Theres really only 2 type of (human) mind(set)s: the rational (rooted consistently & persistently in logics, courage & reality) and the irrational (rooted essentially into emotions, & fears)

(the war of) The forces/mind(set)s of (ability)/individualism/freedom-lovers//morality VS the forces/mind(set)s of irrational(ity)//// /immorality

(within thyself; and different )
( /mentality, objectively understand & act by the) objective (principles of) reality VS ( , sick mentality of) biased (principles of)


(the rational ) , (irrational ) , (irrational ) .

, / () guy;
/right/objective /inverse/wrong/ // [of value(s)]
The Good, the Bad and the Evil

The Good, the Bad and the Regulation

The (absolutely) good, the (absolutely) bad and the (relativistic) moderates/

There are only 3 types of (political & economic) mentality styles in reality : the Autocratic/totalitarian, the (social-)Democratic & the -
styles of the ( ) ppl () / facts; are really corrupt/dishonest/immoral - in mind & actions (at the expense of others).
, , the democratic(ly elected) , (has a tendency to most likely) & - -.
, the monster, - & - - the individual.

, ( of) -
differentiating those of (and acting accordingly) is the only way really of the & happy

Rational vs. Irrational (character of a mind). Irrational self vs. rational self.
The rational
/right the other/wrong ( confused self- ) psyche.
/smart vs /confused

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly guy
, ().
One of these, in fact, of a human.



Thomas Aquinas: A man has free choice to the extent that he is r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l!

: !

[ do it - the right way, not the other way.]


RR: You ought to be courageous, lovely Jos; not an obedient compromising !
Try to be a real leader ( ); a real hero!
Be a real star! the light (of truth) within thyself
( , , , which does not exist, delusional -- ppl)!
, in the first place,
you ought to (effortly) teach your own self (to self-aquire; to be )
() / of objective ,
, , the irrational ! all your important /actions will be arbitrary - will be /wrong!
Do you wanna be on the right or the wrong side/
(of the standard of objective value & evaluation)?


People (their genetics, race) & (different) (potentials abilities and capacity; intellectual development) - (very much)
(, limited ) cannot become (turn into) !
[, lovely Jos, the doctine of , just anytjing goes!]

To (really) know/understand/categorize/identify ( of) a person/nation/thyself, lovely Josephine,
is to (objectively) recognize/identify/clarify his/its own (ir)rational morality (that prevails within) ..
/its () (fundamental) values/principles//idea(l)s/culture

Who/ do/should you () choose to regularly and voluntary (not) communicate with a person, lovely Jos? (the standard of) ? ?
What are the ()
means/methods (of thinking, motivating and acting) to (achieve and keep) ones own () ends? That is the right question!

, lovely Josephine,
to like
(communicating with) a person
is to like
(communicating to)
(cap)abilities and capacity applying & objective to produce (good) IHS achievement(s)/results(s).
() love a (smart) person, lovely Josephine,
is to
() love (i.e. to value)
his (worthy
method of) real rational thinking, rational motivation and rational action -
( achieving) (earned, deserved) in the IHS perspective.

, lovely Jos,
rationally (to value) a real (i.e. rational) ;
a rational person loving rational ;
mutually loving each other,
based on the persistent
feelings/emotions coming from the bottom of their hearts application of the ;
lovely Jos,
building a stable win-win [i.e. virtuous] relationship, long-term! OK? Get that?

[ And one last thing: , lovely Josephine,
irrational -
stupid or evil- ,
, !
, lovely Jos,
absofuckinlutely , , !
Dont be an irrational , lovely Jos!
Be smart; (l)earn to be real smart! , really ( objectively) !]


Short & Middle


: , .


.: () . (, a lifestyle; an usual method of action).


: "". [, ]
Improvement begins with I.


Ayn Rand: To say I love you one must first know how to say the I.


Ayn Rand: From the smallest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper,
everything we are and everything we have comes from one attribute of man - the function of his reasoning mind/self.




Thomas Jefferson : Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal;
nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.


RR: , ,
can be made to really be much better off
only by /Elites in real terms increasing (the Q&Q of) the (objective ideas/ideals/values/principles of all activities of the) smart/rational (.. the moral & practical i.e. the productive) ppl,
based on the life-affirming Standard of value -
, the of live & let live, each & according to his own able & capacity (of /parasite & joyful: thought, motivation and )
the only objectively & essentially fundamental

, really , really moral and really - rational world of humanity, based onto really /utopic// ,
the rational politics, and the rational economics: !
Absolutely , : () !
, : () !
to ( ; meaningfully, consciously) understand (and be coherent with the principles of) Nature/reality and [ true , useful ()] your human nature,
parasitically productively (through religion , personal hard working and taking personal ) create your healthy (and sexually, too) self/character,
to (, & proudly) be your own (smart & !) self -
consistently & persistently practice your
false real self, by applying the absolute Standard: of life.

All other things being equal,
thats the certain way to quality living, for every human, in the socio-economic Strata, here on Earth.

, the rational , ,
an objective /abilities
(and try )
meaningful ability to make
(, true, rational) choices & consistently apply meaningful productive efforts
& long-term their own / -
experience/ the challenges
really (his own journey of) (), successfully, honestly & accomplishes his values/goals.
The (great) smart ppl
( & ) deserve/earn (great) things/values; purcue passionately, actively and earn/happen their (great) happiness!
Thats real greatness
(and, no, nobody is born with it! Nobody has it in his blood! It must be acquired naturally & efforfully).
Smart ppl are great ppl.

irrational ppl
confused [in they moralitys principles] ppl, lovely
and (, non-objectively, ) / ( / ) opinion (/ results),
, always , be motivated & act , , !
, , in fact an irrational way/method of ( / ) ,
no matter the socio-economic in the Strata of (the true, the real) abilities/excellence. Irrational - () ();
, : (only)( ) !

, (semi)
irrational (.. / or evil) ppl make- /arbitrary (.. / or evil) //choices & votes;
psychologically -------- in a 4Zs way , , & (),
, ,
the others their own / non-happiness .. non-real-healthiness, DISintegrity! ! Look at the ppl!
the irrational (.. / or evil) , , (, is not able to) grasp, identify and understand why, & i.e. his own mind works against him, not for him! !

, in reality, Josephine,
(no matter the socio-economic in the Strata of (the true, the real) abilities/excellence) in objective principles act to the best of his own capacity & knowledge -
( ) irrationality / (.. the wishful thinking, the emotional rationality, i.e.
in the domain of primitivism)
Omg, , no matter his socio-economic in the Strata of (the true, the real) abilities/excellence,
no matter how poorer or how richer,

no matter (koe?...), strong or small /body,
no matter
/ ,
& happy - their irrational , , , ( ) ! !
Truth be told a lot of () ppl are (f) stupid (and -; losers)!
Yes, lovely , - in ( of) thought, in motivation, in organized and in action!
, ,
; , , ! Because its method is () wrong!
Well, Jos, , says .
() (, because of God////Pope/, we all have/ different moralities) :
objectively (positive ), objectively (negative ), objectively evil (totalitarian ; ; in thinking, motivation & doing) .
By what/which standard?

By the one and only objective (and ) standard - of (respecting)(the) death life (,, property and healthily happiness).

(as a standard) .

(the Standard of) ( ) is (the) faith-based (thinking, motivation, prioritization and action); is (religious / civic) ; is the utopic, the non-objective, the delusional, the impossible
the of the universally (in time and space terms) rational (and objective), the idealistic- / the materialistic (moralities, cultures, set of , , economic thought & action).
cannot, does not ( ) really , & the universally rational & objective values/principles (,meaningful ) & (of thinking/idea, motivation, priority & action) ..
does not have (and cannot apply into actions/) consistently & persistently the rational morality - , !
cannot be successful (it does not really possess & does/can not apply rational effort to succeed, in IHS terms), in the long run.
cannot be meaningful & happy (, disconnected from reality), in his lifetime.
The irrational (, , , faith/feelings-based) should not, ought not to be respected & treated with /compassion (, !),
ppl are really leaning, really (their talent), really growing & really correcting their errors -
to the best of their own self
(abilities, abilities & in the Strata,
for the making of -really objective and really rational- evaluations, judgements and justifications)! , ,
, - , which is really the objective & rational principles of the reality.
over, and over, and over again - of their (irrational method of) thinking (and doing). , , negatively (, ) ;
cannot be .
OK, lovely Jos? Lessons
(really) learned?
[, ppl & , , the & the justification of life! , , !
, & .. to honour/worship death?! real , , irrationality. Absolutely!
, making of evaluations, judgements and justifications!
cannot regognize, identify & distinguish his false self from his real self (since its very hard for to rationally understand his own core issues/values/principles!!]


