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Thing are.

- the bigger (real) picture;
the rational & secular understanding
/explanation/view of the Universe/world (that we live in)
i.e. What Is Real?

Introduction to (objective) reality.
he axiom of existence and consciousness;
of existence and of (existence of the hu)
the MACRO and MICRO scales of the objective reality.
The (real one) domain of existence; being.
The one and only one level of existence
Theres only ONE [true] story, lovely Jos,
() (within)! Thats the reality!
Its the story of the [objective] reality!
The basic nature of existence!
[An rational (wo)man really , lovely Josephine,
(s)he must live, to the best (s)he can,
by not ever trying to fake the reality,
such a (wo)man a rational (wo)man!]

The global perspective
of real things; of all existing things.

The (nature of) reality (itself)!
The (sweet) power of the Universe!

The first philosophy [Metaphysics]
is universal and
is exclusively concerned with
primary substance. ...
And here we will have the science to study
that which is just as that which is,
both in its essence and in the properties
which, just as a thing that is, it has. [Aristotle]
The entire preoccupation of the physicist
is with things that contain within themselves
a principle of movement and rest.
And to seek for this is to seek for the second kind of principle,
that from which comes the beginning of the change. ...

There must then be a principle of such a kind that its substance is activity.

... it is impossible that the primary existent, being eternal, should be destroyed. ...

... that among entities there must be some cause which moves and combines things.

..about its coming into being and its doings and about all its alterations
we think that we have
when we know the source of its movement. [Aristotle, Metaphysics]


Of (the school of) existence.

To infinity - and beyond!
The Universe
[the stuffs that (exist) are real]

, lovely Josephine,
The metaphysical basis [of morality]!
The physical reality. Energy. Nature.
Nature, lovely Josephin, is all there is!

Its all about (the) (one and only) (absolute) [objective] reality (i.e. things that has always been/existed) the metaphysical principles!
Its real stuff; just the opposite of the [many
versions of] mind created realities, lovely Josephine!
The universal
(deterministic & mechanical; UNthinking, UNemotional, UNconscious) [of the space-time ].
Its the [metaphysical] !
So, you must always stick to reality, not to la-la-la land!
The physical reality, lovely Josephine, is the only true of knowledge!
The physical reality, lovely Josephine, is the only true of
of entity (& its characteristics/attributes i.e. its own specific identity)!
; !
& action (, practical), coherent , !
or action (, impractical), incoherent ! Absolute(ly)!

The fundament(al). Philosophy of physics.
How the (unintelligent;
-) nature really works.
(objective) Reality/truth the (real) (& rational) (most fundamental) () absolute guiding of (flourishing) life [existence] (, of all living & non-living matter)!
Beyound infinity, lovely Josephine, is infinity!
Matter (is made of waves) in (constant and eternal) motion; motion is quality (an attribute of) of matter. Universe.
The Universe, lovely Josephine,
is motion,
is movement,
is rotation of matter (waves) in space and time
is in (
) motion of living and lifeless matter! Universal motion of energy, of electricity, of heat!
And Universe is, lovely Jos, all there is;
theres nothing outside the infinite reality [ the non-reality, which really exists (
) millions of ppl]. There is (and there can be) nothing outside reality!
To reality - and beyond.
Beyound reality, lovely Josephine, is reality.

Universe is the Standard - of objectivity, of objective existence - of all things that exist, of all somethings, of all (principles of) truths.
OK, lovely Jos? Get it?


Theres no, no, no Supernatural/Superentity
consciousness (i.e. ) that has created everything & which is outside the time and the space;
() , ; we the ppl perceive & , the non-stop interactions between and the (real) reality.

There are, lovely Josephine,
absolutes, absolutely; every thing is what it (specific) is, absolutely; everything is what it is now (in any given moment)!

(the idea of) Causality (i.e. that one thing leads to another), lovely Jos,
is the absolute (inescapable) law of nature/reality;
is fundamentally/crucially important
for understanding of the world
/Universe (and the human self, too)!
( ) is the most [law] (, , , ; its )!
Causality in the natural law of the Universe i.e. the objective reality itself, which cannot be changed i.e. the true (set of) natural principles, that govern the Universe/reality!
If you deny causality (i.e. natural law), lovely Jos,
you get chaos [in whatever you are dealing with] instead of order!

Nothing is nothing; nothing cannot do anything (can do nothing), cannot cause something. Only something can cause something/anything (good of bad).
(must) a (real) reason, (real) cause, (real) !

An opinion of a (some)thing, lovely Jos, is not the (same as the) thing itself.

Life is life; death is death; fact is a fact; absolutely (no other conditions, variables or outcome).
Theres no such thing as before existence!
In reality, lovely Jos, theres only
existence (all things that exist); one thing either exists or it does not.
A thing cannot exist in the non-existence;
a thing cannot go into non-existance; a thing can stop to exist;
all things one day stop (come out of) existingand all new things start their existence!


The principal of nature (itself).

, .
The nature of nature; the
metaphysically given; the world outside (our individual) us.
The macro cosmos; the not man [rationality; intel] made ; the (objective) nature
The (one and the only, can be ) Universe - (the objective notions of) real matter, real space & real time

Its the true principle of nature (itself).
(one and only) space-time i.e. the four-dimensional way that the universe & .

the Universal principle . The , of all (there is).

Physical Cosmos, , (syn)energy are timelessly and universally consistent & coherent i.e. are objective & practical

, & stability (neatness & self-sustainability) of the Universe - the real & the only t-r-u-e Standard! Of what?
Of the
non-conceptual & the objective (non-)rational e-v-a-l-u-a-t-i-o-n, rational j-u-d-g-e-m-e-n-t and (non-)rational j-u-s-t-i-f-i-c-a-t-i-o-n -
a value, a non-value or an anti-value. Done by whom?
By a real rational
( the human) brain its according mind/
by the nature of any other (non-) organic being, that is living . Done why?
To survive. Survive how ?
(Dis)honestly & (un)happily - satisfying (ir)rationally a human minds self-interest
for all the of different of living - anyway they naturally do & can (based on their abilities).
Yes, lovely Josephine,

sometimes to think, be motivated & act /
i.e. incoherently
(non truly & non fully complying) with the of .
accordingly ()!
Yes, lovely Josephine,
its all about
un achieving un values - for an organic organism to be able to die survive, , ..
& absolutely fulfilling the objective of the reality - for a (rational; human) living, for accordingly staying alive.

[ life, .]

[ , of an organic being - the (of ]]


Aristotle's Law of Identity:

Everything that exists has a specific nature.

Each entity exists as something in particular and it has characteristics that are a part of what it is.

To have an identity means to have a single identity; an object can not have two identities.

Each entity exists as something specific, its identity is particular, and it cannot exist as something else.

An entity can have more than one characteristic, but any characteristic it has is a part of its identity.


(, !): A simple proposition is a statement, with meaning,

as to the presence[/] of something in a subject[/entity] or its absence[/lacking/],
in the present, past, or future, according to the divisions of time
[time-space domain].


(, / ( )!): ,
, .
An affirmation is a positive assertion of something about something, a denial a negative assertion;an affirmation or denial is single, if it indicates some one fact about some one subject; it matters not whether the subject is universal and whether the statement has a universal character, or whether this is not so. Now it is possible both to affirm and to deny the presence of something which is present or of something which is not, and since these same affirmations and denials are possible with reference to those times which lie outside the present, it would be possible to contradict any affirmation or denial. Thus it is plain that every affirmation has an opposite denial, and similarly every denial an opposite affirmation. We will call such a pair of propositions a pair of contradictories. Those positive and negative propositions are said to be contradictory which have the same subject and predicate.
The identity of subject[.. entity] and of predicate [.. /, ; , , , .] must not be 'equivocal'. Indeed there are definitive qualifications besides this, which we make to meet the casuistries [the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions] of sophists.


Bacon [urges us to]: "imitate nature, which doth nothing in vain."


Erin: (, the Universe, the objects) the objective view, the ultimate standard of evaluation of all things & entities properties:

, , , , , , , .

; exchange- , , consistently &

, ( ), ( ), eliminate.

(the Big Reality, the Objectivity), the lowest possible COMMON DENOMINATOR for all (of the thoughts, insentives and actions of all) the humans/mankind,
no matter of the time-space
or the social Strata,
properties; .

, , , , , ,

( 5+ )

& /understand ( ! grasping/, , , discovering & perceiving)
choices (, non-chaotic, maximizing entropy) properties & principles


, based on his free will creative powers/energies. One ought to think positively (, ) about things, because it is a beautiful) World (of yours)!


: { , ..} ,


{ ..} { },

{ , & & ..}.


: (because it is all good, but not all god)!


(, failed the state schooling): , . .


: ( ), () ! (no one can oppose or Reality; objectivity exists ..)


Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, founder of analytical psychology): What you resist, persist.




(, social & political moron, relativist, a jewish /; scientific terms, ) : Nobody, certainly, will deny that the idea of the existence of an omnipotent, just and omnibeneficent personal God is able to accord man solace, help, and guidance; also, by virtue of its simplicity it is accessible to the most undeveloped mind. But, on the other hand, there are decisive weaknesses attached to this idea in itself, which have been painfully felt since the beginning of history. That is, if this being is omnipotent then every occurrence, including every human action, every human thought, and every human feeling and aspiration is also His work; how is it possible to think of holding men responsible for their deeds and thoughts before such an almighty Being? In giving out punishment and rewards He would to a certain extent be passing judgment on Himself. How can this be combined with the goodness and righteousness ascribed to Him? The main source of the present-day conflicts between the spheres of religion and of science lies in this concept of a personal God. It is the aim of science to establish general rules which determine the reciprocal connection of objects and events in time and space. For these rules, or laws of nature, absolutely general validity is required not proven. It is mainly a program, and faith in the possibility of its accomplishment in principle is only founded on partial successes. But hardly anyone could be found who would deny these partial successes and ascribe them to human self-deception. The fact that on the basis of such laws we are able to predict the temporal behavior of phenomena in certain domains with great precision and certainty is deeply embedded in the consciousness of the modern man, even though he may have grasped very little of the contents of those laws.



