
of which )
( ), hardworking ( , approach; ),
to value & /efficiently (as end results) (e.g. 1, 3, 10 time period)
.. ( , 2000-3000, so far ),
( ) (hard working),
// ,
much more and much faster, (much) greater returns, higher (, ; Q&Q) ,
objectively (or even harder/worse) & premises,
much less spending/waste time & efforts [energy, () ];
of course, we humans are all different and unequal in our abilities, capacities, ambitions, passions, desires, consistency, know-hows, effectiveness and method of thinking/doing.

(and every RR-(hu)man ought to) my time, ambition/, character
.. my energy;
[emotions, feelings , my own privacy;
very, very much , & sound
.. must have truly & intimately ; - (,, Ive shared for a few (single-digit) years, with a very few (single-digit) partners ]

these are , seriously valuable (to me);

they are productive (producing excel results, by highest rational & objective standards).

I seriously my values, valuables, valuable (some)things.
[ , I do not care, ,
huge majority- , think, talk & do ; () , of course,
complex /reality, ,
(non-)voluntary exchange of ( ; / or dysfunctional/ -
, -, -/, , &
multi) energies/values/valuable (some)things/efforts]
I know that lifes too short
(I objectively & rationally know my life expectancy time, in the best case objectively (en)visio(n) scenario, my 50-55 range/)


, () my life, communicate with people,

I like, love & enjoy!
( ones lifetime/lifespan expectancy, lovely Jos,
objectively a RR-human should & ought to accordingly his standards of (the forms of & enjoyable) & communication other people);
(, )
[, imporatnt] , (/ have validated to be) objectively rational & enjoy doing!

This is my life to live and I like to aim high, very (ambisiouly, passionately) high (based ot objective & rational standards (of value));
thats the way I like & want it!
[, in my life, , , , lazy/passive, /, lovely Jos,
& / , // , , ( & these things!)

.. ,
, () (of value),
is a bad example/morality/mentality, is a (, ) vice/, masked as ]

And yes, lovely Jos, I absolutely live my life, for the approvement of the others the fun, the satisfaction & the joy of it,

(taking seriously) my rational values, objective principles, & honestly/openly (to the very best of my own capacity/abilities, consistently & persistently)

/ (in thought and action!)
(,because I firmly believe in myself, in my knowledge, abilities, capacity, rationality, efficiency doing .. effective )

, oh, yes:

innovative vision,

long-term stable & sustainable profits,

success, 2Us;

I am making a difference,

a real difference of (objective, long run) results,
for me & my
(-)close community [that I really value];
like it or not, lovely Jos,
always try to
solve a problem, not to prolong it or make/wait it worse.


consistent, constant & persistent,
throughout the life of every (living) individual!

My personal
(ly designed, built & furnished) home my personal temple!

To be sheltered at ones own personal home, private place!

My home, my personal space my sacred place, !
(), lovely Josephine, you can do whatever you want! OK?
Ooh, (my) life, ooh, (my) home - how wonderful (& sacred) you [both] are!
Every [rational adult] human, lovely Jos,
should have a
home [ a house & ] of his own;
, a free-floating electron!
cannot be [really] happy/healthy.
Theres a very close
connection, lovely Josephine,
privacy &
property! These are both great (real) values!
We (and the Government) must protect our privacy & property!

Nobody (
Government) should be able to
private property [ privacy], !
[all the ] do not believe in privacy & property,
they do not really understand privacy, lovely Jos,
as (coming) from a (
of) property perspective
i.e. from a
Contract based perspective;
resentful ppl [, the successful] , lovely Jos,
absofreakinlutely (bloody) the IR!
[The (civilization of the) world, lovely Jos,
for the last 30 000 years,

has been moving
the primitivism of absolute ( & mental) collectivism
to privacy, to private Contracting (of individualism)!]


The value of privacy for a rational person!
{A rational person should care (to protect) & enjoy privacy on any context.}

, lovely Josephine,

I really do like and greatly enjoy
, ( )

English (speakin') ( , very much popular, 70-; !)!

Ive always loved
my own city of
Sofia (means );
with [I know ppl, that absofreakinlutely ; I know ppl, that , in fact ];
love (i.e. absolutely & absolutely , in)
my own house &
, the backyard , ],
(when I was in my 30s!)

absolutely building it [achieving a great value] from a scratch! On my own efforts & .
[just on the outskirts of the city, the Ring road, in a really eco & , 20 minutes from the heart/centre of the city! Oh, yes location & infrastructure communications are important!]
[My bedroom, lovely Josephine, overlooks the ( of) Mountain, and the view ( ) is absofuckinlutely spectacular! Really!]
a house, on your own, from a scratch, lovely Josephine, to build a business on your own, from a scratch! OK?

Its all about achievement [of great value] for a life-long time! OK? Get that?
Its real beauty! Its (all about) (getting) real successifaction, 2Us! Really!

house & () ()! Really!
My own home, lovely Josephine, [ to have a house, which to turn into ] [ to have a country, too! to be his own real !]
has always been my own real [its absolutely & hugely important, for a rational the mid summer i.e. to own really home/!]
a (private) place for experiencing, for thinking (private) seclusion! Yes.
I like socializing/communicating ( ppl, work private i.e. ),
, , a social addict/empath! Absolutely not!
I love & respect
(the objective value of)
! (, not personal /non-openness/)
I like it a lot, very, very much. Juz love it, Jos!
Oh, gosh!
Privacy, lovely Josephine, is closely connected with private property [rights, contracting]! Absolutely!
Privacy- very deeply

inner personal domain,

inside ,

by individual/personal private property lines,
(personal/, private)

boundaries of ,
no matter in the socio-economic Strata!
[ /gate,
to get in and get out,
more or less //partners/friends;
& , voluntary , lovely Jos,
they stay for long/ever,
, , , //, to leave out our privacy domain]
Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! Its all about (private, personal, individual) boundaries!
these boundaries, lovely Josephine,
( ) our ,
/ really /

.. our character (and personalities),
our own
false self.
really [a true able ], lovely Josephine,
his , motivation and action on (rational) (moral) ,
respects his own privacy and that of the other people!
[ to set limits/boundaries & to make them clear //// , anxiety, , about his personal intimate property lines, to be upset , privacy lines; , , /greyish rational & independent , can & ought to set his own privacy lines , of course, he can &ought to & love, friendship, socializing & sex, of high quality, with no clashing conflicts, according to high objective standards!) ( especially girls/women, - ! Oh, those irrational - parents - they abuse their own little by breaking through their boundaries!]
Personal p-r-i-v-a-c-y [& property], lovely Jos,
is absolutely very, very much important [stuff]
[Im a strong advocate of privacy, of individual privacy, of personal privacy,
public secrecy,
, secretively & /// ( in the when done by the corrupt 4Zs mind, a in the social, )
by (the authoritarian/dictatorial) - (ruling) class in the name of public safety & (inter-)national security]
( ) ,
enterprise (biz, political, cultural, etc. organization)
(and should/ought to have) secrets (e.g. /organizational/structural , , , methods; -, ; ; ; ),

(should) protect () know-how, long-time efforts, productivity (cost-effectiveness) and unfair competitive advantage;

any of (abilities and profiting in) the social-economic Strata,
, , (, , , )
his unfair competitive advantages, on the free market, (honestly & openly)
competing (through hard work & productive efforts)

with the other ( , enterprise/company , , )

insane, ppl, /emotionally
logically/ [reasoning]
rationally /practical/honest (especially, - , -taking the responsibility- private ),
open ,

love/value to understand,

objectively (),
to figure things out for thyself,
to be rationally aware of
honestly /earning (to the best of their own abilities, practicality & , no matter their in the - Strata)

good/great /values,
ppl objectively
/huge & long-term

and build their own reputation, on the free market, on their own (real) merits
.. I love (to take /risks of) & apply
(, , , , ..the great pro-life)
engine of (full, real, )
capitalism (capital creating/profiting/increasing);
, lovely Jos,
capital/equity destruction/reduction/loss/regress / (& compromising , moral & social ).
All the
/rational (i.e. moral and practical) ppl
are trying
(intellectually, physically and )
to always be one step ahead of (at least 67%-75% of) everybody else
(the job is)
to be more (really) overconfident, inefficient, , inconsistent and inpersistent
skillful, faster, organized
(in principles and priorities), smarter and practical
than at least 65% of all the ppl
(in the nation/region/world), for 10 years in the longer run;
the lower 50% of the ppl are usually
getting eaten up first -
thats why try to go through life,
stay away and up, without being caught up in the mess of it.