Of the -egalitaritarians and their psychology & behaviour:

"It is a fundamental truth of human nature that man is incapable of remaining permanently on the heights, of continuing to admire anything. Human nature needs variety.
Even in the most enthusiastic ages people have always liked to joke enviously about their superiors. That is perfectly in order and is entirely justifiable so long as after having laughed at the great they can once more look upon them with admiration; otherwise the game is not worth the candle. In that way
ressentiment finds an outlet even in an enthusiastic age. And as long as an age, even though less enthusiastic, has the strength to give ressentiment its proper character and has made up its mind what its expression signifies, ressentiment has its own, though dangerous importance. . the more reflection gets the upper hand and thus makes people indolent, the more dangerous ressentiment becomes, because it no longer has sufficient character to make it conscious of its significance. Bereft of that character reflection is a cowardly and vacillating, and according to circumstances interprets the same thing in a variety of way. It tries to treat it as a joke, and if that fails, to regard it as an insult, and when that fails, to dismiss it as nothing at all; or else it will treat the thing as a witticism, and if that fails then say that it was meant as a moral satire deserving attention, and if that does not succeed, add that it was not worth bothering about. . ressentiment becomes the constituent principle of want of character, which from utter wretchedness tries to sneak itself a position, all the time safeguarding itself by conceding that it is less than nothing.
The ressentiment which results from want of character can never understand that eminent distinction really is distinction. Neither does it understand itself by recognizing distinction negatively (as in the case of ostracism) but wants to drag it down, wants to belittle it so that it really ceases to be distinguished. And ressentiment not only defends itself against all existing forms of distinction but against that which is still to come. . The ressentiment which is establishing itself is the process of leveling, and while a passionate age storms ahead setting up new things and tearing down old, raising and demolishing as it goes, a reflective and passionless age does exactly the contrary; it hinders and stifles all action; it levels. Leveling is a silent, mathematical, and abstract occupation which shuns upheavals. In a burst of momentary enthusiasm people might, in their despondency, even long for a misfortune in order to feel the powers of life, but the apathy which follows is no more helped by a disturbance than an engineer leveling a piece of land. At its most violent a rebellion is like a volcanic eruption and drowns every other sound. At its maximum the leveling process is a deathly silence in which one can hear ones own heart beat, a silence which nothing can pierce, in which everything is engulfed, powerless to resist. One man can be at the head a rebellion, but no one can be at the head of the leveling process alone, for in that case he would be leader and would thus escape being leveled. Each individual within his own little circle can co-operate in the leveling, but it is an abstract power, and the leveling process is the victory of abstraction over the individual. The leveling process in modern times, corresponds, in reflection, to fate in antiquity. ... It must be obvious to everyone that the profound significance of the leveling process lies in the fact that it means the predominance of the category generation over the category individuality."
The Present Age (Alexander Dru tr.), 1962, pp. 4952



Frank Chodorov : Freedom is essentially a condition of inequality, not equality.
It recognizes as a fact of nature the structural differences inherent in man in temperament, character, and capacity and it respects those differences.

We are not alike and no law can make us so. Parenthetically, what a stale and uninteresting world this would be if perfect equality prevailed!
When you seek the taproot of reform movements, you find an urgency to eradicate these innate differences and to make all men equal;
in practice, this means the leveling-off of the more capable to the mediocrity of the average. That is not Freedom.  


, ,
, ,
; , , ,
, -
, , ,
, .
: . , 2007.


All men are alike (to' infinitely various)

The (inherent) natural law of the common/united/collective good/interests (), , variety & diversity (of abilities, polit correct speech, - & skills)
(defines , , the human nature, the individualities -abilities & capacity- of free ppl, based on self-interest)

Eastern proverb: "Everything in nature is diversity and diversity is nature."

Its all about diversity (which naturally produces ) [equality can only be produced by the ideology of ////collectivism] & !
Diversity is our strength; is ppls strength; is the strength of a (really) free society, is not, not, not based on of /egalitarism & !
[, , lovely Jos,
coercively in a nation/
diversity (brotherhoodness!; cultural enrichment)
objectively irrational &
absofuckinlutely unsustainable, in the longer run! OK? Get it?
Beware, lovely Jos -
(egalitarian/) diversity
absofuckinlutely the cohesion;
its cultural
by its spirit it is ,
but real cultural -! OK? Get it?
culturally diversed [or enriched] population in a nation
has never been (and will never ever be)
& as a social (, )! OK? Get it?
This doctrine (and
all its versions of ) the building of social capital impossible! OK? Get it?
less happiness and less quality of living absofuckinlutely of the ppl! Absolutely!
, lovely Jos,
you should have a r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l fear of this
and ought never to accept absolutely no versions of it! Fight it, rationally! OK? Get it? ]

(peaceful) harmony amongst diversity (live and let live point of view) is really possible & could be achieved,
two (morally, culturally) contradictory propositions cannot (co)exist in the same time and in the same place!
If we all the ppl live by the (notion of the) same melody and (wrongly) call this harmony -
(way of)(organizing)(life/living) is absolutely () , in reality. - for all the ppl.
It brings real
& real destruction - to the ppl.
(delusionally believing in) the idea(s) of (i.e. ) & the reincarnation -
thats real irrational thinking (stupidism
& resentment in) motivation and action.

() ppl, () idea(l)s, () cultures

The Difference
were all (culturally, , intellectually, , & ) homogenous different [and have really different abilities, , capacity (of problem-solving) & views];
we are (absolutely) differently smart ppl/nations with () idea(l)s, () cultures; diversity and variety are real ().

To each his own - (nega)living; freedom or prison; () & (un)happiness; (ir)rationalities; (); feeling like a victim or being a real !

different (ir)rational !


: He who is different from me does not impoverish me he enriches me.


The egalitarian message/idea(l) (of , starting a long time ago with ,),
everyone (, but God) is equal [ of the inter- democratic (of the working for the good), (-) voting ]
is wrong,
if applied persistently for a longer run
lots of absofuckinlutely harmful
(revolutions, stagnation/poverty, , , eliminating the private property, - redistribution ( almost ) and , )[Work and life should not be about -achieving- profits, but about the common/ goodness/ - , brotherhood & ! Vive la commune()! ; ! - , ! , no matter if religious or secular, / , , to be raised to make no difference (as individuals), .. they are being taught & raised (i.e. ) to be not different (as individuals)! , - based on /forceful /, in fact - & -! be not different , we are all equal /ideology///economics! (anti-productive, ) (the irrational whys, the whats and the hows of the REGRESSIVE ppl) - the productive !]!


Equal, lovely Josephine, the same; , two or more /ppl//entities/identities are the same i.e. are equivalent!
Are we (the ppl) really all equal?
No, no, no we are not! Not at all!
Ppl are not equal, are not the same, and cannot ever be;
and should not be coersively
(-) equalized (on the basis od their different results/productivity. Oh, that irrational idea(l) of equalitarianism)!
we the ppl
shall never be equal(ized)
( in the political freedom , all ppl- should and must be in a nation - no matter their color, , , gender, etc.),
no matter the space-time
(of history of the mankind).

There are bright and smart () ppl (, ); and there are stupid or evil ppl (, ; ppl, )!
s now describe the very bright and truly smart (knowing and ) ppl/beings/identities i.e.
the (very, very) much different
(in thought, motivation and action) ppl,
to wrongly rightly question, identify/recognize & /understand the principles of the (objective) reality to (consistently apply them into the practice ) make the difference - (the way all the ppl communicate, produce and live in) , for the better, in the long term; yes,
& of the world


efficient (productive) ppl/humans! , lovely Jos, the smart (.. , efficient, , able, ) ppl, , , , the right (and greatly UNequal) ppl/individuals,
forward to regress, , , low quality of living real progress and real prosperity i.e. real abundance, real abundance for all the ppl//humanity/world, accordingly! real smart (, , efficently producing added value) ppl, to rightly question, rightly identify/recognize & rightly /understand the principles of the (objective) reality
to (consistently apply them into
make the real difference the difference based on the efficiently
of core values (expressed of the IR) - to live really arbitrary meaningfully, really lazily and (to be) happy
by really
/ destroying mastering/producing/happening (the whys, the whats and the hows of) our own uniquely individual - real , real , real () & real (, , , forcibly & coercively /),
objectively (knowing and ) achieving (increasing and keeping) different (in & real) values (for the sheer purpose of the joy of using them values),
as longer as possible , , till the individual end.
in fact the morally right, the natural, the , the coherent with ( ) the coercive reality
( -of abilities- is)(truly & fully)
the ----------()

to each his own [, on merits, , , dogmatic ]! Absolutely!