Bohemian Rhapsody:


Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality

Open your eyes

Look up to the skies and see

I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy


and face the truth


ER: , because of safety, ( ) the excessive/// / - away,

into the ground,

, , , should (be able to) ground really - , our human (neuro)consciousness, into (the facts/principles of the objective) Reality,

far, very far away , , , , worrying, non-happiness, further away from our own (infinite ) streaming consciousness (human consciousness , personal, private, selfish!), our individual & objective/logical/rational .

Be smart, be independently rational & constantly /experience- joy/, in your lifetime,

Ground yourself completely & fully into the Now, the present reality ( , think rationally about, ).

RR: -true of false-
() .

[(ir)rational & (non-)objective] [of a (non-)delusional integrated/connected set of ideas] / its & supporters;

(and its accordingly ideology) [the (ir)rational & the (non-)objective i.e. true or false] BASIC VISION of: the reality,
the epistemology
/knowledge & education,
the morality
/ethics (our own world of /),
the politics, the economics and the esthetics
/arts & culture.

, (ir)rational

(true or wrong) view// (and its according applications) about the (understanding & organization of the) world (of the past .. as it had been; we live in .. as it is now; and of the future .. as it should/could be),
(the relation and the connection) of the human the world/reality;

and defines its (fundamental, core, basic) & about

( , , should be) ( the liberty, , & of) the (different) ppl (/ the groups).
Yes, Josephine, absolutely
blindly/delusionally/ , objectively , - , - for yourself;
in cherence with /;
, any religion and all the /religious ppl

, ,
blindly// , are not in accord with facts of the (small letter!) reality!

, do not take seriously / do not care will not grasp, learn and understand the ( !) truth!

(searching for and reaching the) there can be no rational/real/objective morality (of success, love, security, peace and spirituality, in terms of IHS).
(understanding the) /honesty (rationality in thought, motivation and action) can stop & the collectivist (religious and ) wars -
the rational morality cannot be real global peace.

The universal truth/objectivity is the same in all space and time domains i.e. it is same-same & everywhere,
it is CONTEXUAL, must be put into the right/principled .

, ( abilities -ABILITY & CAPACITY TO REASON- morally & practically ), -
thats the right/scientific method of the truth/reality!


: (of humans, rational minds) understand.


. : ,
, , - ,
( - ..) physical .


The impossible, lovely Josephine,
will never be(come) reality! No matter
want to convince the rational ppl
Existence exists; objects are objective.

The Universe is all (things, entities) there is; is () eternal,
no matter if a man can or cannot see, feel, hear, taste or touch some of the things
/entities (that are really) part of it;
and it always moves
/rotates! The space. e , !
Space is motion; motion (of waves) is space.

The Universe/existence/reality is first; is always number 1; is the (most) fundamental axiom;
it is objective (independent of - - the perceiver) & it is (an) absolute;
and has absolute principles; is independent of the
/awareness (which is a part of existence), lovely Jos,
(ir)rationally /
of things
/entities (by their nature/characteristics/attributes);
consciousness (of an animal) is an absolute, too!
Yes, there are absolutes; reality
(and its attributes) is absolute;
no, (real) things are not relative;
no, two contradictory propositions cannot (co)exist in the same time and in the same place. Absolutely.

RR: You ought to (be able to) (learn to) conceptually identify & truthfully recognize
objective /faith/ -
what, how and why is (absolutely) real, lovely Jos!

; .

Lets now, lovely Josephine, get metaphysical. Lets talk about the nature of (objective) reality, the (unintelligent) material world.
Lets rock.

/ (the physical Cosmos; is the UNintelligent Cause, lovely Jos, that causes changes i.e. causes the happening i.e. the evolution)

of human
s (neuro)consciousness (no, no, no consciousness, lovely Jos, existed prior to the /world! Dont you listen to some of - the are wrong!).
The connection, lovely Josephine,
(all the relationships in the) .

(lack of strong) connection,
values, principle, , ideals, individual ethics,
, - activities of man;
and what makes us a man, human,
is our ability to reason, to conceptualize
( ),
with the help of
our rational mind, consciousness, cortex, (human) brain.


The evolutional force (of existence)
[, (i.e. that work), lovely Jos,
move (the things) forward.
, (dont work) perish!]

The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be. ― Carl Sagan


The (forever ongoing) process of natural selection
The complexity of the (billion years of process of) evolution

The Universe is all there is
The Universe is objective/independent of and perfect [i.e. is based on (complex & interconnected) objective principles].
(healthily) living , lovely Josephine,

(universal truths),
in principle,
/upon & timeless (true) /
(and will always continue to do so) ( the process of making a progress in small steps through time)
() [ ][ practically a the reality & ] [happily] [in the (real) complexity of the (human) world]!
[ , ( & choices to be able,
to have the natural capacity ) , & make- , , freely happily]
The complexity of (all the things in) the Universe, lovely Josephine,
the complexity of evolution (itself),
come from a very, very much simple (set of) rules (and very, very simple ingridients of energy)!
Theres one
and only one
[in fact, small letter, to be distinguished Ill sometimes use capital letter! OK, Josephine? Got it?]
reality! OK?
We all inhabit one
(logical) reality, (that is) based on interconnections of E-M forces.
Objective reality, which is: consistent, orderly
, principled, rotating and eternal (based on the law of causality and counting by the zillion)
. . /causal .
In this
(non-, non-religious) reality, lovely Josephine,
consciousness e integral part, the intellectual ideas are interconnected, too!
[into rational principles & logical consistency, based on objective values;
well, lovely Josephine, thats sacred, the real//non-utopic/rational sacredness! OK, Josephine? Got it?]

Theres, ,

in the reality,
in any given context,
an absolute truth,
, , ( !)
, , pursue in many different (diverse & complex) ways!
[and reach in a matter of different degree or never reach/unfold,
depending, lovely Jos, on our individual abilities, capacities, rationality
, productivity -small letter- , applied by our human reason, using logic!
In short using our (level of) (individual) rationality!]

no matter of his in the socio-economic Strata,
no matter the place/space and timeframe he lives in, lovely Jos,
& naturally,
because of his /wonderment/ &
pursue of his interest/well-being/happiness]
, lovely Josephine,


to understand
the truth, the one and only truth. (, , for every abstract principle// or single & contextual case )
Truth is singular (and long term, universaland the truth -with small letter!- always sets you free, if youre rational);

the zillion versions of truth are non-objective, , wrong.
A fact's a fact;

the universe of (inter related by objective principles) facts (, can be rationally and understood by a rational mind);
every thing, every entity,
[, the sum of its parts! entity has its own identity; entities, some other entities.
entity constatntly in accordance with its identity, transactions/interaction entities!]

every unit, lovely Jos,
that really exists is a fact -
a fact exists in a specific space domain and in a time frame
.. of its existance;
all facts that exist
the (objective, objectively existing, non-delusional, non-utopic) reality!

Reality/objectivity should be taken seriously by intelligent and rational !
individual, social) & happiness [.. life-long ] & suffering [.. ],
( , understanding & objective)
It is a hard (and time consuming) process, not an easy (and fast) one;
consistency and strong character,
determination [& hard working to grasp in a few years, in a few years, in a few years and to practice all (the rest of years, all the) the rational principles, by climbing onto the next level of the upward (of objective knowledge & higer conceptual ), () , (individually) our own /capacities/personal awareness, the abilities to (, ) differentiate & integrate ]
to (in deepness) understand these [complex] principles and

to really be absolutely coherent with them really happen his life in a really flourishing way!

Nobody, nothing (, ) can run away (or evade) ;
(literarily!) is our root,
really (3-4D) fundament/,
( ), lovely Josephine,
(---) of the objective & rational/conscious (honest, , , ) living!




(syn)Energy as the most fundamental objective principle of matter (and its property - mass) E=m*C*C.

The absolute - the flow and exchange, the excess/abundance or deficit/ of e-n-e-r-g-y.
(er) & weak(er) paths/connections of .
, the existence, the (stronger or weaker) energetic nature of things.

The matter-energy [is made of waves in] Universe (of ours) & its absolute any (non-)living - for being able to exist in the Universe;
truly & fully
all the by the reality existence for a being, the positive(ness);
(, uncompletely, not fully) , achieving / or death/ for a being, the negative(ness).


, lovely Josephine,
(coherent, clear & analytical way of representation; reasoning) my vision for the Reality: the Universe and this (planet) Earth/world; , human , the Standard of all other standards .. (healthily) & the (real) progress of , making of free human choices & , based on applying objective () principles - of objective reasoning, ().
/if you choose to/ () , lovely ,
you ought to stay
(focused and concentrate your own mind) in analytical mode! Should consciously stay (intelligently) with me (my mind). ( ) to do/unfold from a state of uncertainty to ( ) clear (mind) vision of the seen and the unseen details, a state of objective certainty; the better your own lens are focusing ( reasoning capacity/abilities) -(long-term), the higher the competitive advantage (knowledge, rationality & practicality .. ; health, peace of mind & wealth) you have, the better & more ways joy, fulfillment & satisfaction you have, in your, your own lifetime; knowledge is personal preference/opinion objective .. rooted into reality .. induced by facts (not by whims/wishes/dreams/urges or the non-existent). What you (consciously) focus more (your mind) on, you (clearly) get more of! The greater the uncertainty (max 360 degrees), the greater the anxiety, worrying & dissatisfaction (disfunctionalities) (and & fears) that you experience in your life (pain, , suffering ; ).

And, lovely Jos, , a real () human should be able to control

dont stop worrying (do not produce , & : ), be happy (produce joy, peace & fulfillment: health). really . healthily () (, absolutely , , living ). Get out of the parasitic or the relationships, of people, in fact, drain energy ( / life force, living power, off, away) , but you really (learn how to) efficiently protect and (learn how to) love your own self; to (rationally) care for yourself, for your self-interest (learn to say no; learn to say !). Kak?
& doings (only those that are rational), (, , ) .