( really rational human can, should, ought to be) & open - really ppl ( ppl, ),
Im not
(I try to not communicate with) ( really in thought, motivation, priority and action to ever do it)
with the
evil ppl (, , , really ).

I do not like/
/ ( , //irrational) (but I feel empathy about some of ),

I enjoy,

I deeply celebrate (very)
independent & ,
/ , joy & peace of mind; I like (positive) , .

I do not like
irrational and worrisome
( extremists)
, multiculturalism, feminism, environmentalism & (all other kinds of) trends; (movements)
[, based on the wrong morality/mentality & beliefs, of yesterday & today, ]
I have no patience
( and tolerance) for dumbfucks (evil or greyish type of)!

I do not like (, compromising, manipulative; the moral & intellectual)

(, & , & media)!
They are really very harmful;

or greyish , in moral-intellectual (, -political & -economic) terms, ppl!

I do not like
(, , , -, compromising) (.. the cowardish, the compromisers//) ppl.
lovely Jos,

and have always been
absolutely e, , /small ,

with absofreakinlutely [///]
(!) ,

(, ) ,
[ ] (the ownership/responsibility of)
(their )

life has gotten out of control life sucks.

4Zs / ( and , unfair, / ),
() their (own, good/enjoyable/ lifes) spirit ( no matter the real of their - , no matter how poor or rich they really are!),
(they live in their own world, )
fall into the category of ( /haters),
never stop to feel anxiety and insecurity!

[i.e. having low opportunity cost, instability, (), and false self(-esteem), all of which inflate into behavior / discussing serious negative things. the DISintegrity & incoherence of a human self/! such ppl , in local way of thinking (and small talking), of the current days (, , & essentially , , a , , , essentially in abstracts, i.e. rational principles). Well, well, well ! , , much before them, should and ought to the objective and rational (i.e. abstract) principles i.e. (abstract and moral) i.e. (true, , real, the reality) i.e. abilities of an individual! - , cannot , ; , cannot be objective , , logic & his (trans)actions i.e. arbitrary (, the wolfs, - .. the compromisingly -) , Omg! , non-order, unstable, , unsustainable, disorganized, inconsistent, thinking communication doing , life!

, wasted life, no matter the actual individual level within the Strata!
, ?]

I dislike, lovely Josephine,
(in , motivation & ) of
the (, -as a younger - real ) &
the ( irrational ) - (fe)male (, I do not mind, I do not care about the (fe)male gay ppl).

I dislike

/dysfunctional , incentivized and (middle/long term),
irrational mindset/ (based on /unrestricted passionate desires & emotional ejaculation as the Standard of value/living/behavior/morality!)

& [idea(l)s & principles];

the essential , status quo , of the 20 .

absofuckinlutely ,

of my 50s - , & ;

I do not want and I do not - communicate , !

, () , , very great resistance, the ,

the ,

this / BG ( can be found some ), (extension)

of the ( , ) past,

, () (i.e. the public- sector).
lovely ,

the world is full of ( ) ;

completely ppl!
in former , Social/ Democracy/,
within the traditional
-entitlement (.. the ) morality/mentality,
(the -social drug- culture of )
(which is predominately egalitaristic, , communitarian);
integrated - majority- (, .. ),
defines ,
directions of actions (, which accordingly );
of democracy, insanity () & /parasitism/populism become /normal/!


, /productively ,

no matter, ,
in socialism/communism ( of - - type) democratic capitalism,
, have () (,most probably the hard way,) learned,
rationally .
[ joyfully, sexy & healthily happily .. successfully, challengly, - , committing to the principle/virtue/objective/practical/moral, flying on the wings of reason/rational and with a very few friends and , lots of pseudo-friends with core hatred. To be happy in life it does not take many (friends), but only a (very, very and ) few]

I love communicating & diskutieren ppl,
the rational ( of the) ppl;

and we (the living rational ppl) talk about & do interesting things! , lovely, joyful, valuable/meaningful & sexy things! Oh, lifes fun, when you are guided through your own real/objective/rational values/principles/ideas/projects!

Im everything that the (BG) (each and everyone of the ppl of the) majority is not (and most of them ppl -in a 4Zs way- want to be, cannot and will not);

Ive been taking (absolutely good) care of (my self-employed) , for many years, every day, and in so many ways.
Im really
and Ive always really, really loved to have my own ( !) business to work on and develop in that -really - way!
of what and who (and how strong) I am, Ive become; and what objective values Ive
rationally (.. )
achieved & secured
(, on the state free market),
long term, in a healthily happy way -
my own (applied) talent(s)!
(and Ill always be) intellectually & emotionally (passionately) attached to my earned values.

believe in peace, ( )! !

I know, (the objective) , , no human can live error free, , , absofuckinlutely (the objective) /(a degree of)greyness, and (the objective) evil, too (e.g. , motherfuckers);
absolutely resent the doom and gloom characters, -.
Ive rationally & objectively learned (how)
to recognize, to clearly differentiate/identify ( only) the good/practical///
.. /////logical/ (and to enjoy and support it),
the ////bad//
.. /////4Zs/illogical/delusional (and to not conform with it, , to not support it, to fight it)!
I despise
[() ] () , bullying & harassment ;
I like/want
to be left alone, (teachers, leave the kids alone!)
free to do
free to respect/unfold/search/pursue the
free from
, (moral, intellectual, parasitical) bullies & (& ).

(co-operating) the , , evil & too deeply greyish really good ( objectively moral & practical) guys,
no matter
at the socio-economic Strata,
positively doing rational ,
(, as a consequence)
peace of mind (clear conscious & conscience),
real high self-esteem (based on high productive achievements) and
real healthily happiness!
(highly positive IHS, )
lovely Jos - ,
for all ( ); win-win voluntary association/socializing/contracting/agreement.
(or silent sanctioning)
the bad (or evil) guys (staying silent is sanctioning the ( & violent; direct) badness),
a group of abusive/subtle dark matter,
reinforce- :
the negative stuck into worrying/, unstability// deficit and not quite/un happiness.
P&P&P of the negative, !
diminish/destroys/eats from the good, (step by step) the D&D&D ,
destruct- , , in the long-term! (, the negative , in the longer run, / , the good, / ; , based on irrational/ morality, produced by bad & values)
the objective(ly self-sustainable) && /relationships,
, ,

//learningunderstanding/ & compromising persistent --------/ of
2 and
3 (set of integrated moral & practical)
[& scientific methodology; () ) (vs schooling , - , , / /delusional beliefs and e.g. -, - , & o//, & , /, , & , , classless , leaderless elite, classless leadership, non-profit & non-free market - systems, of the -, based on pragmatic , etc.]
Yes, lovely Jos, its all about,
lifes all about,
the (in)ability of a human
identify, recognize, understand & apply (non-)objective in his own (un)practical/(un)realistic living;
there are different
methods/ of thinking,
based on [(non-)obejective & (ir)rational]
principles, that shape (and culture);
the objective thinking (,based on the objective reality & epistemology)
absolutely real

other (, based on , non-objectivity, non-reality; faith-based reality)

in the context of
healthy/()/(ir)rational , meetings, and (in)group processes//,

in ones own everyday () business (or personal job).
(, that are based on () i.e.) moralities , relationships!
There can be
/(co)exist no, no, no relationships in the long run, lovely Josephine,
irrational humans an irrational and a rational human;
(should and ought to)
only two (or more) ( ) ();
the (peaceful) harmony amongst diversity (live and let live point of view!) 
is really possible & could be  achieved, lovely Jos,
two contradictory
cannot (co)exist in the same time and in the same place!

, lovely Jos,
(can be and)
is either
overall healthily , a happy living
overall (un)healthily () , a negaliving.
OK? Get it?

(), lovely Jos,
objectively (, to the best you can) long-term ,
based on
true fundamental principles!
your life, other things being equal, lovely Jos,
should be
with celebration
, (o) & :
& achieved [earned] (and kept) of your personal IHS (, & psyche)
according to your real abilities & ,
rationally (consistently & persistently) applied
// ( opportunities)
long-term your own wants/wishes/dreams results,
OK? Get it?



Friends & Foes
, ()() ,
the small & the big
(-) morality
(of a weak & and a strong & )

[How the morally uses as an excuse to steal,
, & -
as .]
ppl//relationships, lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely ppl//relationships/,
absofuckinlutely [morally dishonest] ppl!