, lovely Josephine,
, , ;
(individual) ppl
( in social context: countries/nations) in fact are not (has never been and will never be) equal;
very much
(complex psychological , )
the things of life (),
(, , , ) almost / (in principle, forms, shapes and function) !
So many similarities in us, and yet so different,

(in our , , , , , reasoning , consistency, persistency, , to take risks, etc)
we all (humans)(really) ! !
, ( human , Homo Sapiens (), ()objectively, () )
( ) ppl. (, greatly ppl objectively tiny, - in history of a nation/region/world)
Unequal. Different and unequal people
(in their own way; by our abilities of the human bio-chemical nature),
thats what we really are,
which absolutely have
uniformly diverse
desires, ambition (,a sense/passion for novelty) & (self-)interests [only the lefties & the religionists are & undiversed; both of these categories do not care about individual diversity (innovation, creative thinking and success), based on their monoculture of altruism/egalitarism - for the ],
accordingly different (priorities of) values/principles;
[, can - easily on global - connect/co-op with each other, through voluntary interactions & consistent improvement/adaptation of ppls voluntary thought, motivation and action/behavior!
The complexity theory, life, lovely Josephine,
is a complex and dynamic system; capital markets, too!
, lovely Josephine, dont know it -
the center of the Universe ,
16 , by all elite,
-intellectually/rationally- just the opposite i.e.
that their method of thinking & model of the Universe
is absolutely wrong/irrational/-;
its easy to be
it aint easy to
be -consistently & persistently-
rational in thought, motivation, priority and
we all
within different
& unequal ( ) in the (organized) social-economic Strata. ( the individual ppl naturally , according to our own / (cap)abilities, capacity & achieved practicality)
Yes, lovely Jos,
do, do, do discriminate/differentiate,
we (ir)rationally do recognize and make distinctions b/n
the / ( )
, , to discriminate! (, all to force (private) to NOT discriminate i.e. to force/coerce DO all kinds of ppl - in terms of religious faith, race, , , , , , etc.! Of course, that SHOULD BE allowed by law / , if we choose to do it! ?)
& , lovely ,
ese are not bad things ( the religious / secular ),
these are good/objective stuff! of reality/life.
We should, could and ought to celebrate these;
God nature, evolution
that we are not
(by nature made) equal,
that we all have different
(category & degree of) , capacity & (cap)abilities,
we all are able to accordingly earn/produce/deserve (our values and joys)(in different quantity and quality terms), in our own/different way!
) & (of the rationally knowing beings)
- nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of;
dont talk to me about equality/ and the elite/ - these are both irrationalities; talk to me about rationally intelligent or stupid/ (/ evil) individual ppl. OK?
, lovely Jos,
really ();
diversity//variety/novelty (and decentralization)
(our human)
/ could only be () achieved if enforced, (i.e. ; e.g. , , , , , , )

to enforce ( the authoritarianism of the & the i.e. the tools of , the groupthink, the state-cartel monopoly/regulation/settlement/ & the - the free exchange of values - centralization)
equality (onto ideas, vision, politics, economics and arts)

to be at root , !


Diversity of (the methods of) thinking!

No, no, no, lovely Jos,
we are not
(and can/could not , , )
all ( almost)
( equally & h-a-p-p-y self-makers)(cause we have different / defined IQ i.e. raw intellectual power/ability),
/ ,
in his life(time),
should do what he rationally can/could/ought to (challenge, take r-i-s-k-s &) do/produce/earn/actualize for his own better best self (to really flourish in IHS terms).
No, no, no, lovely Josephine,
ppl are not equally intelligent; there are (much) more intelligent and there are (much) less intelligent ppl!
No, no, no, lovely Josephine,
not everybody is
equiped [interested in] to (be able) to objectively understand [deep] [abstract] (ir)rational idea(l)s!
can [is able to] rationally understand, & apply the different arguments of the different of () morality!

Mind activities, mind games, mind strategies, mind (ir)rational way(s) of thinking, motivation, prioritizing, memorizing and (the according) action;
few ppl choose to
(learn to)(/rationally) think [, be motivated & act on objective principles/values], most choose to think [, be motivated & act on non-objective principles/values i.e. to think] not!
, lovely Josephine, yes, ,
you/thyself , adult human, to , consistently & persistently do your own best ( mystic )
to develop
( -, -) your objective (method of) (cap)abilities & (that objectively moves you) into of smartness [& success(ful living)]! Really.


James Watson (a Nobel prized winner scientist) : As we find the human genes whose malfunctioning gives rise to such devastating developmental failures,
we may well discover that sequence differences within many of them also lead to much of the observable variation in human IQs.
A priori, there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically.
Our desire to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so.

No, we the ppl from the planet Earth
are not, not, not at all equal
in terms of race,
, , /principles, [cognitive] , capacity, culture, , , , , , method of thinking, etc.

We are absolutely unequal! Objevtively.
We the ppl
all (of us)
s-e-p-a-r-a-t-e (and ) entities! ( , lovely Jos, ought to , understand and know yourself from the rational concept of separateness, individuality! , lovely Jos, you ought to be a really individual - in IHS context)
Absolutely separate entities,
absolutely separate identities, qua humans i.e.
we are all different, individually.


, lovely Jos, different objectively (). Thats an absolute truth. , , every ones .
(T , objectively & universally - , a?)


Yes, lovely Josephine,

we the separate entities, we the individual
(very much) (and we naturally like/love diversity) , Lovely Jos, its absolutely important fact, we the (living) ppl
, ethnicity ,
culture ,
( ) religion and all other ,
(of living),
[, , IQ is an strong / of a (wo)mans (un)successful & (un)happy life/living in terms of IHS, and it socially-economic as -- , no matter, , of course! Different ppl (of different races, ans , and geographic ) really different IQ - it's a matter of fact, - of the current genes & the current environments, the current level of IQ; different ppl in their different way of evolution have adapted themselves to different environments and different capacities! , no matter if one likes it or not. And our individual IQ , , (but by a max of an increase of a few points) of a human into the (you cannot, say, get an IQ of 77 and boost it up to 97 over time?! No, nobody can! It simply cannot happen)! , lovely , the IQ /general (average ) , , , /specific is important o, , only the specific/ individual matters, or his nationality, race - blood is thicker than water is absolutely wrong i.e. is absolutely irrational! , , on average, as a nation, will produce IQ , some of the younger Indians, Russians & Bulgarians are being - IT in the world! OK?]

our very, very much
() /
(dis)honest (-intellectual economic)
accomplishments (achievements of values), actualized/ potentials/! Absolutely!


, !

, . ! !

, ?

, , ! ! !
. , ,

Yes, lovely Josephine,
ppl (, are really able ) , (, are really much more IHS productive, mindful and effective in the long run i.e. & - - Strata of the excellence of abilities. Oh, that top, oh that beautiful Strata!)
(, ) -;
has objectively (l)earned to be () intellectual/ to think (, ), / really () //dont like to think;
some ppl
rationally & objectively abstract , some not really so;
some ppl are (actively) self-reliable/productive/, some are not/afraid/cowards/netto takers/;
-() (have really greater & ), - (have much less greater & ), some people are wise, and some are otherwise", some ppl(s minds, ideas, motivations and actions i.e. lifes & visions) are simple, some are simplistic;
(much) - [i.e. earn/make (much) less money], (much) - [i.e. earn/make (much) money] - each of us (is able to) honestly different amount of wealth ( value; profit) - really (much) - ;
short ppl, others are taller;
some are white, some are yellow,
some are thin, some are fat;
-, ( //dumb);
some ppl -simple
(life,) needs and wants - have (much) more;
really much higher (and much more often) sexual appetite (and no excessive belly fat, no obesity and as such are mismatching) ;
some are -, proactive, , - not so (much);
- ppl, - ();
(much) (-)productive/skillful//able, () parasites [ real () ()] the system of destruction;
() , in fact (and vice versa);
love & greatly enjoy to (learn and master to objectively) do hard porn thinking, ;
love / and hardworking, ()/////, ;
some ppl work for other ppl
[Who do you work for, lovely Jos? For or for someone else? Are you a labor or else - youve a lovely business. Either way is OK way - for the different & the unequal (in abilities/capacity) ppl.];
most of the ppl are , some are not ( , -, trans - ; wrongly preach-, : " , , ; ; ."! !);
some of us (l)earn more stuff/things/values (and more easily) than others;
some of us pretend, ()(logical, &) ppl, - ( ) , negaliving!


(all the completely) different set of () values/beliefs/principles and the according lifestyles.
(very, very much) .
have () interests,
make () choices and
() decisions;
, ,
the nations (that consist of ppl)
different, unequal - , culturally/morally, , , etc. !
& nations
(have alwys been)
are (and alwys shall be) unequal,
different! really great! (beauty of the diversity, of , of non-, of non-, of life) Yes, lovely Jos.

, (bodily, economically & rationally)
weak and there are
strong ppl; (BG) ppl weak , will - yes, lovely Jos,
to (objectively) really , really , efficiently,
be (ca)able
() succeed/flourish (their own , ) i.e.
(l)earn to be(come) & individuals,
based on (
& by) the (of real value .. a value based on the of the objective reality).

, () think ( of their own brains)
in a () () way -
the (really) right () way,
( ) the wrong !
Ppl, lovely Jos,
/ () cultures & idea(l)(ogie)s - all over the political (and the according ) ;
yes, the (
) cultures and ideologies matter, a lot - ppl, for all the living humans!
Different ppl
/ () (ir)rational methods of thinking. / () (un)happy !
, () (),
and UNequal! Always have been, always will be. A tiny of () ppl self-develop the rational/real morality, - a bend over morality, , is a set of () bend over !
irrational //values

the c-u-l-t-u-r-a-l [i.e. the ()objective - , , political, , - , & ]
confusions, contradictions and anxieties ( really and)
of our (own) times ..

the irrational (bad or evil) actualization
of the irrational
(bad / evil .. stagnating / )

real (nega)living of - on a large scale, at large, in a nation//world! !
lovely Jos,

put & do things in different ways;
some of us do it in extremely different
[and (in)efficient] way/strategy/method(s).
One person can be
(much, much) better than another, than other;
some ppl have
(acquired/developed) (much) higher (IQ)( the age of 27),
(much) higher (EQ)!
The lower the IQ
(intelligence) of an individual (.. ),
the higher the (possibility
) his indoctrination! ( a faith-based systems organization, i.e. all the non-smart ppl , , free , they cannot /honestly compete & private wealth (.. they really love i.e. favouritism, corporatism, , !) - done by the Government, take from the smarter ppl give coersively to the dumber ppl, are lacking intelligence, real/right judgment & - - free stuff! ! Lovely Jos, think how dumb an average/ () is!)
is true!
It takes intelligence to see, identify and understand the unseen
( - the of )!
, lovely Josephine,
can grasp, recognize, identify,
, u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d
(really) learn
how to rationally apply
(in the right context)
(objective/true) principles of reality
in a very, very much efficient/effective way
(in IHS terms) than another, than (majority of) the others!

