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[ , lovely Josephine, ! Yes.]
The motherhooding
(of objectively fair-minded evaluations & judgements);
the ring of motherhood
(, by its nature is heavily rooted into logics emotions & tibalism)
{ absolutely most of which is essentially & primarily full of emotionalistic psychological needs,
integrated into ones own mind(set) as unconscious motivations, choises/desires & fears
irrationally .interpreting the ( of the) facts of the reality (and -all kinds of- ideas) in a shakingly-wishful thinking (favouristic) way }


The domain of [()].
On the (truth about) females nature!
() of ().
To understand (to be) ().
[ , lovely Jos,
, , ,

The (girls &) Women -
the movie (1939)

(females under 27 & above this age)

[] , , in the world?!
in the (fe)males world , lovely Jos,
because of (the biological or
some other ) !

The world is full of (absolutely different) [(un)married] women! Oh, yes, it really is! (). What do they have in common(, at all)?

Oh, yes, and you (if rich enough) are never too old to (l)earn something! OK?

: (the living of) (objectively) non-e (richer) ,
() , lovely Josephine,
() ,
() ( )(stand by him), wanting to ,
------ (important/valuable to him?) real ()- (of under the age of 49)
(I aintt talking about of the mother, but about girls/women ?)
(, a parasites (, some irrational real @). one , always, real )!
(strong & interesting) , lovely Jos,
- ,
( will be) ( sexual context)
/sexy ; (), . Its (only) natural.
, yes, lovely Josephine,
all the richer men
higher market place value,
, not many of them stupidly tend to underevaluate it!

because they are
males ( ())! , ?!
Most of the (really) richer
of 50+ could easily (if they choose to) pick up most of the women of 35+!
really an age of above 69
many - as much as possible, and you know why, ? And let the gossip(ing) begins
, (80/85%+) (especially -! , , - ) () (16-39.)
really, very, very much , all ,
/target FOC (this they call an achievement, !) (WTF it matters!) (-) (especially -, , !) /,
most of them, , , , FOC , & with according sign!
, &
(, providers; especially - males, of course, more flirting & more !),
(always) to offer/deliver some free stuff to (young or younger) (wo)men

i.e. to offer
(functionally, effectively) ( new ), (and they do, succeed)
usually (it is) (for a few dollars more, for a few months/years, or so, more the next ). Yes, lovely Jos,
() males like dating youn(er) women/girls,
minority of them males really ( ) (, rationally) ; the rest - () /, ;
real really , the rest ( the skills ) in their practice;
every (fe)male, which the summer & the autumn has sexually been partner -
know/understand what a (real) happy ending living is all about,
these ppl
(; ) -, (; ) ,
(; ) ( very /skill , - of of ).

, lovely , absolutely ,
the objective & (/ if with )! ?
Its very, very
, . - !
The (BG) world is (too) full of /, () girls & women! ! Really.
(very) () , lovely Jos, () , no matter his age!
( ) (very) , lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely (& usually ) !


( ) () (and younger) (, really the majority), () ,
() , wanting to / & ,
() , , of course,
objectively &
(these males ought to) () () wish/passionate desire/lust [e.g. to pay ( ) the rent / to (help) feed a woman and hers (many) attributes];
there cannot be (
ever) chicks for free (this is an illusion, , possible)! No, no, no theres really no such thing as a gift chick for free!
; ,
that which male ( ) in terms of having sex with girls/women really of an achievement/hard work/skillful effort
for a girl/woman, () flash (short skirt, , , etc) / () ;
that which a female can do (and lots of them girls/women really do it) is not hard work at all,
quite an easy thing not really () individual ( hard work & too much of a special skills; its only sexual/nature , )!
, every (normal) man needs a woman and every (normal) woman needs a male!
, most of all needs (to search for and produce) a peace of mind, economic & real joy,
for experiencing his
self-awareness (and his dearest/closest values), his healthily happy life.
The way he
(rationally, falsely really, freely) chooses/can.
, lovely Jos, pls remember, cannot - , ( or )! OK?

No, no, no real (wo)man, lovely Josephine,
can be (
&) satisfied with her own life [in IHS context],
if having as her lover only one
(other) (wo)man in her lifetime!
No, cannot,
no matter any small talks & explanations about love connections/relationships! OK?
No real(ly rational)
, lovely Jos,
can be ( &)
(, ) satisfied with her own life () (private) & ! Not common ! ?
No real(ly rational) , lovely Jos,
can be ( &)
(, ) satisfied with her own life , , , !
rational self (ego),
(mind &) ,
achieving & long-term keeping ) (& Positivity bias personality),
e, e, lovely Josephine, if, if, if
from the moment, that you (really) achieve (the age of) your intellectual
(of around 27 years old; a !)
for the next
- ( ) with (your own) having (just a) !
Dont be stupid, lovely Jos!
Dont waste your (personal)
highest (real; rational) value!

No real woman,
really rational , lovely Jos,
should have children from more than one man!
Or else she cannot be a really happy (Positivity bias) !
A real man could, yes, he could, have children from more than one woman,
and yet be
(really & fully) happy,
, , , of course, !
a man, , , lovely Jos,
successfully (when living with a -; - woman) (under 18 years old) ,
( ) !
Oh, yes theres an objective (evolutionary) difference between (the psyche of) a man and a woman!
OK? Get that?


: ( ) () ,
, ( ) ,
( non-objective moral justification/),

, ()
( ; today, lovely Jos, most of the real / the real )!


: (how about a persona?) .
A face is too slight a foundation for happiness.
[ beauty of a (fe)male should not replace the quality, most of () men, those , (-, emotionally motivated) ;
most of the elder men females the average .. they are psychologically ready to subconsciously trade females . , !
( - , <45) should be clear,
( essential / the abundance of or the lacking of) /girl / /money! , these both, ,
ALWAYS the (ir)rational morality/mentality (in the relations of the people) ..
all the thoughts & actions of the people by (non-)objective & (non-)practical values/principles.]


(about the INequalities of sex;
, , never to have admitted it;
objectively//rightly real absolute & nihilistic skepticism) :

(her own) , .
: A [rational; independent & ] woman
MUST have money1 [ /income]
and a () room2 [private space, private property, private talent]
of her own (with a lock of its own & no room mates!)
[.. , educational, & ],
if she is to (rationally) write (real) fiction.
[(highly, very ) , , of , & rationality
i.e. of rational
productivity & savings!

Oh, yes, lovely Josephine,
today, in the 21 century,
if YOU really are a (great) ,
YOUR own (
honestly) (earned) MONEY1, YOUR own bedroom2, YOUR own bathROOM3 & a(t least one) CAR4 of YOUR own!
, lovely Josephine,
YOU are a truly FREE (& worthy
) woman (of her own productive CAREER, , , a dumb )!
Oh, yes, lovely ,
his/hers own (honestly
& personally) (, , , not , !) 1 (as well as, his/hers own house with),
individual (bed)room2 & private bathroom3,
[to have absolutely NO, NO, NO (BATH)ROOM MATES! Absolutely! OK?]
the sooner the better, but (if really possible) NOT later than the age of 27! Yes!
[Dont you, lovely Josephine, ever forget that YOU are
(young female, that is) living in the 21 ! ]
His/hers own personal (lovely) space/place/apart/home/house/;
privacy & !
Yes, it is a very important matter, lovely Josephine!
It is a matter of (ones own)
privacy! A private matter! ?
, , lovely Josephine,
(most of) (especially ) under the age of 30,
(the important) just the opposite (irrational) way, :
some (usually a common) boy

absofreakinlutely ( &) (private) apart//house/property;
() his own money1, his owm (bed)room2 & his own bathroom3!
They become ( some time) common money1, common (bed)room2 & common bathroom3!
Look (rationally) around yourself, lovely Josephine,
and then you shall see (
truth), everywhere, common () !
, ,
dont really (rationally) comprehend the concepts of (rational) valuing, of (real) independence & of (real) privacy!
They simple (irrationally love, lovely Jos,
just being (to be;
to negalive; to just survive) (collective, , common) , !
() ,
lovely Jos,
are trying to uphold and live up to an irrational value system!
, a! ?

() RR , living in a freer society/country,
MUST produce/happen/earn/have ( into his/hers !)
one (, private, personal)
place//house of his/her own - ! Ovo je standard! A really high standard of (a flourishing) living!
Or else (s)hes an irrational human, that is behaving absofreakinlutely ( &) !
Dont be stupid, lovely Josephine!
Dont be
(just another) common girl, lovely Jos,
(another) brick in the (mass) wall its absofuckinlutely easy to be just a common girl!
A common girl is an easy stuff,
really , ! , , really , at all! OK?
UNcommon thats not easy, not at all; , its a truly beautiful (& very much ) stuff, absolutely!
OK? Get that?

The really rational (RR) individual, lovely Josephine,
want other ppl to respect his own
(and he ought to respect other rational ppls)
p-r-i-v-a-c-y, personal boundaries & private choices! OK?
[ especially girls/women, - !
Oh, those irrational - parents - they abuse their own little prince(ss) by breaking through their boundaries!]

A rational (wo)man must have a sensne of (her own) (individual) freedom;
to know that (s)hes not owned by some other (wo)man!

Yes, lovely ,
the rational &
must have a private place to which only (s)he, and (s)he alone, has the (private) key! OK?
The real rational (RR) & want to (usually & most of the times) go to his own bed
alone, in privacy!
The really rational (RR) & individual want to (usually) wake up in his own bed alone, in the
privacy of his/hers own self!
rational (RR) cannot stand the (for most, almost all, of the time) togetherness of the one or the other !
The RR , lovely Jos,
his own personal
(& , self-sustainable) real [working for -earning- ones own ( underage ) living],
(his active) lifetime long!
The RR
is never
a (morally & intellectually) compromising
(-) skeptic! - a total () a total Negativity bias personality!
OK, ? Get it? Think about (& really , understand) that! !

s idea, :

(more or less) free country,
rational] (fe)male, lovely Jos,
( 37- )
(& fully ) -to have acquired- his own (small) apart! Thats quite a high standard! (fe)male
must always (in his lifetime) &
of his own -
no matter his age, no matter his marriage status, no matter his wealth.

Of his/her own - property & privacy!


( , , - ):

, (, , , 腓; ?),
(, , maths sign .. , ).





Its all about the
(real) mans wor(l)d!
This is a mans, mans, mans world,
but it would be nothing, nothing
without a woman or a girl.
(when a lady)
can be) real (great) for a (real) (wo)man!
, lovely Josephine, , the real world, a woman!
A man needs
fully enjoy his life!

Its the real majoriy (of the ppl) (all over the world)!


Marilyn Monroe: I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it.

: !

(and yes, lovely Josephine,
I would absofuckinlutely totally buy a cup of coffee - if I only could! But I cannot,


RR: I really love/value real blonds;
I really
, very, very much like Marilyn, , Debbie Harry, Agnetha Faltskog ( ABBA, too), Kim Basanger and .
you, lovely ?


Like a mother, like a daughter.

Supposing truth is a woman what then? Beyond good and evil, Nietzsche

I Timothy 2:
11 Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness.
12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.
13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve;
14 and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor.

I 2:
11 () .
12 () , .
13 , .
14 ; () .


Oh, that story of (for ever) !
, ( ), lovely Josephine,
(the man) is the Master, (the woman) must obey him! ! !
the (, & ) Master!
! She is dependent upon the man! !
. ! !
You like that?
, , lovely Josephine,
(for ever )
all) ; ; -, -, & woman?
M !

, - -
[] ( ?) ()!
[, through doing i.e. sex]
for ever [ the , of course]!
( ) : , , . !
, ()
(. 3:9), , , (. 3:23)!
lovely Josephine, :

, , ,




What's a woman, after all?



the Supernatural Being (to be found up in the Skies),
the () Universe ( 6 ),
, , lovely Josephine,
, ( ) a man, the first (hu)man ever;
, out of it (and then a talking snake made her eat an apple)
(the first of the collection of myths of) . (both versions of it , the Word of God) [The Bible, lovely Josephine, is just a confusing allegory!] 
woman, man
[in jewish, , ]! . So, , - , ?

, , ,
, .
, ,
) ().

DESIRES/WANTS  OF THE 1 (& of the economics2, & of the mind3)!

, .

DESIRES/WANTS  OF THE 1 (& of the economics2, & of the mind3)!



What do (the huge majority of) women want?

What's a woman
[if a man doesnt stand by her side]?
Whats a woman without a man? Whats dependency?
[Cross my heart?! Never again?! Thats the huge majority.]
Its all about the objective [rational] leadership of man(hoodness), lovely Jos!

of , the Holly book says:

[ , lovely Josephine, of -,
, ,
as a value, ! !]


(old) , lovely Josephine,
for the last 100 centuries, yes, 100
() - ,
(as a priority) . Women as a property .
, lovely Josephine,

(in principle its a low energy circuit transfer construct),
& :
( , ?!)
( !) ( !)
[rationally, , ,
being a conformist i.e. a dependent woman (stuck into a box/frame)! Do it truly - !]
, , ( ) ,
that (oh, that, existing) male ,
absofreakinlutely , lovely Jos,
(todays) , ( , of course)
(, (semi-), father-knows-best) -
& (all kinds of) ! Thats a stupid .
[oh, those groupthink feminists, NGOs and womens social movements,
all of which are the neo-(cultural)Marxian - the groupthink zeitgeist/spirit/culture/morality of the (to)day,
, /
EK !]
[ (in fact an objective conclusion) : , , /tough & female, ...
if she can objectively
/unemotionally looks around herself;
my , lovely Josephine,
/girl, an absofuckinlutely huge majority, all over the BG/world!]
, lovely Josephine,
( , in wish fact,) /(semi-) ,
[ ( ) , , lovely Jos, () the neo- world , ?]
( ) .
Why, ?
Because of [the really] (religiously inclined) mentality/society, ,
/ of the majority-.
[e.g. (non2Us) ,
& -
because / really/objectively ,
// (, , , the female, , ; - the male),
of course, , () ;
females / ,
the fear & uncertainty & &
: ///




As I said above, lovely Josephine,
a real woman, ,
predominately ()
(semi-) {in its thinking}
[the female is still the dominated, by the male, sex (discriminated -positively or negatively), not only sexually, but in a broad -/class/ context, too!
-, wrong- all over the world is a married woman/girl the male partner, !]
should be, gotta be independently tough, truly tough, very strong & determined character
(a manhood character),
, she really wants to achieve/merit individual success & ( real of) IHS health,
[Q&Q], close/simiar (or even better) to these of the male sex.
the female, , lovely Josephine,
(compared to a , much more) - (thats -basis of- the motherhoodness)
{.. generally speaking, female humans mind much more the -(), by the instinctual
the consistently
// ( that really works in principle), lovely Jos,
is NOT the o
( the fear )!
This is an objective fact of the reality, as a real , - of more of more manhoodness.
(and how about the absence of a male spouse & , a?)
(i.e. the more/higher individual motherhoodness ),
this !
Well, its objectively, lovely Jos,
much easier
( -) to appeal to emotion/feeling than to the rational [able]!
And pls, lovely Jos, dont talk to me of wild, wild angels and
(instead of IQ ) the (great) Emotional i.e. the EQ }
she (very much, (-), 35-37,)
like- ( & )
share// // (very)
/friends ( females)(females like- & do / ) -
psyche , ( , by nature,) ,
the female species
/survive -
(, based on worrying & stress /keep those inside ones psyche),
(compared to) the male species.


( , -, ),
todays (BG) reality,
- non-(competitive)advantage thing,
, , ;
( & elder , , where through the ages its been (on a primitive level of survival) indoctrinated)
the male ,
( ) ( most of the females!)
[, , , objective, much more, in Q&Q terms, capacities, rational qualities & practical properties/characteristics,
(long term, HD) of the results,
just, , because he belongs to the male sex
.. no matter a (fe)male is, in fact, a of a greyish/blackish seltakis or a smart/rational (.. moral & practical)(HD) value/wealth producer, a man of ability]
- ,
(the absolute) ,
[ the stay-home (, non-productive) mother
& the (god given
, ) the of (her) life(time) ( Up in the Skies , ): her underage children?!]
(the survival of the) /group,
[ ] ,
(of the last resort) ,
(the male) a! Oh, God!


When men can no more project their values onto women.
Womanhood & leadership
of a (worse or better?) society.
Whos who in a (un)free socio-economic hierarchy, ah?
Whos acts desperate sexually? Ah
, we know who.


Females (in BG, EU, world) today, lovely Josephine,
up of all ppl;
that of the college & the graduate students, too;
at the () working place! ?


the womans
in the (BG)
(working s place) ().
of the (
-TA-TA) ;
of sharing, ?
Of sharing everything?
big family -
& , ?]

/ ,
womens participation (in whatever!), lovely Josephine,
objectively) emotional(ized) within the (working) environment,
objectively) the (working) ,
objectively) ( away the positive/productive/rational ; ism within the more (non-) ),
() (irrational voting for)(choosing the ) //psychology of feminism/ /hyper - a society/region ;
the ,
(energy of) manhoodness in a ( of a) nation/society/region/world
less/lower of //@
and more/higher of real /productivity/innovativity/creativity/stability;
(high, strong and stable -inprint of-) energy, lovely Jos,
really most efficiently & best transferred by the (natural) mechanism
like father, like son,

- like mother, like daughter!
-for the last 150 000 years-
more , (, women go to wars);
female, ,
lovely Josephine,
- , very strongly in the past, about 40 -
objectively ( ) (especially, when single mom)
( )
.. &
fully !
[ , lovely Jos, ( ) ,
as an individual
, as a !
A stuff for sex
1, for growing of the children2 &
, ( ) & 3
i.e. for being just an absofuckinlutely ! !
lovely Jos,
want to be treated in this way,
, ?!



the sexual revolution of the 60s (& in the 70s), and certainly, lovely Jos, not in the 21 century!

, , lovely Josephine,
of the
(, 50-60 , (-)/non-primitive ,)
female (over)
[(over) (is the ideology of ) of the western society;
and the (process of) absofreakinlutely feminization of men in the West;
the essential the western generally as a tendancy to be(come) -leftish,
towards left-wing collectivism - context/, 60- of the 20-th century
and the climaxbeing the
of 21 of the social- liberation ,
liberation of women!
Oh, lovely Jos, its an fact,
single motherhooding 20 ,
the increase (growth) of , of welfarisms expanditure;

o, medical, work-relief, & welfarism follows! !]
i.e. [] " " ( ),
(oh, that - easier & - fucking for the women)
- - ,
, , () !
[I remember , lovely Jos,
-and the so many social movements in the western world-
of the 60s, the 70s and the 80s: the climax of
the sexual revolution/liberation [that sex for (re)production from sex for pleasure!] & the pill !
I remember
f the 70s in the western world,
when -for the young adults- openly talking about & doing sex was really a big deal!
/easternEU, , most of the ppl, ,
cannot openly & freely talk about sex - the females!]
"", !
[ common denominator with
in America,
minorities of in - & inverted /discrimination,
based on the coersive
(, , , & ) tribalism
.. of non-objective and irrational laws///]
( try to) [] (- -)
the naturally// (by the evolution) /attributes/essential characteristics
absofreakinlutely / , lovely Jos,

the irrational/non-objective/non-natural
be dominating ( try to the dominant ; e.g. , , , the ),
to be
by nannies.
[ objectively impossible in reality, lovely jos,
the (-, ) result
the mismatching of ,
(fe)males are confused , in fact, , naturally hardwared properties ?!]
(-) -, lovely Josephine, ( if, 2 ),
the male - () ! Yes.
(ako , to do it)

corresponding (real)
() in real terms /actualize
& .
(and very different) ;
- ,
[, , ]
, (very)
(& independently: self-relyably , , skills, & timing)
( , long range)
All women, lovely Jos,
are not equal;
not equally good or equally bad!
(a minority)
(much) better than others (the rest). Really!
But all the
() have same () nature! OK?





Just like a WOMAN, just like a MAN.

[ MAN should do manly things and act MANLY,
not being stuck on
childish/ mentality;
should fo female stuffs -
stuffs, lovely Josephine,

Weve got a really lot of (really beautiful) (desires , curiosity &) () SEXuality, within our most different & important (natural) .
Yes, and (lets repeat it again, that) the MOST of any , lovely Jos, her own objective SEXappeal (in time)!
, (the objective) of , lovely Josephine,
(, the primary) () [()]! Absolutely!
, , () the human MALE, lovely Jos, ( ) [()]! OK?

(, ) !

Well, I'm your
I'm your (
dream) fire, at your (passionate) desire!

Its the sex(uality), stupid! Its all about the ( ) sexual (UN)fulfilment! That really matters! Absolutely!
We, all humans, live in the (reality of) sexual market place. We all have individual sexual market (current) value!
womans primarily , lovely Josephine,
is [being; to be] sexual(ly in the face of an alternative)! makes () , needed & () ! !
() (when) this shes failing the (real) meaning/value of (her) life! Really!
[ objectively very much , lovely Josephine, for an ordinary - after her summer years! fail really !
(ordinary) huge majority of them, lovely Josephine, , () 39-45 years of age! Too early! !
(, if ) is really for any woman!
one day (, if before winter years), lovely Josephine,
that woman becomes
really broken; is ; & ; more in Facebook of that , that she acquires!]
, never ever , lovely Josephine, (the erotically charged) appeals to the (; essentially to the mens) ,
, ,
really (the able), of course! OK? Get it? Do you really comprehend this (objective principle)?
, lovely Jos, pls do remember, ( has made) the sexappeal function the most for a woman!
Its all about
(sexual) of the females over the males (within human species)! It is a great (evolutionary) power!
And no, no, no the (
) sexuality, lovely Josephine, ever be(come) really ! ? () .
And yes, lovely Jos, about 33% of all
are pretty good looking; and about 9% are absofuckinlutely divinely sexy (for awhile)!

Its the nature given hardware; its the evolution; thats the objective reality!
Its the
male-female dynamics - have a (good) look at it!
objectively - for an individual!
The fundamental
(eternal; ) - of the true ,
based on their
(radical)(natural) difference, created by the evolution of the (fe)males body and mind.
[So many males, lovely Josephine, are in love (for a few years) with (the shape of) some females bodies!]


Man made the electrolight,  
to take us [all] out of the dark!

"It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World", by James Brown

: , , ,

[Well Jos, you dont really have , too - Ill never ever marry you or another (wo)man, .]


Arthur Schopenhauer: Der Mensch kann tun was er will; er kann aber nicht wollen was er will.

[One can choose what to do, but not what to want.]

[We can do what we wish, but we can only wish what we must.]


Francis Bacon: Nature [and human nature, too], to be commanded, must be obeyed.


Eastern proverb: "Everything in nature is diversity and diversity is nature."

[and let it be.]



RR: / , / , on all levels. The world is binary, on all levels.
, on many different levels, objectively / -
black or white,
or , darkness light,
/suffering or pleasure/happiness,
honesty or dishonesty, ()/sustainable //stable ()/()//,
/value /disvalue, () or (),
or , progress/ or regress/, , & or & (completely).
in all levels, I the reality,
males are hunters, ought to / (hunt for) females - the persuer; females ought to (, !) - the persuader.
Well, sexuality, lovely Josephine is strong, beautiful, & great ! Its nature.
(our, human) life theres a lot, really lots, of false /objective sexuality! Its nature.

We humans
(, smaller part of us love/value) really . Oh, : love, pleasure, joy & 2Us!
Thats reality.

We love, love, very much love, absolutely to SOS -by ourselves- (based on , , rational values of): love, pleasure, joy & 2Us!
Look at the movies that we
(the humans, essentially Hollywood produce, we) like to watch and pay (millions) for: of all produced movies sexuality !
, , , :
the movies, , & want to watch young, and beautiful women playing the big roles, women of 50 and above;
- ppl do not mind to watch male actors over 50 (who and look 10 years younger).
In the (production of) movies, much - ( the objective purcuit of the ) - the fountainhead of human(s looks and) .
Thats (tha principles of) reality.



" " (the movie): " 1.3 1.8 .
(much less men, than women - the situation, generally, in the EU/world! Oh, that , gives more natural competitive advantages)
3 12 , !"

(generally speaking, - - , is more valuable/)

Its clearly & fully understanding, lovely Josephine,
(in time) of the (God of the) SEXUAL MARKET VALUE of any (wo)man! So many (wo)men today cannot (refuse to) (understand) this! Do you?

Its the sexuality, lovely Josephine,
the sex drive (natural) instinct! [especialy within the male; it is much -7 (+-2)- stronger !]
[Love (between adult ppl), lovely Jos, is not essentially a sexual stuff!
No matter,
always is a
(big) (, but not necessarily the biggest)
part of a love
Oh, yes sex(uality) matters! Greatly! Really!

Today, lovely Josephine, love
sex(uality) is everywhere! ( in the western and some more civilized cultures) Yes, absofuckinlutely!
sex/sexuality & mating is important and sells;
[, (semi-), too!
, lovely Josephine, e absofuckinlutely important for the ppl to the ppl -
and that's exactly what the
(marketing & advertising of) free market economics --------- explores for many years, since the 60s, since the start of the valley of the dolls!
, lovely Josephine,
the magazines, papers, TV ,
movies, cars, , , , (folk) , and etc. , , !
Its all about watching/seeing/visualizing (-) the female, female, f-e-m-a-l-es (semi-), (-)nakedness:
nice beautiful perfect long, long, long legs (60% - ones own - the golden ration really beautiful female!),

O, great ( ) of a real man, lovely Josephine,
e ( !) of a (very) young woman (dressed) in high heels & short skirt!
, really COOL & SEXY, lovely Jos, must wear HHH (high heels) & (short) SKIRTS ( )!
() , (nice) skirt/dress, () , lovely Jos, body problems & lots of stress; e.g. old(er) women.
Yes, high heels & (nice) skirts/dresses are really, really important for any (real) man.
nice beautiful perfect
- () ,
nice beautiful perfect
( , , , ?!),
nice beautiful perfect and
nice beautiful perfect faceall in the right/rational/ proportions & measurementsoh, that femine body!
Oh, those LLL, SSS and HHH - long, long legs, short, short skirts/
in high, high heels! Theres no high life, without high heels & long legs! OK?
These are absofuckinlutely
(sexually) beautiful, lovely Jos,
set within the of the right proportions (of the reality)!
Thats real
( & of the) (); that is really (powerful) visual stimulation of the males human brain, objectively !]
yes, SEX[uality, that is connected with (-) body] sells,
(it sells, happens all the time, )
sex/sexuality & mating
is THE MOST natural driving [competing] interest of all living organisms
[its a great & beauty part of the
and sometimes
, ,
can be, could transfer/transact itself, lovely Jos,
from being passionate and horny into a real madness
in negative sense)]
and it generates really passionate , , joy, desire! Its -like instict!
Oh, that (great) passion! Being sexy is great [power]! Yes, really! Objectively! Humanly!

Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your (dream) fire, at your (passionate) desire!
Oh, those absolutely SELFISH &
passionate desires, WANTS!

The SEX DRIVE instinct,
the (passionate)
power(ful tool)!
Yes, thats true (no matter whether some ppl like it or not, understand it or not, accept it or not). Absofuckinlutely true; the (objective) principle/value, norm.
(father mother) nature, lovely Josephine,
is great natural gift,
its real great energy,
its really ecstatic,
its really
(individually and, and, and socially) power[ful],
its very, very complex stuff!
[every normal person does it, few wanna (seriously) talk about it. That too is true.
Because of our past, our stigmatized cultural beliefs. Each and every human has an psycho-sexual identity/self! Thas our nature - thats one of the most important sides of our social life!)
Its absolfuckinlutely joy!
Its grounded in reality,
in our
() human nature;
- [of the power of the sex],
of course,
Yes, sexuality,
is objective
(thing/value that really matters a lot);
a rational human, lovely Jos,
should, ought to know thyself,
know thy sexuality
i.e. know
(& ) thy SEXUAL self;
to objectively
/ know/understand & practically apply
ones (nature of beautiful) sexual (and passionate) self
(absolutely) in ones own rational self-interest.
(of /productively, ambitiously & honestly achieveing in the long run of a flourishing, healthily happy, life)
[Well, it, it, its all about me, Josephine. I mean you. I mean me. OK?]

, gorgeous ,
really - ,
(delusional or not) on our planet Earth;

the ( of the) males (, no matter, , if they are /natural gays!);
, ,
, lovely Josephine,
really ()(),
every year, ,
[ the natural & strong of -passionate- pleasure,
when normal/straight//NOgay , lovely Jos,
are (sub-)consciously seeing, watching, observing, viewing, perceiving visualizing, picturing
& imagining (-) of the flesh of (,Omg, any) /straight/
/) younger females, , -like a- (,Omg, in any place)!
Males, much more in comparison to the femaleslove, want and absofuckinlutely need, lovely Jos,
to be of the natural power of the visual(izing, imaginizing, dreaming of) .

the experiencing of positive happy chemicals effect of

the sweet (/ -(non-)right quantity of- ) over the brain of human
nobody can run away from his human nature
very stupid humans try to suppress/oppress it inside of them
to not respond to
of course, they () the accordingly negatively & very pervertedly -
for not obeying,
for trying to evade/hide/supress the
absolute principles of mother natute!]
& ,
Nature to be commanded must be obeyed! -
fully , recognize, & your own nature (thyself)
(practically, in accordance with it i.e. with the realityof thyself)
to really be in the
(process of the) rational living -
the purcuit of your own
in the right
(, your own) way & by the right () method, the right (rational) .
Think about that for a moment - rationally,
, , if you really can.
, lovely Jos?
[pls try to really meaningfully & really understand
this essential part of the human nature,
which is absolutely
& different for the male vs the
of the , of the sex-appeling, of the sex-affirming psyche, visual & genes]



& T
Maleness & femaleness
Masculinity & femininity

The [evolutional; biological] reality of (wo)men
{The Nature i.e. the evolution
has devided the human (
) species into
(only) 2 sexes! Different! OK? Get it, lovely Jos?
Each sex has (
inherent) different role in life!
Yes, these two sexes, lovely Jos,
are really different by (their) nature, evolution!
And NEVER forget,

in (wo)men psyche differences!
Yes, this is absolutely true
, lovely Jos, ! ?}

The essence of the male and the female sex
and its effect on [the (non-)objective making of]
choices, motivations, actions and relationships!
And every (truly rational) entity must live (in harmony) with its (true,
, , ) identity!

The intrinsic (evolutionarily) [biological1 & psychological2] between men and women!
Its the radical (by nature, ) (& priorities) the male and female species/energies, stupid!
(, - longevity . Its only mother nature, of the evolution.)
Determining the of a man, lovely Josephine, is black & white stuff!

Yes, gender (i.e. sex) matters! It really does!
Beware of the objective male & female nature, lovely Jos,
because it -the nature of a stuff- is the root
of (explaining) why men and women (do) excel @ different things.
And it is also the root of male-female interactions.
No (wo)man, no stuff, can run against its nature! OK? Get it?
Thats the way stuffs (just) are. Facts are facts.

Yes, its all about biology of the sexes [done by the evolution];
biologically defined !

Yes, its all about
sociobiological objectivity!
Yes, lovely Josephine,
the (individuals) , the
& the are really interconnected; and cannot be separated; and really (greatly) matter!

really in
physical & psyche terms (, in aspect, too)!
evolution (evolutionary biology) says so!

, lovely Jos,
men and women are the same -

is an irrational (delusional) human:
() beliefs are wrong -
they contradict the (objective) reality!


Now, lovely straight Josephine,
every day and every night Josephine,
lets objectively reveal (and , and proudly be)
(evolutionarily) human nature, as Hommo Sapiens!
( (un)consciously chooses seltakisly, in a manner of - - , very much ).
Women and men, lovely Jos,
(the) nature, (of the different gender)
have very different (re)productive ,
a very different [
] behavior!

Gender matters; biology matters! Really. A lot.
/know your neutral real/natural transgender!
Dont be confused; dont be a confused gender (mentality)!


Of the (ideas of) false (anti) human nature!

the (postmodern) ,
that (because irrational) :
(), - ,
the egalite - , !
the evil !
Of the anti rationality, the !
Of the identity politics in the sexual!
Of the public(good)ness the sex identity!
TO, ! , the !
the transgender (wo)man, !
, ! , too! !
Everything , lovely Josephine,
a social construct,
, ,
, evil ( ) !]

there is no male and female,
for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:28, Paul

The absofreakinlutely trans agenda (stuff):
"everything is a construct! , , gender!";
you are [can be], who [whatever] you feel [in the inside] you are! !
! !
Im () a man, but I psychologically feel (as) a woman! !
Im () a woman, but I psychologically identify myself as a man! !
Oh, that absofreakinlutely () transgenderism; an irrationality!
[trans - gender, species, racial, age, etc ! conflict the body vs the mind! !]

All the () transgenderism trans(a)gressorism, lovely Jos!OK?
Oh, that absofreakinlutely (ized) standard!
[of the male the female into
) (ized) ?!]

Its all about () , love Josephine,
construct(ivism) - social , !
That is (postmodern) , lovely Josephine!
Oh, that
, oh, that (postmodern) ! Stupidity!
No, no, no, lovely Josephine,
, construct!
The standard irrational; it is an absolutely confused stuff!
It is a confused concept of freedom, based on wishful thinking, emotionalism!
It is an absofreakinlutely
! It is subjectivism in thinking & action!
one and only (absolute) truth is, that
gender is
not a social construct, lovely Jos;
gender is
not non-binary, lovely Josephine;
gender (i.e. ones own sex) is
not a choice;
gender is a (
scientific) fact (of the objective reality)!
Theres only
, and theres no !
Nobody, nobody, no, no living human can choose his gender!
Oh, that absofreakinlutely (irrational) SS!
Oh, that absofreakinlutely construct(ivism)!
It is an absofreakinlutely stupidism!

a human [thinks &] says,
lovely Jos,
[believes] that (s)hes a trans gender person,
[I am [can be], who [whatever] I feel [on the inside] I am!]
then (s)hes really absofuckinlutely confused, psyche ill (sick);
a broken (
) ; thats irrationality!
Man is man; woman is woman; human is human! A is A!
A perversion is perversion; ; insanity is insanity! A is A!

Scientifically, lovely Josephine,
there are only two sexes; and
there is no social gender! ().
lovely Josephine, is only binary, only black and white!
[, the Instanbul Convention], , lovely Jos,
anything goes (is possible)! Beware; be aware; stay away from irrational thinking!


Gender is (universally & absolutely) binary, not a spectrum;
is only binary;

and is not, not, not a ! Remember that!
Gender is not, not, not determibed by what & how a human feel; is not determined by (
someones internal) feelings!
Gender is real; is determined by the millions of years of evolution!
The transgender(ism) [indoctrination]
, lovely Josephine,
-sexualism; oh, !]
absofreakinlutely (almost everywhere) within EU (& America, Asia, Africa, etc.)
absofreakinlutely irrationally the [bad] idea(l), ,
gender is a (completely)
construct! !
Oh, those
! Oh, those ! They are so absofuckinlutely (intellectually & socially) stupid!
Thats a form of you are whatever you think you are; the truth/reality is whatever you wish/believe it to be! !

Dont be stupid, lovely Josephine,

to absofreakinlutely believe in the (subvertive value of the)


a boy(s mind/brain) born within a girls body// a girl(s brain ) within a boys body//! , !
Thats a really, really bad idea! ,
is absofreakinlutely promoting for the (real) self & the (real) world!
Thats very, very harmful stuff
, !
Be smart to know, that its an objective fact [truth] of the reality, lovely Jos,

the male and the female,
are really absolutely & ;
and theres
in (the objective) reality,
absofuckinlutely no such thing as a socially constructed (third) gender!
But there are,
, some (very) mentaliries and cultures; () ! Yes!
lovely Josephine,

(as) a straight (wo)man
(as) a gay (wo)man , by the evolution of mankind!
, lovely Jos,
there are trans(genders),

lack [deficit] of ( biological malfunctions), !
Its biological! Yes, it is! Really!
Thats a truth [fact],
rationally proven,
by using the rational [
] method of (logical) !
Its a truth of the (real) world!

Now, lovely Josephine,
lets talk about the real biological differences between
the hommo sapiens

male and female.


The real [gender] stuff; the objective [] (self-)identity
[as opposed, lovely Jos,
to the absofreakinlutely irrational progressives agenda & propaganda,
that is being pushed into the
- EU & America;
as being
absofuckinlutely pushed to the (most) children,
within the


, lovely Josephine,
, ,
(i.e. ) the same (and each individual, no matter his own , should, ought to long-term satisfy of life/nature)

Sexes [& races, too] are equal, lovely Jos,
in terms of the(ir)

i.e. co-equals to each other!
, natural constructs, , , ,
accordingly rational being!
Of course,
, lovely Jos,
, , (ought to be) in moral context the same - there cannot be any supe/infe-riority of either of the sexes [in IR aspect]!
really rational objectively & in general aspect.
of the 2

, , of them superior/inferior ,

difference between them - both in mental & context!
Yes, there are great natural differences, between the male and the
female, female, female homo sapiens!]
Yes, they are! Really.
(in socio-biological and historical context of the evolutionary process)
(and yes, lovely Jos, & )
A, but,
, lovely Josephine,

[& races, too] are different;
are biologically not equal, UNequal!
, testosterone level, lovely Jos,
( many !) by sexes [& by races, too];
and it is essentially important for the sexual urge -
the more you have (of it), the more the
sexual urgency!
[So urgent, emergency
it makes you starving for sex
and for doing highly productive (hard & persistent) work

absolutely radically ---------

(are absolutely not equal and are really limited)

, because of the millions of years of evolution, lovely Jos,

[.. //, designed by God

programmed by ( ) nature

i.e. the evolution, not, not, not in a conflicting & clashing manner]
(// and - - psychological) (, aka not socially constructed!)
, & arousal

[ , , absolutely , lovely Josephine,
and has absolutely nothing to do with the essence of socializing; naturally/ innate !]
i.e. men and women,
males and females, lovely Jos,

different biological
( different age) clocks (, a strengths/weaknesses, and );
men and women, lovely Jos,
do NOT, NOT, NOT have sexual equivalency;
[they are absolutely not, not, not equal -really different- in sexual context
and in the way of experiencing their desires, process of arousal, sexual appetite, orgasm, visualization, dirty talk, etc]

they really have different sexual roles & different ( ) the sexual market values [, in reality, in life, on Earth]!
biologically & lovely Josephine,
the (regular doing of) sex, the (act of) lovemaking
(looked upon, accepted and experienced as) an objectively universal value! OK?]
(psycho-)Sexuality, lovely Josephine,
[& erotisism, & arousal)
(play a really huuuge and really complex role/power in humans life;
its never enough talking about it!
Its never fully grasped, identified, recognized,
and understood
by the absolutely huge
of females -
it is connected with
of -emotionally objectively & rationally, lovely Jos,
understanding the facts of evolution of- the mono/poly
of the human species!]
is binary, too! , , , () !
Men and women do have objectively different roles, in reality, in life,
but are both
active/non-passive sexually! (and looking to trade up, , , to trade down; improving the quality, going up to a superior level)
male & female,
, lovely Jos,
(and they most certainly do) [& (are equipped by natute/reality) ]
, yes different,

, actualizing their potentials
each according to (specific human) (binary) [ & ] nature,
each coherent to genetic/psycho-sexual nature
of dominant-submissive lifestyle
(as clearly seen, accordingly, by the human brain) :


The [only binary] biological -
, lovely Josephine,
and theres
; thats all.
And there are () , too!
, , ,
the & the !
these 2 into
unified (in onenness) !]

K real , !
Just jocking! real real !
real ( ) ()!
Everything has a specific identity!
A is A
and (an entity) cannot be
(A and non-A) both at the same time!

(=/ )
A, () - !
, !



.) the (universal & real) of (a society of)
[ "X Y" 23- (and all the sexual) , high level of ],
is objectively (by his nature/biology - & psychologyand lots of ) [ very low level of emotionally women!]
the active (key)
( , many ? Master key.),
the bigger and the stronger
(the less possessive - ) of the two ,
the persuing side (),
the prime
(spontaneous desire) mover/actioner,
the dominant player, the
() initiater/taker,
(convex) actor,
aggressor (more coersive/),
the provider,
the basic factor,
in a sexual-erotic context
for his own
(- , - single-orgasmic nature), as well as the womans (- , much - multi-orgasmic nature )
sexual pleasure & satisfaction
(noncastrated, real) man, lovely Josephine,
wants to
(and should) be a hero for a woman (or many women),
I am a hero, I am a brave hero! I am a conqueror, a (most) successful (, , & strong) survivr!
lovely Jos,
do what they do
to win,
( and may be keepa value or just to experience () a, strong urge)
to follow the signals
(, that are being sent by females)
& win
(to be with) women!
{usually, not only one or two, lovely Jos,
and usually men,
of all cultures,
prefer/like women
/lovers to be (much) younger than themselves}
[most of women, lovely Josephine,
are not
really hard to be won//, at all;
many, very many women have not learned to say no!

A real, independent and ambitious man, lovely Jos,
& , including sexual, in his (active part of) life! How (do you feel) about monogamy or polygyny/polyamory, a?!]
a part of the [behavior of the real doers -] successful (& richer) men;
the [life-term] most successful men, usually, lovely Josephine, have strong sex(usl) drives. OK?


z.) the (universal & real) of (a society of)
[ "X X" 23- (and all the sexual) , high level of ],
is objectively (by her nature/biology - & psychology)
the submissive (lock)
( , by many ? /corrupt/ .),

the smaller and the weaker
(the more possessive - )( much more & to insert herself ) of the two ,
the passive side,
the primary
 (responsive desire) responder,
the supporting
(courageless; play it safe) player,
the persued side
(), the (concave) reactor,
persuader (more persuasive/, easy on giving up),
the one that wants to smile pretty and to be sexually
& romantically dominated a woman,
in a sexual-erotic context,
needs a strong/male
to admire/worship and
to surrender to,
to be lusted after,
to be
(on a deep emotional level, connected with hers sexuality) desired & conquered//taken,
[by a pseudo hero, by a really healthy male, by a , fake, , rich irrationalist, , , seltakis , /compromising and has no hierarchy of rational values, low efficiency/productivity / practical achievements (,that, in fact no matter his in the Strata, lead him to living a low quality life), , falsely/delusionally , very/exceptionally good/powerful man-conquerer; preferably by a type of man thats ripping her clothes off and making love to her not only at home, but at all the strange/challenging places]
I surrender, I (emotionally, impulsively, romantically & sexually) surrender!
, by giving/sending to them (body & psychological language) signals (of her emotional, romatic & sexual interest) i.e.
Catch/conquer/ me if you can & if you want me
I will surrender to you, my strong male (hero)(, if I feel really comfortable & safe with you)!
Usually (most of) women, lovely Josephine,
of all cultures,
prefer [like] their men [lovers]
to be older than themselves,
prefer/like their man (to be)(really) manly ( pro active);
[one major difference - a man can rape a woman, , a woman can not rape a man
(, because, a normal man can not be sexually aroused, if tried to be raped by a woman
i.e. the power is with the male side, May the force be with you, the male!)
, the sexual ,
the male is not (meant/pre-dispositioned/burdened to be) the (sole, ) provider (& protector) of for the : the female,
e.g. the male (the only) /responsible, lovely Jos,
/ material/economic, income, shelter//, food, money, , clothes, leisure, presents, (i)phones, etc. for the female(s)!
, no, no he is not &should/ought to not be!
(this has been the 5000 years of old//damaged/wrong for 21 century morality/mentality/,
almost , in the longer run, , clashing interests, deficit )
(do you feel) about polygamy or polyandry/polyamory, a?!]



absolutely r-a-d-i-c-a-l /reproductive/natural ( / by the evolution, both in body and in mental !)

(theres no, no, no such think as gender neutral , social scientists ?! Biology shapes sex, !)

/produce biologically [yes, /nature based; not sociaally , not coming from the (effects of the) environment!]
( )
( great!)
(bodily/, as well as)
- & - (.. all of their psyche: cognitive & emotional)
i.e. software/psyche capabilies & capacities,
[ , , ,
objectively exists - ,
very much - lattitudes & areas;)
activities, lifestyles, cultures & choices/!
a society, lovely Josephine,
, , really proper balancing of the masculine and the feminine -
on the emotional rational methodology (of thought, motivation. choice and action),

put in the right context! ? Get it?
, lovely Josephine, read that again and try to really understand (the essence of) it, objectively.
, , ,
unsustainable in the long run (big) problems,
(male and female) objectively -
to those ppl who stupidly try to (ex)change the objective characteristics of the human nature
(producing dysfunctional social, political, economic, cultural and biological units)
, , lovely Jos,
absofuckinlutely the negative absofreakinlutely .
cannot be actually done,
long-term, on
its irrational
, lovely Jos, of the male and the female ! Absolutely!

(and should)
happy, a (great) ( body & mind ) - at least 2 to 3! ?
( body & mind )
could happy, usually (shes doing) at least 34 4 to 5, in a lifetime! ?
(, by our human nature energies, , , substitudes)
objectively ,
() ( , when rational, unreasonably)!
It all depends of
individual , lovely Jos!

If you are a woman be a (rational, ) real woman;
if you are a man be a
(rational, , manly) man !
But, lovely Josephine,
no one of the two
should be expected to sacrifice () -
thats a wrong (and unsustainable) (problematic ) construct!
An irrational principle!
just more thing, lovely Jos:
all girls/women are not, not, not all equal in terms of their !
Less girls
/women are (much) more feminine (and more sexual, sexual attractive ),
much more (numbers) of all the girls/women are less feminine (and some are more )!

You, lovely Jos,

ought to [(l)earn to]
SEXY woman to the best you really can! All the way () 49!
[the later the better, though its objectively hard to be done by the huge majority of the )
And at the same time to be
(come) LADY (during all of your lifetime).
(the purpose of really, really experiencing) YOUR own joy, long-term!
Thats absofuckinlutely important for YOUR own real pleasure and for (rationally building) YOUR own real HIGH
those two are a
n part of [the concept of] being happy!
And Ill help you in that context, a lot. Absolutely.






(the real idea of the HUMAN) EGO(ism).
Ones own
EGO, lovely Jos, is ones own SELF.
, self ( , animal),
is, is, is really [
to be(have) as], lovely Josephine,
a (naturally, ) SELF-INTERESTED creature!

self - -,
, , -
( ) -! ? Get it?
self =
values/ (the meaning of ),
, , values !]
, (natural) , lovely Josephine,
can only be rationally comprehended
- by a rational .
{So, we are now talking, lovely Jos, of the human mammal.
Psychologically, - , lovely Josephine,
is (building/having true & high) SELF-esteem! OK? Get it?
This is
HOW a human can build HIS OWN better world! OK?
This is
HOW a human can build HIS own GOOD living! OK?}

, lovely Josephine,
[especially under 16 years of age]

(& the easiest to be observed)
EVOLUTIONAL) (usually irrational) EGO(ism)
i.e. of human NATURE.
Look at ( of) children.

1, (   (+, +);
2, ( (+, -);
3,   ( (-, -).
Well, lovely Jos,) - .

[ (earned!) (pride) .
(Deserved) (
pride) ,

RR: We the human (fe)males all .
Yes, Jos, we truly are,
but (you ought to understand it) in the right context!
Each and every one of us - of the Homo sapiens species.
our (the good) human nature!
there are 2 of characters/ppl:
there are the
() rational (moving on -coherently, rationally, - with life) and
there are the
(objectively) irrational (moving on -coherently, rationally, - with life)
real ,
think too highly of themselves &)
the ( version of) morality of entitlement, pity & misery
(at the expense of the future &
Wheres all the manness gone,

Its binary! Human hardware is binary; one the other way.

Each of us humans,
whining (?!) against (our human) nature,
uses its sexual hardware in a binary:
male or female way
[could it be both, a? Shemales, hermaphrodites, transgenders? No! Can not be both, in fact, they are binary identity!]

really redefined (and redistributed)
[i.e. the ppl that try to
construct a fake idea(l),
, lovely Jos,
are being dishonest ppl i.e.
they absofuckinlutely
make up these idea(l)s and call them scientific or objective,
but they in fact are
absofuckinlutely delusional i.e. ]
[blind] faith!
(, genetic, race, sex, biological, feminism, maleism , : -almost-)

, , (fe)males, lovely Josephine,
() (). Yes.
, of course,
with , (living) ,
them ppl to have sexual relationships with the same .
I dont like [to practise] that activity, and I shall never do [it],

but I accept it [ was a fag, too, but he was really great as a producer!],
, lovely Jos,
[ ] absofuckinlutely , other ppls IR!


, lovely Josephine,
because of [ ] ,
the brain - .
, lovely Josephine,
() ,
- ,
feminine / -, -
(, because of the quite a higher speed of the process of )
- (& the sex appeal)
compared to the masculine/male.

{, lovely Jos,
romanic-erotic relationship point of view,

//partnership (of living under the same roof), ,
male and female, :
is equilevelent to,


about 50-55;
human female of 40-45
usually (!) human male of age 55-65,

21 ,
( , , )
, ?
! essentially for pleasure! ! , ? ( ?)
, lovely Jos,
, software, pleasure & satisfaction!
{, by the way, / males, - , are much less evaluated by females, much less important, , . . , , enjoy- , in terms of experiencing more sexual pleasure - the male/masculinity or female/femininity? Other things being equal, theres universally valid . 7 +-2 ! , - - . , , ? Ask Tiresias, he had experienced both and replied: "Of ten parts a man enjoys " Is this a joke? Well, yes, Josephine - it is a joke. The truth is that women enjoy it just a little bit more than men - since they are multi-orgasmic. Wow! Bam!}


, , , lovely Josephine,
by their biological nature ,

(in very, very many contexts)
objectively, lovely Jos, , , really of the manhoodness!
(a very, very tiny number),
objectively &
(have the courage to persistently)
/be & perfectly well ( really added )

at of manhoodness,
absolutely , , (femininity) of a woman! (, could be )
, lovely Jos,
(all over the world)
lots of (confused, ) ppl ( really big mouths and small/none positive - on their own achieved- results in IHS terms),
(irrational: , giggling, unstable, arbitrary, non-adult)
childish/greyish mentality/morality -
/compromisers like- to ( , , , angrily)
( ; )
(lots of) ! (, /lack; stop, real - real -cognitively ! , Omg, & act , !) ?

Look -------- at yourself first (, if you can);
then look around, and
(rationally) see/,
teach yourself to be
smart (character), lovely Josephine! In the long run.

thats the real way

to achieve your own happiness. It aint easy.
Most of the ppl
cannot (have not really aquired the abilities and capacity to do it).




& ON THE ÉGALITÉ INCULTURATION of the ( of all the) (),
who (stupidly or ) beLIEve in the (pussy hats) ideology of FEMINism.

Oh, that dumb pussy (hats) behaviour! Its (stupid) bitching!

[ third wave hard]Feminism an (irrational) sub-ideology (of statism)
that absofreakinlutely & the (majority of) () (minds)!
( of) equ@litari@nism! Absolutely!



(enraged) Feminist Collective
[and its
irrational set of (statist) principles & priorities]

(of yesterday and today)
[ -the high(er) degree of- ,
that really lacks, lovely Josephine, the rational (, a
the emotional) stability!]

( really in the really 60s in the really 70s, in the much - of the West)
of the womens . Its (angry) feminism/emotionalism/ i.e. its () leftism.
, lovely Josephine, ! Its real .]

the absofreakinlutely @!
THE (evil) ÉQUITÉ (leftish ideology), lovely Josephine,
the SJW @ @()!

Them women
absofreakinlutely love
the SJW (postmodern) manifesto;
they do NOT really
respect the IRs!

@, the domain of

The womens (leftish) march!

The womyns [SJW] manifesto,
based on the égalité axis,
that do
NOT, lovely Josephine,
respect the IRs, !

[We, the women, can be independent i.e.
a woman doesnt need a man to be(come) independent!
We, , can be strong! Yes, we can! !]

The ridiculousness of the (repressive moral code of) sisterhood(ness) & solidarity (right) - for all women! The strong womyn of unicorn!
[It is, lovely Josephine,
( publicness of the :)
all about the versions of cultural (
neo)Marxism (mixed ) applied public activities of the human life:
of the
class of
(), (), , (), environmental(),
global warming(), (), equal-pay-for-equal-work(), single-mom, anti-
one-percent(), anti-fur(),
(), (), etc. ! , , SJW()! ().
the domain of () Negativity bias personality! !]

As lovely as Aphroditeas wise as Athenawith the speed of Mercury and the strength of Hercules!

WE CAN DO IT, TOO (like men do it)! And we can do stuffs (even) better (than men do the stuffs)! () ( ) (the familys) !
() is not, not, not the weaker (sex), but -, more goal-directed - (i.e. much better) than the male human!
All we need is
to unite (.. ) our (collective) to change () ! says .
All the irrational (wo)men, lovely Jos, will (try to) collectively put their energies into manipulation / to abuse the rational & the productive ppl! .

The (hard wave) (sisterhood -method- of) /gynocentrism & determinism
[females liberty above all!;
only women matter; , ( ) !]

.. the absofuckinlutely irrational [-] (applied to the sexes) -
fighting against the (bad class of) patriarchy
/men//oppressors, getting Governments attention & help -
for receiving
/taking care, by (redistributionist) law, their (oppressed) womens (, beneficial) rights. Oh, those womyn!
Its the
irrational (-) class story, lovely Josephine, of the 2 different
is (, ) and the ()! !
absofreakinlutely love to : ,


The good class i.e. the better one (group), is that
of the
, especially the women-(single-)mothers,
the absofuckinlutely greatest ( ),
of all
(other stuff) [& ( of) the male human ]! Omfg!

Its all about the really irrational (-) class story, lovely Josephine,
() in a different context
the ECO
(enviromentalism), the GREEN stuff,
global warming, , , - , etc.! Its the SJW!

, , lovely Jos, !
( )
all (really) ( ) ppl,
some of them (really) .
égalitarisme - of all colors, of all activities & all over (the -activities of- ppl)!
The (
wrong) idea(l) of the & the thinking ppl.
of the (and the internet) objectively real
(, , & culturally) ,
() of cowardly /compromising/ ( ) ppl!
[ , , lovely Josephine,
, 50 years, today 21 !]

The DESTRUCTion of MASCULinity energy
( ) ,
based on the
(destructive) morality (of Postmodernism).

The femininations: (the zombies) feminization (i.e. female domination) of the (todays, 21 century) world

through using as a tool (all the media world of) the celebrities, the & the

() SOCIAL ! !
The (
the dumb ideal of) fresh young meat the celebraties, all over the world!

Just because someone is a celebrity (/ likeable),
, (s)hes (being) rational! OK? Get that!
the celebrities, lovely Jos,
that youve known, have been doing
Yes, most of them are (irrational) drug-users;
and yes, the (
) drug, lovely ,
absofreakinlutely (their method of) ,
no matter the wealth, or the beauty, or whatever else!
Most of them
(BG, EU, world) celebrities are hypocrites! Really!
Most of the irrational celebrities ( ) like (real) sluts!
most of the girls (under 22) in the night clubs! Its the club culture, !
, lovely Jos, acceptable behaviour for most of (BG) - !
You can see them in all the (BG) (posher) night clubs! Absofuckinlutely!
Yes, (exposing) sexuality [the power of sex(uality)], lovely Josephine,
is (one of) the most powerful
o in the world its goal is to deeply struck (& attract) the (males) mind!
, lovely Josephine, could be used in a positive, in the negative way! OK? Get it?]


() ( REALLY) !




Oh, that absofreakinlutely God (of narcissist) (): the dogma of public(ity) nudism!

and the result is
the emasculation of men

[the path to a feminized & culture .. breaking down the more secular & - society]:
the ( - production of) feminine boys & men,
( malesreally ) are (becoming ) feminine (just)(acting) like women

i.e. becoming more & more a society,
on the m-a-t-r-i-a-r-c-h-a-l principles

by, ,
reversing (inverting) the roles
observe the ongoing process/development of masculinisation of (the ) girls (of under the age of 33)! Yes,
(some) (irrational) females desire to be(come) more masculine (& yet socially more , no matter the males age).
To be (more) equal to the man/males . !

What a world, what a world (we are irrationally becoming), lovely Josephine: to be(come)(-) , a - (-) real man! !
Oh, that
() égalitarisme, oh, that gynocentrism, , that () , oh, that (idea of total) femininations!
() , ?
, ! Hi, you ? Do you know the way to ?

What are you(nger ) gonna do?
Do the
do become -
(do become ),
the more feminine .

The masculinized (essentially feminists) women!

the .
[You should learn, lovely Jos,
to hold on your
Meaning to
NOT react onto
emotions, lovely Jos,
in your life,
but thinking over the things
with your
reasoning mind! OK?
In short, lovely Josephine,
it means be(
com)ing rational
( , , IRrational, )
in your life.]

Oh, those NOT-RATIONAL (postmodern) many (wo)men:
, lovely Josephine, ;
can irrationally justify ANYTHING (they are doing)!
Thats really dangerous not only for them, but for all ppl!

, if (wanna be) really rational (wo)men, lovely Josephine,
should not be living within
ought not to & feelings

to be in control of our ; to guide out life; to take & make the important ),
, , , (try to resist) () ! OK?


the heart (emotions & feelings),
(reason) (), , ?!
Of feeling (& on this based doing) whats right, !
Love, love, love of the heart is what you (ppl) need,
the heart is much more important than the rationality!-
, lovely Jos, ALL versions of !

(& over the )
() () ,
() ()!
If YOU, lovely Josephine, do not (l)earn (how) to
properly/rationally DEAL with YOUR
( your) ,
if YOU are running on instincts (of your or other ppls hearts),
then YOU cannot & shall not (be able to)
make the right choices,
then YOU CANNOT be(come & life-long stay), lovely Jos,
(truly & fully) ! Yes, absolutely!
So, you can't fulfill YOUR ultimate goal in YOUR life(time)!
So, then YOU are a
failure! Do you really WANT that, a?

(evaluation) (, idea)
[ stuff - -
, objective !], lovely Jos,
, () character!
Most of (western) (wo)men are emotions & feelings based,
almost ALL of the NON-western (type of) women!
, ( conflicting) emotions (& feelings)!
Being (much) more emotional ( ) than rational;
being (much) less rational than
(too much) emotional (wo)man!
Within the minds of all
the irrational ppl, lovely Josephine,
() between !
Theres no, no, no conflict , lovely Jos,
of all the really (& fully)
rational ! ?
{ the irrationalists, , lovely Josephine,
(of emotionalism) (of reasoning)!
rational , , !
() (& ) ,
in the over the rational thinking:
(, ) up in the Skies,
with the BG !
[them ppl call this ,
.., ,
because do not understand, lovely Jos,
, , tools of cognition,
, , lovely Jos, the () soul, ,
, any ,
, ,
his own (rational) thoughts (& actions) , ?!
, true, lovely Josephine, an irrational !]
, lovely Josephine, is all around us everywhere, !
in the    (media of) La-la-la !
, because of the emotionalistic irrationality, lovely Jos,
is absofreakinlutely everywhere in
the Media today! !
, , ,
lovely Josephine,
really , !
So, dont be a mystic, lovely Josephine: use your rationality
(whatever) your emotions & feelings (might be)!
(in your life) () OK! Get it?}

Yes, lovely Jos, its all about the (irrationality of) ( / ) emotionalism -
(choices) , (making actions) based (& feelings)
i.e. doing talking & action, lovely Jos, by the heart, by the () [logic & critical thinking]!
It's (doing) the (great) error of relying on emotions & feelings () !
, , , lovely Jos, emotions are absolutely important for (a flourishing) living!
Do not, not, not supress (reject or repress) the
emotions (and feelings)!
that which
() try to resist (to), to reject, to repress, lovely Josephine, it persists (longer)! ]
Its all about of (hard, third wave) (&
Its all about the UNthinking mind!
They cant (really) think (logically; )!
(& persistently) (absofreakinlutely irrationality of) emotionalism -
because our feelings are superior to logic;
the rational ppl are emotionless, cold-hearted [s.o.b.]!
stupidism, lovely Jos! (womens) , lovely Josephine,
cannot ( by late 20s how to) really (rationally),
, , (by using logic) & ,
to just hit you (& all the other ppl) with absofuckinlutely emotional appeals!

() , lovely Jos, subordinate the(ir) reason(ing) to: emotions, feelings, intuition, instinct, magic, luck or blood! Omg!
Raising emotionalism over
reason(ing); feelings over facts; wishes over reality; (in-group) favouritism over (rational) individuality!
Most of (BG)
, lovely Jos, emotionalistic (), not intellectual (reasonable) terms! Yes!
Oh, those (most of) (BG)
they ( choose to) beLIEve in the (use of) emotions over reasoning! !

Dont be stupid (or ugly), lovely (, & in every way) Jos, to (un)consciously join (the sub-ideology of) !
Dont go by the emotion, dont go by the heart, dont go by the intuition! Go, go, always go only by the reason! Use (your) rationality!
, lovely Josephine, the (objective) facts dont disapper just because your subjective feelings wish they would!

Are you ( ) a rationally [] ?
You, () , lovely Josephine,
ought to be(come) really cognitively (rationally) able i.e. smart
to () MANAGE ( ) your own (& feelings),
self- & reason, by the heart & the intuition!
, , , lovely Josephine, , but by thinking! OK?