Beware of the - (/ ) of yours, lovely Jos!
them [] ppl, lovely Josephine,
will always () smile at you with () & ;
, lovely Josephine,
, ,
absofuckinlutely real friendships! OK?

{, youll never have, lovely Jos,
more than a handful (real) friends in your lifetime!
All of
, lovely Josephine,
the ultimate of -
where the (especially younger) ppl (& politicians/
get their 50 shades of (
) fame -
they all want (to attract) (more) attention
.. a place, all
irrational ppl (try to)
irrationally promote themselves!
Its the absofreakinlutely ! !

Its (living in) the UNreal world, lovely Jos, of the irrational ppl!
Its a fake living, the place of [practicing] fake happiness, stupid!
Do you see the irony in that, lovely Josephine?
Dont you absofuckinlutely waste your
(everyday) time, lovely Jos,
over the absofreakinlutely (very popular)
Live in the real world, not in the Faceworld of the irrational ppl!}
Beware, be aware, yes, lovely Josephine,
, lovely Jos,
, ,
& [in thought, word & action] the [great]
( sb ); or else you
re (just) an irrational human!
, lovely Josephine,
, , really & , in IHS terms, in the long run!

Because of
of moral relativism & compromising conformism ()
(, absofreakinlutely hidden absofuckinlutely resentment ),
the () world (, because of the - indoctrinated - /), lovely Josephine,
really ( ) full of fake (irrational; ; postmodern; gold-diggers style) friend(ship)s!
really ( ),
(-) ,
(by sharing into the United Oneness of the Humanity)
and doing (to be hooked upon the drug of social medias &) friendship
(by selfing & sharing into the Oneness of the Humanity)
lifes about [being into][(un)real] relationships with yourself & other ppl!
[ !

Be (in & contacts/relationships/connections) only with ppl,
your (real) happiness; - !
Dont be
stupidly an [unconsiously] integrated part of the absofreakinlutely (constructivism) agenda [lifestyle]!
Make a [consious] choice to use [
act on] your own [free will &] rationality!
Or else, lovely Jos,
you are a true foe to yourself & to the others.
absofuckinlutely & the other rational ppl.]


: (-) , !


: .
, , , , .

: .
. , .


Herbert Spencer: In three cases out of four [cases]
the alleged opinions of mine condemned by [my] opponents, are not opinions of mine at all, but are opinions wrongly ascribed by them to me!

[, , - - ; , all the irrational humans, , space-time , no matter their social Strata, are the same!]


RR: and one more thing - try to never lend money/ to ppl that do not keep the agreement ( ) or only half keep the agreement ( ) i.e.
do not give money
/help to ppl that promise/hope, in fact , , -they break- the ( of the) contract (, , behavior , morally & economically)!
my x-friends, lovely Jos, absolutely consciously rationally break (/ hugely reduce) communication, their consistently (applications of) irrational (fundamental!) moral principles
( in pain / lose- an asset),
consciously 렠
to stop
with them

and they feel hurt by this fact (of evaluation & application of the rational morality, not - favouritism)
(most of them , , to communicate again! !)!
an irrational (fe)male.
, , ;
fake , ! / ( ) my own (close) circle,
joy & pleasure absofreakinlutely problems! Absolutely!
, lovely , absolutely we all ( the rational) ppl (we wrongly think/ as friends),
absolutely ! really - the rational ppl. No, no, no they dont!
Break all communication with
(, irrational ) ppl, lovely Jos;
be really strong so long, - do not respect & do not trust ppl, or else youll be sorry.
, lovely , objectively ( ) ()-() ( - real ) the males.
No (wo)man can in fact have more than 2-3
. Most of the ppl (in BG) have none, they hardly know this!
To have a real friend, to have
/sustain/keep rational & stable [lonf-term ] relationship with a (wo)man,
absofuckinlutely ! ?
Socially Psyche- [, coherent]
i.e. cognitively/intellectually and, and ( and), and ; both, , , ,
( must be) based on the non-objective values [principles], - , cannot be, [ ! just anything goes; everything is possible]!
It aint easy.
. Absolutely!
long-term type of (quality) rational relationships, , lovely Jos,
cannot be [ever] happy/healthy/flourishing,
no matter his wealth
in the Strata!



: .
, .
/ abuse-



(, // &
the rational of (your) life, !]

Terminating or minimizing a relationship!
( of) (really)


, lovely Jos,
in the longer run () ( friends & ) ppl
into the of negaliving, with & , based on the 4Zs & !
! ?
based on rational idea(l)s and rational applied actions,
based on the rational
! Yes, only .
, lovely Jos, ,
an irrational (with , based on irrational values/principles)
very often ( )
is absofuckinlutely consistent & persistent .
If you
hope & expect from an irrational (especially > the age of early 40s)
rational views on the core (important) issues of living,
you thyself, lovely Jos, absofreakinlutely !



objectively ,
(ought to) love/value the truth and I (have to also) love/value my friends,
I (have to) love/value the ( , , , ) truth more than the friends,
I do the opposite,
I do (can) not bring the reality to them friends and , yes everything //collapses/fails!
OK? Get it, lovely Jos?

by [the evolution of] our human nature,
[like to]
& ) , , (false & real) ;
, lovely Jos, a friend to (not) be ;

ones own networks (& likes) are not real friends (& likes)!

In my relationships, lovely Jos,
I do give real credit to ppl,
I generally (at the beginning) do trust (
) ppl,
the right :
Invest some trust into some ppl (you choose),

for true rationality their thoughts & motivations, for being long-term strong

i.e. consistently & persistently dedicated to ------- by objective principles!

Do (rationally) verify ones own actions to ones own words for their practicality, coherence with the reality.
has truly & fully mastered (by his/her own late 30s) the art of in objective ,
55% (the process of mastering) of the reality
c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-i-o-n of his own life(time)!
45% real dedication - being strong (i.e. persistent & consistent) in his (pragmatic principled) actions!

Lovely , ! of my own loving (happy) life.



(very mobile) of today, lovely Josephine, very many ppl when living our lifes !
, (BG) ( )

[.. has themselves built/organized/educated to be(come)] ( ) really irrational characters (of their own minds),
[, overall ( as it can, shoul and ought to really be) in thought, beliefs, motivation & actions of the ppl world]
has relationships with many ppl.

in time rationally more.
the life (liberty & property)
on the road to (his) real negaliving's hell healthily happiness, and accordingly!

And because of the above , lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely (do not understand &) misuse ()! Yes, they do! Absolutely!

Irrational ppl cannot understand, lovely Jos,
(an ordinary) ,

in principle,
, , ( -- ),
unless a real () help has been involved!

For my 50 years of living, lovely Josephine,

, in a general aspect/view of life,
thanks to the great cares/support of my parents (thank you ma, thank you pa, for helping me, as your child; you were good parents to your children);
, lovely Jos,
based on ( , in a normal adults brain)

really & values/principles,
ambition, activity,
, & capacities;
[to do work in the face of Uncertanty,
venturing into the Unknown,
taking & managing risks (vs Safety)
produce, & my own honestly earned/deserved profit//values/equity

.. to be practical/ & successful/ in the achieved results for 25 years
i.e. in the long run

second half 50 years,
I played/proved to be really , objectively //,
(active) , // periods of time.]
() 50 , lovely Jos,
[rationally huge, huge of & , of my first 50 years!]
( 1989, )
(actively & /)

really & /affluent ppl.
, of course, , consciously/voluntary/on my own choice ]
the second ( 25 ) f my life so far,
I have
really [greatly] helped (& influenced; challenged & changed)
many [/ ] ,
because Im a generous
, lovely Josephine,
has done lots of generosities. Really!
generously (add- values & benevolence to my (x-)friends lives)
absofuckinlutely ,
, lovely Jos,
really (and I mean it!)

from the bottom of my [mind &] heart (thats what I do for my close friend, because real friends are a really great value to me!)
( / ) ; and absofuckinlutely (support)! Yes.



All the UNgrateful ppl, lovely Josephine,
are UNhappy ppl; !
All the
UNhappy ppl are self-/ [self-destructing] ppl!
The UNgrateful [], lovely Josephine,
UNhappy [], that usually perceives him/her-self as a victim;
is (an angry) self-
() []. And usually is dependent []!