Some ppl have (established/produced) much more connections in the (different parts of the) brain,
that objectively underline huge differences, when compared to others.
Some ppl
(as a matter of fact) (much, much) more than others;
worth (much, much) more, no matter how much (and how many) others (dis)like (/ dont understand) them;
some ppl perform/produce/earn (much, much) better & faster (in IHS terms) than others. (in a free & open society/country, /God , , /intervene , all the lifes activities of the individual!) Yes.
Yes, lovely Josephine,
the humans all have rational minds,

ppl, lovely Josephine,
( ) dont & cannot (i.e. fail to) enough efficient effort

to develop/produce their own minds to the best possible way .

We humans, as a species, a human qua human, lovely Josephine,
yes, we all have a lot in common;
yes, we have more commonalities than differences,
we all are not, not, not the same;
we are all / (uniquely) UNequal!

We, , absolutely can, should & ought to (by our nature)
really/rationally & co-op & unite (in the context of:) - mutually beneficial/ and to feel good/fun/joy/2Us,
we ought to understand
/identify/recognice/know/individualize as a group each of us really (kak) (kak idea(l)s, kak really (dis)honestly )!
Yes, we individually (and honestly/objectively) differentiate- ( ) ( self- & our individual/private ------)
(, based on rational principles)
(//non-4Zs/healthily; compromisingly) integrate- (i.e. , to voluntary co-operate) accordingly (guided by our r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l self-interest) (within the according of the Stara)!
In our collective living, in (the cities of) a nation, we
( ) , to (learn &) understand, that we all need agree to disagree.
we the ppl in a nation//world
are not, not, not equal (at all) - in thought, motivation, culture,
, productivity and action; unequal on the level of our own real abilities, real & real capacity, too!

The rational VS the rational
Choose the rational
, lovely Jos; and do ( practical/moral) actions - the (application/ of) (), , logic, i.e.
based on the objective
emotionalism , (meaningful) ()/evaluation/judgement & (consistently & persistently applying) the right method [of ()]!
The (really) (& happy) ()/, the (& not really & completely ) ()/ and the (really) black/evil (& UNhappy) ()/


VS of an individual mind(set)

[ , / ]

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, F. Goya.


, (), ,

, is guided by a epistemology, ,

, , , ,

, , cannot comprehend, ,
, , not rationally, ,
, irrational , ,
death in his own irrational /, but

, shall, in the longer run,
reakinlutely reap (, but his own mind of) , , & - into his own life(time)! !

Yes, lovely Jos, the irrational mind is the road to UNhappiness, a negaliving!
Dont hit that road, lovely Jos, if you do, you shall be UNhappy, a (complete) (4Zs &) !
Dont be stupid, lovely Jos! Dont be a dogmatist!
Do, do, do (apply) not the negative, but the positive appreciative focus/power ..
(act on) the rationality, based on your real thinking & !

Be & act
as the ( rational) god - of your own self. In the name of ( achieving) your own real & complete happiness, Earth.
Be the
() center of your (own) reality; rationally prioritize yourself as the highest possible/objective priority (being) in your own life(time)!
The right
to (rationally) do the sunny principle (for sunny living)(of achieving real abundance, yes abundance):
(when irrational) ( /negative , dont like), a
(because rational) ( /positive , I passionately love)!"


̀ ( ): .

1. , ; , .

2. , , .

(.) , , , , , , , , , ,

(.) , , , ,

(.) ,

reason, intelligence, mind, wit(s)

() common sense, . horse-sense

() against o.'s better judgment

() man of sound/clear/good judgment

() outrage common sense
 - ( : ratio) , .

RR: Its a matter of () fact,
, (free markets) (, a , , brutal /totalitarism) theres a () :
() - average national IQ, - national GDP (PPP) per capita! sheer luck!
It has everything to do with rationality - in thought, motivation and action!

, lovely Josephine,

/ & (most of us) natural from the other(s),

(all the) (in our own abilities, capacity, skills, opportunities and rational practicality -having different visions of how to live our own lives) ppl,

we really & naturally can/do (healthily happy, with a real sense of dignity)

survive in persistent (division of labor and)
c-o-o-p-e-r-a-t-i-o-n & consistent (free market) c-o-m-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n -
in the name of
[by the objective principle of] (satisfying/gaining/accomplishing -to the best of each of ours abilities, capacity, skills, opportunities and rational practicality i.e. doing our job to rationally achieve our rational values ..)

/self-serving ones own goals [and self-defence] of each of us (in terms of IHS)!

Yes, we really can/could/should/ought to (, we the different ppl disagree on all sorts of things, in the societies - absolute/true - , : our distinctive human brain),
we should and we ought to - amongst rational ppl,
thats the only moral way
, ,


to live a flourishing, beautiful and fulfilling life - the great purpose of every human being.

Thats the of being a social (rational) animal, but not on the social drug.
Yes, lovely Jos,
we the
( in capabilities, capital and knowledge)
can, could and should
(understand )
( - organization of a free society}

based ( of , / and the application of)
the rational /

[consistently and persistently applied into the right context, based on objective/practical values/principles,
, , - !

the (small letter!) truth is singular; is (and rationally contextual;
really , & understood)! , on the other hand, the personal opinions, preferences of the ppl , by the billions! , Jos?]
() (coersively)
() ! [.. , property/wealth and happiness i.e. the primacy of the protection of the I-rights]
Or else - we cannot, could not and will not!

Theres only two kinds of ppl, lovely Josephine

theres the makers [producers, creators] (practical creators and adders/increasers of value i.e. the producers)

theres the takers [parasites, recipients] ( , weak OR i.e. the consumers)!

Well, lovely Jos,
you should teach yourself
to be a
maker, a really smart guy,
by the
[honestly, by the merits of your own self]
[and i.e. produced by your own efficiently applied efforts & talents]
IHS results of
/, & debt
/self-sustainability, prosperity & progress!
, , , lovely Jos,

! Dont be () !
Get it?


The bio-chemical (electric) model/algorithm of the (human) mind
[,that by our nature organizes concepts
, into different categories]

- (natural)
[and the ever most important to survive happily, in the real world]

The (true) color of a mind(set), lovely Josephine,
is either
(of) the able (color) or (of) the UNable (color);
, lovely Jos,
we could use/develop/focus/focus our mind in (either of the) both directions: (positively) ill (negatively)!
[An irrational mind(set) cannot distinguish/ ,
() a rational mind(set) really
/ uses () really absolutely !
- to really differentiate.]



RR: Our brain (girls brain - than the boys; thats why girls are better at school than boys) is an organ that has evolved with time - for millions of years.
(its very) nature, a mammals brain is always essentially focused on (and naturally values most) its own/individual survival (and self-interest)(the young brain is a curious -);
mammal brain compares itself to the others - our (normal) o (human) desire for reaching a higher (in HIS terms) in the socio-economic Strata.
effort - the mammlesnature! This is a natural process; especially regarding human nature.
Its a
(natural) driving force, .
, the objective human desire/urge for competing to earn/deserve/achieve/work out/climb to a higher status - ,
falls into skepticism, negativity and () into the domain of /:
objective values/principles, , too!

cannot love/value himself; cannot honestly & ; usually (fe)male adult is/becomes //compromiser.
cannot be better off, happy - no matter his , IQ or economic wealth!
cannot really (learn to objectively) love/value other (rational) (fe)males; cannot be really , in the long run, in IHS terms; (s)he is a skeptic, an unhappy/unflourishing (fe)male.
, gorgeous Josephine - after all, its all (essentially, primarily) about ( of) (individual) , & i.e.
()successful (individual & ) & ()successful (individual & ) /management scarce (, )
of ones own
[individual & (ir)rational]{curiosity, desires, ambition (,a sense/passion for novelty) &} (self-)interest,
within (the limitations/restrictions of) ones own/individual lifetime, in the long run, in IHS terms.
Yes, gorgeous Jos,
we the mammals
all self-interested (and self-centered) ! Yes we are!
ego, lovely ,
the (ir)rational sense of your own self, being as an integrated separate self/entity, that have a specific identity/ - that () individual !
individual can (should and ought to) be objectively & uniquely i-d-e-n-t-i-f-i-e-d - (only) by a (really) rational mind/consiousness.
, but, , the human egoist/ is either rational (.. & in thought, motivation, priority & action) or else - an irrational (, , , pretends/wishes/immitates to be rational and, cannot & is not, in the reality!
Oh, these false pretenders! The brain of an irrational human (of the
, of the majority-) does not like changes; do not like to change itself; as a lifestyle, it is in a state of denial!).
A rational human can (and does) objectively/
identify himself (every time) i.e. is doing / self-referencing, based on the right standard:
the others - rationally evaluate & judge them, based on the right standard.
an irrational is a negative /mirror/personality (structure, ), which cannot really (rationally) trust their own sense of the (objective) /truth;
, because they cannot figure who they really are, the sense of reality/truth/ of other (usually -religious or collectivist- minded) ppl (the of ppl, that LOVE & BELIEVE in a stuff that DOES & CAN NOT exist ! Oh, those minds, oh, these - the great HOPES & WISHES of dellusions);
an irrational cannot love for who (s)he (really) is!
An irrational (hu)man - cannot (do it every time), (s)he lives in an emotional (.. rational_less) Dark Age - , , others.
Get/realize/understand it? Just look at me!