( means) earn, & /flourishing/ , consistently, honestly & persistently (, hard, ) the real successful & full achievement (one, if reasonable & rational, should not expect ( good , good , good ) , / , , / , he must only /, , , ; ( , , relationships, co-operation, friendship, love, 2Us !) must be earned, hard working, every day/month/year/, / , humans ( ) values by (the of) their own sayings/principles & doings/practice i.e. by their own - mentality/mindset!). ,
the Purpose -
of every (civilized, & i.e. in ones own mindset) human;
theres no higher or further end than this end; this (conceptually, contextually and practically/objectively) is the end of the end.

Theres no real limits to the human mind [(neuro)consciousness],
theres no limits to real science, theres no limits to of the many available irrational ; for the last almost 3 centuries, we the humans came out of the real Darkness, the ignorance & the , observing, are both constantly reducing with increasing of time & rationality .. consistently & persistently applying the rational , by the right methodology and put into the right of the content! ( , , , only time-space frame). We the (rational) ppl should & ought to rationaly fight to keep & ( -) really good - for an / individual. Absolutely!
OK, lovely Jos?
(how) to live & fight that way, , , the way.
Dont be ignorant, stupid -
, , in fact of the () ppl !
And I shall also show you how (you ought) to deal with irrational -dumb, or evil- ppl.
The Universe is limitless and timeless!
(in a matter of zillions of years; actually, everything, , is limited/final, has an end - , one zillion of a day, will come to an end, too!)
The Universe is expanding (into itself!) (, , locality , the Earth),
Every living human
/thing is creating his own small (limited, , personal) universe/reality/picture (of experience i.e. of his mental content),
which is a part/extension of the Big
(eternal, the ever ongoing & the ever expanding/evolving) (Bang, complex) Universe/Nature/reality/picture (, in fact, of all things, that exist).
Our objective Universe
[, which can (most probably) never run out of itself; objectively existing eternity]. Our (lovely i.e. worthy of love) Reality. , have been empowering us the living rationally (capable of) reasoning minds, to rationally grasp, discover, understand it, ( deeper and ) and (healthily happily earn/deserve) to live (for zillions of years) by its objective/supernatural (never changing fundamental) laws/principles. , can not be (n)ever manipulated or lied to, , , //avoid-, short cutted. !



The (natural) forward progress
from (more) simplicity, non-rationality & uniformity
(more) intelligence, complexity & diversity


Who is God, really?
God is the Universe; universe is the god.
Theres no
, no, no Holy spirit, lovely Josephine,
(other) wholly (matterless, but with a conscious) spirit,
the great (spirit of the species of the) Homo sapiens
.. you, me and every other normal living human -
( , and could be some other rational civilization(s) of species, galaxy i.e. there could be, and most probably there is, life on other planets)
, in fact,
the real sacred spirit (of rational (neuro)consciousness, made up of matter/material)!
Oh, what a great spirit it really is! Really.

The Universe, lovely Josephine,
the synergy of (quadrillions of) (rotating & revolving)

synergies of objective ( & ) units, lovely Jos,
doing [acting] on
, , , ( / )

objective principles (that we the smart humans are trying to understand, through social-darwinism science, real science)
i.e. complex integration & (coherent) synchronization of absolutely very many (universally applied & perpetualized)

energies/principles/units/constructs/entities into complex [integrated/systemic] oneness/totality,

& cyclic /, based on the law of causality.

Who is God, really?
humans, lovely Josephine, the (real) gods! (capable of rational conceptualizing & learning; capable of civilized & secular behavior, absolutely )
Each and every one of us!
Each and every one of us
(, but the small exceptions!),


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because of our e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n-a-r-y nature
i.e. the
(natural) forward progress (of things that are practical, that work)
from simplicity, non-rationality & uniformity
(yet more) intelligence, complexity & diversity,

to be god, a real god, to be honest & decent, , .
Yes, God is not just one/some of us, but
every one of us! (, that is not brainwashed, on religious / secular/social-economic darwin grounds, but practically his individual rationality!)
We the really (functionally) trolls rational beings (on this Earth and all over the Universe) are Amen!
We the truly
/ rational minds are Pope God,
we are the real gods;
Pope God is almighty, is really great, is good, is us.
Oh, what a fascinating is this journey of intellect,
rationality/ability & obedience
human free
[ for those of the ppl, leaving in some free part of the world,
free market system; these ppl are increasing by every year]

Theres no other reality!

Theres no, no, no (some kind of) reality, because theres no (intelligent) God,
other than
the (real) human god(s) within our own evolutionary (a true love) story (of creation)!
The story of creation, lovely Josephine,
is the story of [the absolute
of] evolution; of forward motion ( ); of progress!
(real) (evolutionary process of) creation of humans, by humnas, for the (true) joy of humans.

Its a choice of reproduction of (true) human genes.
Only human.
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Its all about change; gradual change over (millennia of) time. Evolution.


Theres the (unintelligent; deterministic) material world, lovely Josephine, out there!
only one (and only one) reality, lovely Josephine! Absolutely!
Theres no other () reality (up in the Skies);
there exist no
(intelligent) Supernatural reality/Designer;
there exist no
(intelligent) Supernatural being/Form!
t be stupid, lovely Josephine, to believe in such irrationalitiy!
in fact, lovely Josephine,
3 ; 3D + time; - .

(continuously) expanding Universe; it never stops.

and all (of us) (the 3D+ time) (that really/ exist)
is (constantly ) energy! [ universally of atoms & sub-atomic particules - all (sub-)atopic particles have their own invividual filed!;
energy has its own
-good or bad- identity; all somethinds are entities, that have a specific unique identity]
, !
Energy is the differentiation
(to differentiate, to be able to differentiate), syn(chronized)ergy!
Energy is the primer; the absolute primer.

Energy is all there is;
all that
(actually) exist;
it is
, all things (living & non-living) have to deal with.
That thing that, every moment, binds us all together.
(this) , lovely Josephine,
the (absolute) primacy of existence/matter,
[over consciousness/mind; of course the Universe/matter is first, later has come the mind/, , , the other way around! Of course, matter/Universe gives rise to the mind/! a property/attribute/inside of the matter i.e. the material Universe, !) (i.e. in any conflict between existence/reality/facts/practice and consciousness, reality/practice wins, - , , of the culture & human brain, , Omg, /! ( the skepticism), the absolutely wrong/irrational the primacy of (neuro)consciousness over existence blind faith in and obedience to God/State, real knowledge slave & happy! ?! Oh, these , oh, these , oh, these /!]
the independence of reality, the absolute objectivity. Objective reality.

The objective reality that exists outside of and in spite of any observer/consciousness (a consciousness must conform/focus to existence, to what facts/things/absolutes are).

The Earth is (syn)energetic [orderly] system i.e. syntropic system;
our Earth is
/ (the pattern on cycles are to be found in everything) related,
and beautiful (a very, very small part the Universe .. the synergistically vibrating & cycling oneness) - .

Tap into this () , lovely Jos. Remember . (rational) (this) , , , (all of) the .

Now, lovely Josephine,
you goddess,
let's kick off the
(notes for my) book.
A book that will
(morally, intellectually, )
protect you to be robed of unimaginable freedoms
& wealths! (by whom? By some psycho/socio- gods. , lovely , - , -. , , 4Zs (in thought, motivation and action) i.e. , , & !)

The universal & the objective (macro) physical reality/cosmos.

) .
( !) universe (i.e. the metaphysically given) as the !
The (real) big picture - everything is & going/moving on, based on the objective (of causality).
Its not that anything goes; everything is orderly i.e. acts in a scientifically predictable way, according to the principles/patterns of nature!
You cannot (ever) reverse cause and effect, ! // - anything goes, anything can happen.


I.                  /;
the laws of
nature, ;
(absolute) nature of () reality;

[The primacy of existence/reality) (over /mind! Macro & micro stuff.]
Its all about the (law of)
causality, stupid! Absolutely!

, !
Its all about rotation, revolving, orbiting!

galaxy Milky Way - a part of the , of the Universe. .
Our home in the Universe is the Milky way - we live here, within our Solar System, on planet Earth.
Earth, life on arth, lovely Josephine,

of the ( ongoing) evolution of stuff. For billions of years of all (real) stuff. Becoming.




Aristotle: The first philosophy (Metaphysics) is universal and is exclusively concerned with primary substance.
... And here we will have the science to study that which is just as that which is, both in its essence and in the properties which, just as a thing that is, it has.

The entire preoccupation of the physicist
is with things that contain within themselves
a principle of movement and rest. And to seek for this is to seek for the second kind of principle, that from which comes the beginning of the change. ...
There must then be a principle of such a kind that its substance is activity.


George Boole (1854 treatise on logic; , based on the three Aristotles laws of logic and John Lockes principles): "The general laws of Nature
are not, for the most part, immediate objects of perception.
They are either inductive inferences from a large body of facts, the common truth in which they express, or, in their origin at least, physical hypotheses of a causal nature. . . .
They are in all cases, and in the strictest sense of the term,
probable conclusions, approaching, indeed, ever and ever nearer to certainty, as they receive more and more of the confirmation of experience. ...


: ( ), / ,

, , belief, !

(, , subjectivism/ // & /)



ABC fundamentals of the Big reality/(co-)existence, //

[Forces, objective powers, which form /chaos of vibrations; the Universe]


Force1, Force2, Force3 . . of synergistic energy ; are the universal of (true) change!
The power of the
absolute ; the absolute laws of nature//!



Schopenhauer: Those who do not wonder about the contingency of the Universe are mentally deficient.


: ;

the stars, in the U are constantly moving, (e)merging or vanishing.


Charles Darwin: The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect,

if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.






The wave structure of matter

The (all & everything in the) Universe is about electricity,

E-M waves/fields/forms/,

electrical energy
( : motion & )

It (Mother Nature, the vortex of existence) is all (about) electricity (, its all about motion) -
, , , !