1.        many close friends (, that I can count on); irrational/bullshit/-/ moralities & culture of the BG ppl, ( many close friends) (, , , indicating of /, having low quality standards of value, given , that most of the people are being irrational, not good at and do not have a respect for freedom, truth, wealth/success/property and ().)! () (), () & , () , [ ( ) (delicately) , a friend to friend, () , , , pain & ; , , , 90% , , /, ( ) & , , / /, () .. / ( ) & / .. , /stealing / , /// & openess , dishonestly (aggressively) , () : , , , , / , , 兑 . -, -, - , , ! , , , friends & , in fact , abuse- & [borrowing money/ and not paying them back (in real terms / on time) is theft, forceful fraud! Its badness/, in action; immoral.] - , many friends-exploiters , , -, ( ), , , , , them freaking (.. fraud & force , applied by pseudo friends, , , , for me) - , !, , the objective truth & rational (i.e. the moral & the practical) principles /above socializing/ ( (reinforced by the - of the Great Recession2008), into 4Zs & / / parasitism) to stop communicating with them friends- and step out, , to the real world to continue to healthily happy live my own life, in the real way, my way - finding some non-exploiters, non-ghosts, non-psychokillers! I dont give a fuck about them, anymore; I couldnt care less about them, any more! Ive been remaking my beautiful world, again, with my shine on you crazy diamond, passionate spark for fake real life i.e. to ignite myself into beautiful life, again!].
has really helped another,

() absofuckinlutely should really appreciate & be really thankful to the !

, huge majority of the ppl, lovely Josephine,
do not appreciate ( ) and
() help a lot , ;
( ) , , lovely Josephine,

have successfully helped them to reach their values / goals

absolutely wrongly//non-objectively , , high moral duty (of doing )

-, -, more (productive) abilities & money/assets

(), ,

morally (and ) ,

-, -, -, -, the - wrong ;

, , (coercively) moral ! !

To act out of moral duty - ( / keeping) for ( / keeping) other ppls values;

e.g. giving them (/ their families) help/money/, ( - , breaking all /promises)

, , , , , (needs of) / their ( ) families, , // !

! - its a (non-objective) claim on parts of the other (can you Lovely Josephine, see/recognize this philosophy in moral, political and economic terms//?)

and they will morally (if you refuse to accept their wrong/non-objective convictions; if you refuse to act their way, on their will),
, ,
- -smart & winner- duty and must do it, must help the

[and if youve helped - these ppl will not give you any gratitude/appreciation for your actionsbecause they wrongly think, , but not a voluntary choiceyou to the other ppl, to collect what you morally owe them , their rightful due) (the haves must support the have nots; this is socially applied as the wrong principle: / , they have a moral duty -through taxation- the needy/ no respect, nothing else but , abuses and insults the needyand - /demands]

! ( beliefs);

, lovely Josephine,

(to be capable)

[,when irrational ,]

(all) communication/discussions/talks/relationships
with such really (, ) // ,

and I draw my (relationship) boundaries accordingly!

, lovely Josephine,
all the (irrational) ppl (if a RR person choose them pll in any shape, color or form) (can) (consciously / subconsciously; psychologically)
(,because of their beliefs and non-objective convictions/values/principles) (-)
absofuckinlutely negative ,
( anti-values or no values)
rational / (, in fact & - & happiness- )
, lovely Josephine,
lifes really too short real hypocrites - so just block them from your life(time)!
Lovely , (
) ,
morally, intellectually / emotionally)
greatly ,
[self & other ppl] ,
, , lovely Jos,
do not, not,
absofuckinlutely not
(, , emotionally / )
stay away, stay far away from -
stop (all) (your) communications with such a (fe)male;
usually [to be morally done with this (fe)male].
[ greatly ] - ?
lovely Jos,
! Black or white. Absolutely! ?
Remember that, lovely Jos, its a character stuff!

2.        : , [help-] !

, , o (),

20+ years, business partner/shareholder very, very many ,
most of which think in a collectivists way ( , , , living by, / i.e. , guiding accordingly their thought & action),

, ,
() this type/mentality/morality of thinking:
, , tend to,
are mentally bias to
, lovely Jos,
hugely over-exaggerate, hugely over-estimate, very, very much, ,
/ real / (mutual) /, (a set of) , , ,
in fact,
being untrue,
(angrily, aggressively & /) ,
the primary, the main, the essential, the real/true/ / of the project//business
.. of the ! ?! (almost)
, , () ,
feels that he has done more,
- ,
share is less,
( ), //,
[ / (),
, (
absolutely ?!) self-,
(?!) faces,
, ( , ?!),
, , /
, lovely Josephine,
the prevailing (psychology) of a confused/mixed/wrong/irrational morality,
/effortless -

over the practical morality,
cognitive /effortful - ;
way street ,
RR /a, choices/doings,
should/must in control,
over, over, over the automatic
(sub-consiously controlled) AA (-a) ;
these both, lovely Jos,
should/must not clash,
but to supplement & support each other,
full & clear guidance/rulz of the rational// part,
, , into an objective processing/evaluation/justification.
Well, lovely ,
really generous, !
you ought to be grateful (to another human) - !
absofreakinlutely -
for this behavior is non-objective;
is dishonest(y);
is at root
Thats a bad habit/character!
a really good person, lovely Jos,
really grateful to ppl that help you!
a happy person,
really to ppl that help you!

Ive been thankful/grateful to all , really my !
Get it?}!
( some to me) , , ( , !)
(, , through a conflict, moral /identity/entity/understanding//system )
, (very) ,
/, (passively)
aggressive shameless

[& with, , 4Zs morality/mentality,
in reality
, dishonest & irrational doers:
& cannot, no cannot , be (socially) objective, , , is a true/ principle of action!
anything goes!]
really (absofreakinlutely ) people-suckers!
[, ; Oh, those MFs]
, it takes time, lovely Josephine,
understand this!

[, - shape- in fullness/goodness/rationality your moral muscle/,

such an objective & vital moral support is not being taught in school/society, - the rottening of the individuals moral muscle, & - incentives (in thought & action)!

, , , ,
, /

can objectively find & self-guide the way to rationality , over a long-term period of time!]
All the , lovely Josephine, in reality (being) hateful [resentful] ppl;
you cannot be grateful (& objective; cant be in your evaluation/judgement i.e. in your thought, motivation & action),

when youre being (4Zs) hateful [(wo)man]!
Yes, its true -
absofreakinlutely do not want and usually, lovely Jos,
/ !

! ppl, absofuckinlutly E! ppl. Irrational / ppl.

Cut them off from the circle of your regular communications!


Yes, lovely Jos, very
close relationship
being UNgrateful and being hateful;
, ,
really () of the according ,

because [you should be clear by now, absolutely] () (objective) (to be paid)!
, really is absofuckinlutely
(does not accordingly appreciate in words and ), lovely Jos,

, & (no matter the color - of his philosophy),
/ [ , (s)he breaks his in the (oral, written) contract, that he freely agrees on & voluntary signs]
in short: being an () irrational (.. dumb / evil, or both) character, a weak personality!
non-authentic truth
( ) no matter in the socio-economic Strata!
in my life so far, ,

, from time to time, ( 49- , the Great 2008 Recession)

() (/ / /)


, -

downfall of (leverage financing in BG/EU/USA)

, lovely Jos,

they negatively (/ as morality & , in thought and action),

the pressure & - ,
[ the Great Recession of (15 sep) 2008; , , the real of every character]
, lovely Josephine,

- () (confused, mixed up, , ) domain.

, lovely Jos,
(, , clash , , )
(with certainty) / , /families,
I know,
/average , , really [, especially after his 40s] (//essentially)
/ ,
cannot change his (fundamental) doings/actions/principles/values
his (max) 4-50s! No! Cannot.
It has already become too late, for them
, after this age!