And its about time/timing, .
Stop, dont waste
(, but immensely value and on a whim rationally plan) (your) time [everyday i.e. & rationally integrate it into your every day life(style)]! Look at thyself; - for long (just stuck thyself out)!
(your, individual, ones own) time, & , is the (your; individual, ones own) most precious /thing (of all).
You are (each individual is) the (really most) important - (and should/could be for a few others, too); try honestly your really best to be(come) /florishing , in the long run, in blah, blah, blah IHS terms.
Thats not easy, its
hard. Dont you, , (dare to) just languish (/ pretend/appear to be -act as if you are being- busy), lovely Jos! Or to be bossed/controlled by anyone else.
Just be a real
(hardworking) winner/earner, successful/flourishing, , , ( -another- stuck in) character/personality (and never ever be //4Zs sucker)!
on a whim/emotionalism (plan on faith) rationally (based/evaluating/judging/justifying on your/individual opinion objective knowledge & logical ) your objectively best (to serve God///King/Pope//Government/ thyself);
do hard work consistently, willfully & persistently for achieving (usually, your mid-40s);
do your best ( productive/honest efforts). wishfully really () , , , in IHS terms ( )!
(the reward, when achieved)! Every bit of it! Really.
(each individual) matter most to thyself; thyself is the centre of (each) ones own individual reality/Universe/world/track/way.
You are
(and should, ought to, learn to be) your best friend (, but you can really be your worst ! Its a psyche thing! Dont you turn yourself into ! Dont you fuck up thyself!); you cannot have a better friend than thyself (to care/think about you), really rational /coward ()! And I (really) mean this - as a matter of k fact.
Yes. Good, a? Natural.
Really nice.


RR: lovely Jos, each of us,

really like it or not, really understanding it or not, really intelligent or not, really wealthy or not,
guided by (base on the of) their own (ir)rational & (non-)objective values/principles//(set of) ideas;
ppl (re)act/respond on
() incentives; here on Earth limitless & timeless, () are finite! our (individual life)time, in the reality-!
, , /, (be really able to) , to be guided by,
, the .. the (really) smart/practical!
let me tell you, ,
ppl 25 ppl 60 really (-), (-)emotionalistic (-) in rational terms;
ppl the
Irrational ppl do not
know, do not listen to, do not understand objective and logical , and ( of) facts/evidence of the reality.
The reality is, that a rational
cannot speak logic (and objective values/principles/merits) to the irrational ppl i.e.
dont (even) have the abilities/capacity / intelect to understand what (and how) hes really saying/, - the (intellectual) integrity of the rational morality.

love to stay in the domain of (consistent) denial & /negativism!

A rational , if , (should, ought to, ) really walk away (not in sadness, not in sorry) from the irrational ppl (especially those of above their mid-40s).
A truly rational (wo)man's mind is really much more
smart -intelligently brilliant & logically/methodically beautiful- than the mind of an irrational human.
A truly in his essense rational character/personality has very strong
(objective) values (. a capacity for very strong & passionate joy, love and anger) and according behavior;
(s)he consistently, persistently, actively, passionately &
sacrifices pursues his own rational values/happiness/self-interest, in the ( of) reality-.
if your own brain goes nuts, yourre really done! Finished, fucked up, ended. Really. Absolutely!
through you cannot do anything about youve had a bad luck.
If you do
/ it unconsciously onto yourself absolutely - you unconsciously fuck up thyself! ! ! , (romanticized!) ( ) , !
Everything, absolutely every thing , happens for a reason,
really !
In short - something () ; nothing no thing!
Its the basic (objective) law of
attraction, , , causality/! That governs all (real) things. Things that (really) exist.
Dont you
beat your own self (and do not , somebody is coming to save you)!
Be and live
(by being, by learning/teaching yourself to be) conscious & weak strong; objectively think and act rationally, & persistently in the long run!
really to (teach thyself to) bring up the objectively best within you(r true human nature) by applying the rational method of , youll be healthily happy ! Really.
- ,
, !
OK, lovely Jos? Get it?


Clement Mok: "Very often, people confuse simple with simplistic. The nuance is lost on most."



The Extraordinary Human Brains - (with)in all of the animal kingdom, of the Universe .
, lovely josephine,
able to r-e-a-s-o-n and t-h-i-n-k (and sometimes ; to produce geniuses)
& the longest childhoods - like no other animal, !

blue= " "; red = , will power, , making choices

Our brain(s ability for rational -method of- ) power

Our individual brain
is the essential fundament
of our (to be) (core) personal identity & (un)efficiency - in thinking, motivation, methodology
/ action, in (and for the purpose of) IHS terms//!
It tries to (ir)rationally satisfy our individual needs;
its doing the
biz of individuals ( of) living.


[Lower ( of) IQ, coupled with higher (levels of) higher (rates of) violence & crime! Yes.
Its (objective difference of) (evolutional) biology, but not racism! Causality. Causal correlation.

- (and the greatest) , lovely Jos,
(all the different and many tools and organs of the) humans,
that (the interconnectivity & functionality)

of the (// i.e. bio-chemical)
brain [conceptually - the (degree, Q&Q of intelligence of the) mind/consciousness, our human conceptual faculty to reason]!
( ) understand and
, , &
, goes into our human brain (that form our ppls very, very strong opinions).
(of all humans) differ, lovely Josephine;
are different,
are individual;
humans are not equal; we
(all) do differ by our intelligence (, skills and abilities i.e. by our own capabilities & capacity)! Thats a matter of [evolutional] fact!

Our human brain, lovely Josephine,
is very, very much
(extremely) complex (stuff)! ( connections inside our brain -, - all the stars in our galaxy ! Oh, that beautiful 3D+ organic network of dense connections, oh, that network of life, oh, that process of knowledge, oh, that immensely great and gorgeous multiplicity! Its like a cosmic structure, where everything is interconnected to everything else, like the internet)
, lovely Jos,

(especially , 40% the human cortex, which is & capacity )
, , ( determined) ;

it is constantly remodeling itself ( connections diminish/expire ).

, lovely ,
our mind
-, -, - and -
() ;
we can
(and do; everyday - for the first 3-5 )
change/reprogram it;
it can
(,is able to) change/reprogram itself.
{ / , the content & the i.e. self-reprogramming our own mind/consciousness into a positive or negative ( in electric terms) direction/path .. self-//improvement/progress self-///regress?!; self-changing/reprogramming (thing of an) entity; , what & how (consistently & persistently) (& often ) - it is important for your own life, ! Thoughts (and the ability to focus - & deeper) matter, hugely! Absolutely! ( , ) can and do change us - better/ or worse/, life, within (very) / ; keep up the delusional practical & fitness// of your own mind/self, all of your life! our human conceptual mind , it always i.e. it must construct a story, , - true false, , objective , it must, must, must (consciously & subconsciously) construct/make/work/create; , if/when , his own /talents/capacity/efforts/integrity, for any specific of the socio-economic Strata,
, , , Omg, /manage, ,
(starting) young (, as young as 3-4 years of age,) self- true//objective and practical/rational FUNDAMENTAL VALUES/principles (by his late 20s), on - / - faith ( & /) validate, , reliable, consistent, coherent and self-sustainable, a humans summer time-frame CONSCIOUSLY expanded and i.e. upgrade- horizontally & vertically by (methodology of) self-knowledge,
, , of, , the irrational - according within the Strata. hugely important the right/objective & fundaments for his own lifes - & meaningful, ! For sake, for your own sake - your own mind/self; dont confuse your own life/world, lots of hard working! You gotta learn, self-educate to (in fullness) differentiate between , delusion/wish/dream/ .. to understand/// the (objective) truth, really, rationally - no matter what the others/majority/minority say or believe in!}
Yes, lovely Josephine,
(very, very much) different [cognitive] abilities, skills, knowledge and (to reason & (re)act);

weve also different:
flow of
(level of quality) neuroelectricity/slow-to-(very, very much)fast moving brain waves/efficiency of brain functioning

& IntegratedHealthStatus ( : & IT specialists (technical way of thinkers), , most of them high IQ of above 120-123 and as well as a really good IHS status/, for years & laws/principles/technical stuff, / think rationally & /, based on principles & ).

, lovely Jos,
the equality of the minds of the different ppl,
/neo-transcendentalist [irrationalists; conformist];
, , absofuckinlutely [] ,
its bad for your [overall] health!