(a construct of) & media - for ever! Yes.

The (natural) electric force, lovely Josephine,
is the root
cause (the primery mover) of everything (that exists) in our [electrical] (in its nature) Universe! Absolutely!
The whole world is unified, electrically -
(based o and operating) on objective principles.
/essence of (), lovely Josephine!
Electicity/electic field is the ( !) force// (of all other forces)! Yes.
It always ( ) seeks rest i.e. (achieving) !
It always wants to (is in a purcuit of, ) rest;
() balance itself; to be in an equibrium ( its centre point)! Yes.

[Well, lovely ,
we humans a(n electric-based) body,
in principle seeks to be o;
at the end
rest- our in peace/stillness;
body our own when the time comes! Yes.]
, !



(a man of true greatness): "Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities
and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."


Man made the electrolight,
to take us [all] out of the dark.

"It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World", by James Brown


: , , .
, . .

Life is (all about) energy; energys efficiency (to get some interesting stuff done excellently).

The goodness of human life is (primary) about (productive) rationality; (productive)
energy efficiency;
costs and benefits;
(the search & the achieving of a flourishing)
healthily happiness
(in a humans life), .
XYZ- ( ) //everything (matter is everything that takes up space), lovely Josephine,

& beautiful (- )

[a virgin?!, , , Galilei died; , !) ( , published in 1686, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, universal/natural laws for everything that moves, second law of motion Force=mass*acceleration , , Gravity force [power1] (a , Keplers 3rd law of gravitation F=acceleration*area), which is so much weaker that other forces, , , , , 1682, , , 3- /, 1986 , , -, 2061.) ( ]
, who recognized/discovered the (weak & strong) Nuclear/atomic force [power3]
deep of why do objects move towards the Earth and why do objects slow down?,
, truly : the religious - mysteries// of superstition & wrong ; great to
for discovering of E-M forces/fields [power2] & the way to make electricity; thank you
James Maxwell the 4 /basic laws of the theory of for calculating -the velocity of- E-M waves-/forms & recognizing/discovering that this is, in fact, Light, Suns light itself, the maths equation of Light, , the (motovative & motivative) , the motor/force/heartbeat of //!;
thank you
- & ( AC , DC ; the patent war on AC/DC currents, the smart phones patten war of today), , , magnetic field;
I love
(and Ive loved to learn and strudy) electronics ( classical ; of the dualistic nature of the waves-particles),

, lovely Jos, truly logical/rational/universal/practical science
the world of objectivity: electricity & magnetism,
that are
the two sides of the same coin,
as mass & energy or time & space,

into each other
Oh, yes, , lovely Josephine, / !
how very much interesting, practical and magnificently beautiful! Nature.

Almost throuought all the part of the (150-200 000 of modern) homo sapiens history,
, lovely Josephine,
to understand, use and practice/provide (the natire of) electricity & magnetism!
To live without electricity, lovely Jos,
hugely, absolutely hugely,
diminishes the quality of human life,
ones time is occupied
providing the energy
, (, productive) (to think and do), in a day/year/lifespan.
Its absolutely terrible
-for the quality of human life-
being without modern tools and sources of energy!
parts (,about half of the population,) of the world, lovely Jos, , unhealthy ; cannot save and invest, cannot be productive .. cannot flourish & prosper i.e. cannot really enjoy life! Do not live in darkness, Josephine!

, [the individual power of rational [intelligent; competitive; practical] thought -on the free market place of ideas- behind]
[one simple mind (of the average ), cannot even imagine, lovely Jos,
how beautifully//incredibly innovative, consistently & persistently these minds worked, playing intellectual mind games;
music/harmony/value innovating & creating!]

rational minds of (intellectual, scientific) giants, (making conclusions by) pure/rational thought ( angry ),

(, absolutely ) (civilized & ) , (non-dogmatic) knowledge,
& ,
consistently & persistently , , & in order,
( properties) humans & working , ,


how come existence,
the ever expanding Universe -
() - (, binary, -, )
[/information, that travels at the fastest speed possible for a physical object/entity/information, 300 000 /;
- ; /quantum, an unit of /doing]

, lovely Jos,
the darkness (lack of light; shadow-like) is chased/raced away, !
were really shinning real rational light all over the (ppl of the) world!
[Michael Faraday, Georg Ohm, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Bell, James Watt, Heinrich Hertz, etc] genius-rational minds,
(.. in fact, /knowledge & rationality the mind ),
, the Big Reality, (is today knownable, how it behaves/works),
, ,
rational & universal (objectively true) principles/laws,
/ (- /// functionally )
[- worldwide , , , !, , , the reality/meaning of ;
theory of relativity irrational/ /ideology,
absolutely /objective scientific !
Oh, that subjectivists wrong /ideas vs the absolute and the universally objective matter//facts!
e.g. , theres no such thing as absolute time, !]
Heroes, all of those
! Real productive heroes! For ever! Absolutely!


On the other reality; other (parallel) world nonsense!
On the absofreakinlutely
ridiculous () dumbness
Supernatural up in the Skies!

(a rational enity of ) (),
() (, ?),
has deliberately created all stuffs & lives
his creations - to die, to perish?

[But , , has (intelligently) created the (intelligent & ) Creator?]


, lovely Josephine,
the great
[of the principles of nature, done by the]
methodology &

empirical [ ; proofs, evidences, facts of the objective (principles of) ]
(rational) (of objective greatness),
really [ real absolute ]
real recognizing,
real identifying and
[] understanding of (objective) & their /transaction into the ,
( much -), lovely Jos,

[ , , something, entity]
/activity [ ],
, ,
(theres no, no, no, not a single & evidence/fact throughout all the ages of human history)
bsofreakinlutely ( -big )
- [, divine, blind, , / (-)]
faith [] (of e, non-truth, non-fact, speculations and emotions/whims )
//nature/existence/all stuff

In God we trust! ()? ()? Oh, that Supernatural stuff! 100% ! Its irrational. Absolutely!
, , [ ]!

. !
, . A!
Can you really buy that (fairy tale) staff, lovely Josephine? Dont be stupid! Use your rationality!
(versions of) , lovely Josephine,
are brutally irrational [il
logical] ppl [virus spreading],
, that do/can not really exist [infected mind],
all of them ppl absofreakinlutely (stupidly) believeF in
, lovely Josephine,
causes [doom&gloom] to themselves and to others (bloody) harm, pain & .
Its (having) the absofuckinlutely irrational
view of (life, liberty &) the world!
, for the many ppl, lovely Josephine, :

For such is man: a Theological Dogma might be refuted to him a thousand times -
provided however, that he had need of it, he would again and again accept it as true.
Belief is always most desired, most pressingly needed where there is a lack of will.
Fanaticism is the sole "volitional strength" to which the weak and irresolute can be excited,
as a sort of hypnotising of the entire sensory-intellectual system.


//Creator ,
the Perfectness itself
the All-knowing (
the Great [eternal] Divine Providence,
the Great
[eternal] Superbatmannatural,
the Great
[eternal] Super-Entity,
the Great
[eternal] Superintelligent (the all knowing Designer),
the Great
[eternal] Higher Power,
the Great
[eternal] Intelligent Energy,
the Great
[eternal] Supersensible [Father of] Reality,
the Great
collective Consciousness,
[eternal] Oneness,
()/ ,
() ,

the Greatest Cause/Ideal,

the Higher Reality,
the Global
[without matter],
the Prime Mover,
the Providence,

the Perfect(ionism),
Life [without beginning and without end],

The (beginning of the) Tree of Life,

The Great(est),
() [of (all) life],

the One(ness) [of the (different dimentional) Universe],
[Ultimate] Mind,
the Wise
(est) (old man),

the [Ultimate] (Source of all) Knowledge [and all stuffs],
the [Ultimate] Truth,
the [Ultimate] Power,

the [eternal] Lord (& his ultimate morality),
[eternal] Master (& his morality),
[eternal] Farther// (& his morality),
(& his morality),

( ) [!],
[Ultimate] All Powerful Being (& his morality),
( )
[up] in the Sky above!
[, , , ,
/ / //, lovely Jos,
(as the Master of the Universe) makes all the rules
(as the Master of the Universe) the humans, just to obey (fear from / sacrifice for) them! , ! !]
Oh, that traditional (religious-totalitarian) (
) !
Oh, that -
[view of the world, life and all the rest]!
, ,
, , - - [
oh, that platonism, kantianism & hegelianism]!

Oh, that ( of ) resentment//skepticism;
oh, those absofreakinlutely weak ppl;
oh, those absofreakinlutely
oh, those absofreakinlutely (moral & intellectual) [postmodern] compromisers!
Oh, those irrationalities [ ], , ,
, lovely Josephine,

, ,
absofuckinlutely subjective , we see & [in our minds]!


The Divine (and collectivized) Consciousness/Spirit, lovely Josephine,
[.. /powerful & //matterless & /perfect/ / /Designer/Controller/Regulator ]
, , (intelligently & !)
creates/designs [all of the] reality (& )
all life ( /purpose/ / pleasure/wish)
the absofreakinlutely wrong/mystical/religious/utopic/absurd (of the (-)idealists),
comes (first) before the (objective) reality
.. the primacy of Consciousness over reality/nature - the wrong principle, that all irrational ppl do (delusionally) believe in?!
! !
, ,
lovely Josephine,
, there are no (two or more) parallel realities, theres only one objective reality,
God is just a (false) concept [, not the (objective) reality]!
Thats all God really is a non-objective concept!
concept, , , to speak for itself! !
(a religion) ( ) (non-objective!) concept! ! !

idea (concept) to dominate (over) the individual, it is, , infinitely more important than the individual! !
The individual cannot, , determine the thruth (, whats right or wrong; whats good or evil) by himself! Only God can! !
the individual must follow (obediently) God!
Because God knows best! God is the source of
(all) knowledge! that knowledge all is subjective, relativistic, non-objective!
(you must) unite, within the Gods ! !
And yes, lovely Jos,
there are
( only , ) secular concepts of God! Yes, there are! .
getting power over the individual(s)! Doublethink! !
(the collective) God of Marxism(-Leninism),
the (collective) God of () Democracy,
the (collective) God into politics - of the Establishment,
the (collective) God of /////M //////
the (collective) God of , /brother(hoodness)//,
, lovely Josephine, theres no God, there exist no God!
, lovely Josephine, God
[The irrational reasoning & fears ] creates the God(s) & all the stories about them!



really & practical ( , , firm character, very rationally consistent) , lovely Josephine,
yes, really
(rational) ,
- & critical thinking ,

(exchange/interaction/doing of forces/fields),
; ; ; the (Big) Reality; (the eternal & (termo)dynamic source of)
the big objective fact/truth, objectivity itself! OK?
[wikipedia: The entropy -thank you Rudolf- of an isolated system
never decreases
(entropy always increases in the Universe), because isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, which is the state of maximum entropy;
, / useful ( , ) -
in any natural process there exists an inherent tendency towards the dissipation of useful energy.