[ of making irrational , now in this never-ending economic- - those 2 reasons the essentials of why so many people of middle age and above, hugely overestimated their ability, stability, capacity & , in making rational decisions/choices (, , , the essentials, the fundamentals of making choices!) lost their success story, , worrying, frustration & stress/depression the experiencing of 2Us (i.e. pleasure & lost by them), , , absolutely , , , , , /, too many of those people lost (if theyve had it, in the first place) their honesty (, openness ), , // ( 4Zs . unjust , , of course, pronounce wrong/bad/irrational/non-objective judgments & evaluation). , too bad!]
No go, they are really being stuck! Stuck into their own habitualized negativity!
Yes, ,
lovely Jos,

is really being stuck [inside the box] by the end of his life(time)!
If I did not
(choose to) (voluntary and rationally, , )
close these (close) relationships,

(emotionally & intellectually) (negatively) ,
[, because of moral compromising, instead of a clear moral standing of the relationship, !
unacceptable for me! self-abuse, psychologically - thats why I got (quickly, in one short moment, ) out of these relationships.]
( ), lovely Jos,
() //// ( the now, ) .
, ,
former , lovely Josephine,
not so good /shape
[ 10-15 , GR of 2008, of accumulation/ of capital/wealth/equity),

, ( , , )
( ) - ,

20+ time-space domain.
their ( moral) behavior

irrational/rotten morality,
, step by step,

transform into the bad and unfair/dishonest mentality,
, lovely Josephine, [
to try to , in fact]
stuck into (the painful process of)
worrying & ,
fall deeply) into

negative [] thoughts and unhappiness, a negaliving!
( , , , , which is the prove for their not knowing peace of mind, in the long term). { , - of the society he lives in, , can, could & should/ought to, if to be really successful & effectively profiting ( , & ) in the long run, (to the best capacities of his) rational , , very , his own capital, , /make business, based on socially subjective values/principles/prices/economic & intellectual leverages/ideas, of a wishful/subjective or mystical/non-objective .. & thinking, & (individual / ) ; -irrational & - , less & less (in Q&Q tems) / psyche/ /safety & , in the worst case scenario the negative , (self-)//death.}

Thats true, lovely Jos,
, really ! accordingly!

I, lovely Josephine,
from time to time,

for my 50 years,
[absolutely wrongly]
() ( ) ,
, in time, abuse- & respect;
(, / , later, unsustainable/inconsistent //, for which I can & should not remain silent)
negatively ,
() () ( as) good .
[ if, , , , of course, will have to pay them, accordingly!
, , , ///// , a?]
so many people,
that Ive known for quite some time,
& dependence.
[ , , (physiological, material & psychological:emotional & cognitive) , taking a long time & huge effort, if ever at all,
escape ; ! What a pity, what a waste of time!]
, Ive learned, that in life, we the living humans,
do not get the things/friends that we want/wish (or need), but
we get the things/friends that we need have (rationally or irrationally; ) chosen/valued (for a period of time or for a lifetime);
we all deserve [earn; produce; happen] our own
(voluntary) (ir)rational choices!
[and consequences of these choices;
especially crossroads/essential/important choices,
, , both - /;
and true/positive value , , , logically or]
Thats why ( , everyday , when communicating with other people)
do (++)relationships my own real personal (rational) integrity and my own real ()

-moral (abstract, & practical) objective values/principles -
to be synchronized,
to be
(rationally & practically) absolutely compatible,
not to clash
compromise each other (i.e. not to be misintegrated, disintegration),
since a young adult Ive always , (disfunctioning, clashing between those two),
, , negatively, dearly, and most probably (very) expensively, at a (very) high price;
[, , are always/very often compromising/clashing /theory & /doings; majority- functionally / the objective moral theorizing, , , , oh dear, oh, dear , / , , & practically! grand , , of course, - , , , non-2Us, primitive living, living subjectively (/ in the virtuallity of religionism)! , living irrationally of destructiveness/disintegration!]
in my built & kept relationships, negatively, too!

, , ( / )
( females)

{ , like- to communicate, , & / & (, , (i)logically)
some very personal things (, of his space-time , // ) ;
(-) (-)close friends;
those ,

- -
(if, one of the in a relationship, bad/non-objective/non-rational )
& ,

, (spiritually, , )
, , to suffer/worry/
,because we humans
moral species (acquiring our individual morality from a blank),
that must communicate with each other & do ( () & Q&Q of logical/ /reasoning to) evaluate/judge/compare) - (sometimes)

negatively ( ) ( &) / (the morality, ones behavior of friendship).
Well, this is a part of life - .
, ,

no matter this part of human life,
most of the people (have the capacity to learn )

(civilized) .

[good meant to be;

possessing good will; good spirit]
, too far away,
-of understanding & applying correctly the practical morality of the rational self-interest-,

, most of them, could, should and ought to reach/!
I, most certainly, ( ) believe in the faculty of rationality of the people!


over all, at large,

absolutely proves that hes trustworthy & posseses a beautiful mind/consciousness,
that he
upgrades (in a never stop process);

and so far, , , in the right direction of the right path,

, (bad) !
The overall result of 100 000 , ,
the human species /the most successful and the only rational here on this Earth
moving towards further & further progress, prosperity, usefulness, beauty and 2Us

.. (the effotful process of the next of the next in the mountain in the mountain)
more healthily happiness and achieving higher IHS ,

as the ultimative (an end of itself) purpose of ones life(span).}

, (not even for a short time)
really ( ) !
[ , / ! !
no matter the public- , really - rationally & !]
, objectively (in the first place) , ever !
(, especially when -/core/fundamental /principles/methods by the irrational majority)
Oh, that freaking (, ) conformism/compromising/cowardice,
(, , feeling insecure, ) !
dumb, non-sexy, .
, !
terribly !

( my mid-40s) () ( by me in the past) (some; and new) ! OK?
, , ------;
, lovely Josephine,
is because most of the ppl ( most of my x-friends)
, ,
[especially when in their late forties] ( now, within the -economic of 2008,)
their own irrationality ( - - - to think & do , absofuckinlutely / & ),
irrational & (sometimes) 4Zs (and based on it / )
does not really matter - to me (I know, objectively , but do it i.e. incoherently with the objective reality);
I dont
(care to) comment - on the ( ideas, methods & of) x-friends of mine, at all.
, stop ( absolute ) my relationships with them ppl!
my own time,
() , (,because decreasing in absolute terms!)
be childish - , -
/irrational ()(),
a () - (great) (and many) ( ppls relationships) !
your own interpretation of the objective is irrational,
disappointment- (& ) absolutely !
Irrational ppl will never understand
(and accept) this;

) ( -- ) , (, )
in terms of (the all the many /inverted/// standards of) morality/values/,
in all other relationships -
, , , , , , etc.
? Get it, lovely Jos? , ,




I like the common (free) market
(and the UNcommonly excellent, positive/productive/successful & beautiful results of the high (biz) achiever with a strong & ambitious character),
the common herd/tribe

: , .

: , , , / , .

(they must not be ever split,

- ,
// BG //-///-/)


//rational ( ),

[, are able to generate & enjoy ( & their own equity by achieving) excellent (Q&Q, sound/objective) sales, profits & cashflow, stable & sustainable in the long run: >10-15 , hardworking, work yourself to death, ?!],

(private & active/passionate & ambitious ), & excellent/able/productive -organizers, (choose &) // ( private ownership of land the flag, the land his private project//building) the project/, have capacity to ( & achieved results) , /supplement the project. , (creative/productive/positive) , of the economic project (i.e. the practicality , as well as, the development of the ), , ( & /) /define/ (, ) /operative (.., , , possible ..) of the project, ( success or failure, in the long run)! , my 20+ experience, as a capitalist//developer , very many , ( very intelligent!) / ,

, do the right things on the right path, , too slowly, //, , , / time (, time & timing-, //certanty in time & timing-a, are of crusial importance for the success/failure of the project!), , , , in fact, [in the middle/long run, of their project, / (.. ), , , , /] .. too much worrying, stress, pain & suffering, for too many years of their (short, active part of) life (, , , accordingly; real )! To do it right (being on the right track) is not enough (doing it once, is not enough, too)! One must do it right & within a specific/certain time & timing frame (, consistently, persistently, //slowly, of actions), , /practical & ! Taka /, the nature of free market-, , //projects /fail/ / time (, a ( ) , in the long run). (very, objectively) successful, in an adequate time-space domain ( //family/nation). , , , fast () acting & / (risk handlers) , very (much) intelligent (), , hugely ( ) () , no matter - Strata ! Yes, practicality (of experience, based on rational standards) is essential for achieving successful (objective and self-resposible) results/! he irrational & /, (in their vision & development) in the long run / their capital/equity, generate sustainable/stable profit & , , (if their failure is big & hard, ) (psyche & ) to enjoy (their life) , / [negativism, strong relativism, /-; a subjectivity, accept- , (, delusional, /speculative) , , profit/equity , - ( ); , , very much - - ! ]! { differentiate , (objective, rational) morality & (subjective, ) amorality; they try to resist Reality, it , usually - in fact, the time, velocity & (.. vibration) of their denial & rejection}! silly the (idea of the) Matrix, virtual Reality, powering the self-destruction/( psyche)repression (and financial recession, forced economic leverage & depresion) of the objective (individual & social) Reality! Living (unconsciously) in a virtual reality .. into Unreality, , a (painfully) (in debt and deficit vs profit & surplus; vs /growth)!