Our human mind, lovely Josephine,
is incredibly (neuroplasticity) adaptive
( 40 ) & everchanging;
and all that happens/is electromagnetically

(every)ones own experiences that happen, are being produced, in(to) the brain/mind/self
this is how (every)ones creating/projecting the
(his own small) world/reality (sense of life)

(positive or negative) evaluating, interpreting and (-)
analyzing signals from the outside
(and from within) -
ones one outlook of

-good & bad-
life, liberty, property and happiness! Yes.
In general,
your own
(of transacting sub-atomic particles into chemical reactions)
drives your (mis)outlook/understanding of the IR,
all of your life(time), . ! Yes.

Yes, we
(the rational) humans
have the
(real) power -
to live,
to (overall)
, , ably experience

our one-way ticket journey in the reality, on Earth. A healthily ( &) happy living.
And do carry on, lovely Jos.
According to (the objective of)
your own
(will, , ambition & strength of) self.
The sacred
& incredible thyself
[, dont , you ought not to be a part of the of the irrationality -stupidity & evilness- () , is really making itself !].




Your own mind is your [e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in the] world, in the reality!

The real God - of myself/thyself.

Our (individual, private) /mind/brain e the (essense of our own) self/identity/entity/character [, based on (non-)/ values]

My brain is my (objective)(story of) I; your brain is your (objective)(story of) you; we all (humans) have brains, that can think (ir)rationally!
Rationaly sacrifice love thyself; be happy! Vibe with the , , objective ( ) reality, rationality, truth & ! Thats all.
Thats all it takes, lovely Jos, to be
objectively high(er) IHS , - and theres nowhere else. OK?

[A potentially rational brain can have/construct/produce/happen an (ir)rational method of thinking! Thats really terrible!]

Yes, lovely Jos, all
right-doing & wrong-doing
(, & ) ARISE the [(ir)rational] mind/self - of an individual. Im -an (un)happy- me. You- you.
The human brain has a
conscious (rational) and an UNconscious (irrational) parts;
is always scanning ( , i.e. processing ) all the surroundings. that info to the conscious part.
(L)earn to think
really (long-term) consciously, seriously and , lovely Jos -
being rational - most of the times, for most of the serious stuff in ones own life(time)! Dont be stupid, lovely Jos! negatively ()!
OK? Get that?

Albert Jay Nock: The mind is like the stomach.
It is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests.


The mind, lovely Jos, objectively is the (most essential) processing unit of a human.

, ,
(rationally expanding & / delusionally objectively focusing)(our human) consciousness {and its pattern of electrical paths through the brain /system; the (ones; your) mind is the (ones; your) self, is the uniquely ones/you}, more (-)awareness (rational integration by the objective essentials!), / ( - the reasoning-, - of all! , !); experiencing of (un)happiness ( objectively) lies within our own (rational, a) consciousness and brains activity - based on our own (ir)rational [& (non-) organized system of] morality/values/principles/ and vision of life/freedom/man/world/(set of)ideas/economics!

Its a battle/ of (ir)rational -.. (im)moral & (im)practical- consciousness, ideas and methods/tools;
there exist,
there are
(we the humans -our brain- really have i.e. a healthy brain can and do produce the)
happy-brain chemicals
(dopamine, , oxytocin, , etc. - the good feelings/emotions rewarded by the brain i.e. the Mr. Feelgood family, flowing the reward pathways; , oh, sugar/ makes/effects our brain just goingcrazy)
(triggering the , the Mr. Feelbad, that makes one feel real bad- the killer; makes you feel that your survival is threatened) chemicals (, behind the - - chemicals - its the electricity -produced- that makes you want -motivates you- to meet your needs; thats human ; lack of the - could be degenerating, really dysfunctionality) that are turned on and off;
electro-chemical energy (is what really)
makes us go
is our
(source of) life(-affirming) force.
thats really running through us)
; (e.g. when the brain is under stress it turns on the chemical, /! -the - really (suppresses the ), .. doesnt allow, but supresses the really rational process of ! Conclusion: a human mind cannot -- under /threat/angrer/fear/; the mind/human when under cannot think clearly / thinking to shut it down!
We the individual ppl
(all) born tabula rasa - with very few connections in our brain (, since 400 million years ago; our reasoning ability/faculty has been evolving since 4 million years ago); there are no , no , none at all (except the mind of millions of delusional ppl - always has been and always will be) - & (k)/superstitions do not exist in the reality/universe .. are irrationalities, fallacies, non-facts, non-truths, non-objectives; weve got (central) nervous system, which is connected to all parts of our brain.

Our minds, ,
are either overall rational in thought, motivation and action
overall , , for everything ; but should, could and ought to think in (rational!) objective principles/values/ideas! Yes, lovely Jos.

Our minds
complex & different (individual)(similar/different pattern recognition)
/machines (of functional neurons & connectivity; .. the level/quality of transactions within our own neurons );
these organic structures
( , especially important 2-3 of ones own life)
think very, very much in a different way, producing big differences
[in logics, results/outcome, talents, skills, abilities, capacity, (in)efficiency, (non-)creativity, (non-)functionality, (ir)rationality; or . , () ]. Yes they do.

The reward pathway

Our mind, lovely Josephine,

some bad habits; that (can)(sometimes) make us feel good (in the immediate or short term), (could)( sometimes ) hurt us in the long run. Yes it can and it does. , in principle, lovely Josephine, (a drunk, cocaine, etc) addict ( ),
uses the drug () in the immediate (or short) term Mr(s) Feel Good (targeting his own pleasure center in the brain and increasing of ),
, overall, in the longer run,
the drug the opposite effect - it makes individual every time Mr(s) Feel Miserable, the drug , in his own blood/brain the ( of) suffering .
, Josephine, like it or not, ,
() //construct
(-) , , ( ) ( absolutely different );
these (short, long, , )
pathways (of real/false REWARD or of real/false PUNISH) ( of -), j
within his own brain;
[the self/]

( ) ,
- () time, /energy, consistency, persistency and hard(quality)working/effort, ,

if () objectively construct/develop/achieve the essential infrastructure/principles/objective values (within his spring & summer years) of his brain system (method of thinking),

-, -, -
joyful, -, communicate- his ideas/projects/desires [, moving through system of the brain; construct creating, , accumulating, moving of (non-)objective thought/knowledge - (non-) management]. Yes, lovely .


Our mind/engine
(most essential & real)
source/fountainhead of all our essential characteristics, personality, visions, talents, ideas and (content & method of) (the quality of) i.e.
(ones own) mind(s content & method of thinking; the integration, synchronization, updating and upgrading of information)
is the
(ones) self. Yes.
Our human mind takes about 25-27 years to
mature/develop (into young adulthood). Yes.
Our mind
/engine is
producing our
(set and method of) ideas .. our intellectual .. our wealth/capacity/lack of rational . (q&q of) Ideas, capital and matter, a lot. Yes. These can and do change the world - for better or worse. Yes.
Our mind
/engine is
running all of our
(capacity of) thought, motivation, priority and action; makes us in essence what (i.e. the content), how (i.e. the method & the ability of right ) and who we really are (as human qua human, as rational/intelligent beings). Yes.
own [, faith-based rational, fact-based]
() [i.e. based either on the principles of the objective reality or a subjective ; and in-between these two is of (a different level of) greyness]
morality (personal orientation, ) ( the (ir)rational conceptual reasoning and integration)
is (the true driver, , , , , , , , , etc.!)
(own individual)
(i.e. thoughts/ideas/visions, motivations and actions) and - affects ones own personality, and forms ones (lighter, or darker/inversed) mentality//character/personality/(); determines the quality of a mind, of ones (excess, or lack of) objective & logical reasoning and of ones own (ir)rational vision (of -what are- the reality, life, ideas, ideologies, truth, fairness, economics, politics, , partnership, co-op, individuality, traditions, culture, etc.; , all over the world, they are being driven by their different minds, ideas and culture!) & (false) assumptions/premises [seeing the (no)things as the are (not); the majority of the (BG) ppl ]! Yes. Ones own ( ) journey (and sense) of life!

You got it, lovely Josephine?
Operating/managing ones own mind/morality in a
successful/efficient way
cannot be done in some
kind of model
-; - of ones own mind is always in the long run!

You to (l)earn to r-e-a-s-o-n ,

based on , in the right c-o-n-t-e-x-t - this of the rational thinking, motivation and action ! ? in the long-term process of pursuing, achieving & keeping intact ones own , ! And I mean it. Really. Get it?

All things that really exist, ,
& act absolutely () nature - / ! , . The morality is the individuals (concrete) platform, which is running on the humans (concrete) platform. Morality is the essense of a human , which drives the life of a human (thyself).

