The rational standard – of value!






Now then, lovely Josephine:
Of the right perspective – of life!
Of the right biz perspective of life!
Of the right perspective – of
the right философията -
за (real, lovely) живота, за (real, beautiful) света, за (real, productive) човека:
live & let live! 
Yes, that’s the truly right solution, lovely Josephine,
         of (organizing) a free society (&
State) –
в морален, а следователно
         и в политически и икономически контекст
Yes, the right (moral, polit & economic) философията, lovely Jos,
за всяко truly rational being! 
So, beware! Be aware!
OK? Get that?

Yes, lovely Jos, it (life, world, human) is all about ideas!
Всяка (ir)rational философия, lovely Josephine, 
is rooted onto: 
метафизика епистемология!
There’s Positivity & there are Negativity bias ppl!
And there’s you! What’s your domain, lovely Jos?

Bad/evil idea(l)sbad/evil (fundaments of) философии – произвеждат кофти stuff/клони: морал, politics, economics & естетика. 
И раждат [accordingly] 
кофти плодове - for the real (т.е. honest & productive) ppl. Yes, ideas имат последствия!
Good idea(l)s, good философия; и съответните 
(goodплодове/последствия. Yes, ideas имат последствия!
Стъблото (основната structure) на всяка ideology is an (ir)rational morality i.e. good or bad. ОК? Get that?
Дърво без real (soil &) корен – can only produce Unicorn/ялови/кофти опасни for the health of the productive individual доктрини.
Само (consistent & persistent applications of ) the rational morality, lovely Josephine,
може really да произвежда rational idea(l)s!
(has) according истински flourishing (успешни) achievements (последствия)!
Yes, there’s the good and there are bad standards – of value!