The (very successful) actualization/realization, throughout a period (consecutive) 30 of my own potentials according to my own real & real
real & real fulfil/achieve/accomplish the () requirements of life;)
[ to maximize my own growth progress & flourishing prosperity;
to not, not, not be a part of the average, of
in terms of productivity i.e. of practicality; to be under the average .]

And to be really fully aware fact!

: ,





: ,




RR: Well, well, well, Lovely Josephine!

, this a and that one ,

(achieving) happiness ( , no matter in the socio-economic Strata) living in a certain way:
, in such a way, to (effortlessly) successfully actualize his own distinctive
(objectively /valid) potential, long-term!
(hard work, effortful, , productive) ,
to the extend of his own
abilities and capacity ( his knowledge, practicality and socio-economic ),
consistently, persistently, methodically &
(and passionately, in fullness, , ) (in the 2Us pattern)
i.e. his body, soul and spirit. ?

by his own self
(through applying efforts, resulting in unearned/emdeserved achievements), in the long run. By his false real self.

Kak, , ?
the requirement of life/reality
living healthily.

to be healthy. In the oneness of (rationally distinctive) contexts. Healthily happy.
Surviving Living in the healthy happiness
mode, , Up in the Skies, , , .
Integrated Health Status, IHS

Mark twen: .




I love to figure out (to rationally reason) things for myself, lovely Josephine,
to understand (the truth/reality)
.. to be (logically) smart (to be to acquire more and more self-knowledge - for practical goals/purposes)
i.e. to objectively
/logically reason //efficiently
( !),
(i.e. practical, effective/efficient character)
.. (to be able, to have the capacity /skills)
, in small talk socializing effectively/efficently/flourishing/productively;
( & ) (hu)man of the rational action.

The (real) beauty of (doing)(real) business!

Ive always, lovely Josephine,
greatly loved my own

my job, lovely Jos, is (doing) my (own) () (private) business!
Its lovely to
passionately love your own job [business]!
being ,
being efficient [(opportunity) cost-beneficial],
being achiever,
having/knowing peace of mind & 2Us,
being falsely healthily happy.
Ive always loved, lovely Josephine, doing my business! Thats what I really love!
I love building (
) , and keep the profit rising (in real terms) long-term!

I love competing with ppl ( ); I love (life-long) winning! I really love being a (life-long) winner!
I love that game!

Ive always (since very young age)
wanted to be
() rich (a billionaire millionaire ) . Yes.

, lovely Jos,
owning a private business enterprise,
motivation (& ambition) ;
[ before 1989.,
the collapse of , the collapse of the the world , which happened 1991.,
, , rationally, consistently and persistently, lovely Jos,
successful & challenging idea]
Ive mentally prepared myself to run very, very far
(and very ) way in the game -
very high goals and in that way to rationally satisfy my self-interest
.. Ive always in my mind been a rich man,
Ive always known that
I really should, really can and really ought to be a
wealthy man (but never a poor or an average man).
Ive a long time ago consciously & seriously decided
I want,
that I can
in reality,
that Ill be a
rich man (and that I will never suffer to live hand to mouth, from todays paycheck to the next months paycheck);
and I do not apologize about that
(good) idea & (, ) practice of mine! OK?
Because I
love it, lovely Josephine, and
Im proud of!
I am really very, very proud of what Ive done/achieved, lovely Jos, so far
with myself, with my life, my liberty, my private property and with the purcuit of my happiness! Really!

, [] 1989, lovely Jos,
absofuckinlutely my private company

achieve (by making my private / very, very s-t-a-b-l-e & p-r-o-f-i-t-a-b-l-e in the long run)
my highest and best self!
[Forget about the social thing, Lovely Josephine! Forget about it - its a wrong , of altruism, of sacrificing to/for the others your values/principles i.e. your highest and best self i.e. your life! Try, try to really work hard to earn the abilities, skills and capacity, & , to (earn, deserve) be IHS successful character, in the longer run. To be(ing) able to run faster, longer, stronger and more the game in the social-class IHS context! Its all about (earning, producing) long-term IHS achievements/results, , rewards - to healthily happily enjoy (your objective) values, to rationally enjoy (your) life, ]
different (, very interesting & very challenging)
& -
private property & free market economy/profiting!
, lovely Jos, always ! Yes, they are!

Ive always been doing my (private) business , () the /thinker/designer & the heart/;
some ( and friends)
, their own abilities, capacity, time and skills. Yes.
Ive never stopped being the essential player/name/soul of the business i.e. thats my business, my thing.
( )
/ seriously, () ;
, in fact, ( ) ,
, i.e. the self!
smart (should; ought to) -
the only real way (in life) to cowardness,
forwardness & upwardness:
success, self-knowledge and
/earned rewarding,
(honest and long-term, personal lifes) achievements (of values)
i.e. eraning [deserving] ones own
() 2Us & self-esteem.

Ive been doing my business for (satisfying, enjoying, advancing) my own rational self-interest [well-being, security, safety, stability]
(this is the most natural and basic objective principle, &&, vs &&)
& for achieving my long term aims/values!

( 4Zs, , as a standard of , co-operation & voluntary exchange of values , very much different, honest )
, lovely Josephine,
really ,
[ active handling, (, ) - & (best use of ), in the face of the Uncertainty of the future; its very easy to be smart, & wise , after an event has already happened - , & clearly ]
I live within a complete peace of mind,
, 20+ ,
really /open really my own talents, abilities & rationality in thought & action,
as well as [persistent application of] my rational hard working [
And let me tell you, lovely Jos,
let me try to make you understand,
in the long run
easy profit! ( )
Ive never wasted
(meaninglessly & in the short run,)
my time / hopeless, helpless / powerless;
Ive always had
life (revaluated my own domain; , self-upgrade-, self- all the time) and Ive had/earned lots & lots of fun, joy & satisfaction.

Ive always passionately loved my own private biz!
Ive never ever felt really lonely , lovely Jos, when getting on with my own biz stuff
, () , on my own. Ive never felt , or full of shit/resentment,
when(ever) Ive been on my own.
! Ive always liked being alone with my thoughts (& motivations).
I like
(consciously & actively) the experiencing of my own self-interest -
experiencing in the quietness of my self,
my own
(happy/healthy) /living!
Yes, lovely Josephine,
I like it being on my own; and I love it being with you, too!

I only feel resentment and frustration (, but not , not years of suffering!)
whenever I have to be with someone irrational ,
I cannot , or cannot be my real self with, or cannot (or do not want to) really connect/communicate with!
Ive always had
the courage to actively & openly follow my (biz, high energy HD )
passion, rationally & consistently (in the long term),
no matter what/how others feel/think about ideals/values/principles/goals & doings.
[ very clearly & how really , & how ( ; from me to do),
including my parents, and friends ( );
since my adulthood, after I
my 25 , Ive always done what & how I want/choose to do things! Its my own life/love, for Freedom/Reasons sake!]

I have always started my own businesses & with a great passion/momentum,
from a blank
based on my own ideas, strategies & tactics;
brain likes novelty/change/challenge (Ive acquired the habit of looking for novelty/change/initiative, especially into certain areas)
and Ive rationally & practically stayed away from economic/financial (injected by the boom & bursts, in the last 20+ years since 1989; Ive successfully managed my participation into the cycles).

Thats how, lovely Jos, I like it and I can do it,
right from the beginning,
in exactly the way
/how I want it

to freely shape it any way I want and choose to,

no artificial taken (because it kills, it kills the real thing, / i.e. the sound capital/money/equity//wealth/).
Ive always, lovely Josephine,
funded my own ideas (that have originated in my own head),
turning them into business,
proving them
[as a matter not of opinion (including myself), but as a fact of the reality]
to be practical & very, very much successful/profitable
(by the millions of USD),
in the long run! OK?

But you () know that, gorgeous Josephine, dont you?
The (real, objective) market value of my ( rational) ideas/thought (,fundings) & doings/actions
(i.e. of my own -projects- practicality - in biz/economic context, but in the whole lotta IHS context)
has always been highand increasing,
, , depreciating/decreasing! [ usually -the normal- the case the absolutely huge of the (BG) ppl]

But you () know that, gorgeous Josephine, dont you? For sure.