If you dont (try to really , seriously & deeply)
& (consistently) apply ( of) the rational morality (, easy -today, it takes real & real balls!- to be practiced),
you are,
doomed to have
an irrational set of

(its very, very much easy -today, it takes conformism/- to practiced it; to () the democratic morality with of different type of - be obedient ( religious/social duty) to serve and to give & conform to the Others/Society//Government//God/////, , the real happiness & the real success the really ! , !);
(step by step, )
down the slippery slope
of an irrational/traditional morality
( dishonesty and 4Zs mentality);
4Zs and irrationality
(an irrational morality) (step by step, , )
(teaches ppl from a very, very young age into) (individual & social)
honesty & double standards(of compromising)
[: ; , ; dont say that; polite; & kind, benefiting the others (- - is good), but not yourself (,which - - is bad, , ); /I/self vs generosity/them/selfless][ , altruism is - - absolutely incompatible with the IR i.e. life, liberty, private property (free markets, capitalism) and happiness! -religious or secular- -and is fully compatible with- of the /collectivism!How about (of the elites), ? How about , a?].
Who are you, Josephine? Do you really know who you are? Ask yourself that question - who you are, what your values/principles and vision of life , what & how do you live/fight for? You should, could and OUGHT TO ( learn to) clearly understand (-cognitively to identify & to recognize; the ones own capability to speak & to )

the boundary (, ! and yes it must be really recognized/identified!) between

Facts vs Feel(ing)s

the (philosophy of the) /life/light(of truth) /freedom/practical/interesting//good .. the positive (rational, secular) and
( of the) /death/darkness/coercion/delusional///bad .. the negative [an (ir)rational //consciousness/life/method/living/achieving/humanity! ()successful / () life/lifing/nation/majority/region! ]. / ( the public interest of)
how to the dreamed
the light//white the darkness//black
, lovely Jos,
the irrationality of (arbitrarily) achieving - - ();
the greyish in the longer run, a mixture of - & - [i.e. -compromising],
(sometimes ) - !
Go, go, really go, lovely Jos, to the is, , , ( of) the is; escape the darkness, ( ) !
The greyish, lovely Jos,
the really
of the middle-of-the-roaders-compromisers! (whats - - life and how its really worth living as an end of itself, as ones own end - by just really doing , should really do - wishing/believing/praying on a star/God/ really survive meaningfully, longer & healthier, , in the reality!) (live and let livehappier!)

In short, lovely Josephine,
our individual morality [(un)consciously created by and stored into our individual brain]

our individual c-h-a-r-a-c-t-e-r (of the mind)! On a conceptual !
personal identity is made of sameness of consciousness

.. of the personal (moral!) identity/character

comes to ones own individual (ir)rational values, , &


our own (un)successfully achieved goals/idea(l)s.
, ,
- /
locally (good or bad) ppl (, in writing their idea(l)s/goals - based on their individual () morality/values)
--------- for many generations after them! Our written idea(l)s, digital 21 , lovely Jos,
will survive for the next generations - long after our
of our individual body & mind!
OK? Get it?


Every [] (fe)male can be(come in reality) in thinking, motivation and action,
(s)he can
b-e-l-i-e-v-e, (,but in fact (s)he is not really).

Of course, lovely Jos,
there are (rationally) better q-u-a-l-i-t-y ppl and worse q-u-a-l-i-t-y ppl. Yes, (objectively) there are.
(s moralities, cultures, politics, economics, thinking, and actions)(& emotions)
are different, not equal(ly rational), unequal. And, ,
by their
( honestly achieved/earned/attained) results, too.

Do you now, lovely Josephine, understand,
rationality ( the human mind to logically & consistently conceptualize/think and respect the facts of reality, in the right context/)
is really
(one and only real) root
of all (other)
( )()(individuals)
idea(l)s, values, virtues and successful survival/productiv/flourishing /,

irrationality - of all (moral, intellectual and economic) vices, (, ,) and failures/deficits/destruction ( idealists / materialists by some SSupernatural / SSocial/ entity (above & beyond the human), irrational//false/-, -, -/delusional .. , , psyche, , motivations, and actions) ? OK, Jos?
, lovely Jos,

/ ;
dont be
(dont have/possess) a pumpkin (mind/consciousness);
(l)earn and work
[ the (BG) majority-] to be a (really) rational (i.e. really smart/practical) (, ) human, - (; & ; consistent) ! OK, you lovely woman [I know gorgeous, that Im objectively the most influential person in your lifethat urges you to think, rationally/logically i.e. to learn/eran/deserve to be really smart, really honest & (as a of these two your short life) really happy, thats the most valuable objective of ones life, thats the of any humans life long term experiencing of /rational happiness life does not really matterno matter how rich you are]? Get it?
Yes, its all about,
a healthily happy life
is all about the rational production of (all) the
happy chemicals within ones healthy mind/consciousness/brain, through real successful achievements in IHS terms!
Yes, lovely
Jos; you can, should and ought to (actually, proudly & passionately) achieve it!
Remember, dont be a
- thats very easy to be done; most of the (BG) ppl do it, (emotionally; on the perceptual level) (almost) every day & in (almost) every (moral, intellectual and economic) way (they possess too little capabilities/faculty of rationality, and its too late for them to learn otherwise), , them ppl, Omg, wrongly , smart in their thought/ideas, motivationa and actions! Thats why, no matter their social-economic in the Strata the () majority will never really be/feel fully/completely healthily happy in the long run ( these ppl irrationally -by applying the wrong methodology- in the immediate/short run, the wrong ( ); (too much) ; fuck all, all is shit! their irrational , comes through (experiencing the negative/destructive/chaotic) of their own motivations and actionsthey really feel shit i.e. stressed, worrying, pressured, under constant enxiety and unstability (too much chaotic emotions into ones own consciuosness or almost no emotions at all) : unhappy (wo)man! .)!

A really overall lazy rational (i.e. able/smart/logical/orderly) mind/brain
(should and ought to) (, because of religion, , kindness, , , of , , , /King/Pope/ //Jesus////; out of faith & devotion) examine//focus onto & monitor/investigate itself (its own process of thinking) - to (based on the wrong right/non-inverted/true method/) objectively/ evaluate the whys, the whats and the hows of its own thinking/logics & to efficently (, , , thruthfully, , NOworry, NOenxiety )( - & actively) /change//develop itself into the negative positive direction of deficient//passive & practical doings!

A really overall lazy rational (RR) man,
(, increase )
real (self-)knowledge (i.e. truthful/factual content, through accurately observing & processing the reality his mind)

efficient/scientific method of thinking - really be smart/practical/productive to (objectively) (understand, establish and) / (rational, meaningful) //values , based on (his own acquired) rational principles; he rationally understands how to work/produce smarter & harder! Yes.

A really overall lazy rational (RR) man
is very different from the rest of
(the majority of) humans; () his (global, universal, , - objective, coherently synchronized with the only right Standard of ) vision/(knowledgeable)/ideas of , , (), ( private) property/contracting/wealth/, ()/responsibility/privacy, (im)practicality/productivity/ (). (fundamentally important ) , absolutely his , (, civil, positive, successful, active) lifestyle - here and now, up in the Skies on our Earth, in the , - reality. Yes.

, lovely .

An overall (ir)rationally reasoning man - (non-)objective & / in the long run () , no matter their in the socio-economic Strata!

An overall (ir)rationally reasoning man,
based on his free will & (method! of) , can (and do!) fearfully efforfully () create/happen/choose his own (ir)rational morality & culture, his own (degree of (non-)productivity & more) (non-)happiness , his own life, his own of the socio-economic Strata. And he survives & lives (un)meaningfully his life to the degree of his (ir)rationality - in an (ir)rational & (un)happy (body-mind-economics) way! You have to (comit yourself to)(consistently) do more (in order) to get/achieve more (flourishing/positive results) in your (short) journey of life; in this journey you can really go far, far away /path of your healthily happiness!
(i.e. rational morality)
real ( ) ( & independent with equal high , based on his own deliberately constructed/chosen/organized of -rational- values ) - & how (what for & why) , because he has () grasped, has (truly) learned, has (functionally & meaningfully) misunderstood and objectively knows (rational principles/values), ( his own consistency) (persistently)( the right methodology, based on the right premises and in the right context) (self-)/ know-how ( into the , finds & to search for - rationally pursuing- his own happiness, in the reality, );
(.. of an irrational morality)
(i.e. false)

(and false self-esteem; //understanding - , , , culture ! This is because of his lack/deficiency of / / , based on values/principles), because hes essentially affected on emotional level rather than on rational/logical level - , he needs ( not found, / objective & skills/talents) (o-religious / -) authorities//Saviors/, (collectively - / ) , preach-, & / , / (objectively) , which is () good (the good always is trying to get better, to better itself!) or () bad (the bad always is trying to get worse, to worsen intself!), / really , / e for the common good and which is not, () () () in his own life!

As humans, as people, as minds,
[ (ir)rationally/(non-)objectively ]evaluate,
we judge,
we justify
[this is (in) our human nature];
& rational , & choices

passively ( / ) react ( of) ! Of course. , lovely , oh, yes we do - based on what (, by what standards)?
Based on our own
(private, personal, individual)
within the
(limitations of) abilities and capacity of our own [standards of] (ir)rationality & ()objectivity! Its this evaluation and judgement, that determines our own abilities to () & ()happily [.. () & ()joyfully; //parasitically honestly to] survive (or parish), ; this determines our own individual (unique; moral) character/charcteristics and personality! Our own/individual essense of a (moral) character, personality & [the according (im)moral/(), (in)coherent with the reality] vision (i.e. ideas, motivation and actions) of (our) life (,liberty, property, co-op, contracting and a way to ()purcuing the individual happiness) i.e. ones own capacity/capability to deal/transact/communicate with the () world and [()] ppl.