/ behavior of energy towards TD equilibrium/order, of existence, based on objectively ]
Truth (in human terms), lovely Josephine,

is recognizing (/ )
the (one and only
objective multidementional 3D) reality, of vibrating energy

very productive and ,
severely & in a spectacular way,
narrowed down the boundaries of the unknown
the mankind/ppl, at a very, very much low price/cost-
the one of gratitude for the very smart & the very practical
in objective thought and action.
And we,
the humans [mankind],
have since
(and because of the thinking of such a man) gone very far up, in terms of progress and prosperity. Absolutely!

consistently applied ( / ) ;
real method(ology)! OK?
( ) , lovely Josephine,

, ( ).
the absofreakinlutely
[ ],

(objective) (of the reality)! !
, lovely Jos,
- ! !
millions of ,
(, , too)!

not understanding and
not using the rational method - then
. Absolutely! !
, lovely Josephine,

the world

( ) full of (ppl, that absofuckinlutely , )
, irrationalities; intellectually UNtrue ppl!
(r) ! Yes, they do.



The physical universal of everything

Energy1, motion2 and change3 -
the most important concepts of
reality (of everything that really exist)

[The way that the -electrical- Universe works/exists!]


Lucretius: Certainly the atoms
did not post themselves purposefully in due order by an act of intelligence, nor did they stipulate what movements each should perform.
As they have been rushing everlastingly throughout all space in their myriads, undergoing a myriad changes under the disturbing impact of collisions,
they have experienced every variety of movement and conjunction till they have fallen into the particular pattern by which this world of ours is constituted.
This world has persisted many a long year, having once been set going in the appropriate motions. From these everything else follows.



Hello, Universe! Hello, !

Hello, existence!

We, lovely Jos,
we all (the living and
the non-living stuff) live in a Universe,

that absolutely
operates based on (according to)
(natural) ! Yes. Objectivity.
, the (objective) reality.

The physical Cosmos, lovely Jos,
is greatly influencing all the life on the (planet) Earth
(and yours) home, ( ) .
Hello, world! Hello, my world!



Nothing real (something) is truly at rest, lovely Josephine!

1? ( , /GPS/gravitationally quantized Universe/!)

, lovely Josephine,
/ability (, )
; the capacity to do work. (the ableness, the capacity, the fuel/forces needed) to cause motion & change. Power.


motion2? (the concept of (loco)motion, in physics)

, lovely Josephine,
() motion (and all motion is -at root- electically based)

or (stationary or moving electrons and protons), . Thats all! .
Energy does the motion!

Energy in motion is kinetic (action), energy thats waiting at rest is potential!
Yes, two kinds of different energies.
, in fact, , both of them energy! Simple.


Things/matter [that are all made of collections of collections of atoms/molecules/objects, of ingredients, crystals, each having main essential properties of: mass, electric charge, moment(um)],
, lovely Jos,
( )
( ) - , ( ) (movement of atoms & molecules from higher to lower energy potentials; change, exchange of).
, lovely Jos,
, absolutely
.. absolutely (, ) really !
We the rational ppl (for better & easier understanding),
can (and do) rationally
/objectively &
(yes, lovely Jos, its all mathematics;
all can be expressed and shown, digital/ ;
- /!)
every movement (of every entity), concepts / (of ), , etc.


, lovely Josephine,

(), lovely Josephine,
( )
/, , , , , , , , radiant,
(mid 20th century, thank you ),
based on these , 250 ,
, lovely Jos,

- (the rational being) (-! )
grasp-, recognized, & (reasoning),
performing perceptions, abstractions & concepts,
by using the methods of logics & comparison differentiation & integration
, lovely Jos,
absolutely ,

( ,
, , wishes, wants, , beliefs,

, , , , , ,
, , , , )
(change) ( !) , -
( , ) change- ; causation! Yes, it can and does!Absolutely!
The Universe, lovely Josephine,
keeps itself going, going on and on
(in the same way it keeps the evolution going),
(the process of) transformations & transactions
moves, changes to ever & ever on going goal/aim/purpose,
of self-feeding feedback loop mechanism
{ energy and work are transferable;
work is energy transferred by force .. work W = applied Force*distance =F*V*t = (m*a)*(V*t) / = m*V*V/2 = p*V/2 = kinetic energy; work is kinetic energy; energy is work, potential energy, F*height, m*g*h is to be able to do work; beauty; one form of energy can be converted into another; energy is never lost/destroyed, nor created, it is only transferred -/conserved/transformed- from one form & shape to another form & shape; conversion of potential to kinetic energy and ; simple beauty }

That is how the Universe works; that is who decides how electrons work!

That is (, of) ! Absolutely!

Thats the magic, lovely Josephine, of electro-magnetism!
Magic, lovely Josephine,

is the electro-magnet(ism,
.. ,

i.e. /lines/fields/spirals around an object;
magnetic fields
.. , electricity; ,
interesting; geomagnetic field/energy, human energy/E-M field, etc. )!
(-) (in) .
Its always in (forward, expanding) motion, that never stops! It cannot stop, ever!
(unstable, ) movement! No, it cannot.
The foundation of
is (-)magnetism;
we all live in the
(one and only) yellow submarine (electro-)magnetic Universe!
[, is constantly/ & actively: moving/changing, revolving,
(consistently & persistently) self- , potentials ( , as an end in itself) - the transformation of the potential into the actual/fact]
Theres no () magic/ ,
s no other /
{ ,
because of lack of rational
/factological/objective knowledge/truth/values/principles,
the socially) -/impossible (the socially) ///possible/practical ideal/rational goal;

(rationally clashing, ) in terms .. non-reality, self-, , delusion, , , absolutely, human ( the many/majority/ , it usually does/happens); , , one / /wholly oneness of intellect, , many , /// [(ir)rational values/principles/social systems], ///magic , (of nations, of societies), , / , ////magic .. /many , for a given space-time domain}. ( , // () ( grand ) (a tired & very thirsty) a, on a beautifully sunny summer ! - & intensively passionate 2Us of a (pair/?? of normal) human(s))

Why (some) particles
(electrically) charged in the first place?
Why objects
(with mass & energy)
(or repell) each other, gravitationally (the law of attraction/gravity in the whole Universe, , , attraction things or sexually)
high and low density/resolution/quantum of (irregular, fluctuated, , non-uniformly, ) places?
[and those places with higher density pull & whirl (gravitationally, with different intensity/force) the matter around them, (organizing the matter - its objective principles- into) , , ] in space ( , 14 ]

That is how the (E-M) Universe works; that is who decides how electrons work!
What a Universe, what a Universe!


We, lovely Josephine, just know that these things are true. We observe and (rationally) see them.

(associative & dissociative , transformable into each other energies/matters)
always (doing/arranging the things) into the most economical way/order, self-sustainable order/experience i.e.
practical order of consistent management/work
.. (-, -)
and Universe! That is who decides how electrons (and protons) work! Yes!

[n(egatively) charged]

[p(ositively) charged] (, in fact ),

comprise an atom/whole/small oneness! The 1000 times (!) stronger of the electrons/magnets
are attracted by

are spinning
(at a very high speed) around the protons/magnets/nucleus,
of electrons in different orbits:
electronic shell of the atom;
( )
a tiny, tiny magnet (n-p-n, p-n-p; aligned magnetic fields Ferro & anti-Ferro magnetic forces/objects/materials; magnetic/electro ).
The atoms
, lovely Jos,
all do,
that whichever requires
(for them to spend)
less energy
- & -
(, , changing) ; !

This is how,


/ ;
that is
who decides how electrons work; non-uniformity. Our electro-magnetic (objective, liking/forming/acting/doing) Universe.

(of all things that exist). Existence.
The naked reality.
The fundament of all
(, there is).
, lovely Jos, , (, ) . The (real, objective) base. Thats it!




/interconnections (fields) the () cornerstone of explaining the Universe
(unified, self-organized & self-sustainable E-M field/s)

The (perpetual) change; the becoming/being ( the ancient : everything flows, everything changes),

the dynamic process of (self-generating) change itself:
all things/fields do it constantly, persistently & consistently - any time, any place, at any instance

(the nothingness/dark/ , most probably, can create a little patch of time and space)



/galaxies, (and all other things/matter) are born and eventually die (sieze to exist) - we the things all have our own life cycle;

/ - (force of) (which is always at work, everywhere in the Universe).
(one of the principles of the reality) at the beginning (when a star is born i.e. made of gas & dust) and at the end (when a star is dying) - always (universally, objecctively) wins;
gravity governs/rulz the entire Universe.

, , ;
the Universe, too - it rapidly expands - / to death,
its a self-restarting system/entity (could be, for every 30-50 billion years).
Yes, Josephine, we (all) the things self- (!) out of gas and dust.
(what a cycle!) dust & gas; energy is never lost, we are all linked to the Cosmos.