(,but I had been in my early teens),
(,but I had been in parts inclined into that thinking/ in my early-mid 20s);
moral & practical
(i.e. ) (ever self- his knowledge, set of ideas and actions) (ever since the mid 80s of the 20-th century);
I have always rational abilities, capacity, and doings/actions/projects/practicality - these attributes of my own character for having (i.e. self-making) the rational 2Us (joy) of my IHS ;
Ive never been a part of the todays absolutely corrupt
(public, - partnership, )
of /a , /! ( )
Oh, that ; -- ; true immorality; true ! & toxic conformists/parasites/redistributionists, the wrong principles/values)

, since my teens (when I loved to play & win the Monopoly game! and Ive passed this passion/knowledge/ambition over to my children)
known, (the innovative/practical )
(and always will remain, seen or not seen!) - (good or bad) (, , in life, / ),
when put/practiced in the right context and
rationally (.. achieving efficient/profitable outcomes/results the right means, in the right time & place),
in the long run
I very, very much strongly
[ (biz)]
(, rationally/ & logically/objectively , the process of producing/growing/increasing value, free market-, specified/concrete/target );
all my (biz) ideas
(and energy)
have come from the
(practicality of the) free market & my fantasy imagination, lovely Jos,

and all of them have started from a scratch, upgraded & (very) successfully materialized (or when Ive been wrong wiped off) by the (true/objective principles of the) market!

Once Ive had a good (business) idea,
I have never waited too long
to get fully prepared,
to be
/completely ready (of establishing a biz project -an enterprise- of mine).
I act. I do.
I do not hesitate,
, no doubts.
[its kind of now-or-never; for me its like a matter of urgency/importance to do it now, just do it now!
I dont like ppl that constantly doubting themselves.]
, , always let never to happen, waiting the next time/one to come along,
, lovely Jos, very, very much (average)
, , ,
,most people wait all their life long and the now never comes!}
I am a (rational) doer!
& do things,
I just do things, according to my business model
(around my idea(s) ),
/total , active , very passionately, consistently
to the best of my knowledge, capacity and abilities;
I do not,
for all of my important
(biz) values/principles and goals,
to (the urge of) my emotions, (no matter how high/joyous or how upset/low I feel)

I act, I do things, , [ ]
[ , lovely Jos,
, /manage UNcertainty,
.. ,
proportional to my abilities
& capacities to do/change something/everything, ,

done today,
, in the mid-long term,
will be useful & 2Us
to me, to my business
.. to (advancing) my self-interest [.. synchronized with (human) nature - ones own well-being & security].
, , lovely Josephine,
rational /,
( passionate ),
Ive always aimed high, to achieve objectively high/successful , in IHS terms!
[Why would anybody aim low?!
Why wouldnt a (wo)man
rational - - ideas, & earns/produces objectively higher/successful ?!
only if is being irrational, in the long run - thats why.]

{I recommend to ll young and middle age people, in their own 35-40 years long period of personal pro active (space-)time domain, between 20 and 55-60 years of effortful/working age, should be very ambitious, eager and passionate to work (and handle risks) that way, I think. But they have to rely on themselves, on their own resources, skills, abilities, , , /, capacities and consistent hard working, not be successful & not be (soooo) happy, & . every day, afraid ; human e , yes, perfect ( , some objective premises, values & principles) ( )!}

initial ,
( accordingly) & objectively, ,
( my , , with pleasure & joy /manage; I innovate & lead/create the way/lifestyle ( & calcs), I do not follow, I lea

mystical , ( arithmetics, , , logically) ,
/ & [my ] ( )
MAKE- MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! To make (, long-term stable & sustainable, the more the better) profit.
successful/productively efficent,
(ability of) (, step by step, profit & success ),
to be practical about money
, ,
really () ,
(self-, , , my plan/project/)
very much passionately,
( , -)
//rational , ( , , / , according to my strategy & tactics)
continue doing [] my of the biz idea/project.
T, consistency & persistency, achievement of ,
(Ive always believed in my own capabilities to achieve & long term ; actively & rationally )
really / ,
to make money,
to sell the product
(to clients) - for (good; long-term stable & sustainable) profit ( , , incomes/ ( -) &);
I love, truly love
, to make/earn money, money, money;to make & increase (, a , , to downsize) my own (real) assets [in real terms]!
[ , I dislike- ( , I break communication with them),
() &,
negative /, , must, of course, (), negative equity/value]
The (honest, practical and intelligent process of the) making of money/profit
, the making of love/sex ! ( humans & other )
And , lovely Josephine, truly rational, should never accept (self-conform to) less. (always say never, when you mean never)! And I really mean it.
money-making- (wealth -savings/capital- growth),
(very much) , my business model/project , ,
actively manage the project, ,

(/positive ) profit-a - (to the best of my own abilities & skills)
.. , to make profit,
(much) -, lovely Jos,
(, the change, in terms ot annual percentage on the annual incomes & ROI coefficient & equity decreasing increasing) (and, , how, means & applied methods)
[ / ,

ones (domestic & international parity) buying/purchasing power
a (value),
which can/is able to produce (save, invest & grow/capitalize, in the long run, , /consume, , destroy-)!]
play the game,
(actively make) profit,
, , , lovely Jos, ( , ) ( ) ;
wrongly choose & , -
(, ) ,
( , () /worrying/anxiety/uneasiness)

( ) .
[.. - (), -, ;

, ,
.. ,

to be your own boss,

, lovely Jos, , rationally to take & handle the NON_STOP risk (vs Safety), !]
] , lovely Josephine,
& (rationally, )
, , the irrational ppl,
, , ppl,
, /,
forward-looking & really ( inclined!) ,
that can do, do, do
(/intentional - & -, , , accidental)
(do it like a locomotion)!
(yes, usually, but not necessarily guaranteed),
if (long-term) consistent & practical, lovely Jos, [the reality]
( ) , honors them ppl. Accordingly.
Yes, it usually does!


The four-seasons journey of (an individual) life on Earth

[The -cyclic- rational story of Earth and life!]
Every /age can really be () !
And is real
/healthy/ irrational/ ,
knows thyself. A, , his real values, (really) !

[Theres en cycle, theress movement, theres life. No cycle, no life! Oh, that (life sustaining) ! Self-regulating cycle.]
humans, lovely Josephine, stages of development within our human life(time).
, , of an individual.
Its natural, for the 21 century. Its human; only human.

Im certainly spending my lifetime having lots and lots of good times! Really!
, lovely Josephine,
much - ! Yes, absolutely!
, , should be [the case] for rational
[, at lest the age of 73, I hope; the old age of a healthy individual starts usually at the age of 66];
irrational [of the ], lovely Jos,
usually stupidly [back] in happier past,
its ideas of the future absofreakinlutely &
what an UNstable psyche, that is producing an & (personal) world,
the emotions & the feelings over the
[thats a really absofuckinlutely confused world, full of contradictions i.e.
, anxiety & 4Zs angriness i.e. a negaliving] !



, ; is born, matures, flourishes, declines and dies.
the model/cycle of life/everything/reality on/of Earth ( )! The objective principle of causality.
Thats an
(objective & rational; universal) - (real) (some)thing,
(ever) , and will (ever) exist - in the Universe.
, lovely Jos,
( really ) ( ) (no matter )
always & universally 4 seasons
(2 of the process of maturity and 2 for the process of decline!)
[, because of its
position, inclination and (self-)rotation the Sun in the Milky way ,
Earth could be ,
, natural the natural of the protection/effect of in the ]
, by the same (rational) principle
theres spring, theres summer, theres
lifetime - universally, everywhere (no matter of which point) on Earth! (no matter , , or elsewhere)

(the most essential part of) ()
(non-manmade) reality!
[the Earths own
-cyclic- journey about 5 agowhen it was borna star was bornand nobody exactly knows when it will end,
a rational human -for sure, with absolute certainty- it will sometime, one day, end! Absolutely. . thing, of the reality/existence]



The Four Seasons of my lifetime
[ !]
[You cant turn back time!]


of the 20-th century Ive had my idyllic (peaceful, , and happily) childhood,

my teens (Oh, the absolutely (!) great (!) spirit (!) of the Seventies; my second part of my spring years!) - , , ( fighting with my delusions) by myself, , - ( ) - (and the musical!, and the movies!, and the entertainment!) ( the fundament of my later-to-be rebellious & dynamically active ; my own ideal my teen years - i.e. to have my successful , ; my political (, ) - . , . - (thanks, 1989., at that time , 30 and very ambitious, independent & active) upgrade- i.e. to objectively practice , in the long run! , , () !);

my 20s (of the eighties of the 20-th century; my rising/experimental adulthood, the beginning of my summer years; I went to work, started to earn my money/capital/assets very productively and formed a family; as a young adult) arranged , my rational , radical (new) ( , / ) , & ; I made myself an ( , , mobile phones; free market; in the ), & & doing (Ive since then found my real/true/objective identity and Ive never changed) , , ;
( ) & & in practice in 1989 , &

30s ( in my youth), , my own hollimanness: real (manlihood!) personality (of , motivation, ambition, desire to build my own high IHS and - ) of , innovation (to be exported, (i)novex i.e. innovative management), , practicality, hard-working, (I have always, since my teens, been business orientated), risk-taking, responsibility (which, , exerts stress), concentrating, consistency , - ( -; the real //organization), ( , , ) , prosperity; , very much & , enjoy- (doing and minding my own private business & self-interest), all the time ( , , small talker, , , ). /30s fully , , , experience- , my successful & profitable - secondary . actively // 20 a true [in DM/USD, in terms of real assets, a ( ) 1997, , ?! . , (, ) ! , 20- I had my spring/childs and summer/expansions years] Oh, I love summer!;
21 ,

[oh, that most beautiful & really golden - - age,]

", !",

, !