Oh, lovely Josephine,
love the analytic (skill of) of an rational human mind; its the lazy, , ugly beautiful/so wonderful/so elegant (mystically objectively/creatively/consciously/ thinking) mindof precision,
that can out of faith logically/objectively,
based on conceptual thought, lay out merits and demerits, practicalities and illusions,
(reasoning abilities of the) human mind
the true source
of all the genius
( ; the positive)(, most of the badness/madness/stupidity/evilness of the world; the negative)! The beautiful mind, is passive and doubtful, always wainting/ puts actively & (its) ideas/thoughts into the practice/reality, in the long run, to the best of his self/abilities/capacity/ in the Strata; beautiful , can/does not put (its) ideas into the reality/practice, in the long run, to the best of his self/abilities/capacity/ in the Strata - is a waste! OK, Josephine?

Aristotle: It is the [hall]mark of an [really] educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

To be a (real) beautiful takes a hell of a lot of
honest ( ) with thyself, i.e.
not lying to your own very best friend - the (thy)self
! Absolutely. To know thyself! Absolutely.
Dont you ever be
(compromising) coward, dont be
(compromising) conformist, that some uncomfortable truths ( , of negative emotions; , badly wanting something that you cannot ever in reality achieve/have the 4Zs emotionally in a comfortably numb way),
dont be (morally, intellectually, politically / ) [ or else youll be just : a delusional puppet/ (an intellectual & moral ; someones pet), someone else is pulling the strings; a comfortably numb dumb .. just another brick in the delusional wall of the /majority/ and its method of thought, motivation, action! Do not be just like the .] and ( , consistent and persistent & efforts to) be really sexy ( ) (, too)! Why?
, lovely Josephine, absolutely ,
blindly/delusionally//irrationally/ ,
(can) not ,
absofuckinlutely - , - for yourself;
really in coherence/consistency with /( of) i.e.
to be objectively rational
(.. to think, be motivated, prioritize & act on nothing, but emotionalism, whims, favouritism objective principles),
, , ( / )
psychologically impoverished (-)------ (, , any religion and all the /religious ppl unbelievably silly, , , blindly///terribly , are not in accord with facts of the (small letter!) reality!). Josephine, (choose ) , do not take seriously / do not care will not grasp, learn and understand the ( !) truth & ! ,
(searching for and reaching the)
there can be
no, no, no rational
/real/objective morality (of success, love, security, peace and spirituality, in terms of IHS).
(understanding the)
honesty (.. rationality in thought, motivation and action)

can stop
, the collectivist
(religious and ) wars & - the rational morality cannot be real global peace! , lovely ,
the universal truth
is the same
in all space and time domains i.e.
it is same-same & everywhere, it is CONTEXUAL,
and it
must be put into the right/principled .
, ( abilities -ABILITY/SKILL & CAPACITY TO REASON- morally & practically INTELIGENTLY ), lovely
for thats the right/scientific
(revealing) the truth/reality!

And yes, lovely Josephine,

you can
-if you want to-
be a blond - a girl/woman with gold in her hair is
you, please do remember,

your own ()/() morality determines you(r character and personality; your (un)true self-esteem and sexual self; your objective successes or failures - in your life, ), ? (and if you are not rational in thought, motivation or and action then youll have no one but yourself to blame - for your own not completely happy lifetime, which will be usually out of your own control)
Yes, moral & intellectul towards excellence is possible, lovely ! In a free country/society.

And please go to , , , , , , Londons West End (and Soho, too)
to watch, observe and truly learn
(objectively and rationally self-educate) -
if you really can, if you have the (objective) abilities (and capacity) toto the best () of your self.
the individual the individual ! ?

Do you like the fruits of your own (code of) morality/values [that come from your (non-)objective view on reality and epistemology], lovely Jos?
Do you really like the taste (of it)? Do you really (take rational) care for those fruits?


" ,
[i.e. objective of ones own will & reasoning power]


The (objectively)(very) bright/analytical/smart, the (very) normal/average// and the (very) dull//boring /characters of ppl(s minds)(in a nation//world)

[Acting consciously vs reacting floatingly ]

[The bad(ness) is the irrational, the irrational is the bad(ness); the good is the rational]


: Anyone can become angry - that is easy,
but to be angry with the right person at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way -

that is not within everyone's power and that is not easy.
We become just,
by performing just actions,
by performing temperate actions,
by performing brave actions!
[and rational,

by performing rational actions.]

[ successfully / -way/method of thinking, character, and personality- , , individual , consistency & persistency,

To (completely, fundamentally) change (for good & for better of) in a nation/region takes generation,
in the past , and - if the right/good ideology & culture really & its practices largely prevail in the long run.

Usually it takes 2-3 .]


: (the really strong- ..) - !"


: - ,
, .
, , .
- .

, .
, , ,
, .
, ,
- , - ,


RR: (in the 50s) (in the 60s); , ( the boys of the sxties & seventies),
- - , , we do not negative .
- ; , !
We never mean !
, ʑ / ? ? , . , . ʑ .
, , ! ; , , , , !


: :

, (+,+);

, (+,-);

, , (-,-).

(Well, lovely Jos,) - .


: . , .

, lovely Jos. We are all -
, based on the -natural of- greed! Moving on with life by (on the basis of) our g-r-e-e-d (i.e. passionate curiosity, novelty & self-interest). Yes, Jos, yes.
Each and every one of us - of the Homo sapiens species. ?

our (the good) human nature!

There are the good and there are the bad category of (fe)males.

There are objectively 2 (broad) of characters (yes, the black and white of a human mind):

there are the () rational ( moving on -coherently, rationally, , joyfully- with life) and
there are the (objectively) irrational ( moving on -coherently, rationally, , in skepticism- with life) /ppl/(fe)males/personalities.
being according to its own engine of (the driving) (ir)rational morality, the according principles of (thought, motivations and) a-c-t-i-o-n-s.
ak own driver, ? Take a good/rational look at yourself; dont you pray! Now, look at me, Jos! Be free & (in thought, motivation, priority and action, action, action).
And yes, yes, yes love, love thyself, Josephine! Rationally. really /be able to love/value somebody else, too!
Yes, to love is to irr-a-t-i-o-n-a-l-l-y value, based on

If you really can.
Well Jos,
theres a great difference (to be made) between who ( ) you wanna/wish/dream to be and who (in fact, , objectively) you really are.
Thats a really huge problem (of inteligense, morality and culture) for the (BG) majority (of conscious or sub-conscious , motivation and action).
You ought to really be
the reality of thyself(s , genuine) identity/personality.

(BG) are not, pretend to be! Because why? morality .. such is their an (irrational) set of /, concepts/ideas & methods.
What and how
lives & dies for, in a non-integrity, ; not living within integrity of values/principles.
, , undermines the percuit of healthily happiness & the real self-esteem producing (general)(long term)(state of) angriness, resentment, skepticism, non-joy.
, e either /consciously/rationally mindful or
; (majority of) /nation.
you are an irrational living human [ the todays (BG) ]; all irrational humans
wrong /principles/, , addiction of the entitlement mentality (and the social drug) & ( the smart/productivesuccessful i.e. rational & ppl)!


, lovely Josephine,
& can be really used
rational characters i.e. by the real (efficient in thought & productivity) !
, lovely Josephine,
for an rational ppl (living in this predominately irrational world - of the majority),
and absofuckinlutely
() stuff (and a real ) for all the irrational ppl.
, lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely lack , irony, (ability of) ! Yes.
, lovely Jos,
BG ,
because irrational in thought, motivation and action,
absofuckinlutely loves
Dont be stupid, lovely Jos!
Dont be for its (individually) doing a version of negaliving;
, the majority,
cannot act rationally,
but is reacting to
[absofreakinlutely method of the]
[,applied by the wise //God//Party/]!
You dont want that, ?!
remember, lovely Jos,
[real & rational ]

absolutely gorgeous a hallmark of a rational (fe)male! Yes, it is.
[irony & ] ,
is really the best way
/tool to deal with the very, very many irrationalities,
[of the very, very many non-
rational ppl]
[] surround us (the really rational ppl)! Seriously!
OK, lovely Jos?
Do use [irony & ] a lot,
and youll see how, lovely Jos,
the irrational ppls
absofuckinlutely !



no matter

how intellectually () intellectually in terms of IQ/general intelligence,
how in relationships,
/ ,

how secular ,

how /tribal ,

all ppl, lovely Josephine, ( , sometimes aggressively)

[re]act (i.e. either act consciously & or react & floatingly to the , according)
their own
(ir)rational (moral & )
values/principles (.. private //morality, which essentially constitutes their characters, of the things and behavior) -
() when

/dearest//very personal are being touched/violated/at stake/discussed! Yes.
, absolutely ,
their thoughts/ideas/values & ,
based on their (ir)rational principles/values/
(, if you really -, )

[, given enough time]
, understand () (, , );
lovely Jos,
most of the () irrational (fe)males

/do/act/ in fact ,
/, others,
& badness/immorality!
[, others, the irrational ppl //, --- how very , - - & 4Zs , in fact such ppl .. the irrational ppl (, when evil , when dumb) describe (i.e. ) i.e. classic -compromisers, just /preach- !, a part of the of //compromisers i.e. the of irrationalists]
, lovely

have objectively (l)earned
to be an
rational female,