( !) ,
[, all of which //ingridients ,
based on electrons, quarks and neutrinos; different types of matter
different properties/attributes/characteristics]
[ extremely huge !; do you remember , ?
These both are transactions
/ of (types of) indestructible forms/ of matter/energy [made of waves];
the law of mutual Attraction
(& )
of (transformation of, changing of, dynamics of)
/- () ;
the real/objective/absolute

energy and matter,
as described by the
maths of: ,  
E = mc 2 !
Yes, lovely Jos,
/energy, which consists of waves,
can and does (naturally, self-guided)
transform itself into
(complex) (enen conscious, organic, living) matter/things/energy;
that is the process of natural
evolution of matter/energy/reality/things/species;
(unintended, designed by nobody) selection/transformation,
which is based on the objective principles
/laws/actions (rationaly discovered by sciences) of matter/objective reality!

[the power of the Gods objective Natures forces, which only a rational mind can rationally -logically & empirically- see/understand/know]
(, , , the process of actualizing)
[.. binary properties, / of particle/ & of wave//signal; , , , ; yes it can; , objects/matter can be controlled by pure thought oh, yes, they can, one day, 2100-2137 , this will become/be recognized/be discovered & organized into a fact, into practicality .. //objects .. , : to recognize, to discover, to understand, to organize and to use/control Nature to do -beneficial, -, -, -, -pleasurable, , fulfilling .. useful & ];


{, & , , , , ; , humans, - () the Cosmoss radiation (of eternal and constant in quantity, as a whole, energy) }
thats nature, mother Nature,

a the

physiological effects of rational thoughts
( , !).
Because of the principle of ,
info (any kind of info, . ), lovely Jos,

( any other object),
space, time;
, , :
, ,
[ , space, ) , todays , / & (transaction, transdoing]
, / (E, )

mass (m)
property (and matter),
/ objectively ,
energy (E) mass (m)
p=m*V,momentum- , 1dimension linear momentum, 2d angular momentum, 3/4dimension e; m, mass is property of matter, and matter can be destroyed or created, momentum-a, p / E, momentum-, can not be chaged, is constant, in a closed system , p and E are both conserved quantity; E=m*C*C = p*C= p*S/t = (F*t) (S/t) = Force*S = (m*a)*S = (m*V)/t*S); , , k , beautiful, with objective properties, humans: curiosity, ideas, , , , creativity, , , , conceptual , achieving successfully and trying to achieve goals). If this does not blow your mind, than you have no emotion (you might, , have feelings), no empathy ( show/present//prove/validate what is ( / ) and how/why it works?!
.. - warmer
process (of a body/system/Universe) increasing entropy/disorder
.. the total amount of entropy/disorder always increases in the Universe
.. , lovely Josephine,
all stuffs
, all of them, (organic or non-organic, living or non-living matter/energy)
decay, in time
.. all and everything (always and constantly) e
everything always, in time, comes to an end, passes away
i.e. everything must die,
, in time, (to be transferred/transformed into) nothing/zero/ashes & dust, burning out in the wind of time,
/stop/seize , one day!
Thats the (absolute & universal) principle of death (, of constantly decreasing, less and less, energy content, in time).

(, lovely Josephine, but this is a simple and universal absolute, an objective ! The effect of the natural principle of (ever increasing) entropy! ? Get it?)
Thats only natural and always, in time, happens to all stuffs, in the space-time [of the objective reality]!
, ; , absofuckinlutely utopic , lovely Jos, just anything goes!


The universal, the absolute and the most fundamental principle of c-a-u-s-a-l-i-t-y:
( ) ; () ( ) ;
with this universal & absolute principle(s);
, , ;
& different causality, (this universal) principle, the (natural) law.

: () .;
what & how) , ()


RR: / , / , on all levels. The world is binary, on all levels.
, on many different levels, objectively / -
black or white,
or , darkness light, ,
/suffering or pleasure/happiness, honesty or dishonesty, productivity or parasitism/conformism, rationality or irrationality, coherence or incoherence, progress or regress.

RR: (the objective value/principle) has never been, is not, and will never be arbitrary or (just) a matter of opinion/preference!
rational & should (try)
to investigate, discover,
, grasp and understand the truth (the whole truth and nothing, but the truth) - his own divine , divine inner eye rationality, consistency & persistency;
(rationally) for (,understanding and achieving) the truth is part of the process of searching (rationally) for (,understanding and achieving) ones own happiness (in HIS own IHS terms)!


living or non-living matter,
, (), religiously, utopically exists, consciousness, wants, wishes, whims, reflexes, , , taste .. exists as an end in itself .. existence (absolutely) exists; everything, really exists, is made of matter - no matters what kind of shape, size, color, smell, smoothness, hardness, sound, taste or form something is]

, weight, density [its all about properties/characteristics/attributes/essentials of (the different types of) matter],
(, if close enough,)
our (natural) human ( humans experience- sensations & perceptionsand think in conceptions).
(all things, , no mater if they have a (rational) mind or not; matter, we cannot see)
can be differentiated/distinguished (i.e. described)
their own
(essential) proprerties/attributes;
different things
(,all of made of matter) different (or ) (natural or man-made) properties/characteristics, ! Absolutely!


(something, stuff )
(o-b-j-e-c-t-i-v-e ----------- )
------ (in some form & shape);
absolutely no form & shape without matter
and theres
absolutely no matter without form & shape
[and for that matter, theres no soul without physical body and theres no body without soul .. theres no immortality (of the soul); of the soul/psyche, , the reasoning!

There is (and should be) no opposition,
- clashing
between the body/physical/
and the mind/spiritual
/, in a objectively rational (in thought, motivation and action) human! ?].



The beauty of the (objective) reality [and of truth/objectivity/logic]

(maintaining the) Evolution i.e. motion (of matter) i.e. vibration i.e. change
[Complex wave patterns of different entities, that are constantly interacting with each other only in a principled way!]


AC/DC (, , ),

- ( - attributes of increasing/decreasing /potential higher/lower ; / , self-regulation /; behavior - /fields)

(Everything - - is)
Vibration/motion (& )
of (waves of) energy entities/ [all of which entities/identities / individual of the(ir) energy system/field] () .
The vibration of the Universe, , , cycles, in 3D.
Life is (living) energy (charging; to be alive is to charge your heart, the gravity force/charger)!
all things,
all (non-)organic stuff,

(made of) energy,
vibration of (spirals of moving//) energy, the form of existence: energy/matter (as in the DNA), evolution!
Different matter,
different things,
different units,
different entities/units,
exist & expand (the vehicle of reality/existence)
i.e. vibrate
// on a different frequency (E-M spectrum) [flow/vehicle of energy, pulsating E-M fields; moto(r)vative movement/act/doing of energy from high to low E-M potential]
in a different
(cycles of) instances,
in a particular dynamic space-time dimensionality
.. (very much probable )

(of gravity force in action)

i.e. ( ) , change, motion [constant moving around]
.. in human terms that can be translated individually and as a sum of individuals - socially.

can generate energy/power

out of thin air; it must come from somewhere (.. ought to be, must be (self-)organized, emitted, radiated, emanated);
the energy can never be absolute zero
(.. some matter appearing and disappearing, popping in and popping out, bubbling)! OK?


The Universe, , lovely Josephine,
() ,

the for the most part sometimes chance absolute universality of (the action of) nature (natural laws),
finite actualizing (the finite realm of time and space)
of the (truly, )
infinite potentialities,

an eternal (counting by the zillion .. finite) implosion (charging with higher potential, needed for motion-ready) process of Natures (productive, basic) creativity (of the potential-actual unification),

(finite, in number of zillions) /entities/somethings/units freely ( objectively !) (can, ought to, must and do) energy & mass ( , m = F/a; , -, 1756/79.) in a particular and different ways. The perpetual process, processing, the doing. Infinity (finite infinity!) (with infinitely many stars/galaxies, (can only rationally be seen i.e. logically proven) / .. interconnected, cosmic / spider way, into a co-operatively self-sufficient & ffective/practical way; ever changing, dynamically consistent way of exchange of energy, synergy co-operation of the universal oneness).

/units/entities the reality/Universe.
( in no particular way, )
in a matter of (different) units/entities!
has an
(specific) identity (its own) specific attributes and nature (by which every single entity/unit can be absolutely & uniquely identified/differentiated by all other units/entities!).
Each unit/enity
can be
(according to a common denominator, simmilarities) i.e.
into a
(specific, characterized) category (the essense of a class, , , , Marxians class & struggle or classless ).


Ruthless commitment to the (objective) truth,
, , an irrational
of the Universe
(based on blind faith; on the great SuperEntity/SuperAuthority/)

( )


, ,
the [Big Brother ] reality,
( transformations of energy .):
, shape / ,
{ constantly, persistently & coherently, & !
/matter always ruthlessly tries/tends/urges/seeks to maintain an electrical balance
[through a flow of electrons (repulsed) from negatively charged (and attracted) to positively charged potential i.e. producing electrical current]
. to be in balance, to self-balance}

the total amount in the Universe of (and matter),
, , & absolutely
(the same, always the same quantity! No net loss!; the angular momentum: the total amount of spinning in any isolated system, always stays the same)
eternity, ,
the spirit of liberty & the (natural) sense of order!
[, o/Reality , , -it simply exists in its own energo-mechanical/materialistic perpetuity- , freedom - .. in Nature ( ) almost completely & everywhere win-lose relationships, , the realm of the rational being, win-win relationships are possible & can & should really happen, but only in a free (market) society; man can & ought to change & control Nature/Earth/Universe.]

Always objective and always ruthlessly consistent/persistent
/principle/law (through time and space),
for ever and ever & everywhere ..
universally & absolutely (not subject to):
intellectual capacity, , , , , , , , , money, property, something!
Physically, logically and empirically
(universally observed and universally proved) (existence of) objectivity and consistency the absolute truth, black and white, no middle way, 0 1, the reality. The laws/principles of (the real, not the imaginary) Universe do not change in time-space domain; are ruthlessly consistent, , it changes (from one energy type -transforms- into another) all the time ( are objectively knownable/ by a real rational- mind).



self-generated & self-sustainable power: auto power generated energy, creating a spontaneous, virtuous, stable () order!
non-mystical and
non-contradictory (and logical - for a really rational mind!)! Absolutely, .. !

is always & perpetually self-organized complexity of units/entities,

based on the (natural & most fundamental) absolute law/principle

of cause and effect (causality), as well as the principle of (rational) identity!
(must) , lovely Jos,
a (real) reason, (real) cause, (real) !
OK? Get it?
The Universe, lovely Josephine,

is not, not, not (some kind of) an arbitrary system of (random) chance!
(God it does not play dice - says - ( -) Albert , and influenced by -rationalist )
No it is not!

, and clashing (of stuff)
are not, not, not the basic laws of the Universe [, of history, wrongly -]!
no Universe,
; , (today) (a living) !
it is non-conscious, it is not (one big) () consciousness! (, billions of & irrationally beLIEve)

The natural law of (exchange &) conservation of energy (& ), lovely Josephine,

absofuckinlutely , consistently (on a) (),

, universal absolute, Gods middle finger,
objectively (no playing dice, non-random, non-arbitrary; universality of principles in the Universe),
for ever and ever, with absolute certainty,
, no unit/entity or groups of them, ,


(the total)
(and matter, and mass)

the (whole) Universe!
() , lovely Jos,

(absolutely )
(and matter, and mass) ..

the matter and energy
can change forms/shapes and they can turn/transfer into one another,
the total energy content
always remains
the same, constant
i.e. the Universe is
(in a matter of zillions of years)
(self-) regenerative
(particles, chemical elements, waves/signals/forms and no one of those energies, they are in such way and so fully integrated, that nothing ever gets lost!)
.. () ( !) (no one/thing can) to get something for nothing
.. , ( ) !

[no exceptions, , - - , on faith & beliefs-, , , , 50 ]
, lovely Jos, the first (objective & rational)

principle/law of ( of) - the principle of life, living.
Please, lovely Jos, remember this most (objectively) fundamental principle,
as we will proceed
(in this book)
to (-)//
rationally (.. & ; secularly & o)

apply it into other areas of (the humans) life (economics, politics, morality, etc.);
once again
theres no free lunch,
there can not be free lunch,
/ (always) cost ( , has a price),
(always) ( , like it or not,) in some way, by someone!
[ math sign (//amplitude, frequency & intensity all the accumulated , if any) - () negative or () positive (in terms of humans perspective & in Q&Q terms);
can not be both at the same time
(-space )]
Nothing lasts
(no -real- thing can/could last) for ever;
theres a beginning
(e.g. of life), theres an end - an () absolute!
All waves
/signals/frequencies (i.e wave forms, that exist in other real life!) have a beginning and an end.
OK, lovely Jos?


The (small letter!) oneness of all/Universe

(3D +time = 4 dimension Reality)


() of !
[chemistry is in fact part of electricity .. electrochemistry, the root is the electricity; we live in an electrical (E-M) Universe; always remember Josephine, that all motion is -at root- electrical]
, , ,
in Nature!
/(zero charged) ( //wholeness/oneness ),
E-M /force.
primary (which sets & controls motion from within!),
( , )
( ).
(Cosmic) Radiation (travelling at a speed of light in packets of energy) vibrates in (E-M) waves
(i.e. at a certain frequencies, time periods, wave lengths i.e. in a continuos spectrum; longer -radio- wave lengths are less energetic; , , all things vibrate, a human, their in / way by each other!).
(the ability of one system to do work on another)
constant vibration/fluctuation/motion,
(can be expressed/ )
music (sound waves, motion; sound causes all objects/things to vibrate, no matter that we the humans cannot see this motion/vibrations)!
Listen to it, lovely Jos,
listen to all
(into one) music [light & sound are one - music; light, sound and radiation are all electric (E-M) motions! All motion in the Universe is electric (and obey the natural inverse-square law)],
go along with
(and experience) that (chatting) music
and understand & learn
(how) to use it usefully.
Oh, that beautiful music
/motion in the Universe;
theres so much music
/motion in the Universe! It is the motion Universe,
that appears & disappears into itself
( in a kind of -spiral way; look at the of our Milky way, everywhere and youll see the difference/ of the same principle pattern; as above, so below principle; math formula for toroid (rotating cirle, ) = area * = Pi*r*r multiplied by 2*Pi*r = 2*Pi*Pi*r*r*r; Einstein-Eddington hypersphere/universe).

(frequency, wavelength, vibration) space-time ( , relationship)
, (, , ) .
the Reality. The ceaselessly causal & ordered Reality/Consistency/Orderliness//Regularity//Natural law.
The objective reality. The one and only.



o- (frequency) (existence i.e.) (- field)

{ Unified -dynamically interconnected- E-M fields in the Universe;

summarized, all into one , E-M fields/powers in the Universe;

the laws of Universe/energy/physics/Reality,
, , & man-made () }


/ ,
transmitting & transferring
(transactions) of energy,
() ,

E-M (varying intensities of) waves


, the small brain, 7 , /emits -M fields, , / ( ), , - ac/dc waves, which change with our emotions, our psyche-emotional state - reflection of varying intensities of wave motion; that field is a torus/Doughnut-like shape head-heart-feet , and the energetic (-) field can be measured around our human body, within a few feet ( human / ; humans, ); - almost (rotate & revolve; /; !) ( , ; - the atoms -all energy systems- are all oscillating of the reality, all have a centre of rotation ( , really complex , too)! , , - quarks & , & economics, ! All things in the Universe, from their start, are in motion and tend to stay that wayuntil their end/rest, until seize to exist.) ( ) ( , , , , guide & support ( / , / , / , / , / , / , / ) humans, rotate & revolve around , too), each of which of toroidical layers, () balancing - /waves,



the never ending process of self-generating and self-sustainable energy
(self-sustaining & self-balancing/managing construction), action/doing/motion, / , self-feeding. Self-integration.

, ,
E-M field generator
/vibrating power/ ,


free to choose (via his conceptual consciousness/, via rational reasoning //unfold- the principles of ),
decide & deserve
(through acting, doing)
the whats and hows which way his life is to be lived
what & how his (immediate, short & long-term) interests are,
in which way
achieved (or failed) the () individual goals/purposes.
All motion
(in fact, expressed in)
waves (wave fields) (that are universally repeated and (can, posses the ability to) produce particles; vibration);
space is not empty (theres no vacuum in Nature; light needs no air to travel, sound/voice can not travel through space / vacuum),
space is absolutely full of wave motions & matter
(gasses, , solids).
Motion, lovely Josephine,
objectively , /reference . , , . - , , , what goes up must come down.

This is
how the Universe
/reality works, objectively.
This is
why & how it is always actively changing and expanding, in time
(timelessly, within its own lifecycle) i.e.

the principles inherited into the existence/reality.

, lovely Jos,

non-stop , .
the (natural) existence (which exists in a matter of complex order)
of ones consciousness!
(which may exists in many billions of human minds, that have not established or have denied/self-destroyed logic, as the correct method of knowing things)

( ), lovely Josephine,
(e the small reality, the individual/small reality, /picture),

power, individual/human E-M () ( , about the gravity center),

orderly movement from high to low potentials.

() (, co-op , & working into oneness/totality),

(self-sustainable, self-governing & self-generating) power,

movement/spirals through (his) ideas, - / & actions.
(the smallest unit of )
( - ) ,
, ,
() objective, subjective (personal preference/opinion/belief); rational, , ()/,

, , both (objective & subjective) in the space-time of reality!
, lovely Jos,
( youngsters)
(objectively, , /efficiently )
think & act,
to (logically) ,
to (freely, willfully) choose,
based on
/useful/rational (scientific type of) objectivity! ( principles & values)!
[ , / irrationally/inefficiently/relativistic thinking/doing people & & ]

-/global/galaxy all the (aspects of) ,
( ) (moving) ,


movement, perpetual (, active/non-passive) change in the form of / fields/spirals;

all objects
are interconnected into
an internet network of energy (fields) (E-M unity/universality of fields), network of powernet/energynet, everywhere,

the moving force, the primary, the essential,
the primer
(of all living & non-living)
the cornerstone of all
(existing) things, which are all interconnected, bounded together, , . , is included into this Universal energy network (and is natural, orderly, , lawful intelligent). , , (, ) (type of) , might be () ( ; /entity , within its nature/identity & time-space domain)

, /transact, mutual interaction (energy) power, in time & through space (the 4d matrix of all interconnected E-M fields); conversion & exchange of energy power, in time and space. , , , power/ (self-)/generate (and self-sustain) . .

That simple. And beautifully magnificent, ! , , () , non-objective (, subjectivists) cosmic justice. Why?

relative absolute truth, which is an objective power, exists; is a universal truth/honesty. Energy, Cosmos/emitting energy and matter, ever-exchanging and perpetuating power; power, actualize dynamically & . Exchange of energies. A process of processing, a perpetual process. - . The truth, , ; , power, energy, processing, (natural) vibration, production/innovation/creation. . The truth, the whole truth and nothing else, but the truth universal truth ( ) e freedom. Objective liberty. ( ).



Volitional (neuro)consciousness/free will & reason(ing)


Everything, lovely Josephine,
governed by
and subject to
the laws of physics/Nature/Universe/Reality!

(, , - - E-M energetic entities/,
essentials/properties/identities, of objective & epistemological/ )
The principles of physics are universally (and timelessly) valid! Absolutely!
of the
(), lovely Jos,

() ()

the perpetually (natural) (non-contradicting & non-conflicting) (of the objective reality)!

Life, too, lovely Jos,

is subject (yes, subject)
to these objectively existing (universal, natural) laws,
to objectivity,
to knowledge,
(the faculty of) rationality (the ability to use matter effectively and efficiently for ones life betteroffness & joy, to support and further ones life(time) (span)).

Human consciousness, actions and choices, too! OK? Get it?

em_Brace yourself, but beware simplistic form of reductionism (.. is reducible to matter only; thats wrong!),

existentialism/Nietzschentialism/psychological egoism/Ubermensch/do whatever you want_Superman_(theres no universal morality, according to Friedrich! Hes wrong.),

(which holds Primacy-of-Consciousness, that only thought truly exists and matter is merely an illusion .. is reducible to consciousness only & Supernatural/monism exists, somewhere up above & beyounth; is being determined by non-material Supernatural (God/Allah/Tangra//), Earth; thats completely & absolutely wrong!),

the Marxian view of materialism ( & ; is being determined by /economic forces, here on Earth! Thats stupidity.)

of (in)determinism. All these are false premises, wrong conclusions i.e. fallacies i.e. irrational beliefs, ideas and behaviours. Absolutely!


Josephine, the idealist/deist and the materialist camps are all wrong/utopic; stay away from both of them; & the many fallacies/ either of them.
supernatural/devine (, , , utopic , ! Oh, that utopic divine/supernatural soul! O, that religious/dogmatic/fundamentalistic faith, can/do brainwash some of the humans in a nation/region/world! , , , , -more primitive- form/kind of : - & economics/wealth t.e. the material/matter higher/ ! , ! (, , ) , is always at war, clashing /the good, the more important/ ! , of the Platonian/Hegelian dialectic process!),
e mindless ( , of the utopic - dialectic process! , by his nature, possessing free will & /capacity to reason. sometimes, social-darwinism, -, leftish, mixed or rightish, can/do brainwash that ability of some/majotity of the humans in a nation/region/world)!
Both of them schools of thought reject/deny (are being skeptical / pessimistic about) the efficiency/efficacy/effectiveness i.e. the real ( ) rationality/reasoning of the human mind! 21 mixed form of these two schools (, 20 , - ) - /collectivism ( - (, ) ; & USA - the western - , , etc.; - /////-; & - , here and now), the speed ball of the 21 century of neo-, ( mixed with ) .. - () the ancient ! !

Josephine, do not dare ever to forget
the human sapience
volitional characteristics (free will to choose direction & goal mechanism, outside the space-time domain .. beyond/ reality e.g. imagination, fantasy, intuition, inductiveness, innovation, aha-effect, grasping, vision into the future)
and the faculty of the rational human mind for:

reasoning, awareness, knowledge gathering & accumulation and the ability/capacity of apply practically concepts & principles formation.

Yes, lovely ,

, concept
of matter & energy
.. reality
//valid ,
, , /
fully - - Reality & humans consciousness//small reality;
integrated duo, bi, binary,
, as Marx is proposing, simplistic /sum (sub-particles, quarks), in such a different way that the new pattern is a: synergetic convergence of the 2, that, in fact, produces almost 3; between /function and the Pi number.

the truth is, upholding the (objective principle of the) Primacy-of-Existence,
, a rational being,
an integrated natural (free will) being/oneness of (threeJ forms/kinds of the Reality:) material (body, physical kind/form of existence/reality), spiritual (intellect/ideas/ & emotions/; i.e. consiosness is a part/form -very special kind- of existence/reality/Universe for certain types of living creatures; responsible for our lifes sustaining process) and economic/practical (the body-mind oneness put into practise) aspects! (the material or the spiritual; and their practical application - the economic) more responsible for the whole.


, lovely Josephine,

(humans are creatures, which chiefs charactersistics is the volitional consciousness),
in the frame of life, () & adapt (nurture, not only nature/genes/biology),
(acquiring & developing) self-knowledge,

& (.. & /effective/efficient & )

long-term practicality I will/ I wont & if-than-else (, indeterminstic in accordance with certain rules: logic) ,
(the greatest & the most/radically essential) humans - /rationality & respect for the facts.
very, very complex (random; unpredictable) behavior (in the Universe, that cannot really be simplified into & equations), lovely Josephine,

can be created
by extraordinary
(very, very much) (and a few!)
simple rules
(applied in a millions of times, in the time-space ) (thank you, Wolfram)!
( )
peace of mind (, inner , relaxing, ), health.
, lovely Jos,
, ,

() ,
( );
we, as a species, lovely Jos,

truly/ perfect & beautiful .
(), ,

self-experience- deep inside, :
weak, low,
, ,
powerless, selfless,
(bad or not-good-enough beings)
that inherently possess a lot of vices;
, flaws,
- -
inherited within our human nature, the essence of who/what we are! !
/ ( -collectivizeds)
[, , - & functionally , ,
, , , , - ]

separation/segregation / of the (spiritual) self within us (reasoning faculty) vs the (material) body,
( the tribal era)
create- & internal struggle,
within the human psyche ( , , ),
(through political power)
( rejecting their human nature, because it is primary bad, a evil ?!).
, , ;
man is a man; woman is a woman; a child is a child;
none of the three categories
(Masculine or Feminine) should be suppressed/oppressed//clashing by/ the other.

ought to be, , () , , synchronizing with Quantum (field) theory.

, -
, ruthless objectively,


- . ( of particular things, entities, /posses attributes/characteristics/properties, that can be truthfully identified by a rational mind, as Aristotel rightly ; abstract things/forms )
(objective Objectivity) , ,
Milky Way ,
, , -
energy fields!
[of hardware & software, of particle & wave spirals, binary combined into oneness characteristics of the human mind],
{should be seeking for an objective & principle convergence of interests energy fields of our human nature,
of evolution, established for billions of years, by the - }

- . ( ) .

, , (-),
(and behaving/running/moving/interacting)


(causality) (, can, should and ought to be identified, understood and coherently applied by humans, by rational/ minds)!

- ,

causation (& no contradictions, no antagonistic/dialectic of clashing contradictions!), within.
/ dogmatic (blind) faith,

(non-objective, delusional, ) ideals

fear! No manipulation, no conformity, no compromising (on objective principles) and no parasitism are possible here; no exceptions what so ever! None.
Only persistent
principles, natural laws, by and for themselves;
the Universe exists, for no specific purpose, as an end in itself.
this Universe of ours
many, very many (benevolent & malevolent )
galaxies trillions of ,
living entities ( !!) - ( );
theres no such thing as risk free Universe
/Earth/world/life. !

E-M force
& / ,
- ,
(6500 below sea level) - .
(real) . .

( , process & cycles, processing cycles)

of causality, - . No exceptions are possible! Never, ever! None, at all.

eternal & universal ,

objective principles,

(antagonistically) ,
are not, not, not into conflict,
clash ,
but in fact
integrated into oneness
are concurrently & coherently operative
(co-operative) the great process of perpetual activities of nature, spontaneous order! ?
, lovely Jos,


grasp-, , understand-
(employ and practice) objective
(more happily & comfortly, healthily)
lovely Jos,
in the first place to (be really able to) discover his (own) minds (consciousnesss) capabilities and ( , , actualized) capacities.
To understand thyself.

We all live in a yellow submarine reality,
, (could, should and ought to learn, how to acquire skills, to be able to)

make/happen- (small) reality//way (, of course, too, the all, the big Reality, the oneness). , the rational ,
make- ( honest and objective !)
interestingly, worryingly &
joyfully, painfully
successfully and
really meaningful - for him!
[and his values, ordered values, which define & motivate his goals, ideas, ideals,
as well as, his practical rationality
& or / actions, throughout his lifetime]



Its all about the (objective) reality;
matter & spirit into one (unity of) integrity!
They both
(of these componets of the reality) are really important, lovely Jos,
matter without spirit; spirit without matter!
, the irrational doctrine of just anything goes! OK?
[Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality. ― Carl Sagan]



The micro1 (psyche) reality (on Earth, , too) within the (universal) macro2() reality -
an organic individual consciousness
Consciousness (is what really) drives the human mind.
Human mind
the absolutely huge complexity of consciousness.

The human mind, lovely Josephine,
is a part of the (laws of) objective reality [nature]
the basis of the epistemology. The human spirit.
[ is lacking real ;
irrational , it has no solid fundament, no rational methodology;
its construct , its incoherent with the - of - reality.
is lacking or has a wrong , its epistemology is wrong too!
its morality; its values are not objective, are not real, but , , ; its psychology is bad!
so () are its of politics, economics & ! Its wrong. Cannot work. Its UNsustainable.]

The reality of knowledge!
The (real) personal [individual] perspective

of private existing (spiritual; rational; human) things.
Of (real) personal (
self-)awareness (identity), knowledge.

Humanity is a sum of (many individual) (organic & intelligent) organized energies, that want
to co-op and to compete.

II. Of [() & (ir)rational self-programing of ones own] consciousness; of (un)true self-programming
Of (not) really acquiring a truly rational (self-)identity; of (not) really constructing/knowing the truly rational self.
[principles] of humans
(, rational, individual) consciousness & free will; the laws of the (self-regulatory) brain & mind
The world within (our individual) us
; ones own (little) (living) world.
The micro cosmos. [Human] Psyche. How the psyche
(really) works.
The awareness. I am and I am aware.
The epistemological basis [of morality]. Thats how we know!

Conciousness field an intelligent (and emotions) field. Individual consciousness - a part of the (universal) energy.
human , . Of the
(epistemological) evolution. (- ) .

[No, no, no theres no such things as consciousness of a group! Ones own consciousness is not in ones own brain! OK, lovely Josephine?]

The human consciousness & conscience.
[Theres no such thing as social consciousness, lovely Josephine, theres no such thing as social conscience! Theres no such stuff as social contract!]
The human (rational psyche of emotion &) () and its relation to ( ) () (standard of) the metaphysical Cosmos/reality.
[And yes, yes, yes, lovely Josephine, our (5) senses are connected to (themselves & to ) the objective reality! OK?
So, dont be stupid to believe (to) all kind of
, , , we cannot deal with the reality!]

Of (ir)rational
/morality, (un)delusional //faith & (un)happy sexuality.
Living an (un)happy life(time),
(organic) consciousness (grown into matter),
is having an experience in the physical/real world/Universe;
its the value of the individual; the individual qua

(, objective) (, )
requirements of the reality/life (making of, happening of) an