, , ,

: !

: ,







[Yes, lovely Jos, should, could and ought to be the best years in a human lifetime!
And I certainly
+ enjoy them years really golden years, !
I absolutely love living in them years! Best years of a (normal) lifetime;
the &
of an () rational in thought, motivation, action !
(every long-term) !

, lovely Jos you enter into golden ,
to live throughout all 20 of them , , stuck into , anxiety & stress,
but being truly & fully happily
, in real abundance!
And yes, accordingly according your own
accumulated abilities, skills, & rationally made choices,
, , because of mummy, daddy or anybody elses !


in my great, great 40s

[, 20 ,

Ive started experiencing/facing of of my absolutely l-o-v-e-l-y golden autumn/matures (the my max earning/accumulating & max spending, net VERY, very MUCH positive!) years - the really achieved/earned by myself real ; its the midlife years - , ! objectively the - period (of 20 years) of ones own life in terms of for the better/increase or for the worse/decrease of ones own (,) economic (& psyche) wealth/health! Yes, it is. reaping & enjoying your own successful(ly managed) harvest, with lots of real hardworking really (consistently) & really (persistently) !],

Oh, I
truly love (my) autumn years! Theyve (so far) been really great! All of them!

(my own) ; .
. !
joyfully of it; & 2Us!
, . .


based on my real knowledge and experience,
[Ive never, since 1990, lovely Jos, worked for the public sector; and I never shall]
/perfect/mature ,
my (distinctive & practical)
style {//experiencing - of life}
[for a period of 15 , lovely Jos, my biz motto :

[We objectively are doing] The (champions of the) real style in education (in our post- BG),

, lovely Jos,
absolutely ,


absofreakinlutely dislike- (& rich) , that real ,
with a touch of class, working with sophistication!

, lovely Jos, fear the ppl, they () hate them!]
i.e. , lovely Josephine,
( taking , producing deficit, debt, facing the uncertainty of the future, fear, gamble, in a (semi-) free market !)
and I, into new phase/cycle of intensiveness of my businesses,
honestly, openly/publicly &
to my further [maturing] economic progress (through applying my own innovative abilitity)
to (grow & my reputation of)
a reliable, stable & profitable company

[Ive innovated my own business, lovely Josephine,
ve created it and Ive, , built it from a scratch, / - did this with my own house by myself;
() , /designer, /locomotive -2 in 1 integration- doing my business;

Ive been the rational leader of my own , doing long-term rational ! Gardening good roses, , , !]
Yes, Ive absolutely
done it!
I did it my own
way, the rational way with a style! Achieving a lot of good roses/results!
What a nice garden, full of good
roses, Ive managed to build of my business!
in my early 40s, lovely Jos,
I have
created a () private company of 100-120 (very efficiently) / (always, all time)
/growing negative positive equity (, as well as, positive cash flow of the company),
generating no debt & no deficit .. the (objective) thinking & the (rational) doing of
self-innovating, self-creating, self-producing, self-developing, self-happening
my own p
-o-s-i-t-i-v-e identity, /reality, IHS -
fundamental 3 ,
& rightly through the process of knowing/understanding myself/my values and
, () being a fact
the applying/actualizing/doing my own ( really ) talent
to the best of my / abilities, & !
And look at me now, lovely Jos!
Watch me today at my 50-th anniversary,
see my
, laziness

achieved/ (really) , , ! Do have a (rational) look!
Yes, these are my crazy years of my real (mature) adulthoodness!
Yes, there was
a lot of singing,
dancing, drinking and active entertaining going on in my life then,
a lot of
(!) late-night parties, ( in) , bars,
[Have you ever spent an morning in a bar, between 4AM to 6AM, after a drinking party,
a and yet more glasses of whiskey, & wine?!]

having between 4-5 lunches/dinners per week in really nice (and posh) restaurants, bars
(doing) as well some (objectively) (, , ) pleasurable stuff/values/! , !
Ive really done it a lot;
Ive paid
(a lot, really a lot) for all of it, of course.
[because I can, really to pay;
I've always known I could never really fall, I could never be a real failure
(, do not increase, /decreases his values/capital/),
for as long as Im thinking & acting
rationally - in the long run!]
Its my own distinct lifestyle;
(, lovely ,
to experience real fun & real happiness in ones own lifetime!
Thats my ultimate
job; work to be meaningfully/rationally done!]
really . , ! Ive done it a lot,
Ive rocknrolled
, lovely Josephine, exuberantly!
(, these - parties interesting, )
and having some really absurd adventures, too)
What a time that was of 40s;
absofuckinlutely interesting (, , enjoy) time ! Of great real abundance & real happiness
all over
, every day & every night!
There were these times!
( to do these things, quite reduced characteristics of , , , , & ! Thats rationality in action, in the reality. And absolutely no regrets! Because things are what they are; , could have an increase, , decrease, a . If you have not grasped, understood & , you are just another fool - a part of the ! , ?)
So pls, dont talk to me
/nobody of wild, wild of angels, God and luck!
It all
(pursuing ones own happiness) essentially depends on the (thy)self;
on objectively understanding and rationally applying values/principles
achieve high(er) 4Zs IS/IHS !
(, ), ,
() irrational, lovely Jos,
cannot, cannot, cannot (they find it difficult, they dont really know how to) enjoy (their );
cannot have
a little fun,
cannot relax, cannot really have
a peace of mind (theyve a lot of anxiety), before they die!
(, , & pretend/ otherwise,
()spend their moneybut I couldnt care less for them confused & angry/worrying !
Its their choices!)

OK? Get it, Jos?


Yes, thats the final objective values/,

& consistently,
[Ive always made myself sure,

according to my knowledge & capacity at some time,

that Im absolutely consistent on rightly applying objective principles,

, - I clearly & negatively / ]
in the long run &

, lovely Josephine,
of my lovely ( ) years, I - regrew (in moral and intellectual-cognitive context)!
, lovely Jos,

[ ] Google,
YouTube Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, PayPal, Amazon, Wikipedia, EBay, Alibaba, etc.
Can you imagine that?!
I absolutely
love the (lovely, lovely, lovely) years
of my absolutely great 40s,
(positive ) , , lovely Josephine,

the -stable, [after the collapse of / socialism in the ( great) 1989]

the economic activity [increase] in BG:1998-2008 period!
of my 40s, I have absolutely , , decreased
increased &
.. long-term
my very ( objectively achieved) prosperous results/assets/wealth/capital/roses,
[within the top 3%-9% of the top BG/EU/world companies, by me, by my management I was giving better value (to my customers) for (their) money .. , the best (i.e. right & honest) way to make money/wealth in the long run is to make/keep my customers happy/satisfied; put profits before people/customers, cannot, in the long run, make money, but hell (net) lose money/wealth/assets!

{i.e. correlation made , , the average man in Zimbabwe/Africa, to the average , , high standards, //, - the average European/American/Japaneese/Korean,

on the world business/companiess coefficient of profit (objective scale); this is an objective methodology of measurement of biz success/results/profits (in the long run), correlated to the mean/, using (a set of) objective reference and within (a set of) objective category .. the correlation between 2 (or more) objective measures is a math coefficient, is an objective measure of the of the factors that the 2 measures share;

o (.. , growth): merit (of /failure) should be done by objective productivitys results (+ luck, ), corrected/regressed/correlated to/in the real terms, because of inflation (moneys currencys devaluation; inflation is the increase of the currencys supply, of which are higher prices) - aristocracy//plutocracy/democracy vs (true/)