This Is What Life Is Like For Kim Jong-un

14 Facts About The Life of Kim Jong Uns Pleasure Squad

This Is What Life Is Like For Kim Jong-un's Teenage Pleasure Squad

Andrew Alpin Andrew Alpin

Published 31 October 2018


They are taken from their classrooms as early as age 13;
they undergo medical tests to check if they are virgins and
then thrust into a life of service that includes catering to the physical pleasures of their supreme leader Kim Jong Un.
This isnt made-up not is it western propaganda as many would believe
but actual facts as revealed by defectors from North Korea. Heres what life is like for North Koreas infamous Pleasure Squad.

1Who started the pleasure squad?

The first pleasure squad 
was started by Kim Jong Uns grandfather in 1978.
It North Korea they were known as Gippeumjo or happiness Squad
and consisted of approximately 2000 women and girls
trained to provide entertainment, security, pleasure that also includes physical pleasure, service and massages for the leader and high ranking officials. 

The first pleasure squad

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2Kim Jong UN disbanded it in 2011 but resumed again


In 2011, the pleasure squad was disbanded by Kim Jong Un 
but shortly after that he resumed it again.
In fact
the despot was reported to have demanded fresh recruits as most of the prettiest girls had been gifted to army officers. 

Kim Jong UN with pleasure squad

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3They have to be virgins when selected

According to the South Korean paper Chosun llbo,
the girls are selected and made to sign an agreement pledging their secrecy for money and gifts.
The pleasure squad it is alleged is made up of girls 13-15 or above
and taken from their families
on pretext of serving the government. Before they can be inducted into training, they are sent for a medical test to certify them as virgins. 

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4They may be paid or married off after their service is over


Those who provided entertainment were also paid $4,000 after their service was over and they returned to their hometowns.
All the girls in the pleasure squad
received gifts and home appliances and lead a life of luxury for the services they provide.
Some are also gifted to army officers.

girls in the pleasure